I have created this page in order to put all of the gathered evidence in the one place for easy access for press, police, lawyers, and those of you who are interested. I will try and organise it so it is easy to find what you are looking for, and I will add to it as more evidence comes to hand.

Craig Thomson Affidavit To Federal Court Oct 2015

Craig Thomson Affidavit

TURC Counsel Assisting Jeremy Stoljar Submission re HSU

Counsel Assisting Submissions HSU 2 October 2015

Private Correspondence Between Royal Commission Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler





















The Commissioners Interim Report 19th December 2014

Interim Report Vol 1

Interim Report Vol 2

Craig Thomson Address To Parliament

Craig Thomson Parliamentary Address


Royal Commission Witness Statements

  Mark Hardacre Witness Statement

Marco Bolano Witness Statement

Katrina Hart Witness Statement

Reuben Dixon Witness Statement

Katharine Wilkinson Witness Statement

Jane Holt Witness Statement

Craig McGregor Witness Statement

Kathy Jackson Witness Statement

Iaan Dick Witness Statement

Witness Statement Peter Wicks

Statements 25th August 2014

Barbara Gregor Statement

Jayne Govan Statement

Patrick O’Brien Statement

Pi Ki Lee Statement

Robert McCubbin Statement

Robert Morrey Statement

Leonie Flynn Statement

Leonie Flynn Supplementary Statement

Statements 26th August 2014

Barry Gibson Statement

Statement of Diana Asmar

Statement of Gerard Hayes

Statement of Kimberley Kitching

Supplementary Statement of Gerard John Hayes 25 August 2014

Statements 27th August 2014

Bob Hull Statement

Carol Glen Witness Statement

Statement of Brian Cook

Statement of Tony Borgeest

Supplementary Statement of Chris Brown (including annexures)_redacted

Witness Statement of Peter Mylan (2)_redacted

Statement of Christopher Brown as tendered

Royal Commission Submissions

Submission Dr John Lourens


 Royal Commission Transcripts

16 June Hardacre Bolano Hart

17 June Wilkinson Holt Agostinelli McGregor

18 June Kathy Jackson

19 June Jackson Dick Donnelly

Jeff Jackson Files

Dianna Asmar Letter To Jeff Jackson

Jeff Jackson Rorting Union Document

Jeff Jackson Ski Club Payment

Jeff Jackson $58K Transfer

Jeff Jackson $58K Loan Remittance

FWA Investigation in Vic No.1 Branch – Final Report – March 2012

FWA media release HSU 19 Sep 2012

Complaints To Fair Work Australia and Police re alleged Jackson actions

Peter Mylan letter to Guidice FWA President

Craig Thomsons Lawyers Letter to General Manager of FWA

Complaint to Vic Police re kathy Jackson

Kathy Jacksons Volvo and the mismatching receipt and payment

Letter From Mylan to Volvo Dealer

Volvo Cash Cheque

Volvo Receipt and EFT Transfer

Volvo Cash Cheque

Letter From Mylan to Volvo Dealer

Payments to and company info for Kathy and Jeff Jacksons Neranto no 10 Pty Ltd

Company Info Neranto Pty Ltd

Jacskon Neranto Cheque remittances

Jackson Neranto Cheque Requisistions

Payments to Koukouvaos Pty Ltd (Kathy Jacksons former company) and Jeff Jacksons Resignation

Jeff Jackson Resignation and Koukouvaos Payments

Credit Card and Bank Statements and Summaries

Jeff Jackson Credit Card Details

Jeff Jackson Card Summary

K Jackson Diners Club Jan 99

Kathy Jackson Credit Card Payments and Branch 3 wages

Statements HSU 3 Branch July 09 to July 2010

HSU 3 Branch Cheque Account Breakdown

Rob Elliott (Craig Thomsons predecessor)

Rob Elliott Contract Rob Elliott email to Kathy Jackson

Kathy Jackson Expense Claims

BCOM Payments Jacksons Expense Claims Kathy Jackson Cash payments

Peter Mylan chasing details of services performed for Jackson payments

Interconsult Invoice And Letter

Kershaw Invoices Kershaw Letter

Numbat Letter

Sue Loukomitis Letter

Wai Quen receipt

Temby Report and Temby Letters

Temby Report Part 1

Temby Report Part 2

Temby Report Part 3

Temby Report Part 4

Temby Reply To Mylan Confirming Unwillingness To Look At Jackson

Assorted Kathy Jackson Documents

$63K Honorarium Payment Kathy Jackson

Front Page K Jackson Phone Bill

HESTA Travel Payment Kathy Jackson

Kathy Jackson Child Care Payments

Kathy Jackson huge postage payment

Kathy Jackson Union Charges – 27 August 2012

PremierNetwork Services Job Sheet Jackson Destroying Evidence

Staff Complaint re Kathy Jackson shortly before Sydney police raid

FWA Vice President and K Jackson Fiancée Michael Lawlers alleged involvement

Carol Glen Complaint To FWA re Michael Lawler

HSU Complaint to FWA re Michael Lawler Interferance 15 Dec 2011

Lawlers Sons HSU Payslips

Trace Of Unlawful Entry To HSU Network

Michael Lawler Kafka

Images of Kafka file properties showing FWA and Jacksons computers accessing each other

Kafka Properties 1 Jackson Kafka Properties 2 FWA

KPMG Report Into FWA Investigation

KPMG review damning FWA Investigation

Details Of Wild Spending Reported On Branch 3 BAS Documents

Assorted Financial Statements HSU Branch 3

Questionable Transactions From Statements

HSU Branch 3 July to Sept 2005 BAS Expense Report

HSU 3 Branch BAS July-Sept 2005 expenses breakdown


Other Assorted Documents

2010 Auditors report HSU 3 Branch

HSU Demerger Newsletter

Special Union Council Meeting Sept 2011

Communigraphix Invoices Credit Card

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