Welcome to Wixxyleaks, I do hope you enjoy your stay.

I’m sure if you’ve ventured into my world that you are either someone with an open mind looking to discover something not discussed in the MSM, or a troll looking to score a cheap point. Either way, good luck to you.

I write about whatever I feel like at the time, although usually, it tends to be politics… However, I occasionally write about other stuff in a vain attempt to not seem like a boring bastard and show the world that I do have a vague interest in something non-political.

I am thrilled to talk with people who will listen, and more than willing to expose those on soapboxes who won’t.

If a nasty accident should ever occur involving me, the evidence is most likely within these pages, and tucked away safely elsewhere also.

I am happy for suggestions that don’t involve me learning the art of contortion…so if you have a suggestion, just drop me a line and let me know…

If you have a story that needs telling, I can be contacted at wixxyleaks@gmail.com

I have also been known to do some freelance work for various media outlets, so if you are interested in having a chat along those lines, contact me at any time.



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31 thoughts on “About WixxyLeaks

  1. hi wixxy love the blogs, makes my day . informative and funny 🙂
    love sarah xoxo

  2. Thanks Sarah, I’m glad I put a smile on your face… I will endeavour to keep it up …. 🙂

  3. Hi Wixxy

    You are tops, great blog, adore your work. You have Mr Abbott sorted that’s for sure.

    Good on you.


  4. Hallo. Just to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and happy new year seeing as you don’t reply to emails – would read the blog but it’s beyond me!
    Mark the Pom

  5. Congratulations on your story about HSU. Having worked in the health industry for many years and also worked at HSu for 3 years, and having to hear all the crap about Ms Jackson, I was delighted to read something that actually is the truth. The sad things about all this are the members, particularly in Victoria who have not had a pay rise since June 2010 and their EBA is stalled to the lack of effort on the part of the HSU. These are people working for $16 an hour.

  6. Thanks Irene, It is disgraceful the amount of members money being wasted, not just on Jacksons ridiculous salary, which was almost double Thomsons, but on her travelling all over the countryside dumping on her own union. I feel for each and every one of you.

    The fact that you haven’t had a pay rise in almost 2 years while she has been feathering her own nest with your money just makes it worse….

    Who is she fighting for anyway…

    I hope you get a strong leader and start getting some good results and soon…

  7. Is anything preventing a few good people (there are some about!) registering a new union and giving the long suffering members of the HSU the option of switching. Once the word is out on the NHSU, I’d say a month would be enough for HSU membership to be somewhere around five eights of pi over buggerall. And if the secretary of the NHSU was to keep his or her ear close to the ground, he or she could be in no time getting about on genuine union business in a bargain basement as-new Volvo SUV. And the added bonus, that horrid Whacko Jacko woman will have no further cause to get her dial on my television set.

  8. Is Peter Wicks available to talk to me on air ?

    We would need to talk beforehand to determine if any of the material is currently sub-judice, but I’m happy to put it to air
    if we can.
    The story has an obvious funny smell about it, from a number of different angles and has the potential to shift the balance
    in parliament.

    Can you or Peter call me later this morning (after 9 am) on 0407 270-713 to discuss.

    28 -5 – 12
    Best regards

  9. Is there any way of contacting you without posting public comments? I can’t find a direct email address anywhere that your reports are published and I’m not on Twerper.

  10. hello Peter.

    might i be so bold as to suggest one small change to your last piece (An Open Letter To The Independents, Windsor, Oakeshot, Wilkie, and Katter)?

    you said, “What I will say, is that Michael Lawler is the second highest ranking industrial judge in Australia, and holds a government appointed position. He is answerable to government only.”

    in my view, being answerable to the government is also representing/being answerable to the Australian public – ALL OF US … not just your local electorate (as theoretically should be the case with a sitting MP).

    this is a point which should not be lost on our ‘independents’ … the chance to represent every Australian and promote transparency and accountability.

    thank you for your time. next time i’m passing by i will call – perhaps we can talk over coffee.


  11. Firstly i would like to say that i like your site’s design and secondly..The information provided here in good and reliable. I would like to say that you have really done a great job here. Thumbs up!

  12. Have you made a date with Channel 10’s Julian Assange story? I have an affinity with his mother as I am a puppeteer but learned lessons early about unstable crazy men. As far as her son goes, he is
    enigmatic and when I broached my party branch to discuss the continuing kowtowing to the US of our ALP government I had a mixed response from ooh ah, I’ve got the hots for him everytime I see him(divorced single middle-age mum), and I understand what you mean (so Peter you may do well if bleach your hair!). Lefty comrades surprisingly suspicious and protective of their sides – giving MPS benefit of doubt methings, but I argue releasing the video of indiscriminate murders from the helicopter by US soldiers etc should make our Australian citizen be hell bent on his protection and bringing him back to the wide blue skies of home. what d’you reckon?

  13. Found this gem on Tony Abbott in this You Tube link “If you want to put a price on carbon why not just do it with a simple tax”

  14. Thanks for making yourself known to the Save the Bella Vista Farm Park protesters last Friday night at the Mayor’s Christmas Party. Keep your eye on this story, it ain’t over yet!

  15. “I’m sure if you’ve ventured into my world that you are either someone with an open mind looking to discover something not discussed in the MSM, or a troll looking to score a cheap point. Either way, good luck to you”

    What an inviting introduction and you have a few very open minded reasons why people would end up here when there’s 295698672 trillion other blogs they could have checked out instead.

    I imagine you’re wondering why I have ventured over to your world.

    Being in search of anything or anyone with the slightest idea of the workings of the human spieces I took a punt and after hesitating above the enter key for 2 hours with a sweaty brow and shaking hands my finger hit the keyboard and here I am.

    I’ve now convinced myself through a bottle of wine and it being 3.59am in the morning here, that you could just be the discovery I’ve spend the last 3yrs searching for that just maybe could be a spieces of the human race with actual inner workings of the mind and maybe, I’m getting excited here, just maybe be an educated human with real intelligent thoughts that exit your mouth in the appropriate sequence.

    Or, I could have found your blog after you started following me on Twitter and I was just checking you weren’t a troll.

    You decide how I got here because I’m actually a bit busy atm, trying to figure out how the hell do I leave.

    Nice meeting you and because I’m a bit of a human rights activist and a really nice person I’ll give you the good news that the world won’t be ending tomorrow. Because I live in Australia and it’s already tomorrow here and so far so good we’re all still here.
    More good news. I just scrolled down and noticed that you also live in Australia, so I’ll just sneak out the back if you don’t mind and um . . . I was never here.

  16. … um ! me too … as Gen MacArthur said … ” I shall r….. ” … just ‘cos I’m nosey ! …

  17. Great article on greyhounds! I wish John Kaye was still here and thanks for remembering him.
    Signed…an EX labor voter!

  18. Just came across this site and am very impressed. The troubles of U.S., U.K. and most of western Europe are all the same: incompetent, corrupt government, health care. These governments taking the marching orders from the Global Corporations. This Corpocracy write the laws that keep them safe from prosecution and criminal penalties and taxpayers wind up holding the bag. Anyway, here in the U.S., we sit and watch as this freak show (Presidential Election) unfolds. Look forward to reading more.

  19. Probably get deleted but as you said “build a bridge” arsehole

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