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When my critics told me “don’t give up your day job” I’m assuming it was because they didn’t want me to have more time to write.

Well, the decision has been made to stick it to them and to take more time off so that I can have a chance to write that book that everybody keeps asking me to write.

However not having access to a NHDA slush fund nor a taxpayer funded de-facto hubby that can just take months off on a whim and still cash a colossal pay cheque I find myself in a position of being somewhat reliant on my readers.

For this reason to allow myself time to write the definitive book on the whole HSU Jacksonville saga I have decided to crowd fund to allow myself the time to write the book and still be able to write regular articles.

As the criminal investigation into Kathy Jackson steps up a gear and as Michael Lawler comes under increased scrutiny, you are in a unique position to help ensure the real story hits the bookshelves, and hey you never know unlike others my book might last more than a month before being pulled from the shelves.

All contributions are welcome however for those feeling particularly motivated or generous, there are the following offers.


Donate $100 – Receive a signed copy of the book upon release

Donate $500 – Receive acknowledgement in the book as well as a signed copy

Donate $1,500 – Join Wixxy for dinner at a restaurant along with a special guest (capital cities only, Darwin & Hobart excluded)


To help out you can deposit funds using the bank account details below

For any contributions that have an offer attached please email me your contact details and details of your deposit to


Bank : Commonwealth

Account Name: Peter Wicks

BSB: 063239

Account Number: 10546420


Contributions are not tax deductible, but given Michael Lawler is a Tony Abbott appointee, rest assured Abbott will be paying in some way…

Holy Shit, not a book as well....

Holy Shit, not a book as well….


26 thoughts on “The Jacksonville Book Project

  1. How about accepting smaller donations (no perks) to enable retirees and less well-off fans to do their bit?

  2. Any donation is gratefully accepted, those were just ones with incentives which was something suggested to me.

    But any amount is more than welcome

  3. I’ll volunteer as a proof reader, if you would like to have some help with that. Unlike the MSM, you’re doing a great job, exposing these thieves. I have followed “Jacksonville” all of the way through, and look forward to the day when Jackson and Lawler receive the punishment they deserve.

  4. I can also help with proof-reading – have professional background in writing etc.

  5. Thanks, I looked at a number of crowd funding options however none of them suited, including KickStarter, most you had to have a target and if you don’t reach it you receive nothing, and all of them involved a payment at the end of a period rather than a drip feed approach which is more like what I will require to take the time off work.

    It isn’t perfect, however it was the only method I found that was suitable and I opened a new account so that it was easier to track as it wouldn’t get mixed up with my regular account

  6. I will dish in with a small contribution next pay. By the way, any chance of a second “Graffiti edition” where the best humorous comments and asides from ordinary working people can be laced through the book as a type of handwritten note in the columns beside your writing? Perhaps a few tasty cartoons as well, all for posterity.

    I can think of a few sweet things to add and am certain hundreds of others can also.

  7. Jeezes Peter, I would love to be in a position to help out with funding, but unfortunately i’ve been ripped off by so many assholes I am not in a position to. I sincerely wish you well with the project, and will wait anxiously!…Go get ’em, keep up the good work!

  8. Peter,
    All power to your pen. Have xferred the $100 and am working on the $1,500. Expose them all – right to the very top. Feel free to add me to your list of volunteer proof-readers. But ensure you have it vetted by an astute legal team before they come down on you like the proverbial ton of bricks – which they inevitably will. We need the truth out there and we do not need your good work pulped.

  9. Gladly donated to your worthy cause, Peter. I’d suggest that anyone donating pay direct by credit card. I did, as this saves Peter from paying a commission to Paypal.

    More power to your arm, mate 🙂

  10. Thanks so much Pat, I really do appreciate it greatly as I think it’s a story that needs telling
    Thanks again

  11. What the actual fuck??? I just received an email from Paypal, stating Dear Allan Richardson,

    Use PayPal Next Time!
    Our records indicate that you have a PayPal account. For future purchases, use your PayPal account for a faster and more convenient checkout. Your financial information is stored securely and never shared.
    This email confirms that you have donated Peter Wicks $XX.XX AUD using PayPal.

    This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as “PAYPAL *WIXXYLEAKS”.

    Peter, I don’t want you to be compromised, as many of your donations will probably come via Paypal. I also sometimes get paid via them.

    But this is overreach! Once your donations are complete, get these bastards! In the meantime, I’ll say nothing …

    If this is a confusing comment to anyone, please see my comment a couple previously.

  12. Well said, Allan. Some time ago i had a dispute with Paypal which led me to tell them to withdraw my account from the organisation. In their high-handed way, they wilfully rejected my instructions. It took many weeks and many repeated emails from me to get them to do what I asked.

    It is important that all donations to Peter go to Peter and not to self-appointed middlemen. No one deserves more support than Peter for his great service in exposing the corruption and criminality of people like Jackson, Bolano and Lawler iwho show their contempt for their positions of public trust.

  13. Not a word anywhere on media that Wixxy has had this info available for years AND THEY ALL IGNORED IT. It’s about time the Jacksonville investigation got the credit it deserves outside the circle of devoted long-time fans.

  14. Just transferred a small amount of money to you Peter. Good luck with the book, keep us informed about how/when to pre-order. Hope you get an invite to Dam Road, Wombarra for a one-on-one interview lol.

  15. Thanks Ian, greatly appreciated mate
    I will keep you posted

  16. Have tried a number of times to donate via credit card, and have had no success.
    Am I missing something?
    I avoid PayPal at all costs, so perhaps a direct transfer instead?

  17. Yeah I don’t think you can do a transfer with a credit card… It has to be a direct deposit I think

    Thanks heaps

  18. Donated small amount a few weeks back, and shall again soon. I’m not a fan of ppal, but I use ’em. Reason, security. They can be A grade shits, but so can code-cracking factories in Kyrgystan. (A+)

  19. Peter, I have deposited money for the book. Looking forward to the result.

  20. Deposit on its way- love a whistle blower and I`ve made far worse investments HB

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