When showing your progressive credentials means allegedly recruiting conservatives, breaching your own policies, and lying hand over fist the whole way…

Imagine spending your money on something that was supposed to be new and different from the old version only to find out it was as just as dodgy as the old version.

This is the position that those who have joined the New Liberal Party find themselves.

Since I wrote about the New Liberals apparent recruitment of three current members of the Morrison government and the Liberal Party the party leader Victor Kline has continued to tell outright lies to his members and followers on social media. I corrected these lies when they first appeared however I figured if Mr Kline wants to lie to his members then they’ll find out soon enough.

In recent days however, these lies have escalated and I feel the record needs setting straight.

There was much speculation as to my sources after Kline publicly accused Labor’s Tony Burke of leaking it. This is despite the fact that Kline knew this to be a lie and that I’d publicly stated it had nothing to do with Burke.

So why the lie?

Mr Kline was hoping to convince Burke to ensure Labor didn’t support electoral changes legislation. Mr Kline had been telling all and sundry that if this legislation passed it would mean the New Liberals would be deregistered as a party. It was legislation that targeted the New Liberals he told his followers on Twitter, ignoring both the facts and history.

Fortunately Kline failed to convince Burke and the legislation passed unamended. The impact on the New Liberals was as immediate as it was uneventful. The party remained registered.

It did, however, highlight that their leader Victor Kline had been seeking publicity under the false premise that his party was to be deregistered. This means he either;

A: Intentionally misled followers about the legislation


B: Failed to understand the legislation

Neither being a great option for leader of a political party.

Some queried why a supposedly left wing party would seek to recruit three conservatives. Members and candidates pointed to their policies and stated their commitment to them as evidence of their left leanings.

Fair enough, but endorsing three serving conservatives is actually in breach of their own policy which states;

“This is why we have a policy of endorsing ‘non-politicians’”

So committed to their policies are they that they would breach them before they’ve even had a candidate elected to council let alone parliament.

Perhaps Kline’s anger with Burke for exposing his lie about party deregistration is the reason he blamed Burke for leaking the story to me of the three defecting Liberals. Whatever it was something clouded his already questionable judgement.

Then after about a week of pointing the finger squarely at Burke, on the 29th August Victor Kline changed his story yet again.

‘ALP operative’ Craig Thomson, who isn’t even a member of the Labor Party let alone an ‘operative was according to Kline told by Tony Burke and then passed it onto me.

This is the best lie Victor Kline could come up with a week to think one up.

One might well wonder how such a bizarre story came about, After all, this is not an episode of Get Smart where the conspirators met in the ‘cone of silence’. One may well also wonder why a week later Craig Thomson’s name came out as the source with Victor Kline and his supporters passing some pretty harsh judgements on Thomson and those who would associate with him.

Victor Kline

So here’s how it came about…

Approximately twelve months ago Craig Thomson reached out to an organisation called the Refugee Law Project to volunteer his services, this is where he met Victor Kline who is the group’s founder. Clearly they both have an interest in politics and over the next year they chatted regularly.

Kline told Thomson about three Liberal MP’s that were defecting to his party and complained about the upcoming electoral reform bill and how eager he was to see Labor vote against it.

Thomson then confided in me that there may be a big story coming up with the apparent defecting members and told me he would let me know as early as possible when it was going to happen.

Thinking that he was doing both Victor and Labor a favour Thomson organised for Kline to have a chat with Burke.

As the correspondence in the below WhatsApp Chat shows Thomson was discussing the three defecting members before Kline had any contact with Burke.

The correspondence also shows how effective Kline was in convincing Burke of, well anything really, with Burke directing him to the National Office for party matters, the same process as every other minor party. Burke also added that Labor

“only deal with any legislation strictly on its merits”

I guess Kline didn’t like dealing with someone with principles as he went silent on Thomson, probably figuring he had no further use for him.

I was keen to follow up the three defecting Liberals and contacted Kline by phone on the 19th August. Explaining what Thomson had told me, Kline confirmed the story of the yet to eventuate three defecting government MP’s, but wouldn’t tell me anything further as he was disgruntled Labor were still supporting the electoral reform bill. The next day I published my article on the supposed defections.

Kline had been adamant that Burke had leaked it because he was the only person other than his party executive who he’d told. But by then Kline had already told Thomson and then later told me, and that’s just the people we know.

Mr Kline’s behaviour and proven loose relationship with the truth makes me wonder if the story of the three defectors was one of Klines porkies that has snowballed beyond his control, and rapidly turned into one lie to cover the last one.

If there were three defectors the story coming out would have only hastened their defection due to the increased internal pressure, even if they didn’t end up in the New Liberals.

Bear in mind the New Liberals are a new party, they have no elected members anywhere at any level of government.

If Mr Kline wants to show that at least he was being honest about the allegedly defecting members he best tell the public who they are or else most reasonable people will just think it was just another lie to add to the ever-growing pile.

I understand that some are keen to be involved in a left wing party that is not Labor or the Greens, I would encourage anyone to become politically active. However, there are not a lot of credible options, although the Animal Justice Party have three MP’s in parliaments in NSW and Victoria that have shown their integrity time and time again.

But I’d avoid all Liberals, old, new or democrat, but that’s only because I’m a bit of a stickler for honesty and integrity.

17 thoughts on “Best Kept Lies – New Liberals and New Lies

  1. Good on ya, I god suckered in for a $10.00 membership. Wiser now thank you.

  2. If you claim to be the “New” Liberals but your behaviour is a reflection of the ‘Old” Liberals then don’t pretend for one minute that you are ‘left-wing’. Kline and his bunch of wannabes are simply playing at a game which none of them understand and have the naive belief that by saying they are something new that they will miraculously become so.

  3. Thanks for this, a cynical attempt to woo left leaning voters, the ones with a conscience, thankyou

  4. Thanks, I supported them but got a bit concerned because they said stuff which was too good to be true. I was balancing between joining them and the Australian Democrats. I thought Victor was an honest man who was getting the headlines, but his rhetoric got me questioning. Democrats seem a bit quiet but don’t lie and have integrity. They got good policy so might join them.

  5. the New Liberals would have been deregistered as a party as when Victor stated that The New Liberals had less than 700 members way short of the 1500 the new legislation required. It was only because of a campaign it get new members quickly that they have passed that hurdle, but still have the one which states that they can not have the word Liberal in their name. None of the parties this bill was aimed at have been deregistered yet as they were all given 30 days to get more members and if required change their name and it has not been 30 days yet since the bill was passed.

  6. Except that they are allowed to have the word ‘liberal’ in their name, as are the Liberal Democrats. That’s why neither have changed their registered names

  7. They are allowed to keep their name but can not use it on the ballot paper. The best they can do is have TNL on the ballot paper and hope people will know who they are.

  8. You stated “but still have the one which states that they can not have the word Liberal in their name”

    TNL on the ballot only, I guess they’ll have to make it as recognisable as ALP or LNP

  9. I have been calling Viktor out on his grandiose claims since he first appeared on Twitter selling himself as the new alternate political messiah. He tried to recruit me and I gave him a few tips, firstly the name of the party….. he is a fraud and thankfully we have Wixxy calling him out.

  10. You must like ballot papers that stretch a mile, most don’t…
    If the bill was so bad then why did you and Victor feel the need to tell lies about it so often?

  11. I like ballot papers that allow a few parties to choose from. All but liberal and Labor could not have registed under the new 1500 members before you can register. What happens when the smaller parties disband as the former democrats did? Will we just have a 2 party choice. I have looked at TNL and like their policies, but I will not be voting for them. My concern is that we will in the future have no new parties, any that want to get into politics will have to join liberal or Labor.

  12. Again with the lies…
    Some parties other than Liberal and Labor spring to mind.
    The Greens
    The Nationals
    The Animal Justice Party
    The Christian Democrats
    The Shooters & Fishers
    One Nation
    United Australia Party

    That’s just off the top of my head.

  13. None of the parties you mentioned had 1500 members before registering so would not have been able to register under the new rules.

  14. Kerry, you are full of shit.
    Any more comments from you that are blatant lies will not be published

  15. Seems that since The New Liberals were formally deregistered on Dec 7 2021 they appear to be IMPLODING with misinformation.

    I know our party secretary doesn’t lie and he said he put in. Because the AEC and LNP work together they may have not put it up. But, of course, we put in an application. Why wouldn’t we? U didn’t think we would give up did u?

    Unfortunately there is no verification of this information from either Victor Kline The Leader or Steve Hopley The Secretary

    Seriously can’t understand why that is!

    And wondering if a request for a new
    Declaration of Party Membership has been requested to all current members in order to be able to submit the needed 1500 for this new application

    So far I haven’t found a single word on this

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