Three Members of the Morrison government are said to be defecting in a move that will send the government into a whole new level of chaos.

Scott Morrison believes in miracles.

Wixxyleaks has it on good authority from multiple sources that at least three members of the Morrison government have decided that hoping for a miracle is not going to cut it and are quitting the Liberal Party in coming days to join the party currently named The New Liberals.

I’m not in a position to name which members are alleged to be quitting and moving to the cross bench however can say that these members are alleged to be not guaranteeing supply or confidence at this point in time.

This alleged move would leave a trail of destruction through the Coalition caucus and will perhaps pave the way for further members to desert the Party that many believe has lost its way.

These three deserting members would also leave the government at the mercy of the cross-bench to pass any legislation, and that is only if the government doesn’t collapse in the meantime.

Morrison waves goodbye to his deserting members, and his hold on power.
Image – The New Daily

Scott Morrison’s political career, as Immigration Minister, Treasurer, and as the current Prime Minister has not been a career based on assisting or understanding minorities. Now his government could be about to become one.

Interestingly, this defection of Liberal members would also see currently named New Liberal’s with three times the number of MP’s in the House of Representatives than the longer established Greens, making them a significant new force in Australian politics.

I say ‘currently named The New Liberals’ as it appears that the party may be changing its name before legislation can be passed that would see it deregistered as a Party for having a name similar to The Liberal Party. This bill is said to have bipartisan support ensuring it will pass, something that has seen Labor criticised by many. Critisism I believe is unfair. Why would Labor want to see a party registered called The New Labor Party? Or for that matter ‘The New Greens’. I’m sure even the New Liberals wouldn’t want to see another party registered named ‘The Real Liberals’. Common sense has to kick in some time and politics shouldn’t be about hoodwinking the public with a similar party name to another party.

The New Liberals stated policy positions are indicitive of a party keen to take the country forward in ways that are far less reliant on wishes and prayers and their financials are not propped up by the fossil fuel sector.

Unmistakably this exodus from the Liberal Party would reflect badly on Scott Morrison, but it is importantly also a reflection on the future leadership and direction of the Liberal Party. It shows that some within the Liberal caucus have a complete lack of faith in Josh Frydenberg. Leaving the party Frydenberg hopes to lead shows that those who know him best have no confidence in his capability to lead or the direction his leadership may take the party. The same could also be said for Peter Dutton.

Losing three members to the crossbench would put increased pressure on the Morrison government for real action on issues like emissions targets, parliaments workplace culture for women, and a federal corruption watchdog. Morrison’s lacklustre at best, insulting at worst, reaction to the the allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and even rape involving senior Ministers as well as staff has left many of his caucus feeling both angry and despondent. 

Many will no doubt hope that the move will give the lagging Covid response a shot of adrenalin. This is an area where the Morrison government has been extremely weak, perhaps even surpassing his bushfire emergency response that saw him holidaying in Hawaii while Australians were losing their homes.

A response is required that involves less ideology, politics, theatre and a unified national response that focuses on vaccine availability, quarantine, simple and clear messaging, and working with the indigenous community to see vaccination numbers that are not a source of national shame.

While some think that hopes and prayers are enough to see a country operate, with a pandemic running rampant it is becoming clear that there are other things are more important than blind faith. Today it has become apparent that members of Morrisons caucus are looking for something more substantial than spin, and three members have decided the only place to look is outside of the Coalition.

In recent days the New Liberals Leader Victor Kline announced that Alex Turnbull had joined the Party. Only a fool would think that this was insignificant or unrelated.

Wixxyleaks contacted The New Liberals Leader Victor Kline for comment but at the time of publication had not received a response.

The fallout from this exodus will be interesting to watch should it occur soon as Wixxyleaks has been told.  

Whether we end up with yet another #LibSpill or a government held together with staples and Perkins Paste remains to be seen, but those who have been hoping for an early election may just be seeing their wishes granted.

Maybe miracles do happen after all.

Authors Note

Since this article was published the Leader of the New Liberals has confirmed on Twitter that the article is true.

Not only that, he has also confirmed that he has been in discussions with Labor’s Tony Burke based on his mistaken assumption that Burke leaked the story to me.

I have also published a follow up piece linked here.



27 thoughts on “Exodus – Three members of the Morrison government to quit the Liberal Party?

  1. Naive post.
    The LNP have hijacked nomenclature.
    Make the LNP change their name to something that resembles their reactionary policies.

  2. This government stinks more than any other in my 55 years on earth. And with Abbott & Howard Gov’s… Still so fresh in my adult memory… That is saying something…

  3. In thought scomo had the goods, but has been disappointing as a leader. Much as abbot was unliveable, he at least fought fires. Kevin Rudd helped with sandbags. Bob Hawke played cricket. All things leaders did, even if it was a pr stunt. At the same time as the bushfire were coming, did scomo need a break? This is when a deputy should stand up and take control? At least he went swimming in Hawaii and not Portsea.
    I wonder, was he telling Gladys not to shut down Sydney, for fear of screwing the economy because our government is so far in debt, that our rent will soon be going to China?

  4. If this happens many relieved Australians will be eternally grateful, but I’m not holding my breath. So many abhorrent actions have been accepted by those in power.

  5. I agree that use of the word Liberal is absolutely misplaced in the title LNP. It seems appropriate to legally challenge the LNP’s right to claim to be liberal in rhe political sense.

  6. It would please me greatly to see the last of Morrison: the more undignified the exit the better.
    I cannot fathom his total lack of compassion and humanity for struggling Australians let alone people from other parts of the world. It is the antithesis of his ‘so called’ Christian faith.

  7. Three defecting from the liberal party would be the single best thing to happen to Australia since the float of the dollar. I can only imagine how quick the Australian public would welcome the news party. It would be just as hard on labor – they would need to clean up ship quick as well

  8. The “Nowhere Man”…Morrison has FAILED AUSTRALIAN’S at every opportunity…

  9. Scott Morrison and Gladys has let us Australians down from day one we need to get rid of these two ASAP. The both are killing us Australians they have let us all down they are forcing all of us Aussies to take the lethal experimental trial injection that has not been investigated long enough.They have made so many people become suicidal as they have lost all hope of the government they are all depressed I have so many friends including myself that I’ve had to talk to for hours on end that they we’re going to take their own lives because of what these have done to the Australians. It seems like the government has some kind of agenda to push these injections through by a certain date what does that mean to the public do they have a target on their head or something seems to be that way. The government does not tell us anything they are not telling us if anyone has really passed away I think it is all made up which is disgusting and they should be ashamed of their self the people that they are killing from this injection and for the people that have taken the vaccines that have died and became disabled from that they should be ashamed of themselves and they should be charged with murder or manslaughter they need to take action for what they have done to the public.

  10. So there could be a god after all. If so, the one who blessed our current PM with electoral victory & the top job in 2019 deserted him only two years later.

  11. Scomo, fryd and Dutton need to go. Dont agree with name New Liberals. Many will just think they have simply moved ship. I hope eventually Scomo will be charged for all the rorting.

  12. Any chance this could lead to supply being blocked and calling the Governor General to dissolve this grossly corrupt and incompetent LNP government in the interests of the Australian people and an early, if not immediate general election would be a miracle indeed, not that God would have had anything to do with it. Oh I do hope this is true… then you will see dancing in the streets to see the back of Morrison, Dutton, Frydenberg and the whole rotten bunch of Liberals and Nationals!

  13. My guess, George Christensen, Christian Porter & Bob Menzies (joke). I have seen The New Liberals on Twitter, they don’t say much.
    @PhilipJohnBrow2. Read my Bio and my tweet history. Let’s see what is revealed. #TheRealPHIL #PHILFORRIVERINA #DRPHILOFEMPATHY #PHILFORPM #PHIL #AboriginalLivesMatter. PHIL

  14. The rats are deserting the sinking ship. Who would want to run the country with the burden of debt that they have accumulated. This govt. has been the worst I have ever witnessed in my 73 on earth. We need to get rid of the lot of them as they are incapable of problem solving. Too many solicitors and nut & bolt counters in the party. If they were put on a desert island they would all be dead in a week. Morrison must be of the lowest intellect of any PM that we have had. Oh hang on Abbot was as mad and as bad as a cut snake. Little Johnny Howard told the mums and dad shareholders that it was their change to grab some shares from the mob who took over the PMG. No-one apart from Howard and Costello made any money out of the big con. The LNP/coalition should be renamed the Climate deniers/and the Mining party.

  15. Don’t see what the Liberals are complaining about. They are the ones misusing the word liberal.

  16. Doesn’t really matter who are leaving and who are left, they all need to go they are the worst goverment in Australia’s history.

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