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Help Crowd Fund The Jacksonville Book Here

With the Trade Union Royal Commission releasing it’s findings condemning Kathy Jackson, it’s easy to forget those who helped her along her way.
Here’s a refresher, and bear in mind all of these people knew of the allegations against her whilst defending her.
Judge for yourself.

The Trade Union Royal Commission has finally recommended Kathy Jackson be investigated for possible criminal charges. It now seems at long last everyone is in agreement about someone who may prove to be the biggest thief of workers funds in Australia’s history.

While Jackson may now be finally forced to deal with the consequences of her actions, what of those who backed her? What of those who supported her, and went out of their way to influence media, court proceedings, the public, and police investigations to try and ensure that she was never held to account?

Are these people not accomplices?

I thought a timely reminder was in order of just who backed Jackson and her crew every inch of the way.

Perhaps we should start with the Royal Commission itself.

Some say the integrity of the TURC Commission sucked like a Dyson.... Image - SBS

Some say the integrity of the TURC Commission sucked like a Dyson….
Image – SBS

Before Jackson allegedly perjured herself and turned the Commission into a circus sideshow with her antics, she was seemingly being protected. Preferential treatment on the stand for her colleagues while her opponents were attacked and chastised resulted in one prominent journalist commenting

“The fix is in”

As Jackson’s thug sidekick Marco Bolano did his best to intimidate Commission witnesses and members of the media whilst collecting workers compensation for complete incapacitation, the Royal Commission took statements and gave him a free pass.

Meanwhile the Commission let Jackson’s time on the stand turn so melodramatic and face so many delays in procedure that her cross-examination was never completed.

Additionally, the exposure of private correspondence between Jackson’s legal team and the Commission staff discussing the way events would unfold displayed a cosy relationship indeed.

It was only after a barrage of highly damaging media reports that the Commission was forced to stop throwing lifelines and let her sink or swim.

Keep looking over that shoulder Kathy  Image - The Australian

Keep looking over that shoulder Kathy
Image – The Australian

In a legal sense Jackson’s support seemed sound right from the start.

On side she had her partner Michael Lawler, Vice President of Fair Work Australia and brother of the then CEO of the Australian Crime Commission John Lawler, the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the country. Both appointed to their positions by the John Howard government.

Some may also remember right from the beginning that Jackson was receiving pro-bono legal representation from right-wing law firm Harmers, who at the time were also representing James Ashby pro-bono.

Speaking of politicians let’s not also forget that Coalition MP’s were stumbling all over each other for a chance to talk up the right-wing pin-up girl. The lady with the deer in the headlights look on her face that was gonna take down the union movement for them, despite lacking an ability to complete a sentence in a coherent manner.

At the top of that dung pile of right-wing pollies was Prime Minister Tony Abbott, singing the praises of this decent and noble woman who just so happened to knock off well over a million bucks from the nation’s lowest paid workers. Joining him in his choruses of high praise in parliament was Christopher Pyne.

For the first time in Australia’s political history the Coalition put forward and passed a parliamentary apology to a Million Dollar Plus Thief and her allies. An apology for the words of someone who tried to warn them of what is now public knowledge.

Perhaps when parliament next sits we can look forward to an honorary roll call of Pentridge’s Cell Block C?

The list of Coalition MP’s is too long to list, but there was Barnaby Joyce, George Brandis, and the Senator who no doubt had the “Map Of Tassie” in mind, Eric Abetz, to name a few.

Desperate for a date as Jackson is guest of honour at a HR Nicholls Society bash

Desperate for a date as Jackson is guest of honour at a HR Nicholls Society bash

On the sidelines we had the talkback radio shockjocks who treated Jackson as if she was some hybrid of Wonder Woman and Mother Mary.

Both in and out of studio in interview after interview propagandists like Ray Hadley, Chris Smith, and Paul Murray had their audiences reaching for vomit bags or ice cream containers.

Hadley was dealing with Apprehended Violence Orders from his former wife (later dropped), and Chris Smith was thanking his lucky stars for being able to pull-off the bipolar defence and return to the air after getting pissed at an office party and sexually harassing four female staff members. Smith has a long history of sexually assaulting or groping female colleagues (perhaps he should have a chat with Jamie Briggs). These things didn’t stop them preaching the morality of the alleged thief Jackson, and the wannabe thug compo rorting Marco Bolano on air. Birds of a feather eh?

I sent Ray Hadley an email asking for his opinion of Jackson now, but alas he’s on holidays.

Perhaps even more disgraceful and shocking however was the behaviour of the print media by some elements of News Ltd and Fairfax.

The Australians Ean Higgins was happy to seemingly print Jackson’s opinions as if they were facts while completely distorting the facts surrounding Craig Thomson’s legal woes. Something he was slammed for by the Magistrate who publicly condemned one Higgins article for falsehoods, misleading headlines and being full of errors.

However it was Kate McClymont’s efforts at Fairfax that were the most shocking.

Just like Independent Australia, Kate McClymont has published a book in the last 18 months that revolved around corruption and the abuse of power. However unlike McClymont, Independent Australia hasn’t had to pull the book from sale and destroy copies.

Kate saves one from the pulp-mill Image - Twitter

Kate saves one from the pulp-mill
Image – Twitter

If only McClymont had done the research that Independent Australia is becoming known for, maybe her views would have differed. But despite being sent the documentation, researching was not something Kate was interested in doing. Perhaps Kate should shorten her title from investigative journalist to “invested journalism” as she seemed heavily invested in Jackson.

McClymont went on to win a Walkley award for writing an article full of now disproven lies from an alleged thief, and a mysterious private investigator.

McClymont’s former partner was of course a private investigator, however despite persistent rumours of a business relationship with Michael Lawler, MyClymont and her former partner Graeme Brosnan deny these allegations.

MyClymont who seemed to be extremely fortunate to be in the right place at the right time when anyone associated with the HSU was arrested or had their premises raided was strangely absent when the cops raided properties associated with Jackson and Lawler.

Now that both Higgins and McClymont seldom mention anything HSU related I’m pleased to report that both News Ltd and Fairfax have moved on the factual reporting, and real investigation, rather than just regurgitation of the lies of a serial liar and misappropriator of millions.

Although, I note that Higgins did a rather lame piece on Jackson in yesterdays Australian, let’s hope after that article he goes back to reporting on jaywalkers and council issues or whatever it was that has kept him away.

Last but not least we come to the guy throwing the dollars behind Jackson’s union campaigns and those of her factional accomplices.

Feeney the Financier.

David Feeney, a current member of Shorten’s opposition cabinet, has spent years organising donations for the Jacksonville election fund, to finance the woman who has for years been trying to take his leader down. Some may think this sounds like high treason, but for Feeney it’s just another day at the office.

David Feeney watches his back Image - The Australian

David Feeney watches his back
Image – The Australian

So why would Feeney do this?

Feeney relied on the proxy votes Jackson controlled via the HSU at ALP conferences to prop up his lame arse and keep his position. Wixxyleaks also understands there were other financial ties between Feeney and Jackson however these are not likely to become public knowledge until the Organised Crime division of the Federal Police and Victoria Police have finished their investigation into the relationship.

How this guy remains in the Labor Party is beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals.

Whatever happens to Jackson and Lawler, and perhaps Feeney it is unlikely that any of these other low-lifes will face any consequences for trying to ensure a criminal remained free and in a position to continue picking the pockets of workers.

They say that you should start a new year in the same manner you mean to finish it. I for one intend to hold these grubs to account at each and every turn.

That’s just how I roll….

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18 thoughts on “What About Me? – Holding Kathy Jackson’s Cheerleaders & Accomplices To Account

  1. thankyou for taking up this cause, I really want to see some accountability from the senior government figures who endorsed this corrupt woman and her bludger boyfriend…….
    now how about remarking on the arrant hypocrisy with Brandis whingeing about the way some unionists and the Labor party are disrespecting mr Dyson after their shambolic efforts regarding Ms Triggs?

  2. You are absolutely correct in every detail, Peter. You have continually exposed the the truly corrupt people in the HSU, and the water beetle journalists of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Murdoch Press who not only skated across the surface of events without diving into the depths to get to their truths but also took enormous pride in maliciously misrepresenting them in order to persecute the innocent. Who of us can forget the disgraceful interview between Kate McClymont and Chris Smith on 2GB in 2013 (still available online) when she described Craig Thomson as a dreadful liar for saying such nasty things about those good people Kathy Jackson and Marco Bolano in his speech to Parliament in 2012.What a breath of fresh air it was when Brad Norington and Pamela Williams took over from the the likes of the Murdoch mercenaries Ean Higgins and Steve Lewis.

    As for the Royal Commissioner, why hasn’t he been called to account for allowing to decide for himself that it was right for him to continue presiding after it became public that Jackson had been assured that she was not the one the enquiry was out to get. No wonder she described what happened to her as an “ambush”. As for Michael Lawler, ww might wait a very long time for justice to catch up with him.

  3. It reads like a badly written film script with one exception, It’s REAL.

  4. Good on you Wixxy! You’re a national treasure! Hope 2016 brings all good things to you and your family.

    I’ve just finished reading Ashbygate and am now hanging out for the publication of Jacksonville, the book. Any idea when it’s due for release?

  5. This is so huge I have found I am suspicious of stories coming from both sides of the fence.It stinks of retribution and payback, nothing is believable now. Loose it, yawn

  6. Would have to refer after judge in HSU civil matter made same recommendation. In fact fast tracked his decisions so TURC could call her before closing down. Why didn’t this happen. TURC instead attempted to illegally demand personal records of members Victorian Labor Party. Didn’t get far.

  7. Hahaha LOL LOL LOL
    Starting from the bottom of your excellent article I trust Feeney is not only exposed but tarred and feathered,the sooner the better because he`s going to be any future ALP leader`s BroughEndOPyneapple.

    Katty McClymumbojumbo has become the muting/blocking tweeter too ashamed to answer any critics [but even only a year or so ago was soo MsWright] and Wixxy you have been very kind to her because she is filth,and how she treated Thommo and family whilst praising Jackson is opined excrement equal of Bolt/Hadley/Jones/Smith/Price/Devine/Albrechtsen,whew,I know there are more but flush em I say

    Where`s Reith?

    Pyne needs Feeney type investigations for a myriad of thingz

    Bolano also must face the final curtain as you succinctly put,he`s a real special future popcorn munching treat,

    Where Waldo,no no I mean Smith the shocked Joke

    And Dyson,he will go down in infamy,but forever be a hero at the HR Nicholls Society like Reith

    Thanks Peter and Soz if my opinionated personage encroaches any of your space

  8. I must say reading this is just enthralling.The picture your articles paint are so vivid they hardly seem factual. I really mean it, you show a journalist’s view of life as I can’t even perceive it. Your passion for the light to shine make your work superior to any media in Australia. You write or wrong get your article out. When what you write is right, you have the point proven & that’s. what makes it so good to read. Hail author of the book! I want one copy thanks.

  9. Hi Wixxy
    The sins of the accomplices and backers are perhaps worse than the sins of the criminal. Now that the MSM has woken up to KJ I guess we can count on them to go back to sleep. They don’t seem very good at joining the dots…. I’m glad you are going to continue, as this goes right up the chain to Tony. He is in on this and Ashbygate..,

  10. Excellent article Mr Wicks and it is you and really only you who picked up the baton and ran with it. You saw through the lies and subterfuge and we should all be grateful.

  11. Since you mentioned the RWNJ commentators and the that hack McClymont in this article I am surprised that you didn’t bring up the online campaign by Michael Smith which obviously fizzled out along the way as well. He deserves a special mention for his “c**tstruck” efforts over quite some time.

  12. You’re right, I should have made special mention of Smith

  13. I am thankful we have you to keep shining a light on this shame Wixxy. Proud to be a long time supporter of your hard work and dedication to uncovering the filth. Hope it reaps some rewards for you.

  14. I went to Smiths site and they reckon that there’s evidence against Ms Gillard still that wasn’t mentioned, so just as there are rusted on on that site there are rusted ons here. So where does the truth lie?

  15. Smiths site relies on invisible evidence that nobody, including TURC have ever seen

    The evidence for what I write is either linked or on the resource page

  16. Thanks Peter, as you said they are silent on Ms Jackson. She certainly played him didn’t shd

  17. If there was evidence after 20 more years and many enquiries, why would it not be bought up. What was put before TURC was easily disproved by her lawyers.

  18. Still love to know when Abbott met Kathy. There are photos of her and Lawler with Abbott’s family while still married to Jackson.

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