If you’ve spoken out against the Israeli genocide, you’ve probably been called an antisemite. Welcome to the industry.

I’ll start off by saying that I’m sure there has been a rise in antisemitism in Australia since Israel’s retaliation for the October 7 attacks by Hamas.

A genocide will always result in negative sentiment for those carrying it out, and those seen as aligned with it, either by defending it, or seeking to avert attention from it.

Obviously, not every Jewish person supports Israel’s genocide, or previously supported their system of apartheid and brutal occupation of Palestinian land, if fact there are thousands of Jews at college campuses all over Australia and the world supporting Palestinian rights, and at pro-Palestinian rallies. Even in Tel Aviv.

There is a world of difference between Judaism and its extremist cousin Zionism.

It is unfortunate, but intentional, that Zionist organisations use Judaism in their names, so that criticism can be perceived as anti-Jewish rather than anti-Zionist. Organisation’s such as Executive Council Of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), Australian Jewish Association (AJA), and Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC). You’ll often hear Israel referred to “The Jewish State”, just as ISIS referred to an “Islamic State”.

I’ll leave aside the valid debate over the definition of a Semite, and just continue on the basis that you know I’m referring to those who are Jewish.

I grew up believing that antisemitism was hating somebody because they are Jewish.

So when Zionists refer to those Jewish people supporting Palestine as “Self-Hating Jews”, to me that is text-book antisemitism, after all, it’s an insult that can only be applied to Jews.

Politicians and commentators are always talking about the fear of rising antisemitism, it often takes priority over any concern for innocent families being slaughtered hourly.

So what is this fear based on? Where is the data?

Well, here is a bit of an insight into the antisemitism industry.

The number of incidences deemed antisemitic is recorded by ECAJ (Executive Council Of Australian Jewry) and put into a report. Despite clearly being anything but an independent authority, they choose what is antisemitic and what isn’t, then that report, released annually is released to the government, select media outlets and made public on ECAJ’s website.

The decision-making process of what makes the report is far from rigorous or precise, I would describe it more along the lines of vague and laughable. It is clearly a report that has a forgone conclusion before the first incident is even recorded. That conclusion is a rise in antisemitism.

Previous noteworthy recipients of being awarded antisemite status include Father Bob, and the Reverend Rod Bower, for tweets in 2019 referring to Manus Island and Nauru detention centres as Concentration Camps.

Last year’s report, as per usual, includes any instance where a swastika is used. There is no doubt that a swastika can be used as an antisemitic symbol, but the symbol has become a symbol of hatred, not specific to any one kind of hatred.

This image from ECAJ’s report for example;

This image clearly target black people, not Jewish people.

This rolling pin in Redfern is likely not targeted at Jews given its location.

So why are racist attacks on others being counted as antisemitic incidents?

When it comes to antisemitic speech, you may be surprised to hear that when Francesca Albanese, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, addressed the Canberra Press Club, that also counted as another case of antisemitism.

SBS made the list for their apparently antisemitic online language selection process.

Even advocating for kangaroo’s can be such a divisive business.

Does nobody in government go over the details, or do they just read the media release that comes with it?

The definition of antisemitism in Australia has changed over recent years at the behest of the Zionist lobby to the IHRA definition. This definition massively widens the scope and makes it antisemitic to criticise the Israeli government, quite a handy thing currently. It was clearly quite handy when doing the latest report, when speech against the adoption of this disputed definition was also counted as incidents of antisemitism, even when it was from those who were Jewish.

ECAJ’s l2023 growth chart

These seemingly endless increases in unverified instances of alleged antisemitism (some are of course genuine) result in governments being lobbied to tackle the alleged upsurge, and to provide vital security upgrades for Jewish schools and places of worship.

Every year this see’s both Federal and State governments put millions of taxpayer dollars towards things like armed security guards outside schools and places of worship, hi-tech video surveillance equipment, bomb-proof additions to buildings, high walls being constructed, security gates and tyre-spikes on driveways.

All this money is given in grants to Zionist organizations who then spend the funds as they see fit and with whom they see fit.

All this money has resulted in 0% change in incidents of antisemitic violence at these premises. Zero change as there have been zero incidents. There has yet to be an instance where any guard from the Jewish security firms at schools or places of worship in Australia have had to use their gun.

Some would call this necessary precaution, some would call it a giant waste of money, and others would call it a taxpayer funded circular economy. Any way you look at it, it’s an industry with employees and several lobby groups.

No doubt I’ll be accused of antisemitism for the sin of discussing money in relation to grants to Jewish organizations.

The basis of branding some people as antisemitic is due to calls for boycotts or divestment, due to it relating to money.

Those familiar with the BDS (Boycott Divest & Sanctions) would be all too aware that Israel and Zionist organizations have attempted to brand BDS as antisemitic for portraying Jews as being concerned with money and then banning it.

This is a peaceful form of protest that puts the choice in the hands of the consumer.

The Zionists will always say “Why can’t Palestinians find a peaceful way of resistance?”

BDS shows us that any peaceful means will always be branded antisemitic.

Just as any support for Palestinian rights will be.

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