When standing up against a slaughter sees you branded as a “hater”, while those supporting a genocide paint themselves the victims.

Being a student in Australia these days has got to be tough.

Courses are tough to get into, you compete with overseas students for positions, the courses are ridiculously expensive, to survive you need to work crappy jobs for even crappier pay, and at the end of it all you start your adulthood with a debt that would have brought your grandparents that house that you’ll probably never afford on your own.

One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is being branded a bigot or physically attacked for calling out the deaths of women and children.

Yet that is what many students in Australia, and all over the world, are dealing with.

Around the country’s university campuses, there are students occupying parts of the campus in solidarity with the citizens of Palestine, but in particular those in Gaza that are being starved and slaughtered by the Israeli military, supported by the US and Australia.

Don’t worry, the irony of using the word ‘occupy’ is not lost on me. Anyone who takes issue with people thinking they can just occupy an area should look at Israel’s 75-year history.

These students are asking that their universities do what the Australian government refuses to do, divest from Israel and cease funding a genocide.

Many of you would have heard of a charity called Save The Children, they do fantastic work and are heavily supported in terms of donations. I wonder how many donations a group that called themselves “Slaughter The Children” would receive from the public?

The sad thing is, they wouldn’t need us to donate, our government donates to the slaughter of kids in Gaza on our behalf supporting military trade between Australia and the apartheid state of Israel, and our universities are doing it through their investments and research partnerships.

Our tax dollars fund Israel’s genocide machine on a daily basis, with our support of both the Israeli government and Israeli weapons manufacturers. One only has to look at our Defence Minister Richard Marles’s recent announcement of  close to $1 Billion in taxpayer funds being paid to notorious Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit. Having launched Elbit’s Australian lobbyist Mary Easson’s book in 2018, and now in government, I’m sure his signing off on a billion of our bucks should guarantee Easson a nice little bonus from her genocidal bankrollers.

Richard Marles & Mary Easson along with Marsha Thomson, Michael Danby, Michael Easson & Senator Kimberley Kitching

All the students and these sit-ins are looking to do is ensure they minimize what is funded in their name.

However, in the tradition of most things related to Israel, the response is always massively disproportionate to the original act. Like the tank facing down a child clasping a stone, we are now seeing hordes of violent zionists attacking peaceful protesters in the US, and things are heating up in Australia with prominent Jewish groups and individuals using their platforms to stir trouble.

Something the zionists fail to understand is that attacking people that are calling for peace and looking for the slaughter of innocents to end makes you a bigot, not a peace seeker, as they like to claim.

Yes, we are all aware of what happened on October 7, however that does not give a rogue state like Israel the right to commit genocide and slaughter tens of thousands of civilians.

Supporters of Palestinian rights are always being asked to condemn the actions of Hamas. However, those supporters should not be expected to feel so entitled and full of their self-worth and arrogance that they feel they have the right to criticize or condemn actions of people whose shoes they’ll never have to walk a mile in and have no idea how they’d react in the face of 75 years of brutal oppression, apartheid, and murdered family and friends. It’s a ridiculous notion. We’d all like to see the violence end, but unless you’ve been in the position Palestinians were born into, don’t pretend you know how you’d react.

The below survey by CNN shows that more than half of those in the US believe that Israel’s slaughter in Gaza is unjustified.

A couple of interesting points, the US is more pro-Israel than Australia, and this survey was conducted in October last year. In October last year the Palestinian death toll was a fraction of what it is today, the official death toll from October 7 has fallen by close to 20%, there was no massive death toll of health professionals, journalists, and humanitarian workers. Fair to say the number opposing Israel’s genocide will only have increased.

It’s easy to see that the youth that are less reliant on main-stream media for their view of the world have a different perspective to those being spoon fed by Murdoch and Co.

Perhaps that’s why the zionists have tried to embed their ideology in young minds by installing their teachings on the curriculum of Victorian public schools, care of Daniel Andrews and one of Australia’s largest political donors and zionist John Gandel. This was around the same time that they broadly widened the official definition of antisemitism. You’ll note that while highlighting the less controversial Holocaust teachings that apparently the regular history teachers were no good at, the media release frequently mentions antisemitism.

A Roy Morgan poll in Australia in November last year, before many had a clear picture of what was really happening in Gaza, showed that 40% of Australians believed that Israel should withdraw from Gaza. That number will have only risen now, and I suspect that, as in the US, those under 50 years old will be a much higher percentage.

Despite the rhetoric from the mainstream media and the bile emanating from the zionist lobby, I think most Australians are proud of our students for standing up for what is right, even if our government won’t.

I know I’m proud of them.

It looks like Macklemore is too.

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