Yesterday hidden behind a paywall that is about as effective as many of its journalists and columnists was an article in The Australian.

The article was by someone whose journalistic integrity I will allow you to judge by your own standards, or maybe even his own.

The journalist I speak of is News Ltd’s Ean Higgins and in his article which I will dissect for us today he decides to take a couple of cheap potshots at myself and David Donovan, the editor of Independent Australia.

The background to this article is that Ean Higgins has not liked the way that both myself and Independent Australia have been publishing articles that correct the factual errors in The Australian’s coverage of the Craig Thomson case, coverage that is primarily written by Higgins and Pia Akerman, the daughter of Piers Akerman.

An article that I wrote on September 12th which exposed some of the many wild distortions of fact and complete fabrication of what the writers, Akerman and Higgins describe as fact was particularly distressing for Higgins.

In one part of the original article, I took the word of someone who was in attendance in court that morning who asserted that the authors of the article had been referred by the Magistrate for possible contempt of court charges.

Unfortunately, my source was incorrect as it turned out, so I corrected the record and apologised, as I feel that is always the appropriate response on the rare occasion we make a mistake on this matter.

The reason I wrote the article originally however was due to the Magistrate condemning the Australians coverage of the previous court mention in the Craig Thomson case.

Ironically had the Australian not printed so many factual errors that were  highly prejudicial and seemingly designed to distort the truth I would have had no need to publish my article correcting the record in the first place.

I felt the need to correct the record as The Australian seems to have an aversion to doing so. So far the repeated false claims in articles by Akerman and Higgins have yet to be corrected and as yet Thomson is yet to receive an apology for the prejudicial nature of the misreporting on his case.

So let’s have a look at some of what Higgins states in his article that is meant to show how he gets his facts right because he knows his “craft” and is not an “amateur”

Higgins starts of with this nugget of wisdom;

“THEY have never or rarely earned their living from the craft of mainstream journalism…”


For starters never and rarely are opposites, completely different concepts altogether. The fact that neither David nor I write for main stream media, or a fringe dwelling rag such as The Australian that despite being far from main stream would like to think of itself that way to imply relevance is completely irrelevant to the “craft” of journalism as I’m sure many a freelancer will attest to.

 Higgins then delves into the educational background of David Donovan, Independent Australia’s editor, and according to Higgins a “Self appointed tsar of citizen journalism”, a strange term thought up by Higgins that to me demonstrates the state of mind of the man as he writes.

What he fails to recognise is that David Donovan does in fact have a degree in journalism, but Higgins won’t let that little nugget of information get in the way of a good yarn.

Higgins then goes on to say;

“On these citizen journalism credentials, Donovan has attracted advertisers to Independent Australia, including ANZ, Shell, Connect2Solar, AON Insurance, Malaysia Airlines and the Victorian Department of Human Services, to name just a few.”

The citizen journalism credentials such as a degree in journalism and a successful growing publication has attracted some advertisers to Independent Australia certainly, however none of those above. What Higgins is referring to advertising from AdChoice which is a Google service. It would appear that clicking on the link displayed on the advert to discover this was too much research for Higgins to be bothered doing.

When it comes to who News Ltd endorses as advertisers I can only judge on The Daily Telegraph as I like the overwhelmingly vast majority of Australians don’t buy The Australian. Judging from the back pages of the Telegraph I’d say that News Ltd journalists are paid with the advertising dollars from prostitution, brothels, sex phone lines and pornographic video chat services.

A page from the Daily Telegraph

A page from the Daily Telegraph

Higgins then decides to have a cheap shot at me as an unsuccessful ALP candidate because I didn’t win in the last state election when I ran in the states safest Liberal seat, something I never expected to win in a million years, but anyway…

Maybe we should refer to Higgins as a failed Walkley’s entrant?

Higgins goes on to refer to the piece I published on September 12th  that I spoke of earlier.

After David Donovan spoke to Ean Higgins regarding what I had been mistakenly told about being referred for possible contempt of court charges Higgins tells his readers his reaction;

“I told Donovan it was the first I had heard of it and said I would check with Akerman, who had been at the court hearing in question. Akerman said that while the magistrate, Charlie Rozencwajg, had complained among other things about a headline, there had been no mention of any referral for contempt of court.”

Whilst it is now clear that there was no referral for possible contempt of court charges there was indeed a referral to the courts Strategic Communications Advisor and possibly the Australian Press Council.

Let’s have a look at what was actually said by Magistrate Rozencwajg in open court;

“Before we commence. At the outset I feel it is necessary to state that the article on the front page of The Australian last Tuesday reporting on the mention held on the 2nd September was factually incorrect in several significant respects. The court certainly made no determination as declared in the blaring headline, in fact I made no determination whatsoever. I have requested the Court Strategic Communications Advisor to take this issue up with the editor of The Australian newspaper and if necessary the Australian Press Council.”


Magistrate Rozencwajg also described Higgins and Akermans September 3 distortion of the truth in other ways such as;


“Completely at odds with the facts”

“Many factual errors throughout the article”

“Not limited to the headline”


I guess Ackerman must have missed all of that.

Higgins then goes on to talk about an email he sent myself and David and has selectively quoted from. Higgins asked for his complete and utterly arrogant email not to be published, a request that we have respected.

Higgins puts it like this in his article;


“While Donovan and Wicks chose not to check the facts, I did, and then sent emails to Donovan and Wicks. My email to Donovan read in part:

“1/ Neither Pia nor I, nor the editor, has been informed of any possible referral regarding contempt of court.

2/ Pia, who was in the courtroom, did not hear a mention from the magistrate about contempt of court.

3/ A spokeswoman for the magistrate has said in writing that your allegation is not correct.

4/ The source to whom you attribute this false allegation, Greg James QC, has not backed it up.”

What I did in fact do was to check facts, as I always do.

Again the reason for my post was Higgins and Ackerman’s article full of falsehoods according to the Magistrate.

For Higgins to assert that he checked his facts would therefore lead one to the impression that he must have deliberately set about to publish falsehoods given there were so many errors in his article. If Higgins had indeed checked his facts, then the claims he made in his article wouldn’t have been there unless put there to intentionally deceive readers.

It is to be noted that Independent Australia sought the court recording in order to get an accurate portrayal of what occurred. It is also to be noted that Higgins has relied on the word of one person in the courtroom, the exact same thing he criticises us for doing. Even worse the person upon whom he was relying was Pia Akerman whose shoddy reporting, distorted facts, and utter fabrications of what was occurring in court resulted in the Magistrates above condemnation and was the reason I wrote the article correcting it in the first place.

In regards to the points he numbers in his email above, number one is accepted with a correction and apology made, and number two we have just covered off.

Number three and four though I have not addressed as yet but will now. A court media spokeswoman, not a spokeswoman for the Magistrate said she was unaware of a referral and suggested that a recording was the way to be certain, so we ordered the recording as was appropriate.

Greg James QC did in fact back up his incorrect observation on more than one occasion.

Ean Higgins - Questionable reporting

Ean Higgins – Before pointing out sawdust in our eyes, try to remove the log from your own

Higgins then turns back to criticising myself and Independent Australia;

“Donovan and Wicks broke the rules of basic journalism: check your facts before publishing, don’t just rely on what someone said they might have heard, act promptly when someone points out you may be wrong”

Good advice from someone who clearly doesn’t appear to follow his own “rules of basic journalism”

As Magistrate Rozencwajg so eloquently pointed out, Ean Higgins published an article that was “completely at odds with the facts”. The fact that Higgins did not attend the court mention proceeding meant that he was relying on what Akerman said she might have heard, and now both myself and the Magistrate involved in the case have pointed out that Higgins is wrong “throughout the article” in areas “not limited to the headline”. These errors were printed two months ago and have yet to be corrected or apologised for. Not what I’d describe as prompt.

That is all of his own “basic rules” broken.

Higgins then speaks of a vendetta against News Ltd and particularly The Australian.

I do indeed have a vendetta about incorrect reporting of events which are often in my view deliberate and written for political motives. If Higgins feels the Australian has been particularly targeted then I guess that is an indication of how often they get it wrong.

However as my readers know I have attacked Fairfax on this matter also many times.

Higgins near the finish of his article claims this before patting himself on the back for his many inaccuracies he describes as professionalism.

“But there’s a difference between opinion and comment on the one hand, and accurate, objective news reporting…”

Absolutely right there Ean, I completely agree.

If you want opinion and comment you can pay through the nose for it and purchase The Australian. The articles I have discussed here have been referred to by a Magistrate as “completely at odd with the facts” and were clearly setting out to attack rather than report, not the way I view “accurate and objective”.

Alternatively you are more than welcome to read Independent Australia or Wixxyleaks, where we research our facts, seek both sides of a story, and when a correction is needed we do it promptly and don’t try and hide it in fine print on a back page.

The public do indeed have a choice, they can pour out their hard-earned money into the pockets of Murdoch for a publication that loses money hand over fist and is losing readers at the rate of knots, or access their news online free at places like Independent Australia whose readership is growing at a rate only surpassed by the rate the Australian is losing readers.

Mr Higgins, it would appear that both the facts and time are on our side.



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29 thoughts on “Tell It Like It Is – Selective hearing and memories in News Ltd

  1. Good on you Peter and David. It seems that now more people are aware of IA. this Higgins person just advertised for us. I think a wonderful result. And all because he himself does not seem to recognise the truth even if it hits him in the face. Again, well done and thanks for keeping us not only informed but also for reporting so truthfully and apologising for making a mistake.

  2. Well pointed out Peter. You do your homework. IF you didn’t they would have you by the short and curlies for sure. IA is growing while the Australian is dying.(And squealing like a stuck pig) How the mighty fall.

  3. Fun Fun Mr. Wicks

    you are becoming a part of the story is that objective ? I respect you a great deal Peter, but mate were is it going to end 4 journalist behind the pub madly tweeting to death, just saying I will hold ya beer while you do it but please think. I know your mad but cool down just a little if you want to abuse me for fair and frank advice, good get it out of your system and then focus on the job. Think about what it looks like and play it smart, you are in the zone, in the time, you are not the zone you are not the time your the time keeper. keep watching those seconds and keep the beat.

    Great respect


  4. Tony Windsor said in a press conference last year: “I don’t read the Australian, I buy Sorbent.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.
    Thanks Peter, for making the world a better place.

  5. … spot on hilderombout … talk about a fantastic free advertisement for IA and Wixxyleaks … maybe you should consider your own ineffective, easy to subvert paywall Peter – with all the extra traffic Ean and Pia are sending your way.

    in hindsight, they are probably thinking that they should have followed the lead set by the coalition and kept it all top secret … but that would require insight – which is, at best, a distant cousin of hindsight.

    keep up the promotion of “citizen journalism” Ean and Pia … the concept sounds much more attractive and credible than mainstream journalism … you might even be onto something BIG (shhhhhhhhh – it’s supposed to be a secret) ….

  6. Well done for rattling their cages Wixxy. Higgins & the Ackermans are descending rapidly into irrelevance!! If they want a REAL story, why don’t they cover the trial of their counterparts in the UK? Hypocrites !!!!!

  7. There is no doubt you Peter and David have rattled the chains of the bogus idiots masquerading as journalists at the UNAustralian. I have followed the case as closely as possible without being there, relying on your excellent professional summations,
    The day I believe a Murdoch Journalist over either of you two is the day I vote Tory and that my friends will never ever happen.
    Anyone writing under the name Akerman has gigantic walls to climb. As for Higgins, what a disgrace to the profession.
    Keep at them guys, truth will win, which is why the likes of NewsCorp aren’t in the race, they don’t like it up em.

  8. Higgins. You obviously don’t have the balls to address the points Peter made in response to your rubbish accusations. Snide, cheap shots from you are what is to be expected from your type. You have illustrated perfectly what sort of incompetent person you obviously are

  9. Great work Peter. May I say I am happy to say I have never purchased a single piece of Murdoch crap media. Not the Australian, the Daily Terror, even the old Mirror, nor any of his trashy magazines, Foxtel etc. Am a proud user of Murdoch Block though. 🙂

    Love reading your blog posts & IA. Now THAT is REAL journalism. Higgins is not a journalist’s armpit.

  10. Ha Ha well done Peter and David , keep up the good work. Maybe a story on the lastest Newspoll ? #OneTermTony . Hopefully the Africans will find out what Abbott said about Mandela and throw a spear at him. Maybe a link to The UnAustralian’s sales downfall ?

  11. Great article and reply.

    It’s worth noting here that neither Ean Higgins nor Ackerman have retracted many of the incorrect statements which they have made about Craig Thomson.

    For example, an Ean Higgins and Milanda Rout article in The Australian from May 8, 2012 boldly states that Craig Thomson was “… using his union credit cards to splurge $500,000 on prostitutes, spousal travel and high living” – oh, really? Half a million, eh? I don’t see any correction or apologies for blowing that allegation out twentyfold.

    The great advantage of online publishing in formats like this one and IA is that it’s possible to quickly and easily amend any story, if necessary. In this instance, that is exactly what was done.

    What David Donovan and you have done in setting the record straight is far more than they ever have.

  12. Interestingly that $500,000 figure is one that the Australian was still using right up to the article the Magistrate tore shreds off. This was despite the figure being closer to $28,000 for months and months…

    Failed fact checking or intentional misleading of the public?

  13. I suspected the Australian was losing its readers when Paul the editor for the Australian was advertising his manufactured wisdom on the sky news’ Peter van something Sunday program, as I was quickly changing channels, it’s refreshing to read factual honest news on ainm and wixxy.

  14. Damn,
    that makes it hard.
    Who do I believe will factually report and own up if they make a mistake, Wixxy and DD, or this Clown and his straggly bunch of cohorts and fools

  15. Like many I read the under pay-wall article quite easily if fact only to have myself a laugh at what a hide the Australian has to criticise journalist errors. That was all I got from the whole “non newsworthy” story. And its possibly the one and only handful of times I have been anywhere near a NewsLtd site . Never again.

  16. I just like mentioning it whenever i can –i could be wrong
    but I believe there are more Murdoch employed journalists and execs
    facing courtrooms or waiting -on -charges to be laid around the place than there are trade unions or trade unionists— this could even eventually include Murdoch himself

  17. Heh, someone is getting worried. First Lawlers legal threat, and now Piggy Higgins getting all hot under the collar.

    If you are not laughing and enjoying this moment Peter, you should be 🙂

  18. I find it highly amusing that Pia Ackerman is being righteous and judgemental and exposing what she thinks is ‘truth’,about a man’s life, given that anyone can look up her Fathers past, and get the shock of their lives at what his choices in life were . Makes for very interesting reading. People in glass houses and all that. Robina.

    Sent from my iPad

  19. Well said, Wixxy is our eyes & ears, without it I hate to imagine what this rotten federal government could do

  20. You know you’re doing something right when they start attacking you. They must feel very threatened. Keep up the great work!

  21. How can I put this politely…….

    …..Ean Higgins is useless, pompous, morbidly obese dickhead.

    His claim to being a “journalist” is about as tenuous as the Akerman duos (aka Poisonous Toad and Lying Tadpole).

    Jim Carrey said it best here:

    “I’ll just say this: in my opinion Fux News is a last resort for kinda-sorta-almost-journalists whose options have been severely limited by their extreme and intolerant views; a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams and should be emptied before it becomes a public health issue.”

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