This page will be a constant work in progress and will have documentation and information on puppy factories, unethical breeders, pet stores, and pet industry lobby groups and their prominent members

This can be used as a tool for media, government, or advocates. It may also be a useful research tool for prospective pet owners.

If anyone has any information please forward it to


PIAA Members

Banksia Park Puppies (Formerly ACA Breeders) – Matt Hams – PIAA Board Member

Vet Bills & Reports for Banksia dogs purchased

Max O’Reilly vet bills

Max O’Reilly Vet advice re breeding practices

Vets Euthanasia Bills Banksia Park Puppies

Banksia Park Confidentiality Clause


Other Documentation

Finley Development Approval – Berrigan Council

Customer Confidentiality Clause – used when forced to settle with a complainant

Matt Ham’s appointed to PIAA Board

AAPDB Members

Kate Schoeffel – twice president AAPDB and puppy factory owner

7 News Report re raid on Schoffels puppy factory

Murray River Puppies – Jodie Knox owner and former President AAPDB

Murray River Puppies False Claims Of RSPCA Endorsement

RSPCA Email Re Murray River Puppies Use Of Their Logo

Strathbogie Puppy Factory – Des and Linda Murphy, parents of Murray River Puppies owner Jodie Knox

Vet report Strathbogie

Vet Invoice Stathbogie – Shown number of dogs that needed to be euthanised after raid

Other Puppy Factories

Pyramid Hill Puppy Factory – Peace Family

Pyramid Hill RSPCA Footage

240 Animal Cruelty Charges

Little River Puppy Factory – Anthony Sammut

Sammut Convicted of Running Unregistered Puppy Farm 

Guyra Puppy Factory NSW – Anne Press PIAA Member

RSPCA Raid Coverage

RSPCA Vet Report – Details shocking cases of cruelty

Pet Stores

Upmarket Pets, Melbourne – Greg Kirby

Greg Kirby Facebook profile pic of customers arse

Passion For Pets – Carrum Downs

Ringworm outbreak in store

Mt Lawley Pets & Puppies, Perth – Rose Wilson  Former PIAA Members, Pets Australia members

Customers complain of purchasing sick puppies

PIAA walk away from Mt Lawley after deceptive practices

PIAA announce dumping of Mt Lawley Pets on Facebook


Other Documentation

2014 Australian Veterinary Association Media release re vet checks for breeding dogs – Coalition Minister Peter Walsh removed vet checks from industry code

Daniels Andrews Election Promise Email To End Puppy Factories In Victoria



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  1. Puppy Farms to the Editor
    Rupert Steele

    I do not believe Australians really believe the scale and the disgusting and cruel manner Puppy Farms are operated by their owners . I started out with no idea except that i heard that they were bad when purchasing a puppy . After 7 months of looking for a puppy and coming into contact with them they black listed me as trouble maker due to the confrontation i had with one at Inverell who indirectly threatened me . I now have a list and to increase it all i do is inquire via email to a dog breeder who is a Puppy Farm you get to know after a while they all have that certain trait . When i am ignored bingo another one . What astounds me is the fact take no one has bothered to expose whom the AAPDP which gives the Puppy Farmers some type of respectability to people who are purchasers of Puppies .

  2. Even arseholes need to make a corrupt and tax dodging living right?

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