Writing a piece as a result of comments on one of my article is not something I would normally do, however given the content of some of the commentary on my last piece regarding Jodi Knox’s history and her current career as a lobbyist for puppy factories, I thought this time it was warranted.

It is clear that Jodi has some apparent customers that are rather fond of her Puppy Factory in Cobram. These friends that have commented seem remarkably well-informed to be just regular customers which makes me wonder if they are indeed customers or just part of the Knoxville Cult of Miscommunication.

Take Ian and Ann for example with the remarkably similar story of going to the factory and going through more sterilisation procedures than a surgeon going into open heart surgery. Ann even speaks of piped music, I wonder if it’s Leonard Cohen music by any chance…

Then there is Em, who is a “happy customer” apparently. Em says of Jodi;

“The amount of abuse she has and continues to cop from ignorant people is horrific.”

I am a customer of many places but I would have absolutely no idea what sort of complaints they field. Unless Jodi is in the habit of complaining to her customers about the abuse she receives, something that would be remarkably bad business practice. I don’t think anybody would be stupid enough to complain to a customer of abuse from others, so I’m going to assume that this first time commenter Em is a mate of Jodi’s called in to try to justify the unjustifiable practices of an immoral business acting as part of an inhumane industry.

Then there is Ian. Ian’s full name is Ian Fischer, although on his Facebook page he calls himself Ivan for some reason. His special friendship and loyalty towards Jodi Knox also give a fascinating insight into the type of people Jodi calls friends.

I’m not always the best judge of character but I’d go so far as to say that it is my opinion that the lowest of the sewer rats has more integrity than this vile specimen of the human species who belongs in a specimen jar marked excrement. Although I’ve never been a fan of racists

Here are some classy pearls of wisdom from his Facebook page;

“…we had the Aboriginals doing their usual ranting in the streets for more land, more money, more everything except work and education. But we could live with that, old stuff! No problem!

Then next day we woke up and Australia was no longer! Our culture was under attack! We were under attack by “Multiculturalism” that has been proven NOT to work anywhere in the world! And our leaders told us how lucky we were to have all the “immigrants” flooding the country, going on the Dole, rorting the Social Services, sitting around in groups plotting how to attack and besmirch the country that had taken them in!”

This on Xmas Eve

“Off to Sydney tomorrow to have XMAS with the kids and their ankle biters. Now living in this train wreck of a country, I wonder if the plane could be attacked, maybe lose my head to an “Aussie Muslim”, have to avoid coffee shops or other places of entertainments lest one of the above Aussies decides to attack it, watch everywhere for would-be terrorists ………. and enjoy XMAS! Can any of you ever really believe what has happened to “our Oz?” Could you ever envisage the almost overnight transformation to a country where we all have a genuine fear for our lives and the lives of others due terrorism? Oh yeh, happy Xmas everybody! Ho ho ho! And no, I won’t ride with you!”

However more in light of the current subject matter…

In his comments Ian talks of his trip to Murray River Puppies where after de-contamination he was able to be given a tour of the premises. He also talks of the puppy he purchased from Jodi Knox in his comments and talks of how “ethical and reputable” her puppy factory is and that allegations otherwise are false.

So lets look at Ian’s Facebook post on his own puppy that was purchased from Jodi.

See if you can spot the issue.

Look who's commenting...

Look who’s commenting…

Jodi Knox saw the issue, as is evidenced by her comment on the post (again suggesting Ian is not just a mere customer).

It is against the law to sell a puppy that is any younger than eight weeks old. According to Ian’s post the puppy he is playing with is six weeks old. This is illegal and is also classed as an act of animal cruelty.

Jodi knew this was a serious issue, commenting on the post that it was eight weeks to try to glaze over what would be a crime.

It is also worth noting that the extremely young pup had to be transported from Victoria to Queensland where Ian lives. I wonder if the trembling and fretting puppy that was weeks old was given piped music for that trip?

For the Knoxville Cult the trip is probably of little consequence given they have gloated about exporting puppies overseas in the past.

Anybody who thinks 10 hours in a 747’s cargo hold is an appropriate place for a tiny scared puppy is either from the a puppy farmer, a sadist, was dropped on their head as a baby, or is from the National Party.

With friends like these its no wonder Jodi Knox doesn’t need any more enemies.

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12 thoughts on “As Ugly As I Seem – Those vouching for the puppy factory lobbyist

  1. Is this post factuated or again simply rants accusations and speculation of a mad man?

  2. Wow! That is a great article on me! I’m wrapped Mate, may I call you mate?

    I have never been the subject of such an abomination as this but yay, headlines for me!

    Can we make it a regular issue do you think? Lots of readers would love to see your ummmmm, ahhhh, let me think, ah, “intelligence” displayed on a regular basis!

    But you were spot on with the name change to Ivan my boy!

    Wanna know why? ‘Ços I received a phone call from a dropkick from OL who had looked me up in the phone book, an easy name to find, called me up and threatened me with “a visit” from somebody one night if I dared to question OL and it’s principles! I fully intend to change the name back once Facebook’s 60 day minimum is up, mid September I think!

    Like a screen shot of it Petey old boy?

    But, one must defend oneself against these comical attacks mustn’t one old fella! (Can’t stop larfing at your article, be serious Ian!!)

    You dare to doubt my credentials you cad? You old devil you ………………. 🙂

    I’ve actually done 25 years doing community work up here, and that doesn’t include the eighteen months in Mt. Isa building twelve (that’s ten plus two Pete) nice little homes for the local indigenous people.

    And you have done what along these lines my boy?

    But there’s more! I’ve also logged up 25 years working as a volunteer for the Police force in Qld! Hey, there’s something for you to remember old sausage!

    Ooooops, sorry again old fart! I completely overlooked your incredibly intelligent, brilliantly researched comment on a B747 flight overseas with a mutt as a passenger. But of course you have inspected the cargo hold of this aircraft where the pooches are kept? Of course you have, silly question!! It is fully air-conditioned, climate controlled and sound proofed as much as in the passenger cabin.

    How do I know? ‘Cos I flew all these big lumps of tin for a living you galah! You wouldn’t know a cargo hold from the latrine Mate!

    But hey, not everybody loves you eh? This post (above) says it all I think! Readers see through guys like you like a pane of glass! Guess you’ll be chasing Old Moses up pretty soon!

    “Moses on August 7, 2015

    Is this post factuated or again simply rants accusations and speculation of a mad man?”

  3. Ian Fischer’s comments just get more ludicrous ! So some one supposedly phoned you, identified themselves as being from OL and said you were going to get a visit? Your response , change your FB name but keep your profile public with your real name in brackets? Really ? Did you really just use that as an excuse? Ian did you report this ‘threat’ to your mates at QLD police or did you just think changing your social media name was enough? Do you have any proof of what you claim, you know proof like the stuff Wixxy posts.

    I think anyone reading Ian’s comments here can see that he is quite unhinged

    Keep up the good work Wixxy, its good to see the industry players being exposed for the vile oxygen thieves that they are

  4. Ian (Ivan) has provided enough comments for another article, the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. I find it very disturbing that Ian has been doing volunteer work for the Queensland Police for 25 years. After seeing his racist comments on his FB page, especially against Aboriginals, how is it possible a racist person like this gets volunteer work working with people he clearly hates.

  6. So Peter explain how is it legal for you to take information submitted in your comments section and use that information to stalk people and write lies about them?

  7. Your mate must have been lying about himself then, it all came from his page

  8. But still your refusal to answer about illegally collecting information speaks volumes and proves your guilt

  9. Illegally collecting information?
    What planet do you live on?

  10. Anyway I’ve had enough of answering you repetitive, childish and majorly ill-informed questions, so I shan’t be answering any more or allowing them up any more.

    If you want to promote your own drivel I suggest you get your own site, I hope the domain dumbshit.com is still available for you

  11. Moses, we’re all still waiting for you to explain your illegal use of the Starlight Foundations good name and why you have fraudulently given yourself a Thank you certificate from them, displayed on your MRP website.

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