Some may disagree, but I’m human. I have my faults and flaws, however I like to think I’m a reasonably tolerant sort of chap.

There is however one thing that I do not tolerate and over the past couple of weeks it is a situation I have experienced once again.

Some of you may have noticed I have been writing quite a lot regarding the goings on in the pet industry lately. This is something I am passionate about and it is also topical at the moment with a Labor government taking action in Victoria and a Liberal government holding a parliamentary inquiry into puppy farms in NSW.

I had been in contact with a pet store in Western Australia after Fairfax had published reports regarding a puppy purchased from that store that had died shortly after being purchased.

That store was Mt Lawley Pets and Puppies, the puppy factory the pup had been freighted from in an approximately 10hr trip was named Bannaweera, the owner/operator of the puppy factory is Ann Press and the name of the poor deceased pooch was Torro.

R.I.P Torro Image - Oscars Law

R.I.P Torro
Image – Fairfax

Mt Lawley Pets had been dumped by Pet Industry Association Of Australia (PIAA) so I contacted them regarding their dumping by PIAA after the stores buying behavior highlighted the intentional deception of customers by PIAA. This intentional deception came in the form of a customer guarantee that no puppy purchased from a PIAA store came from a puppy farm. In several public statements and in several interviews PIAA have acknowledged that the guarantee was impossible to guarantee, which begs the question;

Why deceive customers with a guarantee you know you can’t stand by?

Whatever the questionable morality of an association willing to intentionally mislead the public, PIAA have only in the last week removed this deceptive guarantee from its website.

However PIAA are currently more than likely trying to dangle similarly preposterous guarantees before the NSW parliamentary inquiry, either directly or through Newgate the expensive lobby firm they have hired, seemingly out of desperation.

However PIAA were not the only ones being deceptive.

After dealing with Rose Wilson the store owner initially, it was her son Chris that continued the email correspondence, although I still spoke with Rose on the phone.

Given animal advocates Oscars Law had been holding peaceful protests outside the store with overwhelming public support, the Pet Store was seeking some form of retribution.


That retribution came in the form of an assault claim.

As mentioned in my previous article the reprehensible advocates for factory farming Pets Australia were keen to publish lies regarding this seemingly baseless claim while at the same time promoting their equally reprehensible mates over at AAPDB.

AAPDB President Jodie Knox of Murray River Puppies likes to talk of her four-year project to breed some sort of hybrid out of a Saint Bernard and a King Charles Cavalier.

As Murray River Puppies put it an email to a potential customer

“The Mini St Bernard has been a 4 yrs project, under vet supervision and Breeding from 2 sound parents.”

A four-year project? I would take this to mean that there were several failed attempts that likely ended with miscarriages and puppies born with major issues that were hopefully euthanised quickly.

All this suffering to create what is a mutt. Rebranding a dog with a fancy name like Mini St Bernard, or cavoodle, does not make it less of a mutt.

With this sort of experimentation occurring it is not hard to understand why some would consider Murray River Puppies to be the Auschwitz of the pet industry and Murray River Puppies breeders to be doing a job that Josef Mengele would be proud of.

Sometimes a clean image and happy playful pups often cloud the truth. After all propaganda is often misleading by it’s nature.

Amongst the lies promoted by Pets Australia were that a protestor had been charged with assault and that fines had been handed out to protestors.

WA Police confirmed

“no charges have been laid and WA Police do not fine people for this type of incident.”

However things got worse later with Pet’s Australia posting the below post on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.33.32 AM copy

Pig’s heads? These people accused of placing pigs heads outside premises are animal advocates, the suggestion of this is ridiculous and I am certainly unaware of any police complaint of this nature.

However the following of “kids to school” claim is something that concerns me as once again no official complaint has been made as far as I’m aware, and what sort of person makes something like this up? I find it incredibly concerning that this is a thought pattern emerging from someone who has already been proven a liar by police statements.

Given the tendency to promote outright lies from that side of the industry I thought I’d see how things looked from the other side.

It was explained to me that the middle-aged woman who had apparently assaulted the young Chris was in attendance with her elderly mother by her side. When Chris, the owners son, emerged and allegedly started taking photos on his phone of all of the protestors the woman in question claims to have pulled out her phone to take his picture.

Chris’s story is that she assaulted him with the offending phone, but alas he has no injuries to show to back up his allegation, nor has any CCTV footage of the alleged assault surfaced. Maybe the camera’s must have been broken that day?

So concerned are police about this allegation that the woman in question has not been contacted at all regarding the matter.

As for witnesses there are plenty to say it didn’t happen, and only one person as yet claiming it did. Luckily he is being supported by what based on official police statements would appear to be a pack of proven liars.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

It is also noteworthy that Mt Lawley Pet’s and Puppies owner Rose Wilson’s husband Bob is apparently a former high-ranking police officer in the WA Police. Given the alleged assailant has yet to even be contacted by police and with their lies suddenly exposed by police statements, should the situation change people may start to question his involvement or influence over the matter.

Now, however it has become even more bizarre still.

Many of the protestors this week who were allegedly photographed by the owners son suddenly received a letter from Leonard Cohen.

How Leonard Cohen obtained their names addresses is quite a mystery and raises many privacy issues.

Most of you are probably wondering what on earth Leonard Cohen has to do with all this. Leonard Cohen Legal is the name of the pet stores lawyers.

Seriously, you couldn’t make this shit up…


Also in receipt of a letter from Leonard Cohen Legal was Debra Tranter, founder of animal advocacy organisation Oscar’s Law.

It is apparent that Debra was not intimidated by this as both the letter she received and her excellent response have been made public on the Oscar’s Law website, and it is well worth a read.

Perhaps Oscar’s Law use a lawyer from Elvis Presley Legal? After all the King will out-trump Cohen any day of the week.

Anyway privacy is not something Mt Lawley Pets is concerned with, even for their own customers. They showed this by placing a banner outside their store last Sunday with Torro’s owners name emblazoned across it. Great customer service, and a terrible attempt to intimidate what was a former customer.

Then again customer service is not a high-point for Mt Lawley Pets either as another customer discovered. This customer purchased a pup from the store, however as it grew older it became abundantly clear that it was not the breed of dog they had been told it was by the store. The customer sent several emails to the store and had correspondence with store owner Rose, who at one point in the conversation responded;

Unfortunately from time to time we deal with rude people and that makes our job unpleasant but fortunately 99.9% our customers are happy, appreciative customers who are happy to work with us.”

I think they might want to double-check those stats, particularly given Fairfax have uncovered yet more unhappy customers this week.

Then again, maybe bullshit is just second nature at what should be called Mt Lawley Pets and Factory Farmed Puppies.

But I don’t have to put up with it.

Customers shouldn’t either.


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6 thoughts on “Even Deeper – The Puppy Factory lobbyists get themselves deeper in the doggie do

  1. Well said
    how did they get adresses of protesters? Is this being investigated?

  2. COuld not agree more. Perhaps someone needs to look at North Ipswich Pet Shop who have puppies in glass cages. Where do they come from? I was there recently and they wanted $2500 for puppy (mixed breed) but could not provide me with any information on the puppy. I asked about a supposedly purebred puppy and they could not provide the name of the breeder. I asked about papers and the sales person got cross at me . of course they could not give me papers as they are not a registered breeder. They wanted more money for the dog than if I went to a reputable registered breeder.

  3. Perhaps the lawyers for all sides might be interested in seeing some of the nasty private FB messages that Mrs Wilson sent to some members of our Italian Greyhound FB page after a discussion regarding the sale of some IG puppies being sold in their shop. Hmmm. It’s a bit hard to play the victim when you are in fact being the bully.

  4. My Lawley pets should be ashamed of themselves, no reputable breeder would behave in this manner. I move to try and shut them down, if enough people standup for what is right it will happen.

  5. My daughter purchased what she was told was a cavoodle which turned out to be a labradoodle with double hip dysplasia! These people are disgusting.

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