Somewhere in Western Sydney the smirk will be slowly turning into a frown on the face of Susai Benjamin.

I’ve written a few articles about the Blacktown Councillor over the years, allegations of branch stacking, his attitude towards violence against women, and about the factional backers that support him.

The thing about a democracy is that people can vote for whomever they like in an election or in a party preselection. The issue with branch stacking is it is undemocratic as it allows preselections to be hijacked by non-genuine members thus taking away any opportunity for genuine members to make an informed choice on who will represent them. It is the equivalent of Scott Morrison flying in a couple of hundred thousand people from overseas with false documentation to vote for him and secure electoral victory.

If we are going to live in a democracy we may as well live in a healthy democracy, that is why I have written about alleged branch stackers so often. It is also why Victorian Labor find themselves going through a reformation process currently after Adem Somyurek’s tactics were laid out bare for all to see.

Susai Benjamin has never responded to any query I have put to him and never given reason for me to doubt any of the many allegations I have heard directed at him, most of which I’ve refrained from publishing.

Susai Benjamin

However recently Susai has poked his head up yet again to seek to have my articles taken down from Wixxyleaks as he claims they are defamatory.

I assume this is either due to upcoming council elections or he is attempting to be preselected as the Labor candidate for the State seat of Seven Hills. Perhaps he thinks the Labor Party like the taste of annihilation after his attempt to hold the electorate after the departure of Nathan Rees saw the electorates voters hand Labor’s arse back to it on a plate. But not before spitting on it for good measure.

His lawyer, Mr Pink from Turner and Freeman, sent a letter seeking to have one of the articles about Susai removed from Wixxyleaks, you can read Mr Pink’s letter here.

Mr Pinks letter showed he clearly hadn’t read the article, or if he did he failed to understand it. Many of the ridiculous claims he makes are actually the opposite of what is written. Mr Pink clearly struggles with punctuation, like when something is between quotation marks “ “ and attributed to somebody else then that means they are not my words. Not a tricky concept I know, but for some…

Mr Pink didn’t send the letter to me, despite my contact details being on the very site where the article is published. He may have struggled as the heading “Contact Wixxy” is a bit vague.

Nevertheless, Mr Pink sent the correspondence to the company that provides my web hosting and threatened to drag them into legal proceedings if they didn’t remove the article.

Not wanting to see my web hosting company waste their time and energy dealing with imbecilic claims of this type I have made a decision to not remove the article but to relocate it.

The article, for those interested, is now available here. Mr Pink can take it up with Google if he so desires.

In the meantime I’ll take a tip from the other Mr Pink and go searching for the worlds smallest violin, playing for all the lawyers desperate enough to take on any client…

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