Bill Shorten has raised some huge questions with his support of Kimberley Kitching for the Senate position left vacant by Stephen Conroy, and today the media is all over it.

So let’s have a quick look at the real questions regarding Kitching’ s elevation to the position of Senator and the answers.

Is she qualified for the position? Yes

Has she dedicated her life to promoting the Labor cause? Yes

Was she elected to this position? Yes, almost unanimously

So what else is there to ask? Oh yes that’s right her days at the HSU and her factional alliances.

Kimberley Kitching

Kimberley Kitching

Factional politics is nothing new, this is not bold new ground. It is particularly prevalent when it comes to Senate positions and it also applies with all of the major political parties. It happens with Labor, it happens with the Liberals and it happens with the Greens. In NSW the Greens are at breaking point over the factional brawl for Upper House Seats.

Yes Kitching was heavily involved with the HSU. She was part of the team that helped to bring down union thug Marco Bolano and his factional leader Kathy Jackson who now awaits trial for the alleged theft of over $1.4 Million from union members. There’s something to be ashamed of.

It is true that the Royal Commission recommended police look into allegations involving right of entry exam irregularities with the possibility of charges being laid, however this has amounted to zip thus far.

It is hardly surprising that the Jackson team would have some allegations to throw at Kitching. However it should be remembered that this is the same team that alleged that an Australian journalist joined Craig Thomson in a Jacuzzi at a brothel with some hookers, despite the fact that the journalist in question was in the US at the time. The same team that had Marco Bolano intimidate witnesses and media at the Royal Commission to the extent that Kitching herself was advised by police to hire a bodyguard during her appearances. Reliability is not what I would refer to as a strong point with these accusers.

Kitching shows up to the Royal Commission with a bodyguard Image - News Ltd

Kitching shows up to the Royal Commission with a bodyguard
Image – News Ltd

So if there is really nothing to smear Kitching, then why not utilise the Donald Trump method and smear her for the alleged actions of her husband?

That seems to be the mainstream media way of dealing with this. Beat up on the woman because they don’t like the husband.

My how far the women’s movement has come….

Kimberley’s husband is Andrew Landeryou, the infamous founder of the former website Vex News.

It is fair to say Landeryou has amassed himself a tidy pile of enemies. I have had my disagreements with both him and Kitching over the years, however none of that diminishes Kitchings talent or suitability for the position in any way.

Fairfax, who perhaps have one of the largest axes to grind, said this about Kitching and Landeryou

“Ms Kitching, the wife of notorious former political blogger Andrew Landeryou…”

While Fairfax may be amazed that a husband and wife may have a mutual interest in politics, I’m certainly not.

What I find highly offensive are the shameless attacks on a woman who is being elevated to a position of authority due to opinions and perceptions about her husband.

Fairfax goes on to describe Landeryou’s work as an

“…aggressive and often defamatory blog”

Is it just me or does that sound like an aggressive statement to make?

As for the “often defamatory” allegation, how many defamation claims have been made against Fairfax over the years?? One high-profile one involving Joe Hockey springs to mind.

Looks like the pot and kettle need to come out again…

Kathy Jackson explains "authorised" expenditure to Craig Thomson

Fairfax explaining aggressive and defamatory articles

As I have reported recently, those writing the story at Fairfax have an axe to grind as Landeryou exposed them for criminal conduct in one of his articles, something they admitted to in court.

This involved a Labor Party laptop that was stolen by a Greens Party Councillor and candidate and ended up in the hands of Fairfax journalists. Charges were laid and guilt was admitted to in court by all four men.

Maybe if their wives run for public office one day we can hold these charges against their wives?

Needless to say the Melbourne offices of Fairfax have been keen to put the boot into Landeryou at any possible opportunity.

I would have hoped that Fairfax would be bigger than tit for tat reporting, but alas, it would seem not.

Anyway, while those in the media continue to judge a woman by the actions of a man, I’d instead like to extend her my congratulations.

Good on you Kimberley.

9 thoughts on “More Than A Woman – Kimberley Kitching wins Senate spot and the media are in a frenzy

  1. Great to read a counter viewpoint with some background and depth. Thank you!

  2. Read what the FWC found about Kimberley doing the requisite tests for other HSU officials who needed to pass their tests for entry permits under the Fair Work Act. Squeaky clean she’s not.

  3. That matter was referred to police who have either investigated and dropped it or decided there was not enough to warrant investigation.

    The media campaign against her today has been quite disgusting in my opinion

  4. An excellent article and it’s bewildering to me why there is any angst toward her.

  5. Clearly you are in the Victorian Right mate. “Dedicated her life to the union movement”? You’re kidding right? People like Kimberly, David Asmar, K Jackson and the embarrassing HSU are a net loss to the Labor movement.

  6. Clearly? I’m not a member of any faction, but I’m far more left orientated, as those who know me will all acknowledge

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