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She walked into the courtroom, like she was walking on to a yacht…

There was media all over the place, there was a lady crying out for the bible of a deceased relative, and there were three ladies who looked like they’d just stepped out of a 70’s hair salon after they’d just asked for the Charlies Angel’s look. However, unfortunately for them all, it looked like they only found the apprentice.

That’s right, it is now Kathy Jackson’s turn to play the defendant, and to most observers it would seem like she had not a care in the world.

Jackson of course was once an angel, well to some at least. Now however she is very much the fallen angel in the eyes of most.

Kathy Jackson, the self-proclaimed whistleblower today found herself in Melbourne Magistrates Court facing 70 charges of “Obtain Financial Advantage By Deception”, a fraud related charge. These came after a joint investigation by Victoria Police and the Organised and Major Crime division of the Federal Police called Taskforce Heracles.

Today Kathy didn’t have a Michael on each arm, with both Lawler and Smith nowhere in sight.

However, there was one other friendly face, that of Katherine Wilkinson whose signature appears on so many of Kathy’s HSU cheque requisitions. Perhaps Wilkinson was really only there to try ensure Jackson doesn’t dump on her. Good luck with that.

Wilkinson - A friend in need's a friend indeed...

Wilkinson – A friend in need’s a friend indeed…

The Court Mention was scheduled for Court 3 but had to be moved at the last-minute to Court 1 due to the number of media and spectators.

After a few other cases were heard it was time for Kathy to face the music.

Jackson has chosen to fight the charges against her much to the delight of the press as this means it will turn into a three ringed circus as everyone gets hauled before the court.

Kathy’s bail conditions were decided upon and they include the surrender of Jackson’s passport, she is not allowed to make contact with any of the prosecution witnesses when she finds out who they are in a couple of days, she is not allowed in the departure section of an international terminal of an airport and she is not allowed to move from her current South Coast residence at Wombara.

Jackson - The look of smugness mixed with apathy

Jackson leaving court- Looking rather smug

After seeking as much time as possible to go through the prosecutions 5,000 page brief, the date for the commencement of the Committal Hearing was scheduled for 24th January 2017.

There was some debate regarding the charge sheets and the publication of Jackson’s home address on them, with Jackson claiming that someone had previously attempted to burn her house down. This was in reference to the fire that further delayed her Federal Court appearance, a fire the Fire Brigade and police classed as not suspicious.

At the end of the brief Court Mention Jackson was warned of the consequences, which included being placed in custody, should she breach any of her bail conditions.

On level two whilst waiting for the official charge sheets I briefly had Kathy behind me in the queue waiting to sign her bail forms, there was none of the bravado commentary like there was at the Royal Commission, but there certainly didn’t look like a lot of stress in those eyes either. Press were sent to a counter nearby to await the charge sheets and I watched as Jackson accepted her bail conditions with a make-up brush in one hand as she prepared to walk through the press pack gathered outside.

Outside Jackson strutted through the press and there was a small scene as a lady accidentally stood on the back of one of Kathy’s friends shoes as they crossed the road. Kathy’s friend carried on like Lady Muck calling it assault and so forth, the scene was captured on video

The lady in question was in court today with her friend Jackie Fischer.

Jackie is the sister of Sean Fischer, the man who was found dead at Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler’s Wombara home in March.

Jackie is upset that Jackson and Lawler have refused to return any of Sean’s personnel effects including his computer, his mobile phone, and in particular a bible that apparently holds great sentimental value.

Sean crossed paths with Jackson at the Wollongong Private Psychiatric Hospital where Jackie feels Jackson sought to take advantage of his vulnerabilities. Despite her brother’s death at her premises Jackson has not offered sympathy, or even engaged with Jackie at all, let alone return the possessions of the brother she still mourns.

In a strange move Kathy and her posse decided to have a coffee on the footpath with the media watching rather than venture to any one of the number of nearby café’s, thus showing that despite pretending to be dodging media, she clearly can’t get enough of it. Vanity can be a curse.

We’ll see how far into January and February it lasts.


11 thoughts on “You’re So Vain – Kathy Jackson and her vanity face 70 charges

  1. Good job Wixxy and I believe the weird is only just beginning

    I mean here we are doing 150 mph going downhill on a motorcycle with a cliff on one side and sheer wall on the other writing a song whilst playing the guitar
    Nah that`s Arlo

    Anyway you know what Imean

  2. Incredible. Is this train-wreck part of the ‘plan’? There seems to be a very long game in play here. Where are Ms Jackson’s cheer-squad now? Are we getting a sideshow to detract from something else? Where were MSM when Ms Jackson was being exposed by Wixxy & IA? Questions, questions… Walkleys…

  3. To take that smirk from her face is to have her hair cut and tar poured over her.she will get off again , unless the courts comes down hard on her. Which they should without hesitation.

  4. Great work as usual. Is this what is called a ‘lack of contrition?’ I mean, I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never really seen it!

  5. Reporter steps on back of shoe and Jackson cries assault, haha, what a deluded self important ego.
    I hope for her sake she toughens up in case she gets a custodial sentence.

  6. I agree. I’d love to see that smile wiped off her smug corrupt face-head shaved, no makeup and the most unflattering, ill fitting, ghastly colour prison uniform.

  7. Or…is this the first step in her plan to be deemed too mentally unstable to answer charges? Methinks this tart has a long-term plan, and it does not include jail time. (I really, really hope I’m wrong)

  8. Thanks for the run down of the day Peter. I love the title and opening line of your post, Kathy certainly always likes to make an entrance! I just wish the media would realise that they are feeding the beast by chasing her down the street filming her, she loves it! Hence the need for the make-up brush.
    That cut and paste book of other people’s hard work, particularly yours, that has recently been released, mentions a Jackson party that was held for “The Big Kahuna” and his wife. At that party everyone was summoned to the television and all had to endure two hours of media grabs Kathy had recorded of herself and if anyone dared to speak Kathy quickly told them to shut up.
    Hopefully the idiots that chased Jackson down the street will wake up and realise the best way to upset her is to ignore her…but if they don’t maybe Lawler, if he’s still around for his “beloved”, will record and save the grabs of her being led in handcuffs into a Correctional Services van…now that footage will be worth watching time and time again.

  9. Ohhh, you better believe this wicked piece of human excretment has a master plan….it would have been planned many months ago and about to be put into action. I’m actually looking forward to the show because at the end of the day this evilness will have her day….assuming her worshippers Pyne and Abbott aren’t running a protection racket for her.
    The damage she did to a good union, a strong union was almost irreparable…almost….thank god for good, honest people that have pulled that union back from annihilation…and yes, they are good people…even though the LNP and it’s dragons ie that idiot Smith would have you believe different….
    I am a long term member of the HSU number 1 branch and I proudly proclaim I survived the Jackson, Balano fiasco….and many, many thanks to the good people running that union now….it shows, membership has jumped in the past year….union officials working hard to assist their members…doing the right thing….
    Speaking of Balano…once again someone that is supposed to be ‘totally incapacitated’ it’s amazing how he finds capacitation when he needs too……totally unable to work in any way shape or form but A OK to follow this wicked woman around…..funny that….wonder when we hear of his arrest….and Jeff….where is Jeff??? Gone very quiet… much more to come out…
    Let the games begin….Jackson the wicked had better do jail time or you watch Victorians riot in the streets….give our money back you wicked woman….you stole my hard earned money and I want it back.

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