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Wixxy’s Xmas Pudding (makes 2)
230g raisins
230g currants
230g chopped prunes
125g mixed peel
125g slivered unsalted almonds
1 grated carrot
Juice & Rind of 1 Lemon & 1 Orange
3 Cups Sherry
250g butter/margarine
250g Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Golden Syrup
4 eggs
125g Plain Flour
1 Teaspoon Mixed Spice
1 Cup breadcrumbs
1 Teaspoon Bi Carb Soda
¾ cup of Milk
Single Malt Whiskey

Put all the fruit, peel, almonds, carrot, lemon & orange juice into a big bowl. Pour Sherry into bowl with these ingredients and leave to soak for 24hrs.

Using Electric Beater cream butter & sugar, add eggs & Golden Syrup. Then add in flour & mixed spice. Beat until smooth.

Mix Bi Carb Soda in milk, then add to mixture with breadcrumbs and spoon mix in with fruit mixture.

Place mix into 2 steamer bowls and seal with aluminium foil.

Steam for 4 hours each bowl.

When steamed and while hot, uncover top of pudding and pour a mix of malt whiskey and brandy over pudding to taste (I normally use about 1/3 cup per pudding), then reseal and allow to cool.
Once cooled wrap in a pudding cloth, or tea towel (not an old crappy one).

P.S. If you ain’t gonna serve with brandy in the custard, go and buy a readymade pudding at Coles you girls blouse…

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