Today I wanted to congratulate Luke Foley and NSW Labor for showing once and for all that a good greyhound trainer can’t be found, and aiding the Liberal Party by clearly showing that a ban on the greyhound racing industry is necessary.

At least I assume that is what he was doing today. If not, trekking out to Orange to do press with greyhound trainer Christopher Spratt and his wife was an act of utter stupidity.

The Spratt’s may well be doing it tough, but not having cash to burn does not necessarily make you worthy. I mean most robberies occur because someone needs money, but we don’t go through our prisons looking for nominations for Australian Of The Year.


Anyway, Luke Foley has been desperate to show us the impact the ban on the Greyhound Racing Industry will have on the good people in the industry. Unfortunately that desperation has not paid off, as Foley’s success rate in finding someone clean has not exactly gone to plan, as my article yesterday indicated.

Today though, with the Spratts, Foley’s onto a winner. They as clean as any drug cheat can be.

In August last year, Chris Spratt was found guilty of being a doper. In February this year, the industry knocked back Spratt’s appeal.

Foley may think that injecting prohibited and dangerous steroids into an unwitting greyhound to make it run faster doesn’t count towards making them one of the bad guys, but guess what? Most of us do.

The below picture was taken the last time Foley visited the “good doper” Spratt.

Here's one I doped earlier, Chris Spratt  his wife and a greyhound with Foley and other Labor members Image -

Here’s one I doped earlier, Chris Spratt his wife and a greyhound with Foley and other Labor members
Image –

In fact if the industry ban sends a bunch of drug cheats and dopers broke, then that’s great. It will be like a bonus.

For Foley and his advisors I’ll pass on a research tip that you may want to look into before standing alongside anyone from the greyhound racing industry. I wouldn’t normally pass on research tips but NSW Labor’s research has been so far below embarrassingly pathetic, that I feel like I’m performing an act of charity.

This tip is a revolutionary new method often referred to as “Googling”. You go to a website called Google and type in your prospective good guys name and hit search.

With this tip, I hope you can get through the rest of the week without another clusterfuck.

Touching wood…

7 thoughts on “The Dope Show – NSW Labor looks for the biggest dope, and finds him close to home

  1. Sorry, I know this is serious, but I can’t help laughing. What an idiot.

  2. That poor dog is half starved even on greyhound standards. Foley has lost the plot on this, we punish drug cheats in sport so why would he want to support drug cheats in gambling and animal torture? Bizarre and shows why the NSW branch of the ALP are a waste of time and space.

  3. Luke you do not get it, being liberal lite will not cut it, this sport is nonsense, how about attacking the hillsong nutters on development, CSG, Roads, coal, climate change, Coal,corruption this is just pure nonsense, I am ashamed to have voted for you, being middle of the road makes you middle of the road.

  4. I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard. This is indeed a very serious battle. However how wonderful is it to see karma starting to do her work.

  5. Don’t ever try to condone animal cruelty from anyone no matter how broke they are. No excuses. Just stupid and a bad look from a politician to do this.

  6. The greyhound looks utterly miserable. This was supposed to be a photo op? Maybe Foley isn’t as anti racing as he says 😉

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