Whilst covering the hearings of the Royal Commission that involve the Health Services Union this week some disturbing events occurred.

Some of you may have read reports in Fairfax, or News Ltd some of which I have been named in that refer to attempts to intimidate various people by Marco Bolano who is the staunch ally of Kathy Jackson and the man stood down from his position as Secretary of the HSU Number 1 branch by a Federal Court Judge.

Bolano is reportedly unemployed at present however allegedly earns a tidy income of approximately $2,000 a week via QBE Insurance in workers compensation for being completely incapacitated by stress.

Despite Bolano’s complete incapacitation he managed to make it Sydney to testify before the Royal Commission.

So remarkable has been Bolano’s recovery that he decided he’d stay in Sydney for the week rather than returning home after he testified.

Kimberley Kitching who is the current General Manager of the HSU #1 Branch has alleged that she was spat on, harassed and intimidated by Bolano. After making a complaint to police it was recommended by police that it may be in her best interests to hire a security guard which she then did.

On Thursday Kitching came to the hearing with a rather burly looking bodyguard by her side.

On the Tuesday that Kitchings problems first occurred Ben Schneiders a Fairfax journalist also had issues with Bolano.

Shneiders was allegedly chastised and harassed in the café next to the Royal Commission venue as he sat down for lunch with Kitching. Among other things Bolano kept taking photos of the pair without asking permission.

That afternoon when Craig McGregor was testifying I was in the Commission hearing room after the feed to the media room went down and witnessed first-hand Bolano attempting to intimidate Schneiders whilst the hearing was in session. Bolano repeatedly referred to Schneiders using unflattering terms and made faces and gestures towards him, all of these were unprovoked as Mr Schneiders was clearly trying to follow McGregors testimony.

Bolano harassing myself and others in laneway next to the Royal Commission

Bolano harassing myself and others in laneway next to the Royal Commission

On the Wednesday at the first break in proceedings I went to grab a coffee at the café next door in the State Theatre.

After having a coffee I was standing in a laneway that runs between the Royal Commission venue and the café with three others when we were approached by Marco Bolano.

Bolano came over and after saying he didn’t know who I was proceeded to try to intimidate me by telling me that he knew who my sources were because the police had been keeping them informed. Not bad for someone who didn’t know who I was.

One of those with me was Andrew Casey who tried his utmost to placate Bolano politely.

However Bolano seemed incensed that he did not know who one of the two ladies was, he demanded to know who she was repeatedly before putting his phone within inches of her face threateningly and taking her photo saying “ We’re gonna find out who you are” “We are gonna get you”.

The woman who has asked not to be identified was shaken but determined to see that Bolano was not to get away with such behaviour.

With that in mind all four of us reported the matter to the Royal Commission security and were individually interviewed.


The Commision venue on left, the cafe on the right, and the laneway in the middle with 2 people smoking

The Commission venue on left, the cafe on the far right, and the laneway in the middle next to underground car park entrance

The irony of being intimidated and stood over at a Royal Commission that was set up to stop this kind of behaviour was not lost on me.

Later at lunch I went to a sushi restaurant around the corner from the commission with the lady who does not want to be named and Kimberley Kitching.

We had only been seated for about five minutes when Marco Bolano appeared next to us at the table taking photos of us uninvited.

Kitching told us that it was ridiculous what he was doing and took photos of Bolano in action, some of which are below.

bolano 2

bolano 3

After harassing us and taking photos he promptly left, he did not dine at the restaurant.

Later that afternoon there was another incident where Bolano grabbed Andrew Casey around the waist and dragged him away from the media pack whilst yelling at him.

Marco Bolano is the man who people like Mike Smith, Ray Hadley, Chris Smith, Andrew Bolt and others like them would have you believe is a saint.

He is also one of those that Christopher Pyne apologised to on behalf of the Australian Parliament for being accused of this kind of behaviour in Craig Thomsons address to parliament.

The Royal Commission is an important legal process which should be above this kind of behaviour.

With any Royal Commission it is vitally important to maintain the integrity of the Commission and efforts should be made to ensure that members of the press and members of the public are not subject to bullying and intimidation.

I also hope that the Royal Commission were not paying for Marco Bolanos stay for the entire week given his testimony finished on the Monday as there are far better uses for taxpayers money.

The police have been notified of events, as has the Commission.

Let’s hope this is the last we see of this disgraceful behaviour.

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26 thoughts on “St Anger – Marco Bolano, saint or angry thug?

  1. Thanks Peter. How on earth do such people as Bolano keep getting away with this type of disgusting & outrageous behaviour? Does thuggery rule? Still with the current government we have anything is possible. Bolano obviously believes he is untouchable & fireproof.

    Thank you for keeping us informed.

  2. As an ex HSU delegate and member of over 18 yrs this grub of a man is the worst of the worse. I have dealt with him as a union official and can tell you he is the worst of the worse. Stand over tactics are his Forte he acts like a character from the Soprano’s

  3. Thanks Peter for the update. I find it difficult that the witnesses (Faction) will only face limited X Examination & that only if it is approved by the commissioner or Assisting????. Is it possible to contact the members of the HSU to rally out front of the commission requesting a FULL X examination of the witnesses. I believe a lot of evidences was left out about Jackson & others to make them come across looking holier than thou.

    This RC is supposed to investigate the unions & what goes on, which is fair enough, but when evidence is presented & not challenged, or has limited challenges then it just looks like a whitewash and erodes confidence in the RC & legal system.

    This is about the members, their fees, governance of the union and the members should have the right for all of the truth to come out no matter who falls.

  4. Peter, Did the commission indicated what it will do? Also, some should send the video of Bolano testifying and how relaxed he looked all week in the commission to QBE considering he is full of stress.

  5. If everyone is disgusted by this behaviour, no one seemed disgusted that I was stood over by court registrar John Taylor in the P&E court on behalf of Brisbane City Council and Premier Newman to withdraw my appeal and was acknowledged by Court of Appeal judge Chesterman that Mr. Taylor overstepped the mark. That was it, that was in 2011, an acquaintence of mine I met recently also told me he was stood over by Taylor and that was in 2012 and his complaint to the CMC was ignored.

    Council’s stand over thug John Taylor continues with his bullying and threats and has the protection of BCC, the Judiciary and of course Newman who had the most to lose by my appeal in a manner of being charged with fraud to cover up extortion demands by Brisbane City Council planners Lorraine Gregory and Rick Ng.

    Can anyone inform me “What’s worse, a stand over man outside the court or a stand over man in the court?”

    http://bobrafto.wordpress.com/ if anyone is worried about defamation and besides I’ve been publicly defaming Newman and all involved since 2008 and the statute of limitations for taking action ended in 2009

  6. A lawyer I showed this report to tells me spitting is a common assault and if there are witnesses Bolano would likely be convicted. So are the threatening statements. Put it all together and Bolano if convicted would probably get a s9 bond and of course a criminal conviction. Police need a complaint to arrest and charge him.

  7. yes because kimberly kitchings is a saint and her husband a martyr of good values and honesty fuck off peter time to fess up that your scared of Andrew and Kimberly and Diana and their well paid lawyers, a lack of stories of the current charades going on at number one branch and your past doctoring of stories mysteriously done only hours after they have been put up show your absolute lack of morality and the fact you try to represent your self as a bastion of truth and justice then why not tell your loyal readers that you got your early stories on Jackson from williamsons camp and Thompson while he’s crime not on the same scale as Williamson or Jackson for that matter still should never spent one red cent of union money on himself not for smokes, petrol or anything menial he broke the law and like it or not he was found guilty of that, and on the subject of bolano while I don’t like him personally your not a doctor and have no right to question his claim of workcover sorry I might have to explain the concept of work to you as being a slacker unemployable labor hack blogger I’m sure your unfamiliar with the concept.

  8. If the NSW Police history is a guide, we should not expect too much action on your complaint Peter.

  9. Dear Fred,
    What I write about is my own business, however seeing as you bring it up….
    I have written on the corruption scandal regarding high ranking officials of the HSU for some time now, including Williamson. Thomson, Jeff and Kathy Jackson as you seem to be aware of.
    While I have touched on other issues surrounding the union I am not a union newsletter nor do I want to be.
    This week was the first time I have met Kitching, and I have never met her husband, or Asmar and whether they are saints or not is not really my concern or anything to do with Jacksons guilt or innocence nor does it justify Bolano’s behaviour towards me, as I point out he was attempting to intimdate me before I’d even met Kitching.
    As I have pointed out in one post, I did realise early that documents were coming to me via Williamsons camp and whilst that did not make the documents false, I was aware of the motive behind it.
    I have written a hell of a lot about allegations against Williamson including much that was not reported in the mainstream but was investigated by Police. I have written about these things as as I have information that comes from all sides of the fence.
    I have never understood the logic of people like yourself who seem to think Thomson had no right to buy a pack of smokes with union money, but Jackson is fine to have slush funds a personal expense kitty, and 3 credit cards with no accountability.
    Neither Thomson or Jackson have the right to spend union members money on personal items.
    I am not a doctor, but I must have a different idea of completely incapacitated to some.
    What I do know is that under a Coalition govt in NSW we have people who are unable to work after horrific injuries in the workplace who have had their compensation entitlements stripped. It must break their hearts to see someone like Bolano able to assault one man, and harass many others while on the maximum payment for workers compensation whilst supposedly completely incapacitated.
    What I am glad of is that this “slacker unemployable labor hack blogger” who took time out from his employment to attend the Royal Commission has uncovered enough evidence to see the latest darling of the right unable to explain herself at a Royal Commission for figures higher than Williamson is currently in jail for.
    Soon they will dump her like they have James Ashby.

  10. Fred whoever, time for your afternoon nap.

  11. “This is not a union newsletter” funny your post on December 20, 2012 seems to read a lot like one, of the dirty deeds of the then number one branch leadership especially in regards to their elections, cards on the table time peter you call your site wixxyleaks but perhaps it’s more a more appropriate name for your page would be news of the wixx because much like the now defunct Murdoch paper news of the world, the “facts” on here seem pretty cherry picked and used to sell one man’s agenda It’s funny you won’t trash asmar because she is connected to bill, and I have a sneaking suspicion you one day want to go for preselection for a labor seat again and don’t want to put the big cheese off side by bagging his cohorts. Blowing the whistle on anything that blows? Pff for someone that claims to be independent and unbias you appear to serve many masters.

  12. Geez Fred, didn’t they teach you how to read at school

    I campaigned hard against Bill in the leadership election, and wrote several pieces on it.

    I have never claimed to be independent or unbiased.

    Perhaps you should read what I write before jumping to wild conclusions and then criticising what you know nothing of.

    I have been asked to put my hand up for pre-selection in the past but have absolutely no interest in doing it in the future and the nature of many of my posts has ensured I won’t be asked again.

    Anyway Kylee, if you wish to discuss this with me you have had several chances when you have rang and emailed pretending to be someone else. if you wanted to chat you could have done so last week instead of just swearing like a banshee at me in the lift.

    No need to pretend who you are, my cards are on the table along with my real name and picture, they always have been, pity I can’t say the same for you and your gutless lot.

  13. Fred..or is is alias Bridget again????? Not a fan of yours Peter but she certainly keeps reading you work! Gotta say it doesn’t really matter who writes what and for whom..Jackson certainly dropped Bolano in it this week I thought. And we all now knows what happens to those closest to her when the heat is on..suddenly she blames them.. Wine with my work buddies on Thursday night and we all agreed that Jackson will drop Bolano in it soon and use him as the scapegoat. If I were him I’d be taking cover. Keep your friends close and ya enemies at the bar!

  14. Then why does your work appear on independent Australia peter? Funny place to have your work if you never claimed to be independent… Also begs the question that if Jackson is bolano’s string puller who’s pulling yours, I also find it interesting you call him and his ilk bully’s yet you have written articles dragging Kathy Jackson’s school aged children into things now Kathy is a thief and a fraud but some might say bringing a person’s kids into your own little political bitch fight is taking the phrase suffer the little children a bit too literally and could amount to that of bully boy tactics, oh and I’m not kylee so perhaps your not as smart as you make yourself out to be to your little balmain leftie circle jerk that you call your following, Im just a realist with no agenda to hide unlike your self sunshine. Ps how many Hsu members to think actually read your self indulgent drivel.

  15. Also I think the poster above my last post proved my last point “wine with my work buddies” sounds like a sure fire hospital shit kicker Hsu member for sure, ward cleaner or patient attendant do you think? Ha bunch of flogs.

  16. Peter you are to be commended for even allowing the likes of a troll such as Fred, hasn’t got the guts to use his name, Nurke post his/her bile. There type is of no consequence.

  17. Oh someone has their nickers in a knot. Fred you clearly are very upset that Jackson and Bolano have been ousted. But the difference is I don;t have to attack on you to get my point across as you have here with Peter. It sounds very much like sour grapes and you are a bit closer to them thank you would admit. None the less I am not a HSU member or official. But I am a psychic so pour yourself another wine muffin. And forget the thought of going after Peter and the others as I will see you coming first.

  18. I write for Independent Australia but don’t own it, they can call themselves whatever they like.

    Maybe you should look up Independent in the dictionary one day, or do you expect to find an independent MP behind the counter every time you go to an independent bottle shop of grocery store?

    I pull my own strings, it really annoys you lot that you can’t find a hidden agenda with me doesn’t it? Someone who will stick their neck out for the members without seeking some sort of reward is beyond the comprehension of your lot, and yet I’m not a union official…

    Kathy dragged her children into this mess by using members money to pay for their child care, funny you think that should she should get away with that. Some may say that exposing what seems like theft in that regards is indeed bully boy tactics, however I hope my readership demographic has a higher IQ than that, but in your case an exception will have to be made.

    As for you agenda with nothing to hide, your real name would be a fantastic start.

    By the way enough members read my self indulgent drivel to have voted the vast majority of the Jackson faction out on their arses.

  19. Peter, it is time to put the big banned click on this pathetic gutless troll Fred. The one with no spine to use his parental given name. Perhaps he no spine is too ashamed to use it, makes sense. Noone would want to own a troll such as that excuse for a sensible stable contributor.
    Obviously Fred whoever would be quite at home on the blogs of Bolt and Akerman. What a pathetic excuse for an honest human being. Like dog dung on ones shoe, Fred no name should be discarded to the trash bin.

  20. Interesting to know who the police in Vic are who have been keeping Jackson/Bolano informed, might explain why no charges have been laid against her. Wonder how Vic police might react if there is a change in govt later this year

  21. I don’t know who you are Fred, but I know what you are. A coward!!

  22. “Bolano is reportedly unemployed at present however allegedly earns a tidy income of approximately $2,000 a week via QBE Insurance in workers compensation for being completely incapacitated by stress”
    OMG – if QBE thinks this Bolano character deserves a whopping $2000 a week, then haven’t they been completely fooled. I think it’s time QBE re-asses him. ‘completely incapacitated’??????? pull the other leg – what tricks did he use to fool QBE?

  23. You can’t treat the working man this way! One day we’ll form a union and get the fair and equitable treatment we deserve! Then we’ll go too far and get corrupt and shiftless, and the Japanese will eat us alive!

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