The RSPCA Victoria yesterday raided two properties and seized approximately 120 dogs in shocking physical and emotional states.

The investigation and raid were carried out by the RSPCA’s new Special Investigations Unit, and is certainly a sign that the formation of this unit was a necessity.

The Special Investigations Unit of the RSPCA was set up after the Daniel Andrews Labor government provided the funding to set the unit up and keep it funded for four years, and some congratulations must be extended to Premier Daniel Andrews and Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford for their foresight and determination. Both Jaala Pulford and Daniel Andrews have made a commitment to shut down puppy factories in Victoria and these raids and seizures are a sign that the Labor government is more than just hot air and empty promises and slogans.

While many have been shocked and appalled at the target of these raids, regular readers here will not be surprised to hear that at least one of the properties raided was a breeder registered with Dogs Victoria.

Dogs Victoria used to be the organisation associated with reputable and humane breeders, however that is a reputation that has been tarnished beyond recognition.

Dogs Victoria have allowed their government granted ability to self-regulate to become their means to self-destruct.

One of the dogs seized by RSPCA - Another proud day for Dogs Victoria Image - RSPCA

One of the dogs seized by RSPCA – Another proud day for Dogs Victoria
Image – RSPCA

Recently we have seen Dogs Victoria refuse to take any disciplinary action on Simone Dines and SIMMICOR KENNEL for her part in leaving dogs chained up in bushland for months with putrid water, and no human interaction even when food was dumped in their bowls. Dogs Victoria seemingly putting membership fees and upcoming registration fees ahead of any animal welfare concerns.

This of course is not the first time Dogs Victoria have backed the abuser over the abused. As I have exposed previously Dogs Victoria have made a lot of money off the back of the puppy factories cruel practices.

So how much money are we talking about?

In Dogs Victoria’s recently released annual report they raked in $883,184 from memberships and breeders prefixes, and another $580,540 from puppy registrations.

Where some hear the cries of suffering dogs in puppy factories, the executives at Dogs Victoria seemingly just hear Ker-Ching, Ker-Ching.

One of the properties raided was the property of proud Dogs Victoria member Heather Healey. However Heather Healey was no ordinary member.

It has been alleged that Healey was suspended in 2010 for breach of regulations however it was overturned on appeal. You would think that would mean she would be kept an eye on by a competent self-regulating industry body, however as yesterday’s raid proves the word competent has no relevance when talking about Dogs Victoria’s ability to self-regulate.

Some would query that perhaps Healey was turned a blind eye to because of the rivers of cash she brings into Dog’s Victoria

Heather Healey runs shows and other events for Dogs Victoria. Healey is the Secretary for the following Societies and Clubs running events for Dogs Victoria

  • Cobram Agricultural Society
  • Euroa Agricultural and Pastoral Society
  • Euroa Kennel Club

Dogs Victoria last year raked in $218,489 from its shows and events.

Heather Healey is also President of the Chihuahua Club of Victoria. The Chihuahua Club is of course made up of Chihuahua breeders most of whom would be Dogs Victoria members. One such breeder is Tonichi who were reported to Dogs Victoria over 12 months ago with no action taken whatsoever as yet. Oscars Law have been told that the matter is “under investigation”. Clearly self-regulation is a slow-moving beast.

We will wait to see what Dogs Victoria deem is appropriate disciplinary action for Healey although based on recent events we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Dogs Victoria member and puppy factory operator Kerrie Fitzpatrick was last year disciplined by Dogs Victoria. She was

“suspended until complies with management committee request”

The rule she was temporarily suspended under relates to her failing to respond in writing to a request within 14 days. Wixxyleaks is unaware what the nature of that request was, however it came at the same time Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to 68 charges relating to animal cruelty and the running of an illegal puppy factory, something for which she was fined $40K.

The Fitzpatrick factory Image - Oscars Law

The Fitzpatrick factory

68 charges related to animal cruelty rates a temporary suspension from Dogs Victoria? You wonder what one has to do to be deregistered.

In the meantime, with so many dogs seized from Heather Healey that need veterinary treatment there is going to be a huge cost involved. One would hope that given Dogs Victoria made so much money off these pooches and their abuse that they might dip into their coffers and cough up for the vet bills.

It would be the least they could do.

35 thoughts on “Somebody Has To Pay- Dogs Victoria Puppy Factories raided in Victoria

  1. disgusting they should get the same treatment given to them that they gave these poor dogs, this heather lady should be jailed and the key thrown away

  2. Where was the property owned by Kerrie Fitzpatrick??

  3. I read about these appalling places all the time! There needs to be Australia wide legislation on all Animal breeding, and perhaps a moratorium on ALL dog breeding until every dog is homed and the pounds are empty!

  4. Name and shame them. Strike off all positions. Legal proceedings (let’s hope the judge is an animal lover) bitch needs a smack in the mouth.

  5. Absolutely disgusting!! Heather Healey or anyone related to her should never be allowed to own another animal and the vet bills should be paid for by her. Come on Dogs Victoria, do your job!!!

  6. Dogs Victoria have failed in their duty of care for hundreds of dogs. Failed to the extent that hundreds of dogs have suffered, some for all their lives, because Dogs Victoria did not do their job. Obviously the only conclusion you can come to is that money comes before the well being of the animals they should protect. They now need to pay the cost of giving the necessary care, both physical and mental for these rescued dogs. I am thankful some dogs, at least, have been rescued.

  7. Every cent these cowards have made via cruelty needs to pay vet bills and rehoming the dogs.
    Don’t let them hide behind any organisation name and shame and ban them from owning/breeding dogs or any other animals for life.
    Impose heavier fines… the only thing that these people understand in money..hit them hard where it hurts.

  8. I always thought reputable breeders could be trusted to keep their dogs in great condition with excellent housing. It seems I was wrong. She should absolutely have to pay for the vet bills & the RSPCA costs.

  9. This makes me so angry. Poor defenceless animals being treated so cruelly. When are these people going to be punished properly. These people need to be exposed properly and never be allowed to own animals or anywhere near them. Come on we as a Nation must be able to do better for our canine companions. Let’s get together and get tough with these offenders. ,!!!

  10. Disgraceful. The owner should be in prison with a hefty sentence and an investigation into Dogs Victoria and all their members who should be responsible for all vet costs associated with treating the dogs, boarding costs while the dogs are awaiting re-homing and pay all legal costs incurred.

  11. You cruel heartless bitch Heather Healey, I can only but hope that you will pay and pay big not only paying vets bills and the RSPCA but you need some time behind bars girl you truly deserve it.

  12. Dogs Victoria should be investigated immediately. I am sure a look at their “disciplinary” action files would reveal a lot of members in breach of all sorts of breaches without any repercussions. The end result is more dollars in the Dogs Victoria bank for litters of puppies and more suffering for dogs.

  13. Mary Johnson . .. DITTO, DITTO, DITTO! Strong action is required – NOW!

  14. I couldn’t agree more with Alison Rolston, Heather Healey should be made to pay all costs associated with the care & vet costs rehoming these poor merciless animals and include in the the prison sentence the corrupt and usleless humans involved in this at Dogs Victoria as well as closing them down. Do what they did with the Geelong Council sack the lot of them, but expose them beforehand!! My blood is boiling there are too many evil and greedy humans around what hope is there for poor animals?

  15. Please share, this is disgraceful, a Dogs Victoria Member, I think I will stop my subscription, Pay up Dogs Victoria and ban the person from ever having a dog again and never be allowed into Dogs Victoria.

  16. Can l help y giving one of the doggies a forever loving home, extremely interested.

  17. Iwonder if “Dogs Victoria” should be completely closed down and all monies in bank accounts used for the vet bills. Obiviously Dogs Victoria dont have a charter or completely ignore the ethics. Anecdotal evidence proves that this is’nt a one incident.

  18. Dogs Victoria has shown to be a Scam Organisation that needs to be dissolved.

  19. Both of my dogs have come from Dogs Victoria registered breeders, both of whom were totally caring and responsible breeders, both of whom have become great friends. Obviously there are failings at the top of the ladder for these atrocities to happen but please do not tar all breeders with the same brush. Also remember Dogs Victoria also oversee obedience, agility, and other activities that by there nature involve super fit and well bred and healthy dogs.

  20. You are right, Annie. Its a pity all aren’t looking at the balanced view of yours. There are always a few rotten apples in every barrel. I guess for all those out there tarnishing all breeders with the same brush as H Healey and THE NIEGHBOUR whom every one has forgotten (or weren’t they dogs VIC registered so no target). yOu all need to remember that no matter what you do in life your work or hobby or life will have someone in that same field that is an arsehole so does that mean you should be branded the same?

  21. Annie and Anita, it is people like you who can make a real difference from INSIDE your organisation. Demand change. Stop paying contributions. Stop buying dogs from their breeders. Demand they get rid of these ‘bad apples’. Demand they enforce guidelines prohibiting cruel practices. Set up your own ethical organisation and BECOME the peak body. Make no mistake; YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM and you can’t hide behind passive breeders and you can’t escape being tarred by your colleagues’ repulsive behaviour. Take action!

  22. I am not tarnishing all breeders Anita and I am not putting them into one category and that is a childish assumption to make. In fact it is more your comments that put all breeders in the one category as you want to defend them on mass.

    WhatI am doing is saying the authority whose duty it is to police their own codes of conduct should actually do it’s job.

    Dogs Victoria have failed time and time again to do so and I note its compliance officer has taken to abusing people via email.

    I have only singled out puppy factories under the Dogs Vic umbrella. It is those holding the umbrella and those sharing it that have put you all in the one category, not me, and not any of those concerned with the welfare of the dogs.

    Perhaps if half as much effort went into enforcing regulations as went into buck passing we wouldn’t have the problem

  23. Anita the neighbour was also registered with Dogs Victoria, Diane Knight, Knightbrook Kennels. Diane is the one that all Heathers friends are pointing the finger at, I guess they have to throw some one under the bus to save themselves. The DV compliance officer at the time wanted to go to the properties and investigate the complaints, DV told him not to go to the property and to conduct the investigation ‘over the phone’. When Heathers suspension was overturned in 2010, DV allowed her to go on breeding dogs with no checks in place at all. When DV received a complaint with photos in February this year regarding Heather Healey, they didn’t even respond to the complainant.
    Dogs Victoria have proved over and over again that they can no longer self regulate. The board needs to resign, the government needs to withdraw exemption status.

  24. Well said Peter, most registered breeders are trying to bring about change at DV. There are some really good breeders within the organisation that are fed up with the lack of action at DV. Then theres some breeders who would rather spend time shooting the messenger and go into damage control, they want to silence people, bully, ridicule and deflect attention. Thankyou for writing this article and thankyou for not being silent on things that matter ! Dogs Victoria #PayTheBills

  25. We the dog owners care and we can make a big difference.
    Currently wherever you buy a dog from you are pretty much buying blind.
    There really no way to tell if your new dog is in-bred, likely to cost thousands at the vet, or has been taken care of appropriately.

    We should demand to know more.
    Here is the plan.
    We the consumer must demand a series of at least four birth photos all taken within 24 hours of birth.
    One taken about one metre away showing mother and the whole litter.
    One taken a bit farther away showing the enclosure – area of residence of mother and litter.
    One taken just inside the door of the shed or building showing the context of the enclosure within the building.
    One taken outside the shed or building showing its size.

    Demand to met both the mother and father of your new puppy. Observe them without a fence or other barrier.
    Demand a daylight photo of the mother and father.

    While such photos could be faked. Fakes are usually quite easy to spot. Also producing fakes means that more laws have been broken.

    Consumer pressure is a very strong force. Even if only 30% of dog buyers act responsibly this seriously effects the customer base.
    Most business of any nature could not survive losing 30% of their customers.

    The more detailed proposal is as follows.
    All pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, ferrets, everything
    Should be microchipped before sale.
    Laws should be introduced which impose extreme penalties for selling a pet without a microchip. Yes Victoria already has some laws, but all pets need to be covered and the penalties must be severe enough to cause breeders to close shop permanently.

    The chip as you know allows the fate of the animal to be traced throughout life, what the proposal really is is a new way to use the information.
    As all pets are chipped then all breeders can have a record of their success in finding good homes and long and healthy lives.
    All pet sellers will have three scores.
    1/. pound visits per animal sold
    2/. average cost at the vet per animal over its lifespan
    3/. average lifespan
    The scores can work in a similar way to seller’s scores on ebay.
    Consumer pressure will progressively push change so that animals have a better lot in life.

    The scores can exist on an independent website not necessarily so different from the ‘my school’ website, only I believe this one can achieve much more
    of a positive profile obviously.

    Every time an animal is bred there is a new chip. A new record of each animal is generated by request of the breeder. Enforcement of this is simple
    as an unregistered chip would be picked up at the vets, or dog school, or pony club, or a number of other places.
    Each animal record sits on the website in the record of each breeder.

    How the scores are compiled.
    1/. Councils and other administrators of animal shelters can be authorised to keep the records for pound visits up to date.
    2/. Vets scan every patient and add to the score. This is a small administration cost to add to the cost of each vets bill. However,
    pet ownership costs can decrease over time because those who breed healthier pets will be favoured.
    3/. Vets can compile data for lifespan, or in the case of a home death the lifespan could be verified by council pound officers or similar people by reading the chip.

    This system does involve some law changes and administration. However the work required is small and the changes to freedom is very little. The change
    for better animal welfare is driven almost completely by consumer pressure.

    The most important thing to this system is that it must cover every breeder, every pet shop, absolutely everywhere pets are sold. This way the financial
    incentive of better sales can provide better animal welfare.

    Our treatment of animals is a disgrace. The shelters are overcrowded and very much underfunded. Even breeders who are seen as respectable are breeding
    animals guaranteed to experience much pain and very high vet bills.

    I am in favour of Oscar’s law and would like to see many reforms for better animal welfare. I believe the above proposal is a good start.
    I believe it can work in a simple way and be a very popular proposal. Efforts like this could make the new year much better for all.

    We need to do much much better for the animals that give us so much joy, health and accomplishment.

  26. If the laws are not strong enough to bring about change, INTRODUCE NEW ONES. simple as that.

  27. Richard you make a lot of sense with your comments. I’m very much in favour of Oscar’s Law and they have done a lot of positive things for the protection of dogs. People may not know but there is also an Animal Justice party which advocates for the protection of all animals, worth having a look at.

  28. Richard Saunders it is very sad that owning a pet would have to come to the proposal you have suggested, however because of the unbelievably high incidence of animal abuse because of the incredible amount of money to be made from dogs and puppies your proposal makes sense.
    This still does not make it right for puppies/kittens to be sold in pet shops. Baby animals do not belong in glass cubicles in shopping centres. They go to pet shops far too young and miss out on important socialisation and if not sold end up at the RSPCA.
    Dogs Victoria have lost all credibility. Time after time their rogue members get caught out. Who could forget the disgusting Calstead Collies. The owners were proud Dogs Victoria members for 25 years. They had impecibly groomed Collies photographed on their website, Show dogs, yet their breeding facility was a disgusting squalid hell hole where the owner constantly abused the dogs.
    Even if most Dogs Vic members are model breeders it doesn’t justify ignoring the ones that are breaking the code of ethics, abusing animals and running puppy farms.
    Dogs Victoria if they are your members, it’s your duty of care.

  29. Unfortunately one of the AJP policies is to completely strip the RSPCA of their powers, this I am dead against.

    We are all for an independent office of animal welfare which is also the policy of the Labor Party as well as the Greens. However it is my humble opinion that the RSPCA need more powers not no power at all.

    I also struggle with a minor Party that chooses to preference the Liberal Party in a marginal seat, as the AJP have done in La Trobe.

    Why would any party supposedly based around animal welfare preference the party of Ag-Gag and the party that supports puppy factories and their lobby groups?

    They may think Barnaby Joyce is the best person to look after animal welfare in Australia, I don’t

  30. should be locked up for a while ,people get away with horrible crimes towards animals should be treated like any pother crime

  31. Well I am heartbroken to see what has happened to all those beautiful canines.
    Heather Healey will have to face charges of animal abuse, animal neglect, animal indangerment, animal cruelty, not providing shelter, food, water and veterinary care that is some of what heather may face in court.
    I have no compassion for the bitch and wish for her a horrible sentence and that she has to wear a T shirt for years saying I am a animal abuser and hold up poster pictures of what she did to those animals.
    So the community can see who he really is, the rest she can do community services cleaning toilets and serve time in jail.
    Never to own a living or deceased mammal.

  32. No matter what it is there will aways a small few who cause everyone to be lumped into the same box,they are very small minority and should be never allowed to own another dog ever.most breeders do the right thing with much love and care.

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