Some have described it as a train wreck in slow motion, some have described it as an utter disgrace, and others have seen it coming in the distance for a long time, whatever your thoughts the impact on the Liberal Party has been catastrophic.

I am speaking of course of the ongoing Independent Commission Against Corruption hearings that seem to claim more Liberal and National Party victims every week.

With so many Ministers, MP’s and even a Premier being forced to either step down or resign you would assume that the Party would take care when it came to appointing a new NSW Premier.

However that would be forgetting that this is the Liberal Party we are talking about.

Former Premier Barry O’Farrell resigned from the top job after misleading ICAC regarding his relationship with Nick Di Girolamo. This is a relationship that Mr O’Farrell had also been accused of misleading Parliament on several times.

Nick Di Girolamo, the man with the final straw

Nick Di Girolamo, apparently Australia’s most forgettable man

After an agreement between Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian was reached, infuriating some of the factional players within the Liberal and National Parties, Mike Baird became Premier and in true Coalition style, the female runner, Berejiklian got to keep her job and nothing more.

No Deputy Premier role for Gladys because as Andrew Stoner is a member of the National Party he lands the Deputy role. Party politics wins out over credentials every time it seems.

This week in NSW Parliament the new Premier Mike Baird failed in Parliament to explain some donations to his campaign after he was grilled by the opposition.

This is exactly the type of thing that ICAC has been flushing out and exposing, and precisely what has seen many in his own Party resign over.

It is often known as electoral fraud.

Amongst those things Baird has failed or refused to explain were a donation that breached the electoral funding cap and comes from companies associated with Roger Massy-Greene.

This is significant because Mr Baird then awarded Roger Massy-Greene a lucrative consulting contract and he was also appointed to a Government board.

Something that is clearly not “above board”.

Documents from the Liberal Party have revealed that Mike Baird’s campaign received a donation of $5,000 on March 9, 2011 in breach of the state campaign cap from Eureka Capital Partners which is a company owned by Roger Massy-Greene.

Records have also revealed that on the same day Mr Baird received a further $5,000 from Duvose Pty Ltd which is also owned by Roger Massy-Greene.

Clearly Roger Massy-Greene was eager for his consulting contract and board appointment.

Jobs for the boys is what eventually cost disgraced NSW Finance Minister Greg Pearce his position as a Minister. Barry O’Farrell stood by Mr Pearce after he was drunk on the job and had to be virtually carried out of Parliament House, however the “jobs for the boys” scandal shortly after was considered to be unforgivable behaviour and he was sacked.

Mike Baird retaining his Premiership would show that he has less integrity than a drunken former Minister, and less honour than a disgraced former Premier who was guilty of misleading both parliament and ICAC.

The roles in which Mike Baird awarded his generous donor/financier Mr Massy-Greene were a $150,000 consulting contract for a measly three months’ work and an appointment as Chairman of Networks NSW. But not before Baird was kind enough to double the Networks NSW position’s salary to $200,000.

It’s nice to have friends in high places I guess.

Mike "What donations?" Baird

Mike “What donations?” Baird

In Parliament, the Labor Party also questioned why Mike Baird had failed to declare a single donation in his electoral return for the past seven years. It was as if he had received none at all.

The records paint a different picture to Mr Baird however showing 43 different donors have declared more than $170,000 worth of donations to his campaign.

Records can be seen via the below link.

Mike Baird Donations

The man who lost a billion dollars of taxpayers money must consider $170,000 running on empty based on his declarations, as he failed to find it worthy of declaring at all.

If Mike Baird holds himself to the same standards that he seems to hold everyone else to, he will do the decent thing and resign from the Premiers position.

I use the word decent as if Baird resigns as many are calling for we can expect to hear the word “honourable” touted about a lot, as we did with Barry O’Farrell.

I want to state clearly that I do not see anything honourable in misleading parliament and deceiving ICAC. Nor do I see anything honourable in not declaring vast donations and using taxpayer funds to employ those who have donated to your election campaign.

I also see nothing honourable about resigning after you have been caught out and exposed.

The Liberal Party clearly have a different definition of the word honourable to me.

If Mike Baird heeds the chorus of calls for his resignation, and frankly I can’t see other option if he wishes to retain any kind of dignity at all, he will become the shortest term Premier in Australia’s history. Sworn in on the 17rd April 2014, Baird has been Premier for the grand total of 22 days now. Not even one month.

I’ve had longer long weekends.

If Mike Baird doesn’t resign the people of NSW will know that they have a Premier and a State Government that not only accepts corruption, but embraces it.

The people of NSW deserve better, but unfortunately given the revelations coming out of ICAC I fear there will be nobody left on the Coalition front bench at all.

Given the way they have been behaving that’s probably a good thing.

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13 thoughts on “Running On Empty – Calls for NSW Premier Mike Baird to resign, already…

  1. Many thanks, Peter.

    The Liberals appear to have absolutely no concept of what is right & what is wrong, or even care, which is how a psychopath functions. As this seems to be the widespread norm in the world of Liberal has to wonder at their mindset. Their supporters, barrackers & enablers don’t appear to be bothered by this suspect behaviour & continue to make all type of excuses for their scandalous activities. Just wired up differently, I guess.

    Hope ICAC catches up with them all ASAP. Obeid & MacDonald arww starting to look like amateurs.

  2. I believe that the LNP at state and federal levels are nothing more than the political front of a criminal organisation whose aim is to steal the ‘common wealth’ for themselves!

  3. They are like the Republicans in the US, except the Australian people have less patience for apathy.

  4. Fascinating that the political party which argues it has God on it’s side is the one which seems to have no moral compass. The Liberal Party has turned hypocrisy into an art form. I hope desperately that the details of Mr Abbott’s Warringah Club are revealed in all their glory. This gives evidence to the fact yet again that the Liberals believe they have a divine right to rule and will do anything to get into government.

  5. Did someone just say “Psychopath”?… read “Neo-conservative”. One world government will require that Countries have similar governing ideologies in place. Just like we emulate American culture and fashion, our elitist ‘leaders’ look at the American conservative elite with envious eyes and become even more infected with “the self”….. the whole system must change from the ground up…. see: Iceland.

  6. this is hardly news – in 2007 he set a record for the amount spent in an election -maybe his god told him to?

  7. Mike Baird & Nick DiGirolamo duo cover racing up the charts….

    – Unforgettable, that’s what you are
    Unforgettable though near or far
    Like a song of love that clings to me
    How the thought of you does things to me
    Never before has someone been more

    Unforgettable in every way
    And forever more, that’s how you’ll stay
    That’s why, darling, it’s incredible
    That someone so unforgettable
    Thinks that I am unforgettable too

    Unforgettable in every way
    And forever more, that’s how you’ll stay
    That’s why, darling, it’s incredible
    That someone so unforgettable
    Thinks that I am unforgettable too

  8. Criminal Organization????? whisper it or Newman’s gestapo will be there with a Vlad handbook under their arms and then NSW will be in trouble the state will never be safe again….

  9. Despite all the jokes about Apple Maps The Liberal party does have a moral compass! its the one the navy use every time they seem to get confused about where they “on the water’ near Indonesia and probably the one Arthur Sinodinos used to drive to AWH meetings when he said yes, he only worked 23 hours for his $200,000.00, but that didn’t include travel time. That liberal Moral Compass takes them some pretty weird routes, Why does this crap have to be real? The liberals shouldn’t be catagorised as news on Iview they should be catagorised as Comedy. the country is being destroyed by a programming error. Please ask the abc to correct it.

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