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Those familiar with shock-jocks and paid opinions will have heard of “cash for comment”.

Today’s version of cash for comment can be seen nightly on Channel 9’s ACA.

ACA will run a story on a supermarket war, or an angry neighbour story and have a paid comment from a shock-jock who is totally irrelevant to the story, complete with the all-important and highly irrelevant wall of station adverts behind them.

ACA has pretty much turned itself into an advertisement for radio stations and supermarkets these days. Someone with the credibility and likability of Tracey Grimshaw must cringe every time one of these shock-jocks faces appears.

The point of these shock-jocks appearing, aside from advertising purposes, is to apparently give a “man on the street” opinion or perspective to the story. These highly paid prophets of questionable wisdom have about as much in common with the “man on the street” as Malcolm Turnbull.

Last night’s episode was no different with three shock-jocks appearing in separate stories.

One of these stories featured 2GB’s Ray Hadley.

My views on Hadley are well documented. But it’s not just me and the free-thinking world that think he’s a complete and utter arse apparently, with a prominent member of his own family reportedly deeming him not necessary for their recent wedding. I guess they say you can choose your friends but…

Hadley keen to condemn perverts, unless he works with them... Image - Google

Hadley is keen to condemn perverts, unless he works with them…
Image – Google

However, on last night’s episode of ACA I found myself in rare agreement with Hadley, despite his opinion being irrelevant to the story.

The story was about a serial flasher and basic public pervert who got his thrills exposing himself to anyone who crossed his path, including children, and fiddling with his pathetic todger while eying off females and kids in a waiting room.

Hadley was keen to point out that those who choose to expose themselves in public for sexual gratification are utter grubs. I completely agree. Hadley reckoned he had some mates who would “Shove this fella’s head up his own arse” if they could get their hands on him.

It was clear that Hadley has no time for perverts and flashers and thinks they are amongst the lowest forms of life crawling on the planet. Particularly those who are repeat offenders.

Hats off to Hadley for his ability to state the obvious.

Next up was a story about a police officer taking revenue raising to new levels with speeding fines to non-existent drivers, and lo and behold on came another shock jock.

Lo and behold, it was one of Hadley’s work colleagues and the shock-jock whose show follows Hadley’s on-air, Chris Smith.

What is disturbingly ironic however is that this colleague of Hadley’s is also a repeat offending pervert. Virtually every adjective and description used by Hadley to describe the pervert he was speaking about could also be used to describe his work-mate Chris Smith.

Smith is of course only back at the microphone after 2GB took him back after he was suspended for groping a female member of staff in what some call an unfortunate incident, and others call a sexual assault. Smith was quick to jump in with the drunk excuse (like that excuses anything) but finally settled on the bi-polar defence, whether it is true, or as many suspect, not.

However is was not just one member of staff, Smith sexually harassed and made offensive remarks to four female members of staff that day. This led to an exodus of staff from the station. This gives the appearance that 2GB is more of a boys-club than a reputable employer given the lack of respect for female victims.

This was not the first time Smith had been in trouble, by his own admission this had happened

“a few times over the last decade”

Just the type of person you need to provide moral commentary on a current affairs programme…

Chris "oh, my fly's undone" Smith  Image - Fairfax

Chris “ooops my fly’s undone” Smith
Image – Fairfax

In fact, Smith had major issues when he was chief of staff at ACA for Channel 9, the very show that now airs his opinions as if he has some kind of moral superiority.

At a function at Channel 9 Smith once again got on the booze and decided it was appropriate to expose himself to several less-than-impressed women.

Smith was also alleged to have groped the breasts of a female reporter at yet another boozy function he attended, making it yet another alleged sexual assault for our moral crusader.

ACA producers would be all too aware of Smiths history of sexual harassment, alleged sexual assaults, and penchant for pulling out his pathetic prick at parties, yet even with that knowledge they appear to think he is someone whose opinions are of importance.

Given their comparable histories, maybe that’s why ACA were chasing pervert Mr Danwar. It could be they were hoping he’d give moral guidance on their show cheaper than Chris Smith.

Whatever ACA are being paid by 2GB to air Smith it is not worth it. Cash for comment is one thing, but cash for the shows integrity should be another.

At least you’d hope so.
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3 thoughts on “Public Pervert – ACA Exposes One Pervert And Promotes Another

  1. first, can i reply to Jim’s post above about our dear AJ … taken from this post

    … Bob was capable of spewing forth views that would cause a shock-jock to redden with embarrassment. You know, the sort of embarrassment that one would feel and display if for example, one was caught in a bit of a compromising position in a block of public toilets … in a foreign country … engaging in a little phantasy role play with another gent … not that there is anything wrong with being caught at that (each to his own … when it comes to activities between consenting adults, whatever floats your boat is all good so far as I am concerned). However, if you were the sort of person who regularly publicly passed judgement – and harsh judgement at that – on your fellow global citizens … and if you were the sort of person that would share almost every view with the Nazis – except that you prefer blokes (and it’s sort of a secret) – then there would conceivably be a little embarrassment if you were caught, as they say, with your pants down (literally and metaphorically) and your dick in some guys mouth … and you haven’t even exchanged names …

    Note: After careful consideration of the facts, I believe that I erred above when I said shock-jocks might blush – I apologise unreservedly for this statement. I no longer believe it to be true.

  2. … however on the post today i have a couple of points with which i disagree -may i …?

    OK, so these people who are serial flashers, gropers etc … are actually suffering from a mental illness and deserve our concern, care and assistance with their condition. i’m not sure that complete and utter damnation and (what was suggested … ? … shoving their head up their own arse or some such treatment) is a particularly compassionate or helpful solution (i concede it might assist those frustrated with such poor behaviour, but i have serious doubts whether it fits into any justifiable treatment for what is – i believe – a serious psychological condition …a nd no my fellow armchair experts, i am not qualified … but i’m betting people who are qualified do agree with me – i do have a family member how is a Dr. of Psychology).

    … chances are, anyone conducting themselves so inappropriately as this was the victim of abuse as a child and therefore deserves consideration, support and treatment similar to that of your ex-altar boy who is now a heroin addict (and more alter than altar) thanks to our arse-worshipping and arse-covering clergy. you wouldn’t suggest the same treatment of these people (well, not any more … a couple of years ago half of you would have said they are good-for-nothing drug addicts and deserve to live on the street … now that y’all can see the reason for their condition, there sneaks in a little compassion … do the math people – these ‘perverts’ are most probably victims).
    i’m not saying that groping colleagues is appropriate or right … but i suggest that your Mr Smith and the ACA subject have serious mental conditions and that perpetrating additional violence against these already compromised individuals will do more harm than good (to everyone).

    you dont have to be Einstein (or Jung) to spot mental health issues … and there is no shortage of them in our communities (thanks to our previous generations being subjected to their own horrible abuse).
    it takes courage to see past the brainwashing and us Vs them mentality promoted by the main$tream media. you dont have to be a Vatican Cardinal to open your heart and be a decent upstanding,loving human being (hmmm, maybe a Vatican Cardinal is the wrong example) … ok, you dont have to be Jesus Christ to do the right thing … and i’m not suggesting that we ignore and allow (even sanction) these poor actions … just make a choice to look at the source of the unacceptable behaviour an deal with the mentally ill with compassion and support … threats of violence have never worked and never will.

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