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Just over a week ago I wrote an article titled “True Believers” about the Institutional Response To Sexual Abuse Royal Commission and the Liberal Party’s response to sexual abuse and clergy paedophiles.

This week we have learnt of a year-long investigation into Cardinal George Pell concerning allegations that he was directly involved in the sexual abuse of multiple children.

Alleged paedophile Pell, who was recently in fine health and fit to fly to Rome to take up his high-ranking position in the Vatican, then back to Australia once again for an Inquiry and now with the Royal Commission beckoning and a year-long investigation hanging over his head he’s suddenly seemingly shopped around for a doctor who will declare him unfit to fly.

Say what you like about me, at least I get to wear this hat...

Say what you like about me, at least I get to wear this hat…

The multiple children that he has to answer for were unfit to be abused, as are all the victims of clergy abuse. They have endured decades of mental torment and trauma, but asking Pell to sit in first class for a few hours is clearly asking too much of this old prick. Suffer little children apparently.

However one thing the accused paedophile Pell was able to summon the strength for was a “lavish lunch” with Attorney General George Brandis.

George Brandis was on a taxpayer-funded trip to Italy when the urge to drop in and see Pell became so overwhelming that he forgot to mention it anywhere in his official records related to the trip.

The secret lunch raises many questions now that it has been exposed. Questions such as

  • How could the Attorney General as the person in charge of the Royal Commission think it was in any way appropriate to secretly meet with one of the Commissions key witnesses and certainly the highest profile witness?
  • Given Brandis now claims this meeting was not government business, did the taxpayer bear any of the expense?
  • As the Australia’s highest ranking officer of the law was Brandis aware of the Victoria Police investigation and the allegations against Pell?
  • Were any of these allegations discussed over lunch along with the likelihood of them being raised at the Royal Commission?
  • Did George Brandis offer up a legal opinion that suggested Pell may be better to not return to Australia?

These are just a few

George Brandis has been defying a court order to release his parliamentary diary after a Freedom Of Information request by the Shadow Attorney General was upheld by Court.

Never mind my diary, look over there,...shiny object....

Never mind my diary, look over there,…shiny object….

Perhaps these recent revelations regarding Pell are an indication as to why Brandis refuses to release the diary as they could include details of the “lavish lunch” with the alleged paedophile Cardinal hiding out in the Vatican.

As I detailed in my earlier article the Liberal Party have a long and not so proud tradition of sticking up for the paedophile priest and protecting the church from persecution. If what many suspect is true then this could be the most disturbing case of the Liberal Party protecting an alleged child abuser yet.

George Brandis thinks we should show some respect for his dining companion Pell, saying that his attacking his choice to appear via videolink is  attacking the Royal Commission. Brandis stated;

“I think, frankly, the royal commission … should be ­respected by everyone,”

Although when it comes to respecting the Commission by showing up he gives Pell a free pass.

The last time Pell appeared on video in a major way was on the below 60 Minutes interview, an interview which cemented his position as one of the great liars of the century.

If Cardinal Pell wished to clear his name and prove his innocence one would think he’d be moving mountains to be on the first plane back here to do so.

If George Brandis wanted to clear his name he would release his diary as the Court has directed him to do so, and he would release any details surrounding the “lavish lunch” and what was discussed there.

The public want answers, and the victims deserve the truth.

So far all we are getting is roadblocks and lies.

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14 thoughts on “Oh, George – The Lavish Lunch With George & George

  1. Abbott would have love to close down this RC when he first came to town. Gillard made sure when she launched it, it would survive. I suspect we will see a drive to undermine any conclusions they come to.

  2. BEST POSTING YET, PETER! WE THANK YOU…BUT MOST OF ALL! For the 60 MINUTES with the late…& greatly missed, Richard Carleton…AND the (hour long…but SO WORTH IT!) ..Interview & Q&A with Heather Ewart …David Marr, speaking of his (then, just published) Quarterly Essay…THE PRINCE….THIS was in 2013…on the very eve of the RC…so in BOTH of these video clips…the viewer can now observe ALL that has happened since…. (& looks like a longer visual saga than Wagner’ s Ring Cycle..
    AND at the end of THAT..Valhalla burns down & all the gods are kaput…so maybe there is a parallel there…?!
    Thing that has continually struck me…in all the interviews with George…his memory is both selective AND often vague & “wavering”..YET..he finds perfect recall whilst writing scholarly tomes on early heresies in the wow! Those 2nd ca Pelagians were far worse than the abusers at St Alipius Parish in Ballarat! (Let’s get our priorities right guys!)…
    St Alipius…by the way…is the Patron Saint of Altar Boys……ah yes…PITCH PERFECT!!

  3. “Lavish lunch!!” Shouldn’t the patient be on a low fat, low sugar, low salt, low alcohol , high fibre diet and fluid restriction if his heart health is SO bad???

  4. I can only say Pell has the same effect on me as a very high fibre diet.

    Great post as always, wixxy.

  5. Is George Brandis then in contempt of court for not releasing his diary ?

  6. Catholics believe God is the sole arbitrator of who lives & dies!If Pell has faith in his God why not get on the next flight??? Oh ye of little faith!!!

  7. George, GEORGE! Please fix up your diet as Sarah suggests and hurry, for God’s sake (what am i saying?)!! We don’t want you dieing quickly and we don’t want you dieing suddenly. Not just yet.

  8. Brandis and Pell both think they are above the law government gives apologies to forgotten Australians then forgets us again what hope for justice and redress if they dont respect the laws sick of the promises being broken time and time again sexual abuse only one brick in the wall although the better media sales physical and mental torture, separation from family and abandonment of a state ward is the far more extreme and lasting pain Ive lost any faith in this government and its institutions after so many years of suffering in silence you continue to abuse us with your inaction on redress your money making inquiries and commissions using us as the fodder to better the careers of those who feed off others misery sin and spin go hand in hand.

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