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The Trade Union Royal Commission has been under a dark cloud since its inception, are the recent revelations regarding Commissioner Heydon the death blow?

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the integrity of the Trade Union Royal Commission, and in particular the integrity of the Commissioner himself Dyson Heydon with calls now for the Governor General to sack him.

This speculation regarding Heydon’s suitability to act as a Royal Commissioner into the union movement has come as details of his political dealings start to spew forth like the last meal of a teenage boy after he and his mates discover a bottle of Jim Beam.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time I have written on the Commission’s questionable integrity.

As as common knowledge the union movement is considered the industrial arm of the Labor Party in much the same way the mining industry and property developers are considered the Coalition cash register. It is vital therefore that any immensely expensive and taxpayer-funded inquiry into the Trade Union movement has the air of independence about it.

This Royal Commission clearly does not.

Dyson Heydon has had his independence questioned after he was found to be down to speak at a Liberal Party fundraiser, and found to have been on a panel that awarded Tony Abbott his Rhodes Scholarship. I’m just waiting for someone to discover he is godfather to Abbott’s kids…

Dyson Heydon - Between a rock and a hard place  Image - News Ltd

Dyson Heydon – Between a rock and a hard place
Image – News Ltd

What I wanted to discuss today was my direct experiences with the Royal Commission and how the perception of integrity was, until now, something that was the utmost importance. 

During the Royal Commissions foray into the HSU I was in attendance daily tweeting and observing from the media room.

Every morning upon arrival if I had written an article the previous night I was greeted by the Commission’s media spokesperson and liaison officer Adrian who would comment on my reporting of the previous days events. Often my tweets would be commented on also as Adrian would always tell me integrity of the Commission should be the most important consideration in any article.

Adrian was always quick to defend the integrity of the Commission and was clearly quite touchy about it. Don’t take me the wrong way though, I have a great deal of respect for Adrian and found him to be professional and considerate, however he had a job to do and a Commission to protect despite every member of the press openly agreeing that the Commission itself was a Liberal Party witch-hunt that the public was picking up the tab for.

Whilst in attendance at the Commission I witnessed and was involved in several instances that would bring the integrity of the Commission into question, however as far as I am aware nothing has ever been done to address any of these issues.

One such event involved another of mate of Tony Abbott. One day in the lobby outside the hearing room there was an incident that was rather ugly. This incident involved Michael Lawler, Vice President of Fair Work Commission and partner of Kathy Jackson. Mr Lawler was pointing his finger and screaming abuse and threats at two prominent members of the mainstream media whose articles he had taken issue with. This Commission was certainly made aware of his event and despite the lobby having CCTV so the entire incident would have been covered, as far as I am aware no action was ever taken despite this obvious attempt to intimidate the media covering the event on behalf of a witness.

As for myself, as I reported in an article I was approached in an alley outside the Commission by a clearly agitated union thug, Marco Bolano, who proceeded to get in my face and another member of the media whom I was with. Most alarming however was that he proceeded to intimidate a female companion I was with at the time taking photos of her with his phone after repeated requests not to, and saying “We’ll track you down…” to her.

Bolano harassing myself and others in lanewaynext to the Royal Commission

Bolano harassing myself and others in lanewaynext to the Royal Commission

This was reported to the Royal Commission Security and we all gave statements, however I’m unaware of any action being taken. 

Later that day Bolano again followed us to lunch around the corner to intimidate us further. This was again reported to security, however once again I heard nothing. The matter was also reported to NSW Police and the restaurant where we had lunch were able to provide footage of the episode from their security cameras, however yet again nothing came of it.In fact the Commission later denied that complaints had even been made.

Bolano tries to join me for lunch

Bolano tries to join me for lunch

The irony of being intimidated at a Royal Commission that was supposed to have been set up to expose this type of behaviour and ensure punishment for perpetrators was not lost on me. From my perspective the Royal Commission seemed to be encouraging the behaviour it was supposed to be stamping out and at the same time actively cover up and conceal the behaviour it was set up to expose.

Another incident involved a tweet that I posted that related to Kathy Jackson planning to attempt to force the Commission to remove the HSU’s lawyer from the proceedings as she had been in a sexual relationship with him.

Around 20 minutes later I arrived at the Commission media room and was pulled aside and it was made clear to me that I had better be damn sure about what I had put in the tweet, and I may want to think about deleting it. I was told that the Commission was not to be made into a circus with commentary and speculation such as that without evidence.

About an hour later the circus truly arrived in town with Jackson proving my tweet correct in the hearing room and then doing a doorstop interview to talk about charity shags and sex in antique barber chairs.

Class and integrity combined.

Another example of the Commissions integrity came about when the Herald Sun published an “Exclusive” article that had been clearly fed to them by the Commission. The article involved the despicable and horrific bashing of a female witness in a pub carpark. According to the original article published this was related to the Commission proceedings and had photos accompanying it of CFMEU banners as well as bikies, the implication was obvious.

It turned out the incident was not related to the Commission, the CFMEU, or bikie gangs in any way shape or form. The article was heavily amended, but once again the Commissions integrity was dealt a crippling blow.

Now suddenly with Dyson Heydon himself being the biggest threat to the Commission’s integrity the importance of that integrity is no longer high on the agenda, or he would not be still in the Commissioners chair.

For Heydon the decision has more at stake than just the Royal Commissions integrity, it holds to ransom his own integrity and that of his career. The Commission’s integrity has arguably already been dealt a fatal blow and it is now in the process of a slow painful death. Heydon’s decision could put it out of it’s misery, but it certainly won’t be able to breathe life into this corpse in waiting.

Heydon’s career has been a long one and in the eyes of many a noble one. He now faces the decision of whether to step down a Commissioner with his reputation somewhat intact or risk his entire legacy for the undoubted pressure he is receiving from Tony Abbott, a Prime Minister many don’t expect will see out one term, let alone have a second one.

Dyson Heydon doesn’t come across as someone who would be willing to take such a huge gamble with this much at stake.

Here’s to hoping that makes his decision a no-brainer.

On Friday, we’ll find out.
This is the tail wagging the dog.

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11 thoughts on “Mr Integrity – Dyson Heydon holds both his and the Royal Commissions integrity in his hands

  1. Great article Peter. Yet more evidence of the blatant double standard, and evidence that democracy in Australia is being destroyed. Friends in High Places is replacing the Rule of Law. We can only hope that it won’t be more of the same if/when a Labor government is elected.

  2. Wonder if Heydon will get his wish for someone lodging an application opposing him being disqualified. Maybe gvt or employer might come to his aid. 2 PM Thursday should reveal all.

    Many a witness has been ridiculed for not remembering what happened at meetings a decade or more again. Made fun of, asked when did they realise they had a bad memory.

    I dare anyone to get hold old diary of a few years ago. Read the notes in it, Tell me if they all make sense now. Especially if the job entail taking notes at regular meetings etc.

    Can you recall if you met someone at diary entry 2pm some time in 2000. Be lucky if you recall the name.

  3. You are right about irony. what you described is irony! Not rain on your wedding day Alanis Morissette!!!

  4. … yet more evidence of a broken system.
    … how long are we going to stand by and let these jokers take the piss?

    Peter, you regularly ask what will it take for the Australian public and the media to realise exactly how corrupt and compromised … the Coalition is … the Royal Commission is … the MSM is.
    … HOWEVER, you really need to consider the entire system (including the ALP and the Unions) an equal part in what is a completely malfunctioning, misfiring mess.

    … until we lose the Political Party system and bring about significant change – something like a democracy … where elected representatives actually represent their constituents – rather than their corporate masters and the party … things will continue to slide further into the muddy swamp we have created for ourselves.

    Peter, if you are going to champion an idea, please champion one with better outcomes for the Australian people than yet another bunch of corrupt, compromised, petty, mean wankers with a more significant point of difference than the wearing red ties instead of blue ties.

  5. Great article as usual , Wixxy. As a matter of interest, the Liars “brave whistle blower” has been ordered to repay $1.4m she stole.

    I don’t think this RC will now do anything but continue to compromise Heydon’s integrity if he remains as Commissioner and prove that it is a sham set up solely as a Liars witch hunt.

  6. And with the lovely Miss Jackson being ordered to repay $1.4 million today it shows how corrupt the commission really is because Stoljar pretty much gave her a complete charity do in the proceedings.

  7. I forgot about this post of yours Wixxy as I had it flagged
    The “Workers Compensation” set of Jacksonville must be another area of public contention
    Pray tell who involved in Jacksonville is not on workers comp Pete?
    Will Justice Heydon go on workers comp if he steps down from the TURC?
    Who`s paying this workers comp anyway?

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