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It was wiping tears from my eyes that I read the Peta Credlin IVF story in the Sunday paper.

Don’t be so cynical, it truly moved me. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much since the last season of The IT Crowd.

I mean seriously, I was in stitches with the tears starting to form puddles at my feet. Are we supposed to treat this stuff seriously?

The woman whose job it is to ensure the unelectable Tony Abbott is elected at all costs has told Marie Claire and News Ltd the story of Tony Abbott’s apparent support during her IVF treatment.

It is supposedly true that Abbott has been doing all he can to help Credlin fall pregnant, going the extra mile so to speak. Hmmm, very supportive indeed.

Bannanarama called, they want their dress back

Bannanarama called, they want their dress back

It would seem however that there are those who are sceptical of this story for some reason. There are those who question the integrity of the woman who has time and time again shown her loyalty to her men.

Pete Credlin proudly supported her man Brendan Nelson as leader until he was assassinated by Malcolm Turnbull. Credlin then stood behind her new man Malcolm Turnbull as leader until he was stabbed in the back by Tony Abbott. Now Credlin proudly stands behind her man of the minute Abbott. What a record of loyalty…

Credlins desperate attempt to show the mythical man who respects women inside the shell of a misogynist only highlights what we already know about Tony Abbott. Abbott is a man who seemingly thinks women are puppets for him to play with, and when that doesn’t work he has been known to respond with violence, sexism, and slander.

This is the man who leads the party in which a prominent member when referring to Julia Gillards lack of child bearing history referred to her as “deliberately barren”. Abbott himself was eventually forced to apologise (albeit Alan Jones style) after a comment he made on a morning show while discussing the baby bonus. He referred to the governments “inexperience on these matters”. How subtle…

After having on air shots at Julia on television, and repeated references to her lack of children, we are now supposed to believe that Mr Misogynist 2012 Tony Abbott is sensitive about a woman longing to have children. It must be true as the woman whose job it is to see him elected says so? I believe Leyton Hewitt said it best when he said “C’m dafuck On” or something like that.

Credlin must be chuffed to be recruited as the last ditch effort to try and portray something other than a “small man syndrome” inside the unelectable Abbott. Previous attempts by Abbott’s own wife and daughters have failed catastrophically, along with desperate attempts with the infamous “Tony I know” line that were made by the more feminine members of the front bench such as Julie Bishop and Christopher Pyne. This debacle turned into a backfiring farce on Twitter in the end as the public saw it for the act of desperation it was.

Some have suggested that this farcical attempt to seem human, is yet another example of Abbott believing that women have nothing between their ears but the sound of crickets on a still night, and will believe anything they are spoon fed. The theory is that Abbott, in a desperate bid to seem less abhorrent to females has convinced his chief of staff to sacrifice her credibility so he can hopefully gain a couple of points in the polls.

Peta Credlin was upset when told that a talent was required to audition for the White Stripes

Peta Credlin was upset when told that a talent was required to audition for the White Stripes

Whilst I can see the merit in this theory, I’m not entirely convinced. After all, there is another option…

As we enter the final leg of the race to the lodge before an election is called, it could just be that Abbott is concerned that he will be dumped as leader. All this Credlin fluff and spin could well be aimed at his own caucus. There is a deafening roar of calls to see Turnbull once again lead the party, so maybe this is a bizarre attempt to gain support within his own dysfunctional party. After all if his polling goes up, maybe his party won’t crucify him, and Credlin won’t have to switch loyalties yet again.

Malcolm Turnbull, has shown himself to be a man of principles and not just someone seeking power. He achieved this by leaving the Labor Party when they wouldn’t give him a safe seat and joining the Liberal Party, so strong are his principals. Now Malcolm seems to be biding his time awaiting Abbotts inevitable fall. The only political turncoat I can recall to gain the leadership of a major party seems destined to lead the party once more as there is nobody else in the Liberal caucus that could even be remotely considered for the top job.

Whatever the reason for this travesty, reading the fable reminded me of something I was told about a year ago.

Although I can’t recall the persons name, someone who told me they were a member of Julia Gillards staff told me about an interesting occurence.

Apparently during the tour of a Melbourne hospital whose services had been decimated by Ted Baillieu’s cutbacks, and then let down further by a total lack of support from the Victorian HSU under the factional rule of Kathy Jackson, the PM met someone who moved her profoundly.

This patient was a young lady in desperate need of facial reconstruction after she had been struck in the face by a pig that was coming in to land after flying to Melbourne from Canberra. This pig had left the Coalitions caucus room, one of the few places in Australia where pigs can fly, after a meeting where Tony Abbott had thrown his support behind a push to allow women to have a choice by backing calls to allow RU486 to be sold in Australia via a prescription. Other items on the agenda at the meeting were Abbotts calls to publicly condemn the Catholic Church for harbouring paedophiles and covering up their crimes, a push to “stop The Slogans”, and a collection of donations from members so that Joe Hockey could receive some Math tutoring from a local high school student at eleventeen dollars an hour.

Apparently during this meeting in particular, there were an extraordinarily large number of pigs flying out of the meeting in a state that could be best described as bewildered. It was one of these pigs that came crashing down on the poor unsuspecting lady now lying in a Melbourne hospital bed.


So moved by the plight of this young girl, and being such a fan of John Woo movies, Julia offered her support by offering to give her face as a transplant for the girl, just as she had seen in the film Face Off with Scientology man John Travolta.

It was only after the grateful young lady patient explained that this could in effect make Julia two-faced that the transplant didn’t occur. Apparently the young lady stated that being two-faced would not suit Julia’s style and she did not want to be a part of making Julia this way as there was more than enough of that two-faced behaviour to go around already on the opposition front bench.

In hindsight, I’m not sure whether the story re Gillard is true, or even if the person really was one of Gillards staff even.  It sounds a wee bit dicey with flying pigs and Abbott having a conscience and all that…

Anyway true or not, I thought it held more water than the utter horse shit coming out of Peta Credlins mouth for the right-wing propaganda machine.

Anyway Tony and Peta, I don’t know about the women you hang out with, but don’t judge the intelligence of Australian women by the women you have in your caucus.

Most women aren’t so gullible or stupid, and above all they are not puppets.

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77 thoughts on “Master Of Puppets

  1. Sorry about the young Libs jibe, I was basing it on your apparent IQ and juvenile fascination for dicks & tits

  2. Believe me PETER WICKS…the comments on the facebook share were NOT in your favour..nor Labor’s. I’ve shared this link on several women’s forums and the comments there are not in your favour either. To poke fun at another women for the reasons you have is NOT funny. It’s because of people like you that politics in Australia is so toxic.

  3. No Hilde, the reason for the so called abuse is because this man hopes to represent Labor in his electorate..he failed miserably and I’m not surprised. For most women that cannot fall pregnant IVF is a very difficult process..for some idiot male to sneer and make fun of this is just not funny.

    Is this really the type of person Labor wants?

  4. Thanks for sharing my post
    I have not criticised anyone on their ability to have a baby.
    I do however remember a comment re Julia Gillard being “Barren” but I guess it’s ok when coming from the Liberals?

  5. There are a few people tonight who seem to assume that I am standing in the next election, I’d be interested to know where this comes from?

    I’m not surprised I didn’t win when when I stood in the state election either, it is the safest Lib seat in the state after all

    I have not criticised anybody for their childbearing ability or status, as much as you may like to put words in my mouth.

    I criticise Credlin on her record of poor loyalty which leads to questions of integrity and honesty

    I question her honesty, and if this is a hugely personal issue, I’d suggest not telling national press

    This is a woman that has had to be expelled from parliament for breaking the rules.

    I think her story holds about as much water as a fish net stocking and I’m entitled to have an opinion, the same as you are entitled to fall for all the spin and drivel desperately spewing from the bileducts of those on the right

  6. You should be ashamed of yourself. You and others in the Labor party should keep your mouths shut otherwise you lot will be the first ones in court for offending someone if the new laws ever come in. Instead of putting people down why don’t you and your useless leader get out and actually help someone!

  7. Susann,

    i did not read Peter saying anything against women using IVF because they can not conceive naturally. Rather i read that he questioned the motives of Peta Credlin in using her troubles to show us how woman friendly Tony Abbott is. That seems to me very manipulative and not very believable. Why does Tony Abbott hide behind several women’s apron? Isn’t he man enough to fend for himself? Actually these women are showing that Tony Abbott is a weakling and a coward. He is “ab”using the women in his power for his own purpose. Would you not rile against that? How would you like it if your husband or your boss used you to gain power for himself? Personally, i would not.

    Nor do i think it appropriate to use someone’s medical problem to gain sympathy publicly with the purpose of encouraging people to elect Tony Abbott or whoever. For you to abuse Peter Wicks because he highlights what Peta Credlin did is uncalled for. And you can not speak for all women. You certainly do not speak for me.

  8. Gee, why are all the weirdos out to play in Peta’s sand box today? Really, who cares if this ghastly woman has any kids, why is that public business.

    There are plenty of kids in the world to adopt if she wants some.

    The problem is using it as a political exercise and having the ghastly Chrissy Pyne chime in.

  9. How cool is this, wixxy and his blog have hit the big time. It’s come to the attention of the LNP and their barnacles and trolls. Wow they must be feeling threatend by peter and his writings Go Peter, I love watching all these spineless bullies being abusive. It’s a nice reminder that no matter what warm and fuzzy message Brer Rabbott is trying to put out there, we are witnessing the real face of the far right wing liberal party of today. I wonder when he is going to write his version of Mein Kampf? Maybe battle lines was just the appetizer

  10. There have been plenty of other comments that have gone straight to spam also…..

    I certainly was a target last night, funny that most of them appaered to be false accounts, and also appeared to be women or at least men pretending to outraged women. It kind of helps prove my point….

  11. I am constantly amazed at the depths of nastiness,crude insults and character assassination (rather than debate) the trolls of the right wing nuts stoop to. You have become a big time troll magnet wixxy. Must have hit a raw nerve. It’s ALL orchestrated, so they are getting desperate..What sort of country would we get with them in?. Cheers

  12. You must have tightened up your system my last post got dumped.

  13. I know, it’s kind of comical in many ways….

    I dread to think of the state of the country with Abbott in charge…

  14. Thanks, I certainly didn’t mean to if I did 🙁

    I don’t dump posts unless they are insulting or nasty to others, but due to the abusive stuff coming from the right wingers, I now have to approve every comment.
    This means there is often a delay in the comments going up, depending on what I’m doing. So I’m sorry for that but I had to as some of the abuse was directed at other commenters not just myself.

    If I missed one of your comments I’m sorry, it must have been a mistake on my part…

  15. I don’t think it is your fault, Peter. It required a password I didn’t find quick enough after getting it wrong the first time.

  16. To all of you here and mostly women that think Peter is insensitive, you are wrong. But I guess you all must be abbott supporters. I myself thought it was a disgusting performance of the woman to broadcast she was on IVF. I thought that was a very PRIVATE matter. So I came to the conclusion that she did it for her boss, just as Peter has written. It just shows what a creep he really is and her a very stupid woman. I liked the line the women on the front bench, Jilie Bishop and Christopher Pyne!!!!!!
    Thanks Peter for all the information you have given us and still doing.

  17. So, Steve, I assume you state “not one of you weak, gutless, lowlife, left wing scum would have the guts to say what yous do behind a keyboard to TA’s face!” because you know for a fact that your beloved “Joe 90” is an out and out thug, like in his uni days when he punched the wall either side of a 5’1 woman he lost an election to.
    Personally I would enjoy the opportunity to say similar things to his face, even though, being a 65 year old disabled person, I would receive a similar response as did Bernie Banton not so very long ago.

    More power to you for speaking the truth, Wixxy.

  18. Would love to say what I thought, to his face.

    My problem, is as a fit seventy one year old, I do not believe I could keep up with him, as he takes off anytime criticism is raised.

    As a domestic violence surviver, I believe I can easily mangage his bullying.

  19. Haha, I was wondering why this post had an extra 40 or so comments in a day. They sent out their flying monkeys, unfortunately, like Mr Burns’ ones they just dropped straight to the ground.

    Keep up the great work, Peter.

  20. Nice one Kev, a joke straight out of the Peter Slipper ‘text’-book, the insulting term being an unshelled ‘mussel’, if you could spell. I guess the anti-mysoginists will be onto you for this one unless they are all hypocrites.

  21. You are being too kind. A sewer rat would have a much higher I.Q.

  22. The thing that intriguers me is, what is the mettle of politicians these days? Why do they have advisors in the chamber? Do they need to be spoon fed and have their collective chins wiped all the time? I think i liked politics without all the “advisors” hanging around, it was a damm sight more civil and things actually got done.

    Maybe we could do away with politicians and election, just hire the advisors. After all, it could be argued that they actually have more influence over what transpires than their “masters”

  23. This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped
    me. Many thanks!

  24. I know that this is an old article, and i suppose that no-one will ever see this comment but just wanted to comment on the ‘Unelectable’ Tony Abott.


    Don’t give up your day job….my tax dollars have to go somewhere…

  25. Good to see someone still ringing Tony’s bell…

    Even the Coalition realised their error in judgement

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