How fortunate is Australia to have the Liberal’s back in government in these times of financial stress?

We certainly wouldn’t want the Party who guided us virtually unscathed through the Global Financial Crisis at the helm would we. Perhaps the GFC should be renamed the GEAFC with the EA standing for “except Australia”.

So if bringing us through the financial crisis that took down the rest of the world doesn’t boost your economic credentials in your own country what on earth does?

It seems the ability to hold your hands out and collect the benefits of a mining boom and record commodity prices does the trick. Dishing out middle-class welfare also fare well, despite the fact that every successive government has been at pains to try to claw that spending back without a huge backlash as commodity prices tumble.

So this week we have discovered that in all likelihood Malcolm Turnbull put a cool million into his own election campaign as it was running low on funds. It must be nice to have a million in spare change lying about the house or the car ashtray.

I found an old wallet in a drawer, opened it up and there it was... Image - ABC

I found an old wallet in a drawer, opened it up and there it was…
Image – ABC

When the Liberal Party were approached on this matter Federal Director Tony Nutt issued a statement to say that the Liberal Party was not

“…either in debt or broke”

Hmmm, that wasn’t really the question, but the answer certainly makes other questions spring to mind about these self-claimed economic wizards.

It would seem that the Liberal Party may have found themselves in financial woes, despite their economic management prowess.

It’s hard to imagine how a political party that represents the interests of big miners, big tobacco, the gambling industry, and the big banks could find itself skint, but then again I’m not a financial whiz like them.

With regular donors the likes of Gina Rinehart. Jamie Packer and Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest and corporate giants the likes of the National Australia Bank sponsoring your fundraisers it defies logic how the Party finds itself counting the loose change. Rumours that things are so bad that they have got Mary Jo Fischer to supply the Party with coffee, tea and bikkies from Frewville Foodland are unconfirmed.

It’s not only the big donors from big business either. The taxpayer have also been doing their bit to keep the Party of the financially brilliant afloat. The taxpayer hands over to the political parties $2.62 per vote in elections, hardly small change in the case of a major party.

Not to mention the Lib’s have their own company Parakeelia set up to bill the taxpayer for computer services on a grand scale and then donate back to the Party. Apparently the Liberal Party financial geniuses say that’s not called money laundering, just as talk of $100 roasts and Whyalla being wiped off the map is not called a scare campaign.

The reason the Liberals are in such a sorry state is not just their total inability to manage their own finances, it is far worse.

Whatever claim the Liberals may have had in the past regarding economic management has fallen apart, and has done so with good reason. The Liberal successors to the financially frugal members of the past have turned out to be little more than financial fraudsters.

When I say financial fraudsters I’m not just referring to the highly questionable Parakeelia debacle, nor am I referring to the ties the Former Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinis had with Eddie Obeid, I am talking about Uncle Arthur’s other baby, the Free Enterprise Foundation.

Did someone say free enterprise? Image - News Ltd

Did someone say free enterprise?
Image – News Ltd

The NSW Electoral Commission has held back $4.4 Million from the Liberal Party until it discloses where donations filtered or laundered depending on your perspective, through the Free Enterprise Foundation worth $693,000 came from. The Free Enterprise Foundation was allegedly set up to hide the identity of Liberal Party donors. In NSW this has seen more than 10 members of the Coalition forced out of parliament after ICAC revelations of accepting illegal donations and other allegedly corrupt practices.

It must bring a smile to the lips of many who struggle under the weight of debt and bills that although Malcolm Turnbull may never know the feeling of worrying when the phone rings or the dread when an unfamiliar windowed letter appears in the mailbox, at least the Party he leads will now.

The once great Liberal Party now reduced to the Party of financial farce.

9 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye On The Money – Are the Liberals broke?

  1. Ah Wixxy you`ve done it again,gone and got fiscal,had one too many overdrafts,nipped over the ledger to the grandstand bookies looking at the discarded tickets on the deck hoping to find a discarded favourite one who came second and lodged a protest

    These Libz have the whole cathouse in the bag and the MSM just uses whatever words they make up
    You know like seeing as the Libs can only manage to win 60 seats they can form a majority government but Labor would need 76 to do the same

    This election was a classic for bastardisation of language concerning the Liberals
    You see the got 60 seats,the Nats got 10 and the QLD LNP got 6 or 7
    So Barney goes straight to Mal and cuts a new deal after they election


  2. Pt2
    OK,so effen what I hear you wonder,well how about it is a minority government and the deal Barney cut he wants kept secret
    I mean why have secrets like Parakeelia or FEF because they all come out so he may as well just own up and say he`s Deputy PM for life [what other secret deal could he do Wixxy}

    Oh and Pauline might end up with the balance of power

    Geeze that LNP/Greens electoral reform which was hurried through so a DD could be pulled came off well for them all [well NXT and One Nation it did}
    See ya and a nice write as usual mate

  3. This disgusting underhanded corrupt government which none of us even voted for ,and their getting away with the bloody murder of our country .

  4. What I would like to know is how can this lot be so ‘above the law’ as to get away with this type of criminal activity, and yet should the proletariate try to do the same, it’s off to the nick with them?


    Mr Turnbull has promised the Government will be open and honest about its circumstances and hold a “grown-up” discussion with the community.

    So how can the public take him seriously when he and BarnabyJoyce say the deal that they have made is ‘secret’ – they are paid a hefty wage with massive bonuses by the taxpayer’s of Australia and yet they refuse to disclose what they are doing – when you work for someone you cannot decide to keep secrets in your place of work which obviously effects you employers….

  6. And we are likely to have to watch them bleed this country dry for a further 3 yrs, what is wrong with the electorate??

  7. it’s not just Pauline may have the balance of power but that she now has parliamentary privilege to promote her poisonous provocations and we are paying her to do it. As Sam Dastiari said on Q&A last night she has had 20 years experience exploiting ignorance and fear to create division in our society and she is very good at it. She is it seems part of Turnbull’s plan. Shame he didn’t tell us about.

  8. Nah, Pete, it’s bullshit that does the trick. The LNP is soooo much better at bullshitting than the ALP.

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