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This weekend just gone, I had my uncle’s 80th Birthday to attend in Albury.

I figured in order to make the most of this, as it is a long drive, I would get my butt down there a day early, so that my wife and I could look about. I’m quite partial to a decent drop of red, so I thought a day poking around the Wineries in Northern Victoria would be just the ticket.

Come Saturday morning, we hit the road for the Rutherglen Wine region.

It was a great day, the air was crisp, but the sun was out, and I’d started out with a damned fine cuppa from Coffee Mamma in Albury, who had been recommended to me by a twitter friend.

We checked out a lot of wineries in the course of the day and sampled quite a few wines from quite a few wineries.

We had a fantastic day, however, Victorian’s will be disappointed to note, that the Hunter Valley in NSW has it all over our Southern friends when it comes to wine. I found overall the quality of wines was far superior in the Hunter region.

There was however one exception.

In a little place called Wahgunyah, by the river, is Pfeiffer Wines.

I’m not a wine critic, a wine buff, or any kind of expert, but I do know a good drop when I taste it. Everything I tasted at Pfeiffer’s was exceptional.

Robyn and Adam, were fantastic hosts, friendly and knowledgeable, and both had a genuine passion for their job that could be felt instantly. We spent about an hour and a half with them, and could have spent the rest of the day.

So, where do I start with the wines… As ladies first is the tradition, my wife went straight for the bubbly, and the Sparkling Pfizz White was quite nice indeed, however when Robyn added a dash of the Pfeiffer Seriously Pink to it, the results were sensational.

Seriously Pink is a Rose Liqueur, which blends the tastes of strawberry and musk, amongst others. It is seriously delicious, and although it sounds sweet, it is not overpoweringly sweet, it is quite subtle. So after a few Seriously Pink’s you won’t feel like you’ve been drinking syrup, as some sweet wines will do. This liqueur, we were told has about a million uses, and it probably does, they even serve Seriously Pink Slushies at the Winery.

Then we moved on to the red’s, which having tried a few other wineries offerings, I was definitely interested, but not optimistic.

We started with the Pinot, and I don’t want to exaggerate, however the 2010 Pfeiffer Pinot Noir is the best Pinot I’ve had, bar none. I was totally bowled over to say the least. Alas though, it does not seem to appear to be on their website. However keep an eye on their website for it, as it is certainly worth the effort of checking every now and again.

Then we tried the Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Carlyle Cabernet Merlot, again both exceptionally good wines. We then finished off the red’s with the 2009 Shiraz. The Shiraz was easily the best in the region, and certainly one of the better Shiraz’s I’ve ever tried. For me, a Shiraz has to have that slightly peppery taste, with a slightly spicy aftertaste that lingers long after the last sip. The Pfeiffer Shiraz did just that.

As far as red wines go, except for a Pinot, you may find better wines around the country if you look hard enough. However, to find a range this good all under the one roof, I sincerely doubt you could do any better than Pfeiffer’s.

Apparently, a large part of Pfeiffer’s vineyard, used to be owned by Seppelt’s. Seppelt’s used this as their experimental vineyard. This has undoubtedly had a positive effect on the wines being produced, as the wines I tried had characteristics that were totally unique, and have obviously been used to full advantage by Pfieffer’s gifted wine makers.

I finished the tasting with their Christopher’s VP Port, their Tawny Port, the Rutherglen Muscat, Classic Rutherglen Muscat, and lastly the Pfeiffer Grand Rutherglen Muscat.

Again, I was impressed by all of the desert/fortified wine range. If pressed on the Ports, I would say I preferred the Tawny Port slightly, and it’s actually cheaper also. The Grand Rutherglen Muscat is absolutely to die for, at $83.50 a bottle, it’s not cheap, but it is most definitely worth every cent, however the other two Muscats were also absolutely delicious.

So my advice when visiting the Rutherglen region is, be sure to check out a few wineries. However make sure you save your money, car boot space, and plenty of time for Pfeiffer’s. You will thank me.

Also, while you are there, if you go through Rutherglen and don’t try a Parkers Pie in town, then frankly you are an idiot, I don’t care if you’ve already had lunch or whatever, just get one. This is not an option.

Also, a short drive over the border to the sunnier state is Corowa Chocolate. It is located in a big old flour mill, and is most certainly worth checking out. They have the best Rocky Road I’ve ever had.

You may remember I said I was no expert on wines, or any sort of connoisseur earlier. I’m just a bloke who likes a decent drop.

Well, my cousin, whose father’s 80th we were celebrating that night, is quite the wine connoisseur. He is from Canberra and has travelled the wine regions of the world, and boasts a rather extensive cellar that he is quite proud of. I told him that night of our trip to Rutherglen, and our experiences. When I told him about Pfeiffer’s, a big grin appeared on his face. Apparently he had chosen all the wines served at his wedding, and they were all from Pfeiffer’s. So maybe I know more than I thought…

For any sceptics, who think I’m getting something for plugging Pfeiffer’s, alas, quite the opposite, I think that I will be giving them quite a bit of my money now… but happily.

Here is a link to their website:


You can also find Pfeiffer Wines on Facebook, and even Twitter.

Enjoy, I certainly did…

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2 thoughts on “I See Red…

  1. Hi Wixxy,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful story of your visit to our winery. I have just returned from visiting family in Melbourne, so a bit behind in replying. It is so good to know we delivered, not only with the wines, but the experience. It is also good to know we have been doing it for awhile with another satisfied customer who you met up with at your Uncle’s 80th celebrations. What you call a “win,win” for us all. Many thanks and we look forward to continuing to share the wine journey with you.
    By the way, how is the Beamer?

  2. No problems Robyn,
    Myself and Felicity are looking forward to seeing you in Canberra on Sunday, Saturdays dinner was sold out….
    I joined your wine club today, and look forward to the first dozen in a couple of weeks.
    You guys, certainly have the best staff, Kylie is fantastic, I think it was Annie I spoke to on the phone today, and she was great.
    The Beamer, it’s going ok, but it’s an ongoing saga…
    Thanks for your response.

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