If there is one thing that really makes the public sick, it is hypocrisy.

There has been a lot of talk regarding hypocrisy of late with organised religion facing the prospect of the Royal Commission into sexual abuse. It always strikes a raw nerve when someone who preaches morality acts in such an immoral manner.

However it not just the religious that preach morality, there are those who are paid to do it on a daily basis on our airwaves. These radio hosts discuss politics and corruption and put forward their opinion on everything from the price of milk to corruption at the highest levels.

Ray Hadley, as you may be aware is a radio host on 2GB, a job that many would describe as a shock-jock. Ray is also involved in the Rugby League or NRL commentary on Channel 9 and also writes columns for New Ltd’s Daily Telegraph in Sydney.


In his spare time Ray donates a large amount of time to charity, in particular police charities. Ray acts as guest of honour at police events, and is the guest speaker at many police charity events and police balls.

There have been reports recently however of Ray behaving in a manner that is less than charitable towards others.

Fairfax reported on February 24 about an incident at 2GB involving Ray and one of his staff members a young man named Richard Palmer. Apparently Richard was just a little too slow for Rays liking in having the days radio show loaded onto the 2GB website, this was dealt with in a professional manner by Ray who proceeded to verbally abuse Richard to such an extreme that it reduced him to tears.

This incident was distressing enough for the Managing Director of 2GB to suspend Ray from the air for a week, so as to rightly support the staff that allows the station to run smoothly. After all in the workplace it is good to have a team spirit rather than a dictatorship.

After creating such an unnecessary scene you would think a real man would take it on the chin and come back after a week with an apology, a handshake and a smile, not Ray. Despite being described as a bully both on air and off, it seems Ray doesn’t like the heat when faced with it himself.

Instead of taking the real man approach, Ray opted to take the little girly approach instead, which comprises of running crying to poppa to protect them from the big mean man. Poppa in this case was John Singleton, the major shareholder in Macquarie Radio, owners of 2GB, and the big mean man being the Managing Director.

Singleton did what any proud poppa would do, he stepped in and forced the Managing Directors decision to be reversed. Ray happy again, Managing Director put in place, and the staff know what to expect if they have a bad day.

John "Come To Poppa" Singleton

John “Come To Poppa” Singleton

Listening to this broadcast linked here and hearing Hadley talk about how he’d tell Singleton to “get nicked” paints a vastly different picture to the actual event described above.

A bad day at work should not be tolerated by Hadley’s apparent standard, unless of course it is Hadley having the bad day. Then the Premier no less will jump to your defence.

Here is a link to a rant and rave of Hadley’s during the Athens Olympic Games, you will notice that Hadley uses the word “Farkin’”, which I am told is the bogan word for “fucking” more times than a rudely awakened wino in Belmore Park.

After this disgraceful episode which was by some extreme measure of incompetence was allowed to be recorded and broadcast on YouTube, one of Australia’s best known criminal lawyers sent out a tweet on Twitter labelling the outburst for what it was. Murphy was shocked to find a quick response came back to his tweet from none other than Barry O’Farrell, who responded:

“& you’ve never lost it-ever?!”

In doing so showing a flair for the English language and punctuation that makes me wonder why this particular Premier decided to cut $1.8 Billion from his states education spend.

The Premiers concern for the stress in Hadley’s day is touching indeed, and both have referred to each other as friends in the past, so I guess it is OK for the Premier to jump in stick up for the bloke who is insulting on air those with intellectual and learning disabilities.

Barry "People picking on Ray gets me all huffy" O'Farrell

Barry “People picking on Ray gets me all huffy” O’Farrell

What really interests me is how far the friendship between Hadley and the Premier stretches, and what other areas does Hadley have influence in. Of particular interest to me is Ray’s level of influence within the NSW Police Force, considering that Ray has been often known to boast that it was he who had Police Commissioner Scipione appointed, and also Rays continued strong support of Police Charities.

What I have described is just a small part of Hadley’s history of bullying within the workplace, this report from Fairfax’s Jonathon Swan goes into more detail of some of his issues at work.

Hadley’s private life unfortunately appears to be as troublesome as his work-life, and after looking into one particular event at his home, I was surprised at the direction the information took from there.

This event centres on a party in the leafy suburb of Dural. At this party were several youngsters who had just completed high school , alcohol, seemingly poor supervision, an electric gate, five off duty police who had spent the night at a local tavern till the wee hours, and allegations of assault.

The party in question was held to celebrate the end of year 12 for Hadley’s daughter and a group of approximately 60 students. It was held at the Hadley residence under the apparent supervision of Hadley and his current wife whom he is back together with after a recent separation. The allegations of assault were made against Ray Hadley and his son Daniel Hadley who recently became a policeman.

Like father like son?

Like father like son?

According to reports printed in the Daily Telegraph where Hadley has a regular column, a boy who was heavily intoxicated was escorted from the party. This boy who reportedly arrived at the party drunk was allegedly unable to stand and was becoming abusive and assaulted an off-duty female police officer, he was escorted from the premises and then according to the Hadley’s broke their electric gate.

The facts regarding the above are that there are vastly conflicting versions of the events by witnesses who have provided statements to Castle Hill Police. There was no claim ever made for supposed damages to the Hadley’s gate, despite security cameras at the Hadley’s gate no footage exists to support their claim of damage being done. There was no charges laid or complaints made about an assault of a female police officer despite it being a serious offence.

According to those who witnessed the event, the 17-year-old youth, who admitted to being intoxicated, was drunk and struggling to get to his feet making him not a threat to anybody. Daniel Hadley arrived at approximately 1.30am with some other off duty cops and a chip on his shoulder sized to match his father’s apparent ego. Daniel and his mates had reportedly being out drinking all night at the nearby Hills Tavern.

Ray and Daniel decided that the intoxicated youth should leave the premises and along with two other off duty police, one the female officer, went to escort him from property. According to witnesses it is alleged that while the boy was struggling to rise to his feet Daniel Hadley kicked the boy in his face. When the boy rose to his feet to a face-full of abuse, witnesses state he was punched in the back of the head by the only man at the party with the guts to hit a 17 year-old who could hardly stand from behind, Ray Hadley. He was then apparently hoisted up by the back of his shirt and dragged out the front gate whilst continuing to be verbally abused.

I am told that when this matter was reported to Castle Hill Police by the victim and other witnesses attempts were made to stop the matter from progressing.

Police allegedly told witnesses that they were taking on someone powerful in Hadley and they should consider that before pursuing the matter. They were told how they would face harsh questioning from expensive lawyers for hours in court. There were witnesses who decided not to make statements after talking to police. The policeman these witnesses spoke to is Detective Sergeant Mick Allen.

After making a statement it is the right of the person making the statement to receive a copy of their statement for their own records, it is also a matter of law that the statement is kept private and regarded as highly confidential.

I have obtained emails that I cannot publish for legal reasons that show some odd behaviour by police in this case. These emails show that not only did one witness not receive a copy of their statement after making it, but had to make repeated requests for five days before finally receiving it. The witness in question thought the behaviour was odd and made the requests in writing to Detective Sergeant Mick Allen, who made the unusual request to the witness that the matter be discussed via his mobile phone. The witness had the impression that Allen didn’t want anything in writing.

Some may say it is understandable that a statement may take almost a week to be provided to the witness that made it, however I don’t believe that is true in this case. It may have taken the witness about a week to obtain a copy, but there are allegations that Hadley’s lawyer knew the contents of the confidential statement within two hours of it being given. In fact the statement given by Hadley’s lawyer shortly after seemed to be quoting it almost verbatim. The Hadley’s also allegedly knew the details of a private phone conversation between a witness and Detective Sergeant Allen.

As I stated I cannot publish these emails I have obtained, however they have been sent along with a copy of this article to the NSW Police Integrity Commission.

I am hoping that the Police Integrity Commission will look into this matter, as it is not in the public interest for police to be stopping witnesses from making statements, and leaking details of statements and private conversations to the alleged offender.

I wondered if this was a case of cops covering up for other cops, however those who are involved have stated that they believe there is more to it than just that.

I was intrigued to hear Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford’s name come up several times in my investigation, with one source saying that one of the police involved in the case had mentioned his name. Although I am unsure what part he has played in the investigation, if any.

The Daily Telegraph, one of Rays employers ran an article on the 18th January stating that

“As my son can’t be quoted as a serving police officer, I can be and I can say that my son has been offered an apology by police,”

This struck me as strange an alleged offender being offered an apology. Despite repeated attempts, NSW Police media have yet to answer my questions on whom made this alleged apology and on what basis. What also struck me as strange is despite this article running on the 18th January, those who gave statements were told that the investigation into Daniel Hadley was still in progress by Police at Castle Hill.

Commissioner Scipione probably doesn't remember being intervied for his job by Hadley...

Commissioner Scipione probably doesn’t remember being interviewed for his job by Hadley…

Daniel Hadley has a reputation that is not becoming of an officer of the law amongst many locally. Witnesses have told me of an alleged incident at the Brewery, a pub near Annangrove where Daniel had to be removed from the premises by security after he decided he needed to urinate. However rather than walk to the toilets like someone with self-respect would, Daniel reportedly decided to piss on the floor where he stood, just like a dog, despite it being in the middle of a crowded pub. Don’t expect confirmation of this from the pub however, the owner is an acquaintance of Rays, instead we will have to rely on those who actually witnessed the event.

Another event witnessed by many that allegedly occurred whilst out drinking at the Hills Tavern was Daniel having an altercation with his then girlfriend, at the time Daniel was being trained at the Police Academy.

According to eyewitnesses Daniel was having a disagreement with his girlfriend, this ended with Daniel screaming abuse at her and finally spitting in the poor girls face in front of everybody. I will not publish the alleged victims name for her privacy.

If what witnesses have reported is accurate it raises serious questions. Is this really the type of person they give a gun and a badge to these days? How does someone of this temperament pass any psyche test?

I’m sure if it wasn’t his son, this is just the sort of cop Ray would normally be screaming about on air and be demanding he be sacked. Hypocrisy is a luxury so few can afford.

Sources close to the family are concerned for Daniels well-being and mental health in particular. These sources feel that Daniel was pushed into the role of being a policeman by his father and that he is not coping with the pressures of the job and this is leading to his adverse behaviour.

Mr Happy

Mr Happy

I am hoping that Ray takes this post as a wake up call rather than a call to arms, as I think the good work that he does do is in danger of being overshadowed by alleged anger management issues.

The alleged victim from the party and his family refused to discuss the events or anything about the Hadley’s when contacted saying only that they want to move on from it. I hope they succeed and I wish them all the best.

Barry O'Farrell and someone acting the fool in a big hat....

Barry O’Farrell and someone acting the fool in a big hat….

With allegations of behaviour like that described above I wonder how long Ray will hold on to his political buddies like Barry O’Farrell and Police Commissioners.

If there is one thing I’m sure of it is this: Friends in high places quickly become former friends in high places at the slightest whiff of scandal or controversy. A wise man understands the difference between a temporary mouthpiece and a friend.

With allegations of behaviour like that described above by Ray and Daniel Hadley I wonder how long Ray will hold on to his political buddies like Barry O’Farrell, or would Barry just say that the days Ray abuses his staff, or allegedly punches children from behind are just more bad days and I should lay off?

Laying off is not something I do I’m afraid, those who have had the guts to come forward deserve to have their opinions heard just as much as the shock-jocks do. It’s called a right of reply, or freedom of speech.

Something they preach on 2GB on an almost daily basis.

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22 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury

  1. In my opinion, this should go to a program like 4 corners !!!!!

  2. The 2GB scene seems to be a very incestuous world with the Liberals owing the shock jocks for their patronage & propaganda & the shock jocks owing the Libs.

    Some of the shock jocks at 2GB seem to have anger management issues with workplace bullying par for the course. The same with their treatment of listeners & callers who dare to disagree with them & their particular “crusade of the moment”.

    Their hypocrisy is legendary as are the sizes of their massive egos & their sense of entitlement. They believe they are omnipotent & have rights not accorded to we little people.

    The stench behind their so-called power needs exposing. Thank you Wixxy for your courage to do so.

  3. I agree with Jeffro. If not 4Corners than perhaps to Jenny Brockie’s Insight where vicitims of this “delightful” man have a chance to bring their abusinve experiences to light. I wouldn’t wait till Barry O’Farrell and other high up “elites” come to their senses and actually stop Hadley’s abuse. What’s in it for them i wonder? Does it give them a kick to see victims suffer? Or do they just not care, until it becomes on of their own? Thank you Peter for bringing these injustices to light – once again!

  4. I am just wondering how highly “integrity” features in the NSW Police Integrity Commission?

    No doubt you will keep the readers updated with any responses via the blog and twitter.

    thanks to the brave witnesses, yourself, chris murphy, david donovan……….

  5. You are a truly brave individual to go up against these people, Peter. Stay safe.

  6. Wixxsy this is pure gold mate.My vies on Hadley are widely known, I have been saying it for years. He is a loud mouthed bully prime a donna of questionable character who’s bias is a complete disgrace. He is an absolutely terrible League caller who prefers to opinionated rather than call, so he is two plays behind. This is indicative of his radio show. I know when I want political opinion of balanced substance, I always talk to a cabbie, rugby league caller. O’Farrel coming to his defense is exactly what I would expect, as displayed in my tweet back. Singleton has form for this, he is a greedy man of questionable moral integrity, just ask his hordes of ex wives.

    Great article mate, well done

  7. Brilliant as always. Thanks for the information. Would love to see such an expose on 4 Corners, but I doubt Mark Scott would allow it.

  8. Integrity ? Go to the PIC website and on the `What do we investigate’ link, see what comes up … a 404 page

  9. Peter I join in congratulating you having the ticker to go after these big noting big mouths who seem to believe they are above the law. Hadley boasts he had Police Commissioner Scipione appointed. He goes out of his way to assist Police charities, his son is a serving NSW policeman with a dodgy background of alleged assaults and public urination. Charming family, just the types a dodgy Premier would have near the top of his Xmas card list
    Go get em tiger and mind your back.

  10. Peter well done. Hadley is like a bush fire out of control. Thanks for providing some back burning. His access to the upper levels of the NSW Police and the NSW Govt is of great concern to NSW votes. Maybe the NSW Police should not accept his so call charity work. Watch you back mate he is clearly a nasty bully.

  11. Good work, it is long past time that this farce was investigated. Ray Hadley openly boasts on his program that he will be “telling the premier this or that” which reinforces his listeners belief that all his information is factual and complete or even from the horses mouth. In fact his work is overloaded with innuendo and scare mongering. Go hard!!

  12. When corrupt people feel threatened, they get even more vicious. Watch your personal safety, phone and emails. Reminders of the Joh era here when a reporter was pulled over near the border and told it wasn’t wise to come back to Qld, and Ian Sinclair of FIDO and Fred Hollows were hounded out of the state. Conservatives and corruption seem to be natural bedfellows.

  13. Dear Madwixxy, Thanks for the efforts you make researching and bringing real journalism to those of us utterly exhausted by the MSM. I have occasionally been a captive audience, and been forced to listen to Ray Hadley. I feel physically ill by the sheer nastiness that spews from his mouth. I guess now we know why the Colin Thomson arrest was timed so that Ray Hadley could swan in from home to shout abuse. I do take exception to one thing in your report though. “instead of taking the real man approach….Ray opted for little girl approach” implying that “little girl” equates to cowardly. I also don’t agree with your thoughts about Ray’s charitable works. I applaud your fair-mindedness, but I don’t think Ray Hadley does charitable works for any other reason than to erect a “charitywall” around himself in the same way as Alan Jones does and Jimmy Saville did – as a shield against criticism of the more unsavoury aspects of their character.

    I really enjoyed your article on the hypocrisy of Joe Hildebrand as well. Once again, many thanks for your efforts.

    Regards, Vicki

  14. Thanks Vicky,

    The “little girl approach” was intended to mimic Hadleys style of commentary, but I probably could have explained that better… I also wanted to show that he is not as tough as he makes out.

    Thanks for your comments, I don’t even remember the story on Hildebrand…

    One thing to remember when it comes to shock jocks, empty vessels rattle the most….

  15. Not forgetting the serial groper from the same station of a few years back who was subsequently diagnosed with the previously unheard of disease of ,”slight” bi-polar, enough for an excuse, just not enough to keep you off air. Again,younger staff were the victims of bullies.

    P.S. What odds Hadley’s Son the youngest Inspector in NSW history ?

  16. Actually not many dogs I know would cock their leg in the middle of the pub. Just sayin…. When it come to low and vile behaviour humans outdo animals every time.

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