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The Catholic Church is an institution steeped in tradition.

It is an institution that has traditionally served a select few old fuddy-duddy men extremely well.

It is an institution that has traditionally served young boys and girls up on a plate for the thousands of paedophiles within it to prey upon rather than pray for.

It is an institution that has traditionally served those paedophiles well. Shielding them from the law, moving them around to avoid detection and persecution, spending vast amounts of money on lawyers and out of court settlements.

It is an institution that has traditionally served itself rather than serve its followers. Its followers would appear to be only a source of spreading the word as well as providing the church funds and children to be preyed upon.

It is an institution that for centuries has been telling its followers to confess their sins while now as the scale of its own sins come to light it refuses to confess a thing without a team of lawyers and a major political inquiry such as the Royal Commission in Australia.

Given these traditions it is an institution served well by someone of the moral stature of Cardinal George Pell.

Let’s not forget what the Catholic Church has as its central beliefs. The tradition of confession and the forgiveness that follows it.

It is a system that at its heart believes that a member of its clergy (or the public for that matter) can spend a lifetime raping young boys and girls and as long they confess on their death-bed it’s all cool with the lord.

These members of the Catholic Clergy who committed these crimes are not one time offenders either. These sick individuals had plenty of time to comprehend the gravity of their abuse, whether it was a quick word from their conscience as they retrieved the tissues for the crying four-year old girl before forcing her to perform fellatio, or perhaps maybe a passing thought as to how truly sick they had become as they removed the nappy from an infant before anally raping him.

But no… No shame, no repenting, no guilt, and certainly no confession. The only confession forthcoming is likely to be on their death-bed as they relay their deeds to another member of the same sick clergy to masturbate over.

It is from this almighty ivory tower that they preach to us about whom we should be allowed to marry.

Chief Coward Pell Image - News Ltd

Chief Coward Pell
Image – News Ltd

The Royal Commission has been almost like some sort of public exorcism, with deviates being dragged out like demons from all over the country, however there has been one member of the clergy who would rather hide out in the Vatican than face questions over his conduct.

In Australia we have a government critical of one man hiding out in an embassy rather than face court in relation to the alleged rape of a woman, but sympathetic to another man hiding out to avoid scrutiny in relation to the shielding of the rapists of thousands of children.

Birds Of A Feather

Birds Of A Feather

In Rome there is a Pope that many are saying is taking the church in a bold new direction and is praised for his open mind on many issues that were previously off-limits.

While Pope Francis may talk about addressing the sins of the past and building bridges it is all hollow words while Cardinal Pell sits in the Vatican thumbing his nose at Australia’s legal system and the tens of thousands affected by the systemic abuse that occurred under his watch.

It is beyond belief why George Pell cannot be extradited to Australia. We have an ambassador in Vatican City and in Rome, surely one of these diplomats isn’t completely politically impotent and if they are what are they doing there?

We have the Australian arm of the Catholic institution funneling millions of dollars each year overseas to the Vatican, which is essentially the head office of a corporation shielding someone from testifying regarding hundreds of the most hideous crimes imaginable. Perhaps this is a gravy train that can be de-railed if Pell refuses to return? The Coalition would do it if the funds were going to someone helping Muslims in Syria, cheered on by Andrew Bolt, Chris Kenny and the usual idiot brigade of their ilk making up Reclaim Australia and the like.

Speaking of that ask yourself this who has caused more deaths and more shattered lives in Australia through suicide and abuse, ISIS, ISIL, EYESORE or whatever they’re called this week, or the Catholic Church? Then ask yourself who the real religious terrorists are.

If George Pell was a Nazi war criminal he would be back over here to face the music whether he has a sniffle and a tickle in his throat or was suffering a coronary.

For those thinking it is unfair to compare this to the Holocaust I’d say you are probably right. The scale of the Catholic abuse is likely far greater in terms of numbers, and I don’t mean to offend Jews or lessen the scale of the Holocaust in the slightest.

The size of this industrial scale child abuse by the Catholic Church, as well as other churches is too immense to contemplate. However it has impacted the lives of millions living today and is an issue that has been going on for decades and continues today as you read this. And while the Holocaust may have seen the genocide of millions I think the death toll through suicide due to clergy abuse is something we have not even begun to grasp as yet.

George Pell would not be bundled in the back of paddy-wagon and sent cattle-class back to Australia in handcuffs as he likely deserves. Instead he will suffer the indignity of a limousine ride to the airport where an Emirates First Class Suite would await his arrival with a nice glass of wine and a fresh cooked meal, then it would be a luxury suite in an Australian hotel room that is likely used by members of the Royal Family when they arrive. Nothing but the best for this protector of paedophiles.

It is my humble view that whilst the Catholic Church continues to harbour someone who is wanted before a Royal Commission regarding the worst crimes imaginable that the Catholic Church should be classed as a terrorist organisation and that anybody putting money in the collection plate should be arrested for funding terrorist organisation.

If fucking an infant is not an act of terror then I don’t know what is, and anyone protecting one of these scum may as well have had Osama Bin Laden in the spare room as far as I’m concerned.

If you are one of the misguided who think I will burn in hell for saying this, I say I’m not worried, maybe I’ll just say three Hail Mary’s in the morning.

Then again maybe not….
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21 thoughts on “God Hates A Coward – George Pell, the Vatican and the Royal Commission

  1. go Peter !! we might differ on the effectiveness of political narratives, but i’m with you 100% on this. well said.

    courage is contagious – or so says the “one man hiding out in an embassy rather than face court in relation to the alleged rape of a woman”
    … which is inaccurate
    … Assange is in the embassy to avoid extradition to the U$A for publishing a few of their dirty little secrets
    … and as for the sexual assault allegations, a little research will soon set the record straight on that issue
    … (if y’all had bothered to go look, Assange actually surrendered himself to the Swedish police before departing Sweden as he was advised that complaints were made. he was cleared and told he could leave the country and that the matter was closed … it was thereafter reopened for political purposes (on this matter your audience can go do their own research – it’s all there – or alternatively, if they cant be bothered getting informed, maybe they can accept the moniker: small minded, lazy, misinformed morons – up to them).
    … and if y’all doubt this, a quick Google search for Anna Ardin will reveal all you didn’t know and more.

    might i add one thing which i think you missed.
    … THE COMPLICITY AND ASSISTANCE OF THE NUN’S is a factor which for some strange reason nobody wants to talk about (even you Peter and you’re usually as bold as they come).
    … some of the transcripts from the Royal Comish have references to nun’s taunting the children as they deliver them to the molesting priests
    why is this OK?
    why is this ignored.

    if it were another man there would be calls for aiding and abetting a crime … unless you are a nun.
    that is crap reasoning.

    time we had full disclosure.

    Peter, thanks for the brave post … keep up the good work (and get yourself up to speed on Assange – you sound like a M$M man when you comment about him).

  2. It’s Pope FRANCIS..who is the present Pope & who seems a Beacon of Light in this sorry, worldwide mess…Pope Benedict resigned to go & study dictionaries. There is a clear parallel with Pell & Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston (ref current film Spotlight)..Law covered up abuses & moved clergy around the USA for years. After the scandals broke, he went to Rome & resides also in the Vatican..possibly brekkie now & then (Eggs Benedict anyone?) with George?
    I am long lapsed from The Fold..but feel very sad about all this..especially for older Catholics who have had their Faith so sorely tested! I am glad that my own, deeply devout Irish parents are long gone. Every night on TV saw one particular picture of a Church frontage/statue..which was Sacred Heart, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW..which my family helped build! This would have caused them great pain & disillusionment.
    I count myself very fortunate. I had a wonderful education with very forward-thinking Josephite nuns (NB!! NO APOSTROPHES PLEASE! JUST ORDINARY NUNS ON THE ROCKS!)….Looking back, I reckon THEY were the first feminists! I never experienced problems anywhere ..or at any time…or with any priests..but then I was not a “vulnerable child at risk”….without a family..& THOSE children in particular..seem to have been prime targets.
    There is no doubt that the scale of abuse revealed in Ireland contributed to the overwhelming vote for Marriage Law Reform..seen approx a year ago.
    It is easy to hate ..I am sure..especially if you were a victim. The WORST evil in all this has been the EXTENT of the cover-ups. I think the ICAC Hearings have been wonderfully conducted..& Julia Gillard should be thanked for helping to bring these about…just before leaving office. I am sure these would never have been instigated under Abbott!
    I just hope that they have helped heal a little…& ensure that such cover-ups will never occur again…Meantime…Cardinal Pell should most certainly, be SUBPOENED to appear..and let us all try & avoid BIGOTRY too.. I lived thru the RC/Prot divides of yesterday..& we don’t want to go down that road again..I tell my Muslim friends that if they think THEY’VE got it tough today…try living in a country town in the 50s & applying for a job in a firm dominated by Masons!
    Good Ole Days? …NOT!!!

  3. I picked the Francis thing up and changed it earlier, but thanks for telling me though

  4. If I could be permitted another little post like to add that this child abuse seems a terrible disease that’s infiltrated EVERYWHERE ..look at “revelations” re the Sallies, Dr Barnado’s Homes, I see the Anglicans are copping another bucket..
    The Catholic Church is predominant as … Smiths Crisps…they are the Original & Best…& due to sheer AMOUNT/ NUMBERS of institutions & clergy overall.
    I do honestly think that Pope Benedict DID make some (albeit feeble) attempts to deal with the problem. As Cardinal Ratzinger, he made CONTINUAL overtures to John Paul deal…but the (now Saint! ..go figure) Polish Pickle wouldnt have a bar of it. HE had more important priorities…like blocking any forward thinking on contraception..or slamming down the MARXIST !! “Liberation Theology” of clergy in Latin America.
    If anyone is TRULY interested in reading more of George Pell’s background…I urge them to read David Marr’s Quarterly Essay: THE PRINCE….published about 3 years ago by Griffin Press. Its not only (as always with DM) brilliantly written…it is a Total Revelation..on many levels.
    Little wonder that the Ballarat, Victoria Diocese has been up for so many (Dis) Honourable Mentions in the last year. ABC TV’s Dr Blake would have had a field day (this fine series also set in 1950s Ballarat)..

  5. You are right again, Peter. Your account is far from an exaggeration.Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states as follows:
    “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.”
    As you so clearly demonstrate, this article does not apply in this country. Pell and people like TURC Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon and casino owner James Packer are not subject to the laws that are binding on others. Heydon could decide for himself whether he was fit to continue as Royal Commissioner despite his obvious bias and his clearlt]y improper pre-commission assistance to Kathy Jackson. Packer is able to make the NSW government conform to his wishes about the size of his monstrous new casino, and so on.
    Thank you for continuing to be a powerful voice against hypocrisy, corruption and cruelty to others.

  6. You are confused. I applaud some moral high ground arguments but you have not added one tiny piece of dialogue to this serious issue.
    Such a stale diatribe is no more than attention seeking.

  7. Oh Peter I think it is time for you to take a look at my family’s 100 years of abuse at the hands of the catholic institution. Daily abuse and threats since the demise of my mum in 1983. She was the bastard child of one of the Knights of St Gregory here in Australia. I am there whipping post because I dared to speak up about the horrific lives we have led since 1916. Seeing that the movie Spotlight is very popular at the moment this is Australia’s story for a follow up movie which should be made here in Australia.

  8. Don’t forget Lord Acton’s famous comment about power corrupting was in reference to the medieval church. Nothing has changed. The church always believed civil law did not apply to them. People like Pell see themselves above hoi polloi. They don’t believe they CAN be held to account never mind should be.

  9. The Catholic Church in particular has centuries of injustice and depravity to be ashamed of and I am sorry to hear that your family was a part of their sordid history of abuse.

    I actually saw Spotlight last night and highly recommend it, a documentary I highly recommend is Deliver Us From Evil, it had steam coming out of my ears

  10. I have no dog in this fight except to confess as a child the rumors of pedophiles was thick and rife. High ranking Officials, PM RC, Baptist, Protestant, Lutheran, Coach etc they were all in like pigs in mud.Like the Grimm Reaper one never knew who their next victim would be. It seems no one was untouchable. The bad apples should be held responsible but there is no point throwing the baby out with the bath water

    PM Gallard should be lauded for the RC commission into Child abuse, No other Government in over 50Y had the balls to address the problem. We ALL knew it was happening and did nothing about it so why focus now on the RC Church and Cardinal Pell.

    This is the 21st Century. Pell need not be forced to return to give evidence and there is nothing to be gained in forcing an old ill health man to leave Italy if he doesn’t want to. Oz can’t issue an arrest warrant or send him before the ICC so deal with the hand we have let him appear by Satellite and get it over with.

  11. Thank you Peter for your reply. My story is horrific & is ongoing. My g/mother was raped by Knight of of St Gregory one of the first knighted for his work in Aust for starting the Catholic Mafia. I have all the history in a book published by the Catholic Church in Mudgee where I live. My/grandmother gave birth to my mum in Coogee (so called cared for by the Brigadine Nuns) when she was 15 and the baby sent back to Mudgee & hidden in the bush until 1937 when Pope Pius xii gave him the Knighthood. 4/5 generations of the most horrific abuse all of which is gazetted and in Royal Comm. Police Mafia trained at Guild of St Christopher covered everything up for 100 yrs next year. I would love to give you the full story which I am told is equal to or worse than the stories in Spotlight. You would have to see my thread of documents to see how the tentacles reach all over the world. It goes to judiciary, policing, politicians, big business and theft of my assets for which I fight on to retain my home. I’m wondering if I could meet you in Sydney in the near future to let you have my info as I’m told by many, many abuse victims and others that a film should be made in Oz with my story. The institution will do anything to stop me including having had 5 attempts on my life and hundreds of threats and intimidation ongoing till this very day (all hidden by Mafia Police until recent months).This morning I had to have police as my life was in danger as I was talking to my RComm Counsellor on the telephone. My over 40 point Submission on Judiciary sent to the Royal Comm would raise anyones eyebrows and will be used in future hearings. If you want more steam to come out of your ears I am very willing to give you my story all of which is completely validated by the RComm and the catholic community will do anything to stop me but at 70 yrs young and very able they will never succeed. Called on second day of private hearings at Comm in Sydney as it was so urgent and serious and many times I’ve had to leave my home as nobody can guarantee my safety. Solicitors just cringe when they hear the story as it is far too big for smaller firms and at least 6 solicitors have intimidated me to date as soon as they know who I am. Justice McClellan and his Royal Commissioners are the only hope for me and the thousands of victims of abuse at the hands of the Catholic Inst and it is ongoing every day in my case.

  12. Great to just hear on the news that Cardinal Pell wont be shirtfronting..!! The RC.
    WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED? But I feel doubly sorry for all the victims..theyre going through the whole thing all over again.
    One George now permanently lives in Rome…he wil have…at first hand..lots of time… (& no doubt, access to all the historical documents) study the lives of the Borgias. Pope Alessandro VI would be a great role model to start with..
    HOW DO THESE HYPOCRITES SLEEP AT NIGHT? And they keep wondering why the pews are empty on Sundays?
    Maintain the rage Peter…at least Wixxy tells it like it Truly Is…

    Peter…if those couple of films mentioned above had the steam accelerating…check out SILENCE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD..made about 3 years ago by the superb docomaker Alex Gibney…Its about the systematic abuse of children at Institute for THE DEAF in Wisconsin, USA.. If you think youve seen it all…just see this…& ponder…
    As Tamie Fraser once said…about Somebody Or Other..
    Lower than a Snake’s Duodenum! O well said..

  14. One in 50 catholic priests a paedophile.

    An absolutely sickening (and very likely conservative) estimate from their own leader.

    You’ve only got to see who are among Pells’ friends, supporters, most rabid disciples and followers (Abbott, Baird, Andrews, Bernadi…etc….etc) to see they have no compassion and are generally just fucked in the head.

    They need to be completely abolished or forced to have an Inquisition (complete with torture and executions………..just how they did to many innocent people for so long) inflicted upon them to weed out the scum that seems to infest them.

  15. The Vatican is full of shit; fuck all it stands for and fuck all the pells in frocks fucking gabbos ; people do not give them a cent; they fucking live off donations and think they are above the law ; die all you faggots in frocks

  16. Sinner In The Hands Of An Angry God:
    “There Is Nothing That Keeps Wicked Men At Any One Moment Out Of Hell, But The Mere Pleasure Of God.”

    Is a sinner in the hands
    Of an Angry God
    Still a sinner
    If he seeks salvation
    Or is he able to avoid
    Being condemned to Hell
    By accepting Christ
    And asking for forgiveness?

    Is a sinner in the hands
    Of an Angry God
    Graded according to
    The type of deeds done
    Or are all sinners equal
    As long as they repent
    No matter how many
    Times they sinned?

    Can a sinner in the hands
    Of an Angry God
    Avoid being tormented
    In Hell forever more
    Simply by announcing
    That they are repentant
    And telling God that they
    Are very regretful?

    Is a sinner in the hands
    Of an Angry God
    Secure in the knowledge
    That as long as they accept
    Christ into their heart
    And maintain their faith
    That they can keep on
    Sinning with immunity?

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