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Some of you out there may be surprised to see me disagreeing with a Labor Party policy.

Well, pick yourself back up off the floor, because I still think the Coalition policy is worse, and the Greens policy is, probably, a little too open.

The policies I’m talking about, are our Asylum seeker policies. It seems our major political parties are charging for the bottom of the barrel on this issue. Things are so tight, that they all want to ensure that racist vote, it may be the vote that makes the difference.

The Coaltion’s Narau “Pacific Solution” policy saw Australia condemned all over the world as a violator of human rights. And as much as Abbott and Costello, sorry, I mean Morrison, like to say it stopped the boats, it didn’t, it just re-routed them.

The Labor party ended all of that madness, and started to do the right thing here, by processing asylum seekers in Australia, but unfortunately, due to overseas events, the push factor was too great, and we saw too many boats arriving. This, with the media’s help, whipped up public fear, and more than a touch of racism.

Whilst Labor may have been trying to do the right thing, they did not allocate anywhere near enough resources to the problem. As a result of this, the detention centres have become overcrowded, and the processing of people was taking way too long. We had riots, public outcry, and a slide in opinion polls…

So, what was Labors solution? The Timor Solution, which has now become The “Malaysia Solution” which, although allowing more asylum seekers to settle here, and despite educating people whilst being processed. This policy really is not anywhere near the standard of care we come to expect from the Labor Party. The ALP is supposed to be the party who fights for the underdog, stands up for peoples rights, and treats all people equally.

In the Labor Party we have a proud history behind us. We abolished the White Australia policy, said “Sorry” to the stolen generation of indigenous Australians, we gave women the vote, and we gave women equal pay, we did these things because we believe in equality. At least we used to…

We need to lift our game, our politicians are all fighting over who can be the least human. At least that’s how it looks, arguing over children going to their parent’s funerals, what have we become?

Anyway, last time I checked, we had some adults making these policies. So maybe there is hope, a dim light at the end of a dark tunnel…

We all understand the need for a cleaner environment, and you can continue to argue over how to achieve that day in and day out, but there are people, desperate people dying. Dying whilst trying to come here, because on the whole, we are a compassionate country, you just wouldn’t know it from our politicians.

Most of the electorate, both Labor and Liberal voters want to see an end to the deaths, the people smugglers, and the racist undertone to this vile debate.

So, with that in mind, can we please try to form some sort of multi party committee to come up with a humanitarian solution? Also, in this committee, you should include some actual refugees who have settled here now, to ensure you are getting first hand information, maybe defence force people, human rights advocates, child welfare experts etc. Not just politicians.

This is an issue that is costing lives and is too important to squabble over. I am confident that members of all parties can be sensible about this and some sort of bipartisan agreement can be formed, if you all leave your ego’s and arrogance at the door.

I expect the kind of nonsense we are seeing currently, from the likes of Mr Morrison and the Liberal Party, but I am immensely disappointed in Labor’s change of direction.

Let’s show the world that we can be a nation that leads the way. Let’s lead the way on an issue that saves lives and helps out those in need. Let’s show that we can put our differences to one side for a good cause. Let’s show the spirit we all share that makes us one of the most respected nations in the world. Let’s put our heads together until we come up with something we can all be proud of, rather than just argue about.

Let’s just be human. That would be a good start.

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5 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Human…

  1. Whilst I agree with the stated goal of the post with regards the boat people, I must point out the pre-Whitlam ALP was a different mob. They created, and then perpetuated the White Australia policy for example.

  2. It saddens me the see the ignorance and arrogance of not the Australian Government but also the Australian people. When did Humanity become so selfish and so self absorbed? People just dont jump on a boat and risk their lives for the hell of it. These people are a part of the Human Race too and have the same rights just as we do and it disgusts me how they are treated, basically they have left one hell and have come to another! How does that work? How can it even be Justified? When I asked my 18yr son his opinion on this, he agreed that they should be allowed to come here and that where they are coming from must be terrible, for them to go to such lengths to get away from what hell they are living. I have never spoken to my son about this before and I have got to admit I was quite surprised by his respose. It makes me proud that he has compassion for a people that he has not only met but believes Australia should be helping them. I will leave you with something he said before he left the room, “well its not our Country either so they have the right to be here as much as we do”.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    It does however sound like your son may have had the benefit of a good mother 🙂
    It is good to hear that your son thinks this way, I certainly hope it catches on.
    Thanks Again

  4. Thanks Wixxy.

    I have always bought my children up to come up with their own opinions on different issues in society, I’ve never told them this is the way it is and thats what you have to believe, all i have ever done is given them the bigger picture of the reality with different issues and what is always portrayed in the media is one sided and they have gone off and made their own decisions. I’ve opened their eyes to the real world we live in and it sadens them too, that people can be so cruel. By the way my kids are 20, 18, 13. 11, 4 and 3. Just thought i would throw that in lol.


  5. Geez Lisa, 6 kids…. take a holiday 🙂
    The world would be a much better place if all mothers were like you

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