I will start this blog with the Oxford Dictionaries definition of Democracy.

  • system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state , typically through elected representatives: a system of parliamentary democracy
  • [count noun] a state governed under a system of democracy: a multiparty democracy
  • control of an organization or group by the majority of its members: the intended extension of industrial democracy
  • the practice or principles of social equality: demands for greater democracy


Australia as a country prides itself on being a democracy, the idea that we as a people get to have a say in the way our country is run, in one of the principles that we all hold dear, and a principle that many have fought and died for over the years.

Phrases in the above definitions such as “whole population” and “social equality”, go to the true meaning of what we all look for in our system of government. This means equal rights for all, and on matters that are considered important or controversial the public should be consulted.

We need a license to drive, or we are not allowed to, you need a degree to be a doctor, or you can’t practise, basically, you need to know how to perform a task to do it safely, or you need the relevant qualifications to be able to do a job. To be a politician in a democratic system, you should understand the concept and meanings of Democracy or hand in your resignation to whatever party was foolish enough to allow you to represent them.

With this is mind, it was I’m sad to say no surprise, to see Scott Morrisons response to the question of same sex marriage. Scott’s media release was in response to Adam Bandt’s motion which was passed in parliament yesterday, which called on MP’s to talk to their constituents regarding their views on same sex marriage.

I will quote direct from Scott Morrisons media release which can be viewed in full via this link http://j.mp/arPQdm , I will put my responses underneath each section quoted.

“The fundamental reason for my position was well summarised by our former Prime Minister, Hon John Howard AC, who stated when legislating the current definition “marriage, as we understand it in our society, is about children, raising them, providing for the survival of the species, and I think if the same status is given in our society to gay unions as are given to traditional marriage we will weaken that bedrock institution.””

Marriage is not about children Mr Morrison, as a matter of fact, children are not allowed to marry. Maybe you are suggesting that those not wishing, or unable to have children should not be allowed to marry. As for your “survival of the species” line, I hope I don’t need to draw you a picture, but gays & lesbians are not going to conceive whether they are married or not, and I seriously doubt that a same sex marriage will affect anybody else’s inclinations to having children, so I really can’t see the weakening of any “bedrock” occurring.


“Family is the most important institution in our society. Religions and cultures over centuries have held that family is optimally based on the union of a man and woman. I do not believe that tested wisdom over centuries has been overwhelmed by more contemporary arguments.”

Have you ever heard Mr Morrison, that religion has no place in matters of the state? Religion has absolutely no place in this debate whatsoever. The tested wisdom of religion over centuries though, seeing as though you dredged it up, has brought us many great things, witch hunts & burnings, the Spanish Inquisition, countless wars, and in recent times has been used as any excuse for genocide, and of course 9/11. Is this the tested wisdom you refer to?

“I appreciate that there are some in my community who hold a different view to those I have expressed on these matters. I know this because I listen to the different views that are put forward by people in my community on this matter and many other issues. I respect all of these views, however, I clearly cannot agree with all of them. I believe my responsibility is to be faithful to the principles and convictions I hold on this matter and be up front and honest with my community about the reasons for my position.”

I am glad to hear that overnight after the bill was passed, you have managed to consult with the tens of thousands in your electorate, you must have had a long busy night.

But anyway, you have sought those views of the community, respected those views, and then ignored them all because I believe my responsibility is to be faithful to the principles and convictions I hold on this matter”.

Actually Mr Morrison, your responsibility is to act as a voice for all those constituents whose opinions you say you respectfully hear, but choose to ignore.

I will grant that you must have had a sleepless night consulting with all your constituents, and therefore you may not have been of sound mind when you prepared your media release.

Given that, I see you have 3 options:

  1. Come out in favour of same sex marriages
  2. Actually consult with your community, ignoring your views, and then release a media statement reflecting your communities views
  3. Hand in your resignation, as you obviously have no understanding of what a democracy means, and therefore have no place in trying to be  a part of the running of a democracy.


To those of you who think that this is not an important issue, think again. Whether or not same sex marriage is important to you is irrelevant, the issue here is our democracy.

I have never heard a politician come out and say that his opinion was more important than that of his or her constituents, let alone put it in a media release. I can only assume that if Scott Morrison was to ever become Prime Minister, we would fast become a Dictatorship.

With these things in mind, I would ask the people of the Cook electorate, to remember how  the member you voted for held your views in such contempt, and vote him out next election.

Scott Morrison, I look forward to a rapid change of heart, or your resignation in the near future, because today you have spat in the face of democracy.

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One thought on “Dear Mr Scott Morrison

  1. Remember that the electorate of Cook’s contributions to Australian kulcha include (and are pretty-much limited to) Puberty Blues, Sylvania Waters (the TV series) and the Cronulla riots.

    It’s the sort of area where Morrison was rejected by his local branch of the Liberal Party after he was elected because his maiden speech wasn’t conservative enough.

    It’s the part of Sydney which was white enough for Pauline Hanson when she moved there briefly a few years ago.

    All in all, it’s a very conservative corner of Sydney and I suspect Morrison was just telling his voters what they want to hear.

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