There are those who think it is inappropriate for someone who runs a Strata Management company who deals with property developers for a living to also act as a Councillor.

There are also those who believe that a Mayor who is actively seeking to evict residents and shut down parks and pools for developments, is someone who should not run a strata management company.

Liberal Party Councillor and Former Mayor Len Robinson for Blacktown Council is not one of those.

Regular readers will recognise the name Len Robinson from articles I have written previously regarding attempts to close down child care centres, public pools, and informing residents of councils plans to acquire their houses. All as part of a campaign to see the development of high density dwellings of which the majority will likely need the services of a strata management company.

All part of Lenny's land grab. A sign that is in approximately 30 parks care of Len

All part of Lenny’s land grab. A sign that is in approximately 30 parks care of Len

Wixxyleaks has become aware of a number of complaints regarding the business practices of Len Robinson Strata Management in several strata developments. These complaints involve various issues that include allegations of the vast inflation of costs of goods and services without prior approval from the relevant community association. If the allegations are accurate it would appear that Mr Robinson and his firm have been running something similar to an old school protection racket, taking a hefty cut on any work being done in the community involved.

One of these communities is in Stanhope Gardens and some disturbing information has surfaced regarding the manner in which Len Robinson Strata Management has dealt with those in this community.

Many would call this a conflict of interest given Len Robinson was actually the Mayor of Blacktown Council during the time he managed this community which is part of Blacktown Council

The residents living in this community which is made up of just over 150 homes had their management through Len Robinson Strata Management as their appointed manager up until 15th August 2014, however that appointment has now expired.

Since the expiration of the compulsory management in August, Len Robinson Strata Management has continued to manage the association without an agreement. Without authorisation the company has continued to do all of the work it was doing during the period of compulsory management and has operated the trust account and paid itself from the association’s funds.

In what can be described as bullying tactics Len Robinson Strata Management (LRSM) have sought to unlawfully convene a special meeting of the Community Association for the 20th November to seek appointment for a further five years.

LRSM have no right to call such a meeting as their appointment ceased to exist on 15th August. In fact LRSM only saw fit to seek to call this meeting after engaging in questionable behaviour.

Len Robinson after becoming Mayor

Len Robinson after becoming Mayor

The executive committee met with LRSM on the 24th October and worked out a verbal agreement for a 12 month extension of the firm’s appointment. That agreement was to be sent in writing so that it could be considered by the Executive Committee prior to a notice of meeting being issued by the secretary of the association and signed off.

Instead, on the 29 October 2014, LRSM without the approval of the Executive committee or secretary, sought to convene the special meeting it would appear to push through an agreement for 5 years that bore only a vague resemblance to the agreement discussed only days earlier.

Len Robinson have about as much right to call this meeting as I have a right to call a Senate Hearing. To attempt to call such a meeting is sheer arrogance.

Below are links that show two versions of the agreement from Len Robinson Strata Management.

Notice and Agreement dated 26 August 2014

Page two shows that the version of events from Len Robinson Strata Management is a five-year appointment when only one year was being discussed.

However it is the actual agreement on page three that is the most alarming. The appointment term is once again five years however the Common Seals have been stamped on the document with no signatures at all, this is supposed to be done before a witness who would sign the document at the same time. This is a highly irregular and questionable practice.

However the top Common Seal is that of the Community Association whom LRSM no longer represented as of August 15. LRSM have absolutely no right at all to use the Common Seal for an Association they do not represent.

I hate to think how many laws or codes of conduct this violates.

The second version below also has irregularities

Notice and Agreement dated 29 October 2014

You will notice that on page one it states a five-year appointment despite the executive committee and the owners at the 23rd September meeting, only agreeing to a one year term.

On the actual agreement on page two whether it is incompetence or a trick it actually states one year on the agreement that I note is backdated to the 26th August.

The theory is that once the document is signed and it is “discovered” that the term of the appointment is different to what is in the minutes (which are incorrect) LRSM will have the authority to change it to five years and claim that is what was reflected in the minutes.

LRSM were responsible for preparing these minutes. It has been alleged that past minutes have not reflected the meetings. In layman’s terms it is referred to as attempting to slip one past the keeper.

However it is not just the bully tactics, company seals, backdated agreements, and misrepresented minutes, as I mentioned earlier there is the matter of thousands of dollars being withdrawn from the Community Associations trust account without authorisation.

Below is a link showing the expenses that have been deducted from or charged to the community through LRSM. I have marked transactions that occurred after the LRSM appointment had expired.

Trust Account Financial Transactions

What right did Len Robinson Strata Management have to take this money? In what way is this not a straight forward case of theft?

Both Len Robinson and his company were asked this amongst other questions and neither Mr Robinson nor his firm have responded.

Len Robinson in his natural habitat

Len Robinson in his natural habitat

Many I have spoken to say they believe that Len Robinson and his firm usually bully committee’s and believe they can ride roughshod over them as they usually only have limited knowledge of strata management procedures and practices. However this time it looks like Len Robinson has tried these tactics on the wrong people.

Len Robinson is a Liberal Party councillor and it seems to be a betrayal that the party that endorses Mr Robinson is asking for the communities support each election while it would appear the man they endorse is attempting to bleed the community dry.

I also note that Len Robinson Strata Management has thus far refused to hand over information regarding the community it no longer looks after, including email details of those who live in the community.

Another of the questions Mr Robinson refused to respond to was this;

“Do you or your company or the Liberal Party use the addresses, email addresses, or any information at all on any of the residents in communities your firm manages for direct mailout, email, campaigning, or any other Liberal Party purpose at all, or do you supply any residents details at all to the Liberal Party or have you ever passed this information on to any other members of the Liberal Party?”

This is just a few of the issues involving just one of the strata communities that Len Robinson has been involved with or is still involved with.

I am told that the community association is due to meet on the 5th of December to appoint a new Strata Manager, as yet there has been no decision as to who that will be.

However I’m pretty sure I can tell you who it won’t be.




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29 thoughts on “Community Spirit – Liberal Councillor and Former Mayor Len Robinson’s questionable business practices

  1. Ah, but Peter, it must be all legal and above board, it’s a liberal party man, you know they were born to rule!

  2. Was he in power in Blacktown when the AFL foisted GWS on to West Sydney there was a lot of money floating about if he was might be an interesting investgation

  3. Typical Libs, have stuffed Blacktown up since Lib council in charge. Nothing but greedy, privileged, entitled lot. The sooner they are tossed out the better.

  4. Sounds like an arrogant man who treats others like dirt. Who does he think he is and why does he keep getting away with it?

    If this is not corruption, I don’t know what is. I wonder how often he has done this.

  5. Apparently often, there are a number of residents that have complained to me about how his business operates.
    As for his actions on council, they have been nothing short of appalling

  6. As a previous owner within the strata community referred to above, I would suggest Peter that you delve a little further into the history of the association and why Len Robinson was appointed in the first place, by order of the CTTT. This is a strata community that can at best be described as dysfunctional; at worst, held to ransom by a couple of self-serving psychopaths – and I don’t use those terms lightly. I’m talking verbal abuse, threats and bullying through letterbox drops, as well as severe mismanagement of the community’s facilities and funds, and a complete disregard for the law surrounding the formation and operation of managing committees.

    I would not be using this association as a yardstick to measure Len Robinson’s so called mismanagement. In fact under their management this association has finally experienced some peace and normality for this first time in at least the last 6 or 7 years. I’m sure I know who has fed you the above information, and so I suggest you go back and check it again, and then again, before you end up with egg on your face courtesy of these absolute nitwits.

  7. This affair is now going before the Tribunal to sort out, so I will wait to see their decision.

    I observed a strata meeting myself and saw the intimidation, threats, bullying and verbal abuse that you refer to first hand however it was directed towards those you refer to, not from them.
    They were also certainly not the only people with complaints regarding Len Robinson’s busniness practices, or the only strata development.

    If you would like to check the documentation in the article again for yourself as documents don’t lie, unless you are claiming they are forgeries?

  8. Absolute tosh Peter. The tribunal removed the committee just before Christmas and appointed LRSM as manager again. The past twelve months without an EC has been fantastic it’s just a shame that the psychopaths who are doing this muck racking for their own financial gain again felt it necessary to oppose the majority rule and attempt to illegally remove the manager.

    If you want to have some proof about who is at fault read the tribunal judgement the last time this association went to CTTT.

    Even Teys lawyers walked out of the last meeting as they had been improperly appointed by the nut jobs and it was clear they weren’t going to get paid.

  9. As I said it is due to go before the tribunal again
    As the bank records show, and as the agreement shows there were withdrawals made from the account by LRSM when they were not managing the area…
    I find it odd that you are suddenly commenting from an email that has just been made up and don’t have the courage to uses your own name…
    Could it be that Lenny has bitten off more than he can chew?

  10. Peter what a wonderful article you have written and it’s nice to see that evidence supporting your article.
    Hasn’t it become a gutless society when people throw muck around and won’t put their name to it.
    After all if Incredulous and Gobsmacked could man up so to speak and print their names, then their allegations could be tested in a superior court. I am sure the people they refer to would welcome that opportunity if they have come this far and put up with so much.
    I say good on those two people for clearly standing up for what is right and holding those to account who don’t act correctly.

  11. These ‘allegations’ were already tested – at the CTTT, where the Association was deemed so dysfunctional a caretaker was appointed. I am not defending LRSM – I don’t presume to know everything about his other business dealings, however I am very much across what has happened in this particular strata community. I am simply saying I would not be using this Association as a yardstick by which to judge LRSM’s business dealings given its very colourful history.

    You do however talk about conflicts of interest in this article – I’m sure you’re probably aware that the two people I’m referring to in particular now run their own strata management company and are looking to further their business. Watch this space.

    Peter I’m not at all surprised you witnessed some form of abuse being directed at these people at a meeting – if you had put up with the rubbish the residents have had to put up with from these two people after 6 years I’d expect you’d probably do the same. Perhaps you could wade back through the several volumes of correspondence and CTTT actions that have taken place within the Association over the last 6 years and you might understand what I’m talking about – any reasonable person would.

    Carpe Diem – you haven’t used your name either. Pot calling the kettle black. When you have an entire community standing against two people – how can you reasonably think they are standing up for what is right. All ver a pool and a tennis court. Wow.

  12. How ironic that Carpe Diem’s first response is to label those who refuse to name themselves as gutless … despite not putting a name to their post !

    oh … and then to threaten legal action (thus vindicating those who do not name themselves) … how unusual (sigh) …

    Sounds remarkably like a person who thought they knew more than everyone else and started their own Strata Management business and would therefore be in direct competition with the Strata Management company you refer to in your article Peter … and who would therefore have much to gain by defaming said Strata Management Company … ahh to see the wood for the trees …

    You have been misled and the biased article you’ve drafted bears testimony to this …

  13. Hi Carpe Diem. At the meeting on 5th December a now former EC member of this community thought it OK to threaten an old fella in his 80s with physical assault for opposing the illegal committee decisions. Since Carpe Diem is probably a former member of the same EC ( I suspects a Member that has been removed by the tribunal twice for forcing a dysfunctional association).

    Don’t fancy being assaulted by psychopaths as I use the pool.

  14. Peter. As per the Act the community association must act at General meeting to remove a manager. The EC has no authority to remove them despite what the former EC thinks. This is why the tribunal acted so quickly to remove the committee – to stop it acting illegally further.

    Since LRSM a has never been removed at General Meeting they are answerable to the community. How could they have spent association funds when by law they had not been removed? If the tribunal had thought that LSRM was stealing money from the association it’s pretty clear they would have been removed rather than the EC with the history of being on the wrong side of CTTT cases. All the documentation shows was they continued to pay suppliers and invoices as they are required to do.

    This whole issue is about control. With an association over around 170 owners, a large proportion of which signed a petition against the ECs illegal actions a few weeks ago and only two nut jobs and a brother (formerly a mother) on the EC, goes to show that the ever increasing list of owners opinions are ignored because two people want to control everything.

    The two individuals have been smearing everyone over the past 7 years who have opposed them including the former strata manager. The previous strata manager was threatened with the same things as LSRM, the managers submission to the tribunal on the last case was they supported the application and wanted to get away from the sole remaining EC members constant bullying and abuse. That same EC member was legally removed from the EC now twice by the tribunal but seems incapable of learning from her mistakes and continue to act the bully.

  15. I’ve been pondering Carpe Diem’s response … and then it hit me.

    Carpe Diem must be one of the two people being referred to within these posts … who else would have reason to threaten legal action other than the person/s these ‘allegations’ are being levelled against ?

    Thus, their identity is revealed … what was it … “actions speak louder than words” ?

    I would have thought the key to strata management was the ability to build relationships and resolve problems … threatening to take legal action is a rather expensive and time consuming way to resolve issues ? Probably wouldn’t help in building up a business either ?

    I did some googling … and found the following link, I think it might be the CTTT ruling referred to above ?

  16. For what it’s worth Carpe Diem hasn’t used their name but is not claiming to be anything more than a reader.
    Yourself and others in this clearly orchestrated campaign do claim to be involved yet do not use your names, so I would say that Carpe Diem has a valid point.

    For all of your clearly biased views it is probably also worth remembering that Len Robinson had over a week to respond to the allegations yet refused to, if there is nothing in it then why not respond?

    An entire community doesn’t appear to be standing against two people? I see one sexist pig at a meeting, Len Robinson and someone who changes email address constantly to post on my site under different names, the others at the meeting I attended seemed in support of those you refer to.

    You also completely miss the fact that as a Strata management Company they are not allowed to manage the community they live in, however they no a little more about Strata Management than Len Robinson is used to from the committee’s his firm normally deals with I’d say

  17. I have re-read Carpe Diem’s comment, and while it refers to court it is certainly far from a threat of legal action…

  18. Peter I don’t think it’s fair to assume that one user is posting multiple times under a different user name just as you don’t think it is fair for others to assume that Carpe Diem is one of the two people you seem to favour so much. There are many people in the community who will disagree with you in terms of this particular case. It seems as though you are favouring your new found friends over the rest of the community as it supports your own issues with LRSRM. I assure you, Roxburgh IS NOT a good example, the community has been a very peaceful place while it has been managed externally.

    May I ask how you were given permission to attend a meeting at Roxburgh? I am assuming you attended the meeting in December as it was very heated
    If you think these two people were being targeted by the community maybe you need to step back and ask yourself “Why are so many residents so angry at these two individuals?”.

    As you would have seen at this particular meeting it was revealed that they contacted the bank and suspended Roxburgh’s bank account. They also blatantly lied to doing so while advising that the lawyers instructions were to do this. The legal advice they obtained from lawyers – that the association did not approve of mind you – did not tell them to suspend any bank account. This put the community at high risk. The state of the facilities was disgusting. Cracked glass doors, and only one way in and one way out. They had chained and padlocked all other entries. Totally unacceptable. And as you know it has been handed back over the LRSRM for a 3 month term while it is being investigated.

    I do hope NCAT sees it for what it truly is and keep the strata managers on. I don’t particularly care who manages it, but as long as the two people who seem to be the centre of all issues in the community aren’t involved I think the majority of the community will be happy.

  19. You assume incorrectly.
    I didn’t attend the December meeting, I attended another meeting hoping that Len Robinson or one of his staff would show up and respond to my queries, alas they didn’t

  20. My mistake. You still haven’t answered my original question. Why would you be attending a meeting for a community you are not a part of and how did you get permission to attend if you are not a resident? I don’t see how this is really any of your business. If you have your own issues with LRSM I suggest you meet them on their own premises in your own time.

  21. @GetYourFactsRight makes a valid point @Peter … you’ll no doubt be aware that only a Lot Owner or a Proxy may attend such a meeting.

    Directors of any Strata Management company would know this (even start-ups !)

    Did you attend a meeting when your friends were masquerading as an EC ? I say masquerading because they accuse LRSM of not having the authority to call the meeting which makes their self appointment to the EC illegal … you know, if the meeting was invalid then their appointment must be … oops, what an inconvenient truth that must be … 😉

    I’m sure if you attended a meeting whilst they were both members of this illegal EC (which coincidentally they were at the time immediately prior to the appointment of the compulsory administrator in 2013 … funny how history repeats … ) your attendance would be recorded within the minutes ?

    So … either you aren’t being truthful Peter or yet again … your friends are in breach of the Community Land Management Act for failing to keep Association records … which is it ?

    Perhaps you could advise the date of the meeting you attended so this could be cleared up ?

  22. The meeting I was present at was on the 20th November. It was a meeting that Len Robinson Strata Management had unlawfully scheduled, and had been cancelled.

    As I said, I went hoping someone from LRSM would show up and actually answer questions rather than ignore them as it was unsure whether LRSM were going to try and hold the meeting at any rate.

    We went to see if anyone would show up and several did although nobody from LRSM.

    So, it was a meeting that had been cancelled, so I would say group discussion is probably a better way of putting it. Given it was not a formal meeting there was no reason at all I couldn’t attend.

    I don’t know what self appointment you are talking about but it certainly didn’t happen at the discussion I was at.

    You like to make a lot of assumptions don’t you? I guess you have to when you have none of the facts….

  23. Peter … on January 10 you stated “I observed a strata meeting myself and saw the intimidation, threats, bullying and verbal abuse that you refer to first hand …”

    … You now tell us that you attended no such meeting ? At any rate, if the meeting had gone ahead, you would not have been entitled to be there … so why turn up (despite your friend’s invitation) ?

    And as it turns out, all you ‘witnessed’ was several people having a group discussion ?

    I fail to see how you can assert it’s representative of the Association, or LRSM, when your two friends were allegedly abused at a ‘gathering’ … Perhaps if your friends hadn’t made life hell within the Association for the last 8 years they wouldn’t get abused ?

    Perhaps you could explain Peter … how an Executive Committee could be legally formed (your two friends, both of whom are DIRECTORS of a competing Strata Management Company appointed themselves as Office Bearers to this ‘EC’ …) at a meeting THEY claim LRSM had no authority to convene ?

    Clearly if LRSM had no authority to convene the meeting at which they elected themselves to the Committee, the EC your two DIRECTOR friends formed was invalid … What an inconvenient truth that must be !

    I assume you will also try and tell me that one of your two DIRECTOR friends, in what can only be described as complete and utter negligence, didn’t have the Association Trust Account frozen … or the Association Insurance revoked …

    But you know, I have none of the facts right ?

  24. I think it’s also worth noting Peter that if in fact this EC was illegally formed … it would indeed be the second time that your two friends have formed an illegal EC … they tried that trick prior to the Association being appointed a Compulsory Administrator …

    Something like six of the seven EC members resigned, leaving one of your friends the only EC member remaining … so she decided to simply appoint the other Director of her company, her Mother and her neighbour to the EC … thus completely ignoring the Community Land Management Act in the process …

    Funnily enough, these Directors claim in their advertising material that they focus on ensuring compliance with Government legislation …

    Apparently this legislation doesn’t apply to them as Directors of a Strata Management Company … or as an Office Bearer of an Executive Committee … or as an Executive Committee Member.

    Carpe Diem’s been quiet lately ?

  25. Cat got your tongue Peter … or are you simply awaiting instructions from your new found friends ?

    Surely an investigative journalist such as yourself would be able to get to the bottom of these issues …

  26. Peter said “This affair is now going before the Tribunal to sort out, so I will wait to see their decision.”

    Hey Peter. I guess we are ready for the apology for your failure to check your facts. The Tribunal appointed LRSM for another year as compulsory management and your “Informants” copped some very real criticism for failing acting professionally and causing an association to become dysfunctional.

    Your “informants” even requested to withdraw their submission that the association was dysfunctional at the hands of LRSM. So much for the ‘evidence’ they gave to you if they wont even back it at a tribunal.

    The best bit was your sources came lawyered up and still lost where as the Community just had owners. Must have cost around $2,500 in legal fees for them.

    A verdict came in immediately at the conclusion of the 6 hour grilling of your ‘informants’ hearing with no further deliberation required. Open and Shut on the same day – pretty rare for the tribunal to do that I understand.

    By the way that particular Association has had its Office Bearers Insurance revoked by its insurers over the actions of the now former EC – you know – your ‘informants’. It seems they were so grossly negligent in their behaviour the Insurers don’t want to take the risk of having to cover future legal costs.

    So who exactly buggered up the association? LRSM or the self serving psychopaths who have for nearly eight years held the association to ransom and caused the association to be under compulsory tribunal ordered administration?

  27. Forgot to mention in the last post.

    There were a large number of submissions to the Tribunal from owners in the association but no-one other than the your informant submitted anything suggesting that LRSM had done anything other than an excellent job during their term.

    This fact was hi-lighted by the tribunal member who wanted your ‘informant’ to understand that he stood very much alone in his criticisms.

  28. Hey Peter, looks like Incredulous beat me to it … I’ve read the recent decision by NCAT where it makes some interesting points about those one can only assume to be your informants …

    It states (and is now a matter of public record) the following:

    “Mr Mitchell (chairperson) and Ms P Abela (secretary) are proprietors and licensees of their own strata management company (Key Strata Management Pty Ltd) and it is a matter of some concern that they chose to embark on a course of action which resulted in the funds of the scheme being frozen by the bank and points being taken at meetings which sought to exclude an option of reappointing Len Robinson Strata and Community Management P/L as an alternative to be managing agent selected by Mr Mitchell”.

    Further, “The matter has now been brought under control following the interim appointment of the previous strata managers but that, in my view could hardly be described as an appropriate course to simply allow an executive committee which also included Mr Mitchell and Ms Abela to continue to operate without any further supervision or support.”

    “The validity of earlier meetings were put into issue by Mr Bacon on behalf of Mr Mitchell and similar claims could properly be made against the meeting in which an executive committee was appointed.”

    WOW ! Do you understand the gravity of NCAT’s decision Peter … NCAT have described it as inappropriate to allow the licensees of Key Strata Management, to form part of an Executive Committee that is unsupervised and is concerned by the actions these same licensees took in managing the Association, (including their attempts to exclude their competitors) AND that the Executive Committee these same licensees formed was not formed at a validly convened meeting …

    That is an absolutely extraordinary ruling Peter and makes a complete mockery of the claims perpetuated within your article …

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