There is a strange and surreal mood across the country at the moment. A kind of “expect the unexpected” feeling is in the air.

The fear of terrorism is being whipped up on one side and hosed down by those who think eats all a beat up for political reasons.

We have massive terrorism raids that involve over 800 police across two states and yet result in only one person charged. We have a sword recovered in those raids and paraded around like it was the sword that was doing all the beheading in Martin Place that never happened. It was a sword that looked just like any sword you used to be able to purchase at the markets or many tobacconists not that long ago, however this one was plastic. Although the fact that it was a plastic sword didn’t get anywhere near the media exposure as when it going to be beheading us infidels for YouTube.

The plastic sword of great insignificance

The plastic sword of great insignificance

We have the ongoing burqa debate about headwear that is not even a burqa but is in fact a niqab. Something that the Liberal propagandists want us to see as a security threat because of the struggle to identify people with their face partially covered, much like their campaign on banning men with beards wearing hats or sunglasses. Something brilliantly made a mockery of by Sean Micallef on the Mad As Hell programme.

Then we have the debate that raged over the blue singlet/T Shirt that Woolworths claimed to have received in error and then pulled off the shelves promptly when it caused offence.

The singlet pictured below as  T Shirt was defended by the usual brigade of shock-jocks and columnists who can normally be found screaming “Ban The Burqa” from the highest mountain top. These people spoke out passionately about Woolworths right to stock the singlet however weren’t so keen on Woolworths right to pull it from the shelves after receiving complaints.

The T Shirt only a dummy would wear

The T Shirt only a dummy would wear

Yes there is nothing illegal about the offending garment and it can be legally stocked by whichever retailer wishes to carry it. However I wonder if there would be the same debate if the garment had a different slogan under it, another slogan that is also legal, one that appeals to the same demographic, and one that any retailer is allowed to stock on the shelves. If the slogan under the flag had said “F**k Off We’re Full” under the Australian flag would the same people be saying it’s not offensive, as bumper stickers these slogans for bogans are often found stuck on the back window of the same ute.

Perhaps in future we should ensure that T Shirts and singlets that bear slogans many consider racist should also have the Halal Certification on them so that the right wingers won’t mind when they are pulled from the shelves.

With all of this going on, another blast from the past re-emerged in the news last week.

Jackie Kelly a former Minister with the Howard government has quit the Liberal Party in apparent disgust.

Apparently what had occurred to the rest of the world years ago only just dawned on Jackie and that is that the Party is being run by lobbyists. Obviously disgruntled at the Liberal Party State Executive in NSW Jackie has seemingly decided to throw in the towel.

Jackie Kelly

Jackie Kelly

However many have questioned whether she plans to run as an independent in the upcoming NSW election considering she failed in her bid last time around to become the State candidate for the Liberal Party.

However to me the news is not that she is quitting the Liberal Party, it is why the Liberals have chosen to keep her on as a member and even consider her for a candidate’s position anywhere.

Most people wouldn’t remember Kelly as she was quite forgettable as a politician, but they may remember what she is most famous for.

The last time Jackie Kelly had something to do with an election was the Federal campaign of 2007 which the Liberals lost after a massively damaging letterbox campaign by their team designed to put racism front and centre of the local debate.

Below is a picture of the flyer that was put into letter boxes in her electorate.


It became obvious where the flyers were coming from when Jackie Kelly’s husband was photographed distributing the flyers.

Kelly tied to portray the act as a “Chaser-style prank” however there were no punch-lines and it was quite clear that Kelly’s husband did not like the fact that he was caught making it less likely to be a joke.

In one part of the flyer which was designed to look like it came from an Islamic group, it states;

“We gratefully acknowledge Labors support to forgive our Muslim brothers who have been unjustly sentenced to death for the Bali bombings”

The thought of someone re-entering politics who would think to put this out in the public domain is frightening, and although the husband took the fall and Kelly claims she had nothing to do with it, that would appear to be just another case of Kelly assuming the public are stupid. However it was her stupidity, racism, and willingness to incite hatred for political gain that was on display in this case.

When faced with her own stupidity after Kelly’s husband and other members of her campaign team were caught distributing the flyers, she blamed the Labor members who after hearing complaints from residents sought out the letterbox distribution team. Kelly criticised her captors saying;

“An ALP goon squad, which I understand was led by some unionists, have chased down and hunted down and tried to intimidate….”

The goon squad Jackie were the ones doing the drop, and the flyers distributed were designed to intimidate local Muslims by whipping up hatred locally with lies. Fancy having the arrogance to try to blame those who caught her, like a thief trying to blame police when arrested.

Gary Clark, Jackie Kelly's husband doesn't ;look amused when caught letterboxing

Gary Clark, Jackie Kelly’s husband doesn’t look so amused when caught letterboxing

Kelly went on to describe the event as reported in Fairfax as

“Skylarking after a few beers”

I don’t agree at all,

I would have thought that after the artwork was done for the flyer, or perhaps after it was sent to the printer, maybe even after the printing had been done and the flyers picked up, or by the time the letterbox dropping team had been phoned and organised, and certainly by the time they had started walking around that the effect of those few beers might have worn off.

This appears to me to be the work of someone keen to whip up racial tensions, but not only that someone who is willing to use the tragic deaths of 202 people including 88 Australians from a terrorist act to smear their opponent using utter lies.

I can think of nothing more offensive for an Australian politician to do than abusing the memories off 88 murdered Australians be seeking to take advantage of their deaths. To me this is no different to a terrorist seeking to take advantage of their deaths.

However the Liberal party were still happy to have her as a member.

Call me a cynic, however with a State election coming up and Abbott doing nothing to impress, the cost of living going up, Joe Hockey seeking to punish those in the Western Suburbs with his unfair budget, a trail of Liberal MP’s going in and out of ICAC before standing down no Liberal in Sydney’s West would be feeling overly confident. Now if Jackie Kelly runs as an independent it will make things interesting.

I guess her preference flow will be the real test.



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7 thoughts on “Calling It Quits – The politics of racism and Jackie Kelly resigns from the Liberal Party

  1. Don’t forget it was Kelly who advised Howard to turn away refugees because their arrival was killing her in her bid for the seat.

  2. Not quite accurate. Jackie Kelly didn’t lose an election, she resigned from parliament. Her husband was campaigning for the Liberal candidate, Karen Chijoff, when he got caught (along with the then husband of Karen Chijoff) for distributing bogus leaflets. Jackie Kelly was a disaster for this electorate (Lindsay) as is the current LNP member, Fiona Scott….…/2007/11/22/1195321933711.html

  3. Yep thanks for that, I corrected that part.
    Fiona Scott is a waste of space, how she got in I don’t know…

  4. I agree Peter, all I can put it down too are the blind sheep that live in this electorate, especially after she blamed the “illegal” boat people for traffic jams on the M4. We lost David Bradbury for this moron, at least he cared about this electorate and this country. We also got the NBN under him and Labor, something that Fiona Scott is against if her performance in parliament is anything to go by……

  5. Jackie Kelly caused a huge amount of problems in Western Sydney, which she gleefully managed to deflect from herself…so glad they got caught out with the pamphlet scandal. Inciting racial hatred in Western Sydney and encouraging ‘class’ hatred and mistrust towards Western Sydney from outside was the desired outcome, which unfortunately was quite successful.

  6. Theres an even bigger irony of that plastic sword. Its a pretty standard symbol for Shi’ia, like the cross is for christians. Uh, I think it represents mohammed passing the keys of the church to his disciples or something. Now think about that for a second. The people they arrested where bloody Shi’ia. Just think about it. Can you name a single terrorist group *ever* who where Shi’ia? Theres only one. Hesbollah. Hesbollah, by the way, are the only foreign force in Syria with men on the ground fighting against ISIS. If theres one thing that unites most Suni terrorist groups (Al Quaida, ISIS, Boko Haram, etc etc etc etc), and thats “death to the Shi’ia infidel”. Whatever the people they arrested where, they where NOT going to Syria to join ISIS!!!!!!

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