I decided to repost this blog, as there has been considerable talk on the subject after “Go Back To Where You Came From” aired on SBS. I have corrected some of my dodgy grammar in a bid to seem less bogan-like, and changed some of the text slightly in parts.

At the time I wrote it, I was quite angry. Re-reading it now, I’m a little ashamed at the tone towards the end, as bogans are still people. Most can’t help the way they are. Most are products of their environment, influenced by family and friends, so hating them is not dissimilar to hating people of another race or culture.

I feel somewhat for these people, as I think a lot of their attitude is defensive in nature, and stems from poor education, and the stigma that creates. At the same time however, I am repulsed by them, as their attitudes reflect a truly disturbing and ugly side of Australian culture.

The only way this hatred will be addressed is through education. Maybe there should be something added into the school curriculum that teaches that racism is ugly, it could easily fit into the History curriculum, what harm could it do to try?

Anyway, I hope you like the blog…

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A strange event seems to be taking place in my area, and in fact across a large portion of Sydney.

Now, one look at me will tell anybody with any delusions, that I am in fact, quite blind when it comes to the world of fashion. However there is a trend spreading that has even caught my attention.

Part of this trend I speak of, is a hairstyle (a term I use loosely), that I thought was from a time long ago. A time we were trying desperately to forget. I am speaking of the “Rats Tail” and its return is as unwelcome as the return of the mullet, which is also starting to creep back in.

The scary thing is that my local shopping centre isn’t buried in the heart of the Western Suburbs as you might expect from what I just told you. In fact, my job has me travelling all over NSW and the country and this is a trend that appears to be spreading like a virus.

The people I speak of are the Bogans, or Rednecks, and can, for the uneducated, usually be detected by their strange smell (a peculiar mix of sweat, dirt and Brut33) or their complete lack of style, intelligence, or apparently self respect.

The reason I bring this up is this. I was doing my best to achieve some level of fitness by going for a cycle ride, when whilst travelling down a hill at a terrifying speed, I saw a SS Commodore with a female driver, at the cross street at the bottom of the hill.

I only caught a brief glimpse of the girl driving, and I’m not saying she looked rough, but a gypsy’s dog would think twice before trying to hump her leg…

Anyhow, she thought that before I passed her she would pretend to be going to pull out in front of me. Just to see if I’d shit my shorts presumably. Alas I didn’t. Therefore, not content to let me off she decided to turn in the direction I was heading and rev the crap out of the motor as she passed, hoping this time she might have the desired effect. Alas another failure to notch up on her wall of shame.

I am sure you have all witnessed similar behaviour, usually from Bogans in Commodores or Falcons, and more often than not, utes.

If you were to ask one of these creatures, as I have, why they always drive a Holden or Ford, the response is usually the same “’cause it’s a farkin’ Aussie car mate”.

If there is by chance a bogan reading this, I have two words for you. “Big, Fucking, Mac”, your cars are about as Australian as a McDonalds burger, they may well be made here, but they are as Amercian as KFC. A quick goggle check will confirm that General Motors and Ford are American companies.

Another thing about the bogan ute, or car, is that it is usually decorated with a Southern Cross sticker, and another sticker that will usually say something like “Australia – Love It Or Leave It”, or “We’re Full – Fuck Off”.

Here is some news dipshits, last I checked, Australia is a multicultural nation. Always has been. Always will be. So in your words “love it or leave it”…, so guess you will be leaving then, shame…

If you’re not sure where to go, my only suggestion would be far away… the future of our nation would likely be brighter without your genes dog paddling in our gene pool at any rate.

Anyhow, I don’t know if I’ve been running around blind for several years, as this scary trend seems to have crept up on us. It came to our attention around the time of the Cronulla Riots, where the Australian flag and Southern Cross first became symbols of both hatred and stupidity. Every bogan in Sydney it seemed, converged on one suburb, in the centre of Scott Morrisons electorate, to do, what in their minds was probably “Standing Up For Australia”. Fired up by the words of shock jock Alan Jones, and some nasty chain text messages.

Meanwhile, those of us who choose to use more than 1% of our brain, hung our heads in shame. Australians were touted as a bunch of racist rednecks in the world’s media, and the flag and symbols of our country were being used as symbols of hatred and fear. A flag and symbols that our ancestors fought and died to protect, and our current armed forces continue to fight and die for.

I don’t know how, and if, any of this can be fixed now, as the horse seems to have well and truly bolted, however one thing I do know is that this sort of behaviour should not be encouraged, Certainly not by the leader of a major political party. But slogans like “Stop The Boats”, and “Peaceful Invasion” are doing nobody any favours, only justifying the mindset of a group of racist morons. Sure they are a voting demographic, but not one to pander to.

Anyway, enough of my whinging, I would like to do my little bit to help, as what these people obviously need is an education. So here’s a bit of a start for all you Bogans out there. A few simple points to repeat and memorise.

General Motors Holden and Ford are American companies.

There are many brands of beer not just VB.

Cousins are relatives, not sex partners.

Rats tails belong just above a rats arse, not on your head.

Our race was the first to arrive in Australia by boat.

Hope that information helps you.


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Also, please remember if you are buying anything online to check the Charity Shop via the link below. It is not like Vinnies, and when purchases are made via the site, the companies donate to charity. There are stores like Dick Smith, Vodafone, Flight Centre, even iTunes if you are buying music.

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One thought on “Bogans Revisited

  1. Interesting blog abot bogans. Im assuming this is somewhat tongue in cheek? I’m not a bogan lover but at
    least with a bogan you know where they stand…..I’m more worried about those middle class “snobs” who actually have the education and the opportunity to think outside the square but refuse to because they are too crippled by fear of the unknown. Classic line from some very middle class friends… “I’m not rascist but I just don’t want them in my area as they’ll bring the home
    Values down”….lets face it, who is it that votes for mr
    Stop the boats abbott and mr cut public servant wages
    ofarrell? Not the traditional “bogan” areas but the middle
    Class, conservatives. Long live the bogan!

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