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Help Crowd Fund The Jacksonville Book Here

With the truth finally out about Kathy Jackson, its time for the collective masturbation to begin.

Here’s a bucket of cold water…

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that the HSU Jacksonville saga has been a significant part of my life, impacting it in virtually every aspect.

Those of you who have been following my coverage would know I’m not real big on holding back on my opinions.

With that in mind I have been biting my lip since the Kathy Jackson situation spontaneously combusted. This occurred after her Federal Court case that she had succeeded in delaying for over twelve months finally handed down its decision.

Now it’s time to vent a bit.

I have been writing on the allegations against Kathy Jackson and her faction of the HSU for years, many of the matters I raised were matters before the Federal Court and make up the approximately $1.4 Million that the Court has ordered her pay back to the HSU members.

Holy Shit, not a book as well....

Bloody hell, I still have the criminal case to look forward to….

Clearly there has been a gaping hole in the investigative directions of the mainstream media, and after the Federal Court case concluded there has been an online backlash against them via social media, something that is completely justified.

However, whilst I’m not usually quick to jump to the defense of the mainstream media, it is wrong to tar the entire mainstream with the same brush.

There are many who have been aware of the evidence against Jackson, and many that I assume haven’t. Those that were aware, some of from whom I have had threats of legal action, chose to be selectively blind and it is entirely reasonable to question their motives given the money involved and the political nature of the case.

There have been some in the mainstream however that have gone the extra mile to ensure this story came to light, albeit some earlier than others.

Simon Cullen from the ABC fought incredibly hard with editors and legal departments to be the first in the mainstream to really put out an alternative point of view on Jackson’s involvement all the way back in 2012, years ahead of the rest of the MSM.

Nick McKenzie, Ben Schneiders, Richard Baker and Royce Miller blew the lid on the NHDA Peter Mac slush fund that had appeared in union bank statements published here the previous year. This would not have happened without the resources of Fairfax, and perhaps should be seen as a sign of the quality of investigative journalist they should have had on the HSU matter from the start.

Over at News Ltd Brad Norington at the Australian was also exposing many aspects of Jackson’s involvement and in particular the role that the Abbott appointed Michael Lawler was playing in the background. Since leaving the Australian Brad’s fantastic work has been picked up and run with by Pamela Williams who is doing some excellent work.

The work done by myself and David Donovan has also been acknowledged on social media by MSM members such as Latika Bourke and Jonathon Swan amongst several others.

Also cannot go without mentioning the absolutely wonderful Wendy Harmer, who contacted me to write an alternative point of view on Craig Thomson’s parliamentary address for The Hoopla. Harmer had the courage and foresight to stick her neck well and truly out whilst many others were branding us nutters and conspiracy theorists. To this day Wendy has been an absolute rock, and her support and friendship is something I treasure, I’m sure others who know her will agree.

Now that the Federal Court decision has been handed down and the public is aware of the criminal investigation into the allegations of fraud and criminal conduct it would seem everyone has now picked their side.

What I find hypocritical and disappointing in the extreme is the temptation for many in the “independent media” to leap on the bandwagon that has clearly proven too hard to resist.

I want to make it clear that whilst the MSM may have been slack in picking up the matter and following the evidence, there was also a gaping hole in the “independent media”.

Kathy Jackson explains "authorised" expenditure to Craig Thomson

Out comes the pot and kettle again…  “Independent media” accuses MSM of ignoring allegations against Kathy Jackson

Those who actually did the hard yards can be counted on one hand. They would be myself, David Donovan (Editor of Independent Australia), and Andrew Landeryou (Former Editor Vex News).

I’m sorry, but that does not make up the “independent media”, it covers three online publishers.

The “independent media” did not battle threats, lawyers, and have their lives twisted, contorted, and turned inside out. The “independent media” were not subject to smear and personal attacks as we were for years. We have paid the price mentally, emotionally, and financially.

This however has not stopped some within this “independent media” crowing about the success of the “independent media” and the failing of the MSM.

It is interesting to note that there have been more from the MSM that have reported on allegations against Jackson than there have been members of the “independent media”. Many of those by patting themselves on the back for watching from the sidelines actually show they were aware of what was going on and failed to report on it.

There is an argument that the “independent media” does not have the resources, however neither do I or IA. There is also a defense that whilst we were writing about it that they didn’t think they needed to, however that defence apparently doesn’t extend to the MSM.

The Jackson matter shows a failure of the “independent media” as much as it shows a failure of the MSM, perhaps even more so given the claimed awareness of some members of it.

I also want to make it clear that this criticism is not directed at those who have shared and retweeted our articles or commented on our sites, I can assure you that the support of the public has been the lifeblood in our veins and has been what kept us going all these years. It is also not directed at everyone in the “independent media”, some of whom have been extremely supportive.

For those of you in the “independent media’ who have risked nothing and yet claimed all, I hope you take a long hard look at yourselves.

To those who think I’m biting the hand that feeds I say this. I call it as I see it and have no hesitation in attacking those who many would assume I am aligned with, as I have shown with my articles on Labor Party factionalism and corruption. The other thing I would point out is that I haven’t had anyone feed me since I was two years old. I can feed myself thank you very much.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the so-called fifth estate plays a vital role in the make up of the Australian media, and I also believe that they perform that role magnificently on a shoestring.

However, it is important also that those in the fifth-estate understand that you can’t serve two masters. Credibility and truth are not always on the same side initially and attempting to have a finger in both pies doesn’t always work, sometimes you have to make a choice and stand by it.

That is what should set us apart.


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7 thoughts on “AEnima – Circle jerking & collective backslapping for credibility

  1. Very fair call, Peter. Crony capitalism and the erosion of democracy in the ‘first’ world could not have got this far without the complicity and cheering of the MSM. I have often been at the point of tearing my hair out over the coverage of the Thomson/Jackson and Slipper affairs, so can only imagine the stress you have been under – not only the time it would have taken to investigate so thoroughly but where to find the courage to push on despite everything. As you mention, some of us have taken every opportunity to spread the word via sending links and putting in a word in the comments sections of on-line blogs and papers. I really look forward to your book – all my family will get a copy, and I trust my modest financial contribution will be matched (and more) by enough supporters of you personally and of truth and justice generally, to make it a success. Congratulations, and hang in there. You’re a hero.

  2. I totally agree with your summation of the events to date and appreciate you giving credit to those few who have really earned it.

    It’s been said that “context is everything” and it seemed for a long time that the “Independent Media” were focussed too heavily on Thomson and missed highlighting the Jackson factor strongly enough.

    They were blindly following the same script as set by the MSM (“get Thomson!”) instead of establishing their own narrative, although both stories were intertwined.

    Now that part of the story finally has a life of it’s own and will be interesting to see where it may lead.

    As various stones are overturned, perhaps the Ashby/Slipper saga may yet get a reboot.

  3. Peter, Once again I will take the opportunity to say how much I have admired your writing, your dedication and persistence. Having spent a fair amount of time on various projects of a political nature myself, I know how time consuming it is to actually get to writing the details. Putting the story together and assembling intelligence about the people involved is extremely difficult. Expecially when you have Zero resources. Where you would like to follow up a company search(s) its very difficult because of lack of funds. For the want of $50 you may be able to join some very important dots.

    Then there is the legal stuff. Can I publish this or that? Is it true or just a rumour? many many difficulties there too with Zero finance again reliance on Free legal advice is a must.

    I know you know all of these and more, but I just thought I would put into perspective the enormous job that you have done with this story for other readers of the comments section.

    As well as the investigative stuff and your skills there, it is also important to point out how courageous you have been during the Journey. The attacks on Craig Thomson were full force and yet you pointed out where the ruthless attacks were without foundation. Facing hostility and ridicule from some of the most vitriolic of Political operators.

    And at the end of it all you are gracious to the people in the media who helped you and you name them, yet also gracious in not naming the people who have written about the journey, claiming a scoop at your expense from the “independent” media.

    You, along with the help of David Donovan and Independent Australia really epitomise what “real” journalism is all about.

    Well done Peter.

  4. Thanks so much Vince, let’s not also forget your fantastic input also mate

  5. Please Mr Website owner, Refrain from saying or writing anything that may prejudice a trial that eventuates in these matters.If there is a criminal conviction, afterwards you may say what you please, dependent on a verdict of course.

  6. I think you have done an amazing job considering the adversity you faced. I have followed all your stories from the start and have shared them far and wide. Congratulations on your bravery, you are obviously a very strong person to continue in the face of such criticism and threats.
    Thank you for your great work exposing this terrible person and her lies.
    Isabelle Dabrowski

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