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It was a good weekend in Sydney. The sun was out, it wasn’t quite as cold as it has been, and then the Sunday paper arrived. It all went rapidly pear shaped from there…

After 2 weeks of anger, protests, and pleading with the O’Farrell Liberal govt in NSW, the article on page 9 of the Sunday Telegraph got right under my skin. As I’m sure it did for thousands of other citizens of this state. Citizens who have been misled, and had their faces spat in, by what is probably the worst government seen in Australia since the days of Jeff Kennett.

For those of you who have been living in a cave, Workchoices is not “Dead, Buried, and Cremated” as Tony Abbott assured us numerous times. Here in NSW under O’Farrell, it has been given a new lease on life.

Thousands of people have been bringing the city to a standstill over the last fortnight ,to protest this ridiculous legislation. This legislation affects all those that we rely on, emergency services, nurses, teachers etc The police were luckily thrown a lifeline by the Shooters and Fishers Party, but they are still protesting at any rate, as they realise this legislation is immoral and obscene, and had it not been for some wheeling and dealing, the Liberals would have hung them out to dry also.

Mr O’Farrell, when asked by the press, what he had to say to all of the protesters he had dodged, explained. This Workchoices legislation would affect him, and his govt the same as all of the other public servants who were protesting. It really was the only possible spin he could put on the unfolding crisis. As it turned out, it was utter crap.

Imagine how all those people who protested in the freezing cold, and in the rain, must have felt when they saw the headline on page 9 of the Telegraph yesterday “Liberal Cash Splash On MP’s”. Here was Big Bad Barry, splashing the cash out to his own crew, before pushing the legislation through. The word “Hypocrite” is not strong enough to describe his callous actions.

It seems, that in a further bid to end the waste, and cut back on spending, Barry O’Farrell has taken it upon himself to give out extra cash to a record number of MP’s. The only things he forgot were his red suit and reindeer.

Parliamentary Secretary positions, and new committee chairmen, are being created willy nilly… it’s Christmas come early in the NSW Liberal Party. Every Liberal member gets a present. But unfortunately, for those protesting outside his office in the cold and rain, Christmas is looking decidedly bleak.

Below is a link to the article that spits in the face of our nurses, teachers, firefighters and countless others…


Then, as I continued to flick through, I saw something just a few pages later that made me laugh out loud. I probably shouldn’t have laughed, but it was just so ridiculous I had to. The ironic nature of the article, considering what I’d just read was just incredible.

One of these new parliamentary secretaries, just given a huge pay rise, a 20% rise in fact, was a man called Ray Williams. There, just a few pages after the “Cash Splash” story, was a one third page article on Ray’s bold new plans to fix Western Sydney.

So, what are these plans for Western Sydney that Ray has in mind? Does it include Hospitals, roads, railways, schools, services, infrastructure of any sort?

Alas not… Ray’s big plan is to sack the “Fat Cats”. That’s it, nothing else. A 20% taxpayer funded pay rise, and parliamentary secretary promotion well earned.

Whilst that does sound like an extremely well thought out plan Ray, full of flair, imagination and style, I think that the people of Western Sydney are hoping for just a little bit more. Things like facts, direction, and vision go a long way Ray. Maybe some thoughts on services and infrastructure for the hundreds of thousands your govt is hoping to house out in the West. But what would I know? Sacking some Fat Cat’s is probably better…..

OK then, back to Rays plump pussy plan…. Nowhere does he give any hint as to who these mysterious “Fat Cat” creatures may be. I have my doubts as to whether he has a clue himself.

But what the hell, Ray’s alleged plan was something to talk about over a third of a page. Too bad it was an article devoid of any real content at all, although, at least it presented a nice picture opportunity… It must have been the slowest of news days.

Below is a link to the article. If you ever need a lesson in how to fill an article with nothing but hot air and hollow words, look no further.


Ray explains that he doesn’t know what these overpaid bureaucrats do between 8 30am and 5pm.

Well, I’d like to help Ray out a little bit here, by telling him what some of them do. Plus, in the spirit of goodwill, I’ll even offer him a suggestion for the first “Fat Cat” head on a plate he should serve up.

Ray, I believe what some of these over paid “Fat Cat” bureaucrats do, during their working day, is give interviews to the Sunday Telegraph, and maybe even talk themselves up on 2UE. They also ignore the protesters outside their parliamentary offices, whilst negotiating their new pay rise at the taxpayers expense.

Ray, if you want to know what these “Fat Cats” look like, take a look in the mirror. If you want to know what they do all day, check your diary.

However Ray, I agree that there are some overpaid “Fat Cats” that do need to be sacked.

I’d start with Nick Greiner. He would be at the top of my “Fat Cat” list. After all, he’s the head bureaucrat over there at Infrastructure New South Wales. You remember him Ray? He is the one who’s “independent” advice you are relying on to strip Western Sydney of the vital infrastructure it was to be receiving before we foolishly elected a Liberal govt.

Maybe you should stick to trying to break up the RTA Ray, how is that going at any rate?

The voters in this state will remember these things at the next election, of that you can be sure. We are learning valuable lessons daily about this sorry excuse for a government.

One of the most important things we have discovered is the one this O’Farrell govt definitely have got, and that is the hide of an elephant…

Oh, and by the way, if you see any of these Plump Pussies running around our Western Suburbs, please let Ray know. He can be contacted on this number


Thank You

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