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Australia is a multicultural country.

Some may choose to remain ignorant of that fact, but that makes it no less true.

We have been a multicultural country ever since the white man invaded it and decided to stay uninvited. The indigenous population we stole it from have in many ways not so much accepted our decision to take over, as they have resigned themselves to the idea. For doing us this favour we have discriminated against them for a couple of centuries and counting.

We have come a long way in the last few decades and have on the whole become a country that has embraced acceptance and the benefits that multiculturalism brings with it. Food is an obvious one, but there are many other areas such as art, fashion, architecture, as well as in many areas of business amongst countless other things.

Unfortunately there are some who fail to appreciate these things and instead throw up a wall of anger to hide their fear.

What that fear is based on is anyone’s guess. If could be they were picked on as a kid, it could be they are so miserable in their own lives the only way they can feel better about themselves is to succeed in making someone else feel bad, it could be that they are pathetic weak souls who only feel any strength in a pack.

Whatever it is, these people who have such a proclaimed love of our country that they will turn up in droves to protest against migration and anything associated with Islam are clearly misguided about about one essential element of our country, our multiculturalism. As they march wearing the Australian flag as a bandanna, a cape, a nappy, or a sarong, or same waving it above their head like it’s a battle flag, I wonder if they realise is has a foreign flag in its top left corner.

“Australia. Love It Or Leave It”

These are the words on their lips, their T Shirts, and on the back of their cars and utes. Yet watching an angry mob of people protesting Australia’s long standing immigration policies, and freedom of religion policies, pardon me if I don’t feel the love.

Not quite sure what they are trying to reclaim here...

Not quite sure what they are trying to reclaim here…

In fact love seems the furthest thing from what is left of these people’s minds, I would argue it is more about hatred, and the fact that so many of these marches end up turning violent seems to back my view.

It is clear that these rednecks, bigots and racists hate and despise what it is to be Australian, and fail to see the idiotic irony in their movements that could be described as bowel movements given that they show so clearly the substance their follower’s brains are made of.

However, I have a radical solution. More like a dream if I’m completely honest

Let’s swap these people who hate our moral values so much for some of those who may be keen to embrace it.

There are millions of desperate people fleeing Syria who would love to have the opportunity to embrace our way of life.

Swapping these desperate families for the racist mob would serve a number of purposes.

  • The bogans would be given a chance to fight those they hate
  • It would also take a decent number off the dole and unemployment figures giving the budget a boost
  • We could once again take ownership of the Southern Cross so it was not viewed as a symbol of hatred
  • We wouldn’t have to hang our heads in shame at seeing these people on the news on a regular basis.

Of course the benefit’s for the refugee family are huge also. They will have the chance for a life, and a chance to work and build a future for their family. Of course if they want to return to Syria at a later stage they are welcome to do so.

However we as Australian’s reserve the right to leave the rednecks over there, and if they try to return they will find themselves on Nauru or Manus Island living it up with those they claim have got it too good.

Syria here we come

Syria here we come

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think this dream will ever amount to anything, but as Brian Wilson once said “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”.

For the record, something else that would be nice would be a little equality in our legal system. By that I mean that it would be great if the redneck from the United Idiots Front or whatever stupid name they go by who got busted with bomb making manuals got charged under anti-terrorism laws. After all just because he’s not Islamic doesn’t mean he’s not a terrorist, just ask someone from Norway. The Norwegians are all too familiar with right-wing terrorism, a small country that has see 77 deaths due to terrorism, all of them right-wing terrorism .

For those who claim we shouldn’t be looking at the religions of who we accept as legitimate refugees, I agree to certain extent. Although looking at our prisons full of white folk of Christian background, and a look at the Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse, I think I’d be quite happy to see Christians excluded as the history in this country seems to show Christians in a light that is far from bright.

Alas, none of this is likely to happen so I guess we will just have to deal the burden of the brain-dead bigots that George Brandis defends the rights of.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice?


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9 thoughts on “Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Appeasing The Refugees And The Bigots

  1. Australia is predominantly a country based on christian values and ideals, some remain ignorant of the fact, but its true. Ive a much better idea fwit, you love islam so much, lets send you over to the middle east to live. Im sure they will be really accommodating and let you live exactly the same way you live here.

  2. Which Christian values are those? Not judging others?
    So you seem to be saying that over there people are as intolerant as you? If that’s the case it’s you that may blend right in

  3. Christian values: 1. Stop the gays 2. Stop the abortions 3. Stop the stem cells 4. Stop the condoms 5. Stop the Muslims. Have I covered it?

  4. Australia is not a country based on Christian values and ideals, unless you mean Tony Abbotts interpretation of Christian values. Strange isn’t it, ISIS drape themselves in the cloak of religion they are a group of intolerant individuals who reject peoples rights to education or the practice a religion other than their own or have views of the world other than their own.

    Now I am assuming that Andrew aligns himself with the views of reclaim Australia, which seemingly drapes themselves in the cloak of religion they are a group of intolerant individuals who reject peoples rights to education or the practice a religion other than their own or have views of the world other than their own.

    A few similarities it would seem, probably right down to the fat controllers who run both these groups who’s only interest is personal power. Welcome to the far right. You will be right at home there with your idols such as Adolph and his all star Nazis, Pol Pot, the list just goes on and on

    A lot of Aussies with more principles than Andrew gave their lives fighting people like these and here we are facing the same garbage at home.

  5. I think you do more harm to this debate than good with articles like this. Both sides see the other side as ignorant, uneducated, uninformed and against the interests of the country as a whole. This article merely reinforces the views of both sides and inhibits any chance of an actual debate on this issue. If you’re not part of the solution……

  6. Many Christian churches/sect themselves cannot agree on values. What about the large number who believe in no church but have highly developed sense of justice and fairness?

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