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The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry recommendations into Puppy Farms have been handed down, here’s my take on the findings, a term I use loosely. 

After a long and arduous wait the Committee hosting the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Companion Animal Breeding Practices has tabled its recommendations. While at first glance it seems promising, delving deeper shows that at its core is an agenda to give an open license for the expansion of puppy factories, a means to legitimize an inhumane industry, and acknowledges the cruelty of having animals in pet stores whilst recommending they remain there.

The public are not only being ignored with this Inquiry, they are being mocked.

The Inquiry is set to have such a profound lack of impact on anything substantial that its recommendations went initially unnoticed by all except the local regional rag of the Inquiry Chairperson.

You may recall the Inquiry was set up during immense public outcry after a number of puppy factories were exposed in media reports. These puppy factories highlighted such deplorable conditions and unimaginable cruelty the public were demanding action be taken. Four of these factories were situated in the regional NSW electorate of the Inquiry Chair Adam Marshall.

Maybe the decision to make Adam Marshall chair should have been taken as a sign of what was to come, given Marshall’s utter ignorance of the cruelty being inflicted upon vulnerable animals at multiple locations within his own electorate.

The decision to put “New MP On The Block” Marshall as Chair came down from the Minister for Agriculture Niall Blair.

Niall Blair has been at the forefront for a push for Ag-Gag legislation. This legislation would criminalise the exposure of the cruelty inflicted by Marshall’s constituents, rather than persecuting the criminal behavior of the abusers themselves.

The Inquiry has now tabled its recommendations that are full of quotes and recommendations from the industry bodies that endorsed, backed, and branded themselves with these same puppy factories that disgusted the nation. Some of these industry bodies carry so much clout that they have less than a dozen members, however it would appear that people like the Inquiry Chair Adam Marshall will assume the advice of these bodies is solid whilst ignoring the collective cry of a nation.

One of these bodies, the AAPDB (now partnered with Pets Australia and endorsed by PIAA) is run by a puppy farmer, Jodi Knox, whom I have previously revealed used the RSPCA’s good name to promote her puppy factory until forced to cease doing so through legal action. I can also reveal that her website has a page dedicated to the Starlight Foundation to seemingly imply she has a heart of gold. Starlight Foundation have confirmed in writing that they have no association with Jodi Knox or her businesses whatsoever, thus indicating the true color of her heart.

This is a charity for dying children that she is using for self-promotion, yet this government grants her an audience? Utterly abhorrent.

Jodi Knox - AAPDB Lobbyist and President, and puppy factory owner/operator

Jodi Knox – AAPDB Lobbyist and President, and puppy factory owner/operator

This is not a matter of me taking a glass half empty approach to the Inquiry recommendations, far from it in fact. This is an Inquiry that has taken a pint glass, put a drop of beer in the bottom and is now calling it half full.

A step in the right direction.

What utter crap.

The Inquiry recommendations seek to legitimise cruelty and in doing so embrace utter stupidity along the way.

Firstly giving merit to a recommendation from the puppy factory lobbyists for a gold star rating system is a completely ludicrous attempt to endorse the self-regulation of an industry that has shown itself to be utterly dysfunctional. The entire reason the Inquiry was announced in the first place.

This system would see those bodies that claimed to have already had regulatory procedures in place with some of the shocking puppy factories exposed have the opportunity to rate those failures with gold stars.

One vet report I published on this site earlier told of a terrier on one of these premises walking around with its own intestines hanging out of its belly and dragging in the mud behind it. This proposed rating system may see this newly legitimized breeder lose a gold star for that. Then again, maybe not given the perpetrator would also be paying membership fees to those with the envelopes full of gold stars.

Image Courtesy Oscars Law

Image Courtesy Oscars Law

I wonder if criminal defence lawyers would recommend a similar approach for homicides? Perhaps a single gunshot at close range to the head could be considered a 5 Star homicide as it’s quick, whereas being burned to death at the stake would only attract a one star rating.

The Inquiry recommendations also state that there is no evidence that the number of animals on a breeding premise has any impact on the animal’s welfare. Therefore there is likely no need for a staff to animal ratio to be put in place and the Inquiry recommended a review.

Do we now need to provide evidence for common sense?

This is like saying that if an old lady lives alone with her cat, there will be no difference to that cats quality of life or welfare if that old lady suddenly has a thousand cats.

The use of council pounds to demonstrate this absurdity only further indicates its madness as council pounds have a staff to dog ratio in their code of practice already.

crazy cat lady

As for the sale of pets in pet stores, despite the fact that every animal welfare organization, including the RSPCA recommended a ban on sales of pets stores, the Inquiry thought that the lobby groups for those who earn a crust from trafficking misery would know better. Thus they recommended that the in-store display and sale of young animals yearning for their mothers continue.

To further highlight the insanity of this decision the inquiry actually acknowledged the cruelty of the practice by recommending that procedures be put in place that ensure animals are not left in stores overnight and are also given the ability to run around free outside the glass cage it is normally housed in during the day. These procedures would be adopted into the code of practice and therefore policed by councils with no mention of funding or how it would be policed.

Council officers were being forced to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure pet store compliance after hours

Council officers were being forced to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure pet store compliance after hours

This decision also ignores the process by which these helpless animals arrive in the Westfield window. It is called freight. Apparently the Inquiry feels more than a few hours on display isn’t in the best interests of the animals welfare, but turns a selective blind eye to the manner in which it arrived.

These animals don’t fly first class like a Liberal politician on a taxpayer-funded flight to a Party fundraiser. Instead they often spend hours standing in a cage with their own piss and shit in the cargo-hold of an airline or in the back of a truck.

The good news is a licensing system for breeders. A license system that has failed to improve conditions in Victoria when it was introduced previously and is destined to only further delay any meaningful change. This Inquiry however is determined to follow in the footsteps of failure.

In Victoria the failure of a licensing system to make a large difference has been recognised by a new and progressive government and new codes of practice are being implemented and new legislation is coming to bring the industry in line with the publics expectations. NSW meanwhile will continue to fall well short of those expectations.

From the outset the lobby groups for the puppy farmers were sprouting an old scare tactic of saying that strengthened laws and a ban on sales of puppies in pet stores would drive breeders underground and mean less pets and higher prices, something they don’t want to see.

Less pets available and higher prices? This is like McDonalds saying they are opposed to making more money from making less burgers. If it was a realistic case scenario they would be seeking to have another arm grafted to themselves so they could embrace it with three arms instead of just two.

Over a third of the recommendations from this Inquiry are for further reviews. For a Parliamentary Inquiry to put forward after months of investigation, meetings and hearing of evidence a report recommending that in six months the government hold meetings to make a decision on whether to take another look at something the Inquiry has presumably already looked at would be comical were it not taxpayer money being wasted on the process.

So what is the end result of this Inquiry?

The end result of this Inquiry is much the same as the end of the last Parliamentary Inquiry that this government held into the industry all the way back in 2012. It is a commitment to further procrastinate while the living and dying conditions of animals further deteriorate.

The public had hoped for better this time.

No doubt we will next time too.


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8 thoughts on “Wasted Time – NSW Puppy Farm Inquiry recommendations raise a yawn

  1. What do you recommend as the best way of letting the bastards know of one’s feelings, Wixxy ? – given that correspondence is received by correspondence secretaries and binned, by and large ?

  2. A shocking outcome for NSW. It is a farce that the Govt take the recommendations of a self regulatory group such as AAPDB headed up by Jodie Knox a puppy farmer herself.
    The sheer number of puppies on her website proves she is a huge Intense Breeding Facility, which the RSPCA does not endorse and wants closed down.
    She is now running a survey asking her ex clientele to support her in her last ditch effort to stop the new Puppy farming laws. Of course she doesn’t like the laws, selling a pup at $2350. each (and this is essentially a mongrel, not a pure breed) on the huge scale she sells at, will definitely impact her making money from the misery she inflicts on those dogs.
    It’s disgraceful enough that she illegaly used the RSPCA logo to promote her puppy factory and now claims to be a support to the Starlight Foundation.
    We would like to see proof of Jodie Knox’s involvement in the Starlight a Foundation.
    Seriously, this woman will stop at nothing to deceive the public. Can she stoop any lower?
    I also bring attention to Banksia Park Puppies, who applaude the NSW Govt decision. Banksia Park Puppies hide behind their “happy snaps” of puppies playing. One old piece of tunnel in a dirt paddock does not make an Agility course.
    I have a friend who recently adopted one of Banksia Parks ex breeding Cavaliers, she has had her not quite a year. She was in a shocking state and is so traumatised it will take years of love and reassurance to get her anywhere near”normal”. I see on their FB page all the photos their customers post of their happy puppies, sadly this is not the image of their breeding dogs, my friends dog is absolute proof they are still running a disgusting puppy factory just as bad as it was when it was called ACA.
    The Victorian people applaude the Victorian Govt for keeping its promise on Puppy factories limit of breeding dogs and Pet Shops no longer able to sell puppies.
    The rest of Australia should follow, you are going backwards on this issue, lagging behind Europe.
    Email Mike Baird. Tell him we want the abhorrent puppy factory industry shut down. There’s no place for it in 2015 and beyond.

  3. This is disgraceful in this day and age.Jodie Knox is a known puppy farmer who needs to be shut down,she has deceived the public and profits from the misery she inflicts on people and the dogs. How can she be allowed to stoop to such an all time low as this,hiding behind pictures that portray her in a golden glow.These poor dogs take forever to rehabilitate and the cost for some of their health issues is outweighed by the trauma these poor dogs have endured.Australia needs to implement Federal Laws across all states to close these puppy factories and farms down and prevent the sale of these puppies through pet shops.Wake Up Australia and stop this abhorrent practice.

  4. How dare you traumatise the poor family’s that Have received some relief from kindness in charity just to get some self satisfaction and publicity your scum of the earth Peter even I didn’t think you could stoop to this level its a new personal low for you

  5. It ain’t me using the name of a children’s charity without approval mate…

  6. How dare you associate your puppy farm with the Starlight Foundation. I have contacted them, you and your business Mirray River Puppies have no connection with them. Unauthorised use of the charities good name to promote your puppy factory, just like when you illegaly used the RSPCA’s name. RSPCA don’t endorse Intense Breeding, they want it shut down. Jodie Knox you are a low life, seriously, a charity for dying children.

  7. I see MRP, Jodie Knox has given herself, on her website, a certificate of thanks from The Starlight Foundation.
    I sent a copy of that ‘Thank you ‘ certificate to The Starlight Foundation and I have an email where they state they have no knowledge or dealings with MRP.
    So this blood sucking puppy farmer is fraudulently using the thanks of a foundation for dying children, a foundation who grant dying children their dying wish, to gain support and credibility for her puppy farm.
    This seems to be a serious or fraudulent use of The Starlight Foundations name. Surely Jodie Knox should be taken to court or sued over this.

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