If there is one thing a woman can be touchy about, it’s her butt.

While guys may not understand this completely, most of us know the sense of dread that comes over us whenever we are asked “Does my bum look big in this?”

Another thing most women don’t like is being leered at or the feeling that sleazy strangers are undressing them with their minds. Most women just want to get on with their daily routine or enjoy a day out without the uneasy or often threatening feeling of some pervert eying you off.

This brings us to Greg Kirby.

Greg Kirby owns and runs a store in Melbourne City called Upmarket Pets.

However there is nothing “Upmarket” about this pet store, and not just because it sells live animals at extortionate prices.

Upmarket Pets does not allow photography in the store, there are signs everywhere in the store reminding people to not use a camera. However it would appear this rule does not apply to all.

The below photo was Greg Kirby’s new profile picture on his Facebook page on the 11th March.

Greg Kirby's March 11 profile pic Image - Facebook

Greg Kirby’s March 11 profile pic
Image – Facebook

There are a few things to note about this photo.

First and foremost, it is a photo of a woman’s behind. It is not a photo of her from behind, or a photo of her outfit, it is a close up of her arse.

Secondly, it would appear she is a customer as she is clearly holding a handbag, something a member of staff would not be doing, not that photographing a staff members arse would be any better.

On top of that it is clearly taken in the store as in the background you can see puppies locked in their glass cells and ironically the no photo’s allowed signs.

Nowhere in the store does it make customers aware that they may have close-ups of their nether regions taken and used for the store owners Facebook page.

I don’t think I need to go into any real detail about just how wrong on every level it is to take these kind of photo’s of women without their knowledge, I think most people know this without having need for explanation.

Greg Kirby certainly knows, after I tried several times to contact him and his refusal to return a phone call, it was suggested that I email him by one of his staff. After emailing him my queries asking if there was an explanation for this photo and if this kind of practice was a regular occurrence at Upmarket Pets, within hours his Facebook settings had changed so that his feed could not be seen, nor his photo’s.

I guess he received my email then.

It is not just his utter disregard and disrespect for women that is shocking here, these are his customers, his livelihood, one would think that a customer would be granted a certain amount of respect. Not customers of Upmarket Pets however.

Another aspect of this is the uncertainty of who took the picture or what the image was captured on.

The below photo of Kirby appears to have been taken in virtually the same position as the offending picture.

Familiar background  Image - Fairfax

Familiar background
Image – Fairfax

Even if Kirby didn’t take the photo it is clearly something he appreciated given it wound up as his profile pic. This would indicate that if it was a member of staff or even a friend that this behavior is encouraged rather than frowned on.

As for what was used for the capturing the image, it is unclear whether it was done via a phone or perhaps in-store security camera’s. If it were indeed captured on a security camera, given the angle of the photo you would have to wonder whether there were video camera’s set up intentionally in store to capture similar footage for whatever purpose Mr Kirby uses images like this.

Mr Kirby is no stranger to controversy, when asked about his suppliers last year he told a Fairfax journalist

“Yeah, we do get puppies from puppy farms,”

How upmarket of you Mr Kirby

One of Upmarket Pets more upmarket suppliers Image - Oscars Law

One of Upmarket Pets more upmarket suppliers
Image – Oscars Law

This makes Upmarket Pets a store that not only thrives on cruelty, but also accepts and seemingly encourages and promotes the illegal and highly immoral photography of women without their knowledge.

Stores that sell puppies need to be weeded out of the industry for supporting puppy factories, and stores that take inappropriate images of women need to be weeded out of retail and have owners face criminal charges.

My suggestion if you want upmarket, is to steer clear of Upmarket Pets, and ladies if you must go there, wear a suit of armour.

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28 thoughts on “Uptown Girl – Pet Store caught with inappropriate photos of customer

  1. All class. Wow what an upstanding role model. Bloody sleazebag, so not only exploiting animals, but now women, oh it’s just charming behaviour.

  2. Greg Kirby makes a living exploiting animals by sourcing his pups from puppy farms and neglecting them whilst in his care, hence the dead rabbit in his shop window recently. Now he exploits females for amusement. Since he has security cameras set up in his store you would think someone would have noticed that poor dead rabbit, but apparently he was too busy perving on his female customers. The female staff had better check that he doesn’t have a camera in the toilets.

  3. Not only condones animal cruelty but is a creep as well. A real gentleman (NOT)

  4. Never ever buy anything or any animal from this creep. Hope karma strikes !

  5. I hope everyone shares this on Facebook & Twitter no Petstore should be selling live animals, let alone buying from Puppy Farms. As for his photograph on a ladies behind…. Leaves me speechless filthy creep!!!

  6. Funny, his daughter didn’t recognise her then…

  7. Jeremy, Greg and his mates have used “my Facebook page was hacked ” excuse, now you’re claiming this is a photo of his wife ? So what is the correct story? If it is Greg’s wife, why did Greg allow comments on the photo referring to “that chicks arse” , is he happy for ‘the boys’ to speak about his wife like that? Still shows a general lack of respect for women.

  8. And calling people “retards” is highly offensive, what is actually wrong with petshop people ?

  9. Greg as if you would take a pic of that fat arse tell them to get a fucken life while there talking about u there leaving some other prick alone ,

  10. Dean, your morality is as sound as your English

  11. Off The Chain K9 Rescue has been advised of this article and wishes to advise the following:

    Off the Chain K9 Rescue Qld is a Toowoomba based animal rescue. Off the Chain K9 Rescue Qld is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 93919758477. It has been registered as a charity since 01 June 2015.

    Off the Chain K9 Rescue Qld has no association with the Victorian based Off The Chain Bull Breed Rescue ABN 15 340 865 200. These are two separate entities.

  12. Absolutely, at no point did I hear anything negative re Off The Chain K9 Rescue Qld, who are a registered charity and no doubt do fine work and have no link to Simone Dines

  13. Do you know what happened to the poor dachshunds in the last photo? Was the puppy farm shut down? Was this another registered breeder? They look so scared and the Mum is trying to protect her puppies. I have a dachshund and she sleeps in my bed and follows me everywhere. It’s heartbreaking to see them being kept like that in the photo, they don’t deserve that treatment and shame on this pet store for selling puppy farmed puppies. Bloody disgusting, let alone being a pervert on top of it. Grow up Kirby and get a real job instead of making money off the pain of animals in puppy farms!

  14. Hey guys how do you know that this photo wasn’t a set up and facebook account was hacked???
    I give Greg the BOD here…. Obviously with all this puppy farm issue he is being targeted in a different way involving WOMEN
    I never been to his Pet Shop but I know it’s very popular so that in itself tells me something. I reckon all those nasty comments about animal cruelty and respect of women should be taken back and leave it on the shelf as it really is unsubstantiated!!!
    Hang in there Greg I hope you overcome all of this.

  15. Because his own daughter confirmed it while she was trying to make excuses for him…. I’m thinking that substantiates it.

    I never accused him of animal cruelty, I repeated his confirmation of buying from puppy factories, displayed his photography skills, and showed his merchandising skills with a dead bunny. Every one of these incidents have been confirmed by Kirby himself

    Knowing this upcoming legislation will upset people like you brings me so much joy

  16. Your claims are Unproven and really doesn’t affect me at all. So get over yourself your bored person that needs to worry about other people business. Like I said start caring about homeless sick people who need help.
    Your too heartless that’s why. And you also like to have the last say too your a joke!!!

  17. You make dumb accusations on my site, I reply… That’s how it works

    Why don’t you go back to your business and stop making a fool of yourself here?

  18. There it is…. Your site so it makes you RIGHT!!!! You have said it all you fool.
    I have a right to speak out. You should know better if you are responsible for this site. But NO you should keep out of what anyone writes on here. It’s not about you. Here we have someone that dictates who’s says what on here. You know what if you don’t like it, CLOSE your site down. And stop interfering what people have to say. You claim to help the homeless do you??? I doubt it very much. You are solely for yourself.

  19. So your gonna tell me what to do and not to do on my own site now? While telling me not to worry about someone else’s issues? No hypocrisy in that, much.

    I’m not forcing you to read my site, or comment on it, that was your choice.

    My site is my business, government legislation is everyone’s business.

    I’m not claiming I do or don’t do anything for anyone, I’m just pointing out that you would be clueless about it.

  20. I don’t block, I’m just not able to moderate 24 hrs a day

    But don’t let that stop you making wild assumptions

  21. Your site would run better if you weren’t always do touchy and actually give others some freedom of speech. Point taken your the BOSS 🙂

  22. Anyone can have their say here, as long as it is not abusive towards others commenting there is total freedom, I don’t agree with a lot of the comments on my articles.

  23. Im so happy someone is taking action against the guy with regards to selling live animals in glass boxes from poor farming conditions but this whole pervert thing adds a whole nother dimension. I hope this store gets shut down or at least stopped from selling poorly treated animals

  24. Greg Kirby is the least of anyone’s worries… Keep a close eye on Damien Kirby… Dodgiest guy going around… Pets are not the only thing you can get a “deal” on from this store…

  25. Fuck. I used to shop there regularly; even despite the pet foods that were past it’s use-by date. But after this, never again. What a creep.

  26. Why dont you buy expired food for yourself. Instead of complain ing return it to shop. Did you know at the time ?.
    A vet clinic gave me expired medicine once and when i noticed it I returned it, the lady at the counter knew it was and didn’t care.
    I told her I pay for medicine that is not expired thank you

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