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It is Friday, so I thought a lighthearted entry was in order, it kept me amused at any rate…..

This week in the Coalition…

Tony Abbott started by telling some fibs about the economy that he thought were about this big

But, as usual they turned out to be this big

After the public discovered that he was misleading the country, it was decided he should dress appropriately when going out in public

Always there to lend a helping hand, Scott Morrison had a sneaky fiddle when he thought nobody was looking to put the smile back on Abbott’s face

Although, was terrified to notice a pair of shocked onlookers


Morrison later claimed he had given his hand a good wash, and held it up for all to see

As usual, Andrew Robb was not at all amused by their antics

There was some good news though, Joe Hockey finally got that calculator he had been waiting for

And was quite smug when it helped him get his adding up right

He was however later disappointed when it turned out he had been missing half of the figures

In Canberra Christopher Pyne tried to keep a straight face when explaining the Liberals Direct Action Plan for the environment

And was later seen trying to explain it to someone who might take it seriously

While in Victoria, one of the policy’s authors, Greg Hunt, was kind enough to try and point out to a concerned constituent where he thought his credibility had gone

Julie Bishop, realising she’d probably be singing for her supper soon,  thought she’d be wise  to try and join the choir

Failing that, she auditioned for the new theatre production of Cats

At last she finally managed to get a part in the theatre production of Annie, but seemed genuinely shocked when at the last minute her part was given to Alan Jones instead

Up North, Barnaby Joyce was trying to show members of the press just how much integrity he had left in him

And later realising he used to have double that amount, went out looking where he thought he may have left the rest of it

Meanwhile, snoozing up the back, a wrecking ball awaits his opportunity for revenge

Next week in the Coalition:

 Kelly O’Dwyer will debate Big Ted from Play School, as it turned out Play Schools ex host, Noni Hazlehurst, was too tough for her on Q&A and made Kelly look rather silly.

Tony Abbott is back from a one week break, so the 6 week process of bringing Tony up to speed begins.

Joe Hockey discovers his calculator needs batteries.

Greg Combet offers Joe a solar powered calculator, but Greg Hunt advises him it probably won’t work, as solar power is bad magic

You never know what else may unfold….

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