If there is one thing that will derail a Party’s campaign in the lead-up to an election it is leaks.

This campaign the Coalition have had disgruntled former powerbrokers and players adding unwelcome commentary from the sidelines that distracts from Turnbull’s message and undermines his authority. There is also the far-right element of his Party constantly reminding us that they don’t like him but will continue to use him as a glove puppet if it keeps them in government. However the damaging headlines like those when Turnbull’s Panama connections to a Multi Billion dollar company tax avoidance scheme were exposed did not come from within the Party this time.

From the Labor Party camp there has been no leaks at all. Labor are looking like a Party unified and with the early release of progressive policies are looking more and more like a Party ready to form government seamlessly. In stark contrast to their Coalition counterparts who even after three years of turmoil still don’t appear ready to govern.

I thought offshore processing was for tax too... Image - Fairfax

I thought offshore processing was for tax too…
Image – Fairfax

It is the Greens however that are suffering at the hands of internal leaks. These leaks clearly indicate a Party in crisis with itself as it tries to shift to the centre to become more mainstream without losing the support of it’s hard left following who clearly desire the Party to remain a “party of protest”.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale, addressing the National Press Club in April, told the nations press how his Party were above all the obsession with polling that the other party’s carried on with.

Di Natale was insistent that the Greens;

“haven’t done internal polling. We don’t waste our money on that. News Limited can do that for us. We rely on a good field campaign”.

Within 24 hours leaks emerged detailing the Greens use of polling in various electorates. I guess Di Natale really thinks the Green’s field campaign is a failure based on that statement.

It is not the fact that the Greens use polling like other parties, it is the fact that in a desperate bid to appear “holier than thou” and alternative their leader would lie about it.

Nobody would think any the less of them for polling, just like nobody thinks less of team managers who monitor their teams score on the scoreboard at a football match.

However Di Natale thought this was worthy enough to lie to the nation about, making one wonder what other lies Di Natale and his Party are peddling.

We didn’t have to wait long to find out.

On Q&A  last Monday the Greens lone member of the House Of Representatives Adam Bandt told the nation how they would be happy to form a partnership in government with the Labor Party. A couple of days later a video is leaked of a Greens Party meeting where Adam Bandt sits alongside Sydney candidate Jim Casey applauding and congratulating Casey as he told the members how he’d prefer to see Tony Abbott as Prime Minister rather than Bill Shorten, as it would lead to a stronger protest movement. Also smiling and clapping next to Bandt was Lee Rhiannon.

Someone within the Greens thought this needed to be leaked, and it’s not hard to see why.

Casey is the boss of the NSW Branch of the Fire Brigade Employees Union, a man who two years ago watched the Coalition government shut down fire stations all over NSW destroying the lives of many of his membership. Apparently he believes that is preferable to the leadership of a Party that has always sought to look after the workers, the Party of the fair go.

Oh no, Jims gonna talk about Abbott again... Image - The Guardian

Please don’t let Jim talk about Abbott again…
Image – The Guardian

It is not the twisted ideology of union boss Casey that is the issue here, it is the fact that Adam Bandt applauds it and endorses it.

Bandt in his support of this view is basically telling the electorate he would rather see Abbott’s sick tax and the dismantling of Medicare than increased funding for hospitals and the protection and expansion of Medicare services.

A preference for $100,000 uni degrees to GONSKI funding for public schools.

He’d rather see welfare payments cut off forcing people into crime or poverty than see the funding of training services for the disabled and long-term unemployed.

Perhaps even more alarming would be his and Casey’s preference to see the changes to section 18C of the Discrimination Act altered to allow the racial vilification of minorities, rather than the protection of our citizens of all races from discrimination.

I don’t even need to go into their apparent support of Abbott’s views on marriage equality…

All these things they would gladly endure in the hope of picking up a few extra protest votes.

There are a lot of Greens members disgruntled at the party’s partnership with the Coalition in giving them a double-dissolution trigger rather than debate marriage equality and political donations reform.

Sarah Hanson Young is tipped as likely to be a casualty of the changes to Senate voting, thus conveniently ridding Di Natale of a high-profile rival. Di Natale’s apparent dislike of strong women and his disposal of them, such as Christine Milne, and the likely Hanson Young has made some wonder if he shares Abbott’s views on women.

Some have suggested that these leaks could be coming from the Hanson Young camp as a result of this betrayal by Di Natale and seemingly her former close associate Bandt. Perhaps we’ll never know their origin.


When Bandt is not earning money asa Phil Collins impersonator, some now suspect he is part of Abbott's failed Green Army Image -

When the bottom fell out of the Phil Collins impersonation industry some were forced to join Abbott’s failed Green Army
Image – News Ltd

The Greens and their supporters keep telling us we should all concentrate on fighting the Liberals, something Labor has always done. However when it comes to themselves they choose to target seats already held by Labor, seats like Grayndler, Melbourne Ports, Sydney, and Batman, Adam Bandt’s seat was also formerly a Labor seat.

This election when party preferences become clear we will likely see the Greens exhaust their preferences, meaning they will preference nobody. This in fact is preferencing the Liberal Party via a different method.

Do not be fooled by the lie that this allows Greens voters to make up their own minds, Green voters have always had that right like everyone else no matter what the How To Vote Sheets say. This is a move to weaken Labor by taking away the preferences most left-wing voters would give to Labor. This in turn favors the Liberal Candidate.

If the Greens exhaust their preferences we will know they have done a preference deal with the Coalition, something the Coalition have not ruled out.

If I was deciding preferences for the Labor Party, I’d do what the Greens do, exhaust them or direct them towards another left leaning party nationally, a party that will negotiate with other parties for better outcomes rather than use important issues as a wedge tool for political gain.

I do not understand how Labor will be able to preference a Party that has key members that would prefer an Abbott government.

Under Bob Brown the Greens of old may have been a party of protest, but at least they were also a party of principles.

Sadly, that party is just a memory.

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13 thoughts on “The Struggle Within – Leaks highlight major issues within The Greens

  1. The leaks as you guess coming from SHY`s camp has got to be gospel mate because her tantrums are legendary and she alone put the o—–u——t in pout
    In fact Wixxy,when SHY`s got the shits she`s been known to drag both lips along the footpath,saving her local council an motza,wotta gal

    The Victorian Leakers Federation of Kroger/Bandt have also been busy trying to distance themselves from being photographed in the same Hemisphere but di Natale just had a flying visit there to pick up the basket of LNP preference deals which of course they don`t do and have never given the LNP any preferences ever
    {except those pesky ones that Anthony Green has in his AEC blog}

    Next I imagine AIJAC inviting the Greens to Israel to retrace the footsteps of Wyatt Roy so as they truly understand what a resettlement program really is,Israeli Settler style that is

    Exciting innovative and agile the Greens have become since Di Natale and Whish_Wilson took over the reins
    Don`t worry about their deputies Waters/Ludlam,IPA Pete keeps them real neat


  2. Another great,,,& very informative post Peter…even if it all makes one DESPAIR!
    As you so rightly say..the Party of Bob Brown (& Christine Milne)..is fading into collective memory.
    As a voter who’s ALWAYS voted for the ALP for the Reps…AND the Greens for the Senate (as ALL my leftie chums have done in recent years)..we are left with a “yawning gap”..
    Would you please Peter..in perhaps the next few posts (& before I get my postal vote papers by snailmail)..give ANY ADVICE YOU CAN THAT YOU FEEL WOULD BE RELEVANT for voters like myself & my Trotskyites (joke!)….so that we ..1..wont be wasting a vote, & 2. A “suggestion” for an alternative to Signor di Natale?!
    When the people of countries that dont enjoy a “democratic vote”… ( & are all too often, mown down in the streets, just fighting FOR THIS RIGHT..
    I dont want to waste a vote…but by the same token…I dont want “it” to go into the “wrong hands”…& the Greens are daily showing up …clearly in that camp!
    Very very sad to see…
    What’s that old & tried saying about how power corrupts absolutely..
    Hey..maybe they should bring back the Wobblies! (Young readers…google them & find out what THEY were all about! L
    INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORD! Would look great on those tablecloth-size ballot papers!!!


  4. I couldn’t agree more about the preferences. In the recent Queensland elections, our candidate was high quality, and achieved a swing of 17% in one of the blue-ribbon Liberal Seats in Brisbane. The Greens told me they did not direct preferences or have how to vote cards, because their members “were intelligent enough to make up their own minds”, and they could just vote 1. Once it became obvious the swing was on, and there was a good chance for the Labor candidate, Greens organisers (all three of them) were racing from one booth to another telling their voters to “number every box”. Too late at 4.30 p.m. Since then I have had nothing but contempt for their ineptitude, and childish attempts to be one of the big kids. It makes my blood boil that we could face another three years of this ghastly lot, because of their stupidity.

  5. It’s always entertaining to read political opinion by people not remotely connected to the inner sanctum of a political party. Not one thing you’ve written here indicates a ‘leak’ or any such nonsense; it looks like a cut & paste from News Ltd papers.

    The Greens, in fact, are an incredibly tight unit and the only ‘leaks’ are the usual comments made by novice candidates who tend to speak about all sorts of things.

    You may note, for example, the LNP candidates who don’t believe in climate change, think 9/11 was a conspiracy and want Muslims banned.

  6. People like yourself I assume you mean

    Do you mean novice candidates like Casey? Or perhaps novice MP’s like Bandt and Rhiannon who were there congratulating him on his views?

    I guess emails going astray to members of the media contradicting the words of a political leader could have been an error rather than a leak, just as someone may have pressed a button on their phone by mistake and sent a video recording of a Greens Party meeting to media.

    Glad I entertained you and I can see with your sense of logic why you’d be a Greens supporter, good luck with that

  7. Patricia Keenan on May 14, 2016

    Hi Patricia and 2016 ls like no other election Australia has ever had

    Firstly it`s a DD election and all 12 Senators from each State have to front the people

    The States have 12 Senators each and the Territories have two each [these 4 get elected each 3 years like House of Reps]

    Senators are elected on a quota % system,so in a DD a little over 8% in any State will net one Senator
    So if Labor have 12 candidates in WA then I`m going 1-12 BTL Labor
    If they don`t then I`m going Labor 1-6 ABL
    Or Vote Labor 1 ABL

    The backfire on the Greens for killing of minor parties will be their own demise
    Labor has lead the way on Climate Change first with Rudd`s ETS which Greens/LNP rejected
    Then Gillard`s price on carbon which Greens helped kill off by doing preference deals with PUP who voted with LNP to repeal CT&MRRT

    Only confused people vote Greens and complete fools vote LNP

  8. The author seems to think that votes can exhaust in federal House elections, to which Compulsory Preferential Voting applies. It reads like the screed of a profoundly misinformed and immature person.

  9. Clearly you have never scrutineered an election, if it is clear what a voters intent is it counts no matter how many boxes they do or don’t number

  10. What a shock that as we come into an election in which both major parties are shown as the sirty rotten corporate hacks they are that all of these “leaks” appear about the greens! Disinformation and lies are the only thing you can garner from the mainstream press to rhink otherwise is to be deluded. As for wixxyleaks I don’t see its author hiding in an embassy so maybe he’s not as edgy as he thinks he is?!

  11. The Greens are targeting seats held by some of the best ALP politicians in the parliament including one you didn’t mention: Adelaide, currently held by the wonderful, articulate, intelligent, hard-working Kate Ellis. If they weren’t a bunch of complete hypocrites they’d be targeting Pyne or RWNJs like Briggs or Tim Wilson. But no, that would be too hard. So never mind the principles, take the soft option and go for the easier prey, regardless of what such losses would mean to the progressive cause and to the quality of the parliament. I hope the Greens becomes so entangled in their own machinations they end up falling flat on their faces. Like the Democrats.

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