What has more worms than Don Burke’s compost bin?

A pet store endorsed by Harry Cooper.

In Carrum Downs Victoria there is a pet store named Passion For Pets. Passion by name perhaps, however I would question the passion of any responsible retailer of pets selling, let alone displaying, pets in the condition you will see below.

As highlighted by Oscars Law after a supporter contacted them, Passion For Pets in Carrum Downs are proudly displaying in their store display glass enclosures two Staffordshire Terriers that are covered in ringworm skin lesions.

Image - Oscar's Law

Image – Oscar’s Law

Ringworm is a particularly nasty skin disease, causing extreme itching and irritation. However despite its name it is not actually a worm, it is a highly contagious fungus of the skin.

As veterinary site WebMD.com point out

“Puppies less than a year old are most prone to infection, but malnourished, immunocompromised and stressed dogs are also at a greater risk than healthy animals. And because transmission of the ringworm fungus can occur via contact with infected animals and bedding, dishes and other materials in the environment where infected hair or scales may collect, ringworm can quickly spread in kennels, shelters and other places where there are many dogs in a close environment.”

If there is one thing that sounds like it would flourish in a puppy factory or farm it is Ringworm. Well, that and Parvo, something that dogs sold at Passion For Pets Carrum Down have been sold with previously. In fact the Puppy Factory environment may well be described as a type of Ringworm petri-dish.

I guess talking about Ringworm and Parvo weren’t high on Harry Cooper’s agenda when he rocked up to Passion For Pets Carrum Down to endorse and promote the store owners and puppy factory retail outlet in September 2012 as if it were some kind of respectable business.

Harry Cooper at Passion For Pets

Harry Cooper at Passion For Pets

For those who may have been a customer of Passion For Pets in the last week or two, there is no need to panic. However, that said, it would be wise to take your pet to your vet for a check-up and anything you purchased from the store will either need to be disinfected or chucked in the trash, no matter what type of product it is.

For anyone thinking of going there, think again, and when I say think again I mean in a couple of months. As I mentioned earlier this is a shocking condition and is highly contagious and can be spread by human contact as well as animals.

Harry and one of the Passion For Pets team

Harry and one of the Passion For Pets team

Passion For Pets Facebook Page has been flooded with complaints and comments about these suffering pups, but yet they remain on display. Perhaps they should be renamed Itchy and Scratchy.

This woeful situation is just one more example of why you should not be looking at purchasing a pet from a pet store. Ever.

Actually, given the risk of infection customers run the risk every time they purchase anything at all from a pet store that stocks live animals people would be best to buy their their products in a retailer that doesn’t sell live animals. That way they can be sure they won’t be getting a disease thrown in as an unwanted bonus.

Any store that stocks puppies is purchasing the products of puppy farmers, and in doing so are making customers and their pets vulnerable to diseases such as Parvo and Ringworm.

Harry Cooper likes to say if you buy from a pet store you know what you are getting.

You know what Harry? That’s the problem.


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25 thoughts on “Spreading The Disease – The Pet Store Spreading A Puppy Factories Ringworm

  1. Why blame Dr Harry, he doesn’t run the store, if they are displaying puppies with ringworm then whoever is responsible need to not work in a pet store. Ringworm is an airborne spore and takes up to 21 days to show on the body these pups were probably okay when they bought them but not so now, stupidity to have them on show until well again.

  2. Harry Cooper is paid by the pet industry to lobby for and promote the sale of pets in pet stores.
    This makes him a lobbyist for puppy factories, pure and simple.
    He may think the wholesale torture and torment of dogs is a worthy cause, I don’t
    This is a store he has personally endorsed.
    The pups clearly came from a contaminated property, as your timeline points out. This is precisely what Harry Cooper endorses at pet shows, on TV, on radio, and wherever he goes
    If he doesn’t like being held to account, maybe he should change his tune or change his job.

  3. Why are you even telling people to go back there in a couple of months?? You’re just as bad as Harry Cooper for endorsing this scum bag who knowingly sells puppies from puppy farms! Because when people go back and purchase a puppy, they’re keeping these disgusting scumbags in business! Why not ask the public to boycott this and all pet shops who sell puppies? Makes more sense to me ?

  4. You certainly do know what you are getting when you purchase a puppy from a pet store unfortunately. Well, I do. Unfortunately too many people don’t and I hope awareness continues to grow until this avenue of buying puppies is shut dosn for good

  5. Umm i wonder if you are all vegans ?Baby lambs cows chickens don’t even get the chance of finding a home, be careful that’s not a glass house your throwing stones from.

  6. Harry Cooper is just another of the TV tossers who sell themselves without conscience, despite the image he/his management try to create.

    Sort of makes him either an utter hypocrite and/or a prostitute.

  7. I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, but I’m comfortable that what I eat hasn’t suffered years of torture and torment before being hit over the head with a hammer, buried alive or burnt, as many of these dogs are.

    I’d rather a short life than a long life of torment.

    Call me a hypocrite if you like, but I’m also not using soy substitutes while soy is the second biggest cause of world deforestation, causing the deaths of millions of animals.

    Besides what does it matter? Dogs should suffer in horrendous conditions and I should do nothing to stop it because I have an occasional steak, burger or eat the odd lolly?

    Some people need to wake up to themselves

  8. Sonja, this story is about a Pet Shop selling unwell puppies. You can air your concerns about baby lambs, cows, chickens at Animals Australia where you can make a difference to those causes. I have been vegetarian for 40 years and don’t feel that one cause is greater than another. Cruelty is cruelty.
    Dr Harry is known for owning and racing Greyhounds…and we are all aware of the disgusting practices in that industry.

  9. Passion for pets sent me a PM, to say they would be puppy & kitten free as of the 1st July 2016 and be offering adoption options to help shelter animals, they lied. Yet again a van sits out front with dogs in the bag, then drives around the back to drop them off.

  10. Wow, do you still have a copy of the PM?

    I might approach them for a response as to why they continue to stock puppies

  11. I work right next door to one of there outlets, puppies are delivered to the back in the back out a truck, They were delivered to the front early in the morning, but since we worked out what was going on, and photographed them doing so, they have asked all back yard breeders to bring them to the back. But they are pitiful in all areas, reptiles sick, amphibians deformed. they should be closed down.

  12. O and by the way, its no good posting on there Facebook page or sending them private messages, they will just block you from there page.

  13. Yes peter i do still have the Pm, with the Photograph, this truck delivers today.

  14. The Carrum Downs store certaintly isnt puppy free, I just went in there. They have at least 8 lots of puppies.

  15. I purchased a puppy from their store in thornbury and he has had diahhrea for days can anyone help

  16. Passion for pets – is run by Anessa Blackwood!

    She sells puppies under 8 weeks of age!
    That come in with fleas and the pups are never wormed.

    To top all this off her husband is a convicted pedophile who has interfered with two girls possibly more but the ones known about are of 4 yrs of age and 8… her pedophile husband is released in march 2017

    She treats her staff like shit the worst company anyone could work for…

    Passion for Pets’s the puppy hell

    She Anesssa Blackwood use to administer puppy injections and do the micro chipping her self when she had no licence to do so

    When her puppies would get sick with coxidia she would have them moved to out the back instead of taking them to the vet in that case the puppies deaths were Just hours away…

  17. Passion for pets sold out- closed its doors in Thornbury.

  18. Definitely NOT a fan of Dr Harry after his disgusting comments about rescue animals. He’s a vet and should know better. Boo Hiss!

  19. Unbelievable!!! Wish I had of read all this before purchasing our new puppy from there… Our vet was absolutely disgusted with the care, or lack of care and the state that my 8 week old puppy who vet says he only looks 6 weeks old! Riddled with three types of worms, under weight and high temperature.. ect… We are doing everything we can for him, i feel like we have saved his life.. His poor siblings are still there for sale!! Shut down passion for pets!! So so wrong!!!

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