The new dawn looms. Where the unvaccinated are Morrison’s scapegoats and our children are used as guinea pigs.

Sometimes making people do something can be tricky. Some go for the gentle encouragement method. Others go for the ‘scare the crap out of them’ approach.

It’s sad to see NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and some in our media taking the latter approach. In what has now finally been declared a race to vaccinate, I personally feel the scare tactics have gone a step too far.

I listen to the daily updates of the hundreds of covid cases in NSW and hear the daily death toll as we all do. But like many others I wince when I hear the victims of Sydney outbreak described not as loving mothers, or cherished sons, but as ‘unvaccinated’. Like that is the most significant thing about their life.

We all want to see more people vaccinated, but I think this public branding of a victim is both perverse and disrespectful. It borders on victim blaming.

The other thing that really irritates me about this victim blaming is it ignores the fact that we have a shortage of supply of the Pfizer vaccine. Hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions are currently sitting on a waiting list for the vaccine. Their wait is by no means any reflection on them, rather it is a reflection on the Morrison government. If any of those on a waiting list caught the virus and ended up dying, they would be another statistic announced as ‘unvaccinated’. Not because they were an antivaxxer, lazy or complacent, but simply because Scott Morrison didn’t order enough vaccine.

However, when Berejiklian says “sadly there have been three deaths in the last 24 hours’ and then adds “all three were unvaccinated”, that’s not the impression you are left with.

Another day of victim blaming?

You know what I’d like to see?

I’d like to see those in our mainstream media question this.

I’d like to see them ask, regarding those who had died, “How many of these were on the long list awaiting vaccine availability?”. Why not? The data should be available from NSW Health.

I live in regional Victoria, I was originally told I had to wait over 8 weeks just to get a date to make an appointment as everything was full and their system would not allow them to book anything ahead of eight weeks. Fortunately I found an alternative that had just started getting access to Pfizer and I shortened the wait to five weeks. I know of many others still waiting for their first jab.

We hear Morrison talk about this imaginary figure of 30,000 lives somehow saved, meanwhile there is real data and real names for those that have died waiting for the vaccines he didn’t order. Real lives of real people with real families. Each one a tragedy worth far more than being labelled and brushed off as “unvaccinated”.

Each of these people died because we were not at the front of the vaccine queue as we were assured in perhaps the most shameful political lie told yet this century.

Those of us who haven’t died waiting for vaccine availability are now being told that ‘the dawn’ is coming. The day when we hit the magic 70% vaccinated and have to “learn to live with the virus”. Morrison insists we have to end lockdowns at some point, and that is the point he wants us to revert back to normal life.

That sounds great, unless of course you’re a kid, have a kid, or maybe grandkids. Children won’t be vaccinated, just like all the ones we are seeing now end up in ICU or violently ill from the Delta strain, the Gladys/Morrison strain as some call it.

Living with the virus

While in first world countries children as young as 12 are receiving Pfizer, here in Australia the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) have been asleep at the wheel waiting for Health Minister Greg Hunt to figure out which way to hold the map. While Morrison and Hunt bicker with ATAGI over the wording of Astra Zeneca advice, children are picking up the virus and taking it to school for show and tell.

2022 is looking like it could be the year the Morrison government turned everyone’s children into guinea pigs while the modelling his decisions are based on shows the Delta variant will spread like a wildfire. Never mind, just like last time there were wildfires, the long vaccinated Morrison will probably have Jenny and his kids watching the carnage on TV from a beach hotel suite in Hawaii.

Australia’s burning

At least back home we’ll be able to do the important things again like go to a Harvey Norman store, or cross our fingers and put the rent money in a pokie machine right?

Yeah sure kids can wear a mask to school, but how many adults do you see having trouble fitting a mask properly?

Even if ATAGI pull their finger out and approve Pfizer for anyone over 12 years old, and even if we have 100% of those eligible vaccinated, where does that leave kids under 12? Do they all have to become Bubble Boys and Girls and live their lives in lockdown until a vaccine is found for them?

We need better options than what is being proposed.

Some will think I’m just being negative and not offering any ideas. I may be wrong, but I thought the countries Chief Medical Officer was paid the big bucks to do just that?

Instead of finding ways to improve our prospects he unfortunately seems to be focussing on trying to find ways to justify Morrison’s positions.

Morrison now says “It’s not how you start the race, it’s how you finish the race”. Well as we lurch from one failure to the next it is looking increasingly likely under a Morrison government we won’t see the finish line.

If we want to make the distance there is one thing that we will need almost as much as we need more vaccines.

A new government.

2 thoughts on “Someone Else To Blame – The ‘unvaccinated’, the queue, and the guinea pigs

  1. You reckon to be saying serious socially responsible things but in fact you’re just going a long with the government’s self seeking improper narrative. The vaccine is growing in Europe and Israel daily more ineffectual. The vaccine in any case only promises a 0.1% improvement on your already existing 99.866% chance of avoiding serious covid episodes (Pfizer’s own figures). The vaccine is essentially an illegal horror show inasmuch as the adverse reporting event system now lists by orders of magnitude more adverse events than would have been enough, have been enough in the past, to withdraw any other medication. Now the usa gives it’s a approval to it. With that on its record. With its increasing failure in Europe and Israel. With admitted: stipulated – new mutations due to come along that it won’t handle, with the overall tacit admission that what this is all in aid of is a future of perpetual vaccinations for an endemic covid. ie.: madness.
    There’s only one way to stop this madness: Get onto your MP and tell them to refuse to vote for continuation of ‘State of Emergency’ which will immediately make all these destructive absurdities illegal and put an end to them.
    Then the medical community can get on with dealing this event as what it is: a usual event well within the range of what is to be periodically expected.

  2. My 28yr old daughter lives in regional NSW, she is pregnant and suffers from acute asthma and has been told she is not to have Astra Zeneca but to wait for Pfiizer. After ringing numerous doctor surgeries in the region she was told by many of them that there are no Pfiizer vaccines available in the region. She finally got an appointment for next week but in Sydney! Not really the place to be during this pandemic ?

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