Today I thought I’d send a shout out to someone I’ve written about in the past.

This person has no doubt been doing it tough for the last few years, and has been away, but this month I believe he is returning.

Chris Blackwood, who ran Passion For Pets at Carum Downs in Victoria with his wife Anessa, is back from a 3 years and 6 month stretch in the slammer.

It appears that unfortunately for the community at large pets weren’t the only thing Chris had a passion for, although some of the issues the store faced with dead animals and diseases would make you wonder if there ever was a passion for anything.

In fact below is a link to complaint filed with Victoria RSPCA that shows the passionate nature of this particular store.

RSPCA Correspondence Passion For Pets

The complaint details allegations of repeated breaches of the law involving the likes of:

  • alterations to the date of birth of animals to facilitate a sale before legal age
  • drugging puppies drinking water against vets advice to prevent diahorrea
  • cases of parvo, including a customer complaint of a puppy dying
  • Dumping a puppy in the bin when it died after being thrown against a wall
  • Puppies and kittens not being fed appropriately

The puppy mentioned above as being dumped in the bin is pictured below. This poor puppy was literally thrown in its crate so hard it bounced off the back wall and lay limp. The puppy lay suffering all night before being found dead the next morning with blood coming from its ear. This would indicate it suffered internal bleeding from its abuse and died a slow and painful death.

Nobody at the store was disciplined.

The RSPCA claim to have visited the store and at the time they “investigated” found nothing wrong so the matter has been dumped just like the dead puppy. $5 Million taxpayer dollars over and above the RSPCA’s usual funding has been provided by the Victorian govt to investigate puppy farms and they can’t manage a complaint about a pet shop?

Far from delivering results from this $5 Million in funding for a special investigations unit we are instead seeing puppy farmers waiting to be charged years after dogs have been seized and properties raided.

The public wanted results and have thus far only been offered disappointment.

Wheres the passion?

Where’s the passion?

Anyway, Chris Blackwood is a lucky man, he faced up to 80 years, and it is my view that would have deserved every single day of an 80 year sentence. In fact I can’t understand why he got off so lightly, but getting off for Chris is where the problem lies.

So what did Chris do that was so wrong aside from operate a business plagued with problems?

Below is a link to the Court notice and charge details.

Chris Blackwood Court Document

Two charges – Sexual penetration of a child under sixteen

Three Charges – Indecent act with or in the presence of child under sixteen

I won’t go into all the details, but much of it is in the Court Notice. However it is clear the acts were premeditated, and alarmingly there were also further acts that did not attract charges.

One of the victims in these cases was just 9 years of age.

The police investigation into Chris’s paedophile acts commenced in January 2012. Yet despite being investigated for predatory and sexual offences against children, Chris and his wife continued to operate a business that by its nature attracted children in to look at the animals.

The business even had celebrity endorsement, with Dr Harry Cooper coming out to promote the store for Chris in September 2012.

Chris & Cooper

Chris & Cooper

Given the substance of these criminal acts and the premeditated and predatory nature of these crimes it must be a creepy thought for all those parents who went to the store with the kids.

I hope the police also seized and checked over any surveillance footage from instore to ascertain whether any of it may have been saved for purposes other than security. This is something that we have seen in the past with Upmarket Pets in Melbourne and the owner Greg Kirby’s questionable use of security footage.

So where to now for Chris?

Well, Chris gets to spend the rest of his life on the sex offenders register, that much is certain. However I’m confident that employment opportunities whilst on that register are limited. Needless to say I don’t think he would be allowed to work back in a pet shop full of kids after school.

Ownership of the store is less certain with the stores ABN leading to a Trust Account.

One positive bit of news for Chris however is that his wife Anessa has stuck by him, and the pair are still a happy couple. Apparently penetrating a 9-year-old’s vagina with his tongue is a forgivable offence in this family.

More good news is that as on Saturday 8th April a phone call confirmed that Anessa is still working at the store. I guess she needs all the extra money she can get with an unemployed paedophile for a hubby.

But there is more good news that should help with the cash flow crisis a line on the sex offenders register probably brings, Anessa is breeding French Bulldogs and allegedly supplying them to pet shops around Australia. I also believe Passion For Pets Carrum Downs just recieved a delivery of French Bulldogs.

Think of what you may be supporting before you buy from a pet store, in fact if you want to be 100% sure the only way is to adopt.


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42 thoughts on “Sick, Sick, Sick – How Long For That Paedophile In The Pet Shop Window?

  1. Excellent review of a sick perverted individual

  2. Get rid of him! Keep him away from our animals and our children!

  3. Proves again that cruelty to animals and children is disgustingly linked. So glad his fugly face is there for all to see no one should EVER go in the shop or bother with his dispicable wife. Breeding French bulldogs for goodness sake isnt her life vile enough?

  4. Dr Harry is a known idiot often promoting purchase of pure bred dogs …..clown

  5. Euthanasia for this bloke……Paedophilia can’t be cured – once a rock spider, always a rock spider! Unfortunatnately this bloke is an abuser of the two most innocent beings on this planet – children & baby animals – it’s a shame his naieve wife is stupid & obviously desperate enough to stick by him – more fool her. I’ve shared this story on my facebook.

  6. Protest protest and keep his name out there for the safety of children and animals.

  7. It is well documented that child abusers usually start out young as animal abusers. It is sickening reading the court document, this paedophile should have been made to serve his full sentence. I don’t understand why his wife is still with him? No decent woman would let a paedophile touch her or her children, shows she has no morals or decency and certainly would not show care and responsibility for animals.
    Dr Harry endorses anything for money and was a well known for his breeding and racing Greyhounds.

  8. I used to work here and I can confirm that the animals were treated very poorly. We should of reported them but we were young and just didn’t. This is so sad

  9. Thanks J, I think they likely employ people who are young hoping that they won’t report cruel behaviour

    I have also heard of young staff members who claim to have been inappropriately touched whilst at work, such as pats on the bum etc by Chris and being young thought it was normal. It is not normal, and if you or anyone else has been a victim of this kind of sexual harassment they should contact police, I am happy to help with that if anybody needs assistance.

    Thanks for speaking up now.

  10. What a sick individual! Thankyou for notifying the public about this cruel bastard… I’m sick with anger that our justice system lets us down every single time when these low life’s get away with torturing animals and preying on our children! I hope everyone spreads the word, and they get everything that’s coming for them…

  11. I visited the store Sat 8th April 2017. The staff are young teenaged girls who looked as if they hated being there. The store smelt so bad I was gagging, the kittens were too sleepy, no toys. There were lots of Bulldog puppies there, as well as others. ALL animals are “living” behind double glass cages, as well as the kittens and the poor lop eared rabbit. The store was stuffy as a customer so I could only imagine what it is like for all of the animals, as there is only a small metal grid at the top of the pens for air flow. I saw two small tanks that contained Siamese Fighting fish and the water was MOULDY. PLEASE SHUT THIS HELL HOLE DOWN FOR GOOD

  12. Dr Harry will promote whatever makes him a dollar, he sold out a long time ago.

  13. there should be tougher jail sentences for animal cruelty we are too soft on these people.
    We should have licences to own pets,go through tests etc. then have someone go round every so often to check on pets and the license to own an animal.
    Come on people get tougher with these people we can eliminate a lot of this and catch child molesters at the same time….

  14. I know I will share this on social media wherever I can, this guy needs to be instutionalised, some may say he has a mental illness, in which case he should be institutionalised and treated. Personally, my opinion is anyone who mistreats a defenceless animal like that should be treated the same way. Shame Harry Cooper, Shame for supporting people like this.

  15. Oh wow unreal, may b someone should throw him up against a wall and leave him to die. I went it to this shop years ago and told a young girl that worked there that their was a sick puppy in the cage and she just said it would b going to the vet later in the afternoon. I don’t think it would have made it because it looked very sick its eyes weren’t even opened.

  16. what is wrong with the justice systsem when cruelty to animals and peodophylia goes unchallenge why arnt these people in goal and why are they still allowed to run a pet shop is the justice system getting paybacks to allow these people to go free the mind boggles there is no justice for children and animals in this rotten society

  17. Still, life is too easy for such a disgusting, perverted creep; who feeds off the vulnerability of youngsters. Harry Cooper needs to disassociate himself quick smart!

  18. Harry did not know .now he know s he has cut all ties with him . And i realy dont know why his wife stays with him . She must have enyoued what hr did otherwise she would have left him . The law has gone bezerk . Why hasnt anyone got the courage and cut his balls of .so he cant do it again ooh this makes me mad .the kids and the puppuez cannot defend them self .u are a basterd .if i see u aroung d i wont be responsible what i would do . U are sick in the head . I feel sorry fir ur kids .the D HS should be called .

  19. I walked in one morning cause the door was open saw 7 large size puppies crammed into a little dog carrier while they were cleaning it the stall. The guy saw me and panicked saying we’re not open yet. Then suddenly tipped them all out into the pen.

  20. I’ll be visiting them very shortly.

    See you soon Chris.

  21. Chain him up, chop his penis off and maybe chuck him a scrap now and again filthy animal

  22. Send this shit viral,this cretinous shit has definitely preyed on more kids!!!!

  23. A current affair may I suggest the headline “the pet shop paedeophile”

  24. Hello! Everyone ! First of all before you judge me in what I am about to say! Let me first tell you all that I no longer work there.. and when I worked here , and so you all know I didn’t work at the carrum store where all this took place! I thought I was going out of my way to see puppies looked after to the best of my ability… I can’t tell you how difficult it was for me seeing puppies in situations that just brought me to tears in moments of privacy! but during my time here I had seen some things that made me so angry and so upset .. that the owners would do nothing wouldn’t take puppies to the vets when seriously unwell! I can confirm that puppies have been under the age of 8 weeks of age when put out for sale!

    You may ask why am I speaking up?! Because I am like all of you!! This has to stop! Seeing puppies get sick and not taken to the vet, puppies under 8 weeks, puppies sold as breeds that aren’t breeds described on pens,

    I like all the rest of you wish to see this place closed for good!

    I know as staff we were responsible for looking after puppies but we were also told what to do with puppies and things to give them if unwell! We took our instructions from the owner herself!

    No amount of calls to rspca will work as the owner seems to think they are above the law and nothing is ever done!

    They don’t do anything it’s now up to oscars law and the support of people who want to ban puppy farmers for good!

    It’s up to us to get her out of business!

  25. I was friends with Chris, he is an awful person
    He also has 3 children, one is a 13 year old female, wouldn’t be surprised if he touched her aswell
    Sick bastard deserves to rot, I really hope I never have the displeasure of crossing paths with him and his family ever again

  26. The victims of this piece of shit were all close family friends.He definitely molested more children in his inner circle of friends and business associates and yes more than likely his own daughter.Keep this terds name out there share this!!!more victims will feel empowered to come forward.This arsehole should not be allowed to just move on with life being able to prey on more children SHARE THIS!!!!!’

  27. This human scum must be exposed to everyone,household name with the like of Dennis Fergerson.This is the monster we all warn our children about ,the rock spider waiting for his victim (in a pet shop).The wife is the same complicent in his acts of depravity.Expose this monster for what he is ,the shame may result in him hanging from a noose to rant is complete I need a shower fucking die u scum

  28. So much for the tax avoidance story,I have shared this with as many people as possible.Hope they both rot.court papers are sickening Chris is predator who will never change,I urge everyone who has know Anessa and Chris to talk to their kids.All the sympathy sucking crocodile tears of this bitch,u can rot where the fucks the media I have forwarded this to every paper and Tv channel everyone should do the same

  29. Wait.. some of you have the story wrong! The kids affected where the wife of the pedophiles sisters kids!! But also staff members!! Let me point that out to you all

  30. Once he is released from prison he won’t be able to go back to his wife’s house in templestow as it’s to close to a school! Anessa now known as An Black on fb has bought a property up in Ballarat where she will continue to breed French bulldogs and have a puppy farm up there! So residence of Ballarat watch out for your kids!!!

  31. On the same subject -:
    -can anyone advise on the—- on going vic police brief that was handed to the vic public prosectutions dept -then handed back to vic police for assessment and determination of the matters concerning George Pell and his dealings with children in a recreational swimming centre —these matters seemed to have been secreted away in a dusty draw somewhere ??

  32. In response to silenced,before you make such specific information about who the victims are public.Please check your sources as you are completely wrong.It was definitely not the sisters kids

  33. My son recently bought a puppy from passion for pets not knowing it’s history. Well the poor puppy has spent most of the time at the vet!!!! Bacterial infections, worms etc. nothing has changed there by the sounds of it rscpa contacted

  34. Apparently they are under new ownership and new managment , no longer selling live animals and set to reopen 1st May 2018… from what little cursory checks I’ve done it would seem the business is still trading under the trust so I can’t see any change to ownership or Managment…
    Can anyone shed more light on this?

  35. The new owners aren’t selling puppies or kittens, and are working with local rescue groups promoting adoption.

    Great news

  36. Can confirm under new ownership and management. The new owners are beyond appalled at the history of the shop and have done a complete 180° with the business. Working exclusively with rescues and training staff extensively.

  37. Hi Guy

    I am the NEW owner of Passion For Pets and are more than happy to talk to anyone who pops into the store.
    I spend a considerable amount of money and time cleaning the store up. Again come in have a look and ask for Frank or Katie.

  38. Yes it is under new management.
    I am surprised they haven’t changed the name though, considering the name is notorious for parvo and a pedofile.

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