The 29th May 2013 will go down in history as one of NSW’s blackest days.

On that day the Coalition controlled NSW Parliament passed the Victims Rights and Support Bill with the support of the Christian Democrats and Barry’s new mates, the Shooters and Fishers Party. The changes to compensation have been described as fair, appropriate and considered by the Coalition. While members from Labor and the Greens have described them as heinous, disgraceful, immoral, shameful, and the description I’d agree with, downright evil.

Many have been reduced to tears at the impact this Bill will have. A complaint has even been filed with the United Nations it is so hideously immoral.

If there is something that we can take from this in the most begrudging way possible, it is that hopefully people will catch a glimpse if what may be around the corner with an Abbott led Federal Government.

As you are probably aware there was an enquiry held in Victoria recently into the ongoing problem of sexual abuse of children within religious organisations. Many of you may have heard Cardinal Pell admit to the deliberate acts over covering for paedophiles within the organisation he rules over. Perhaps Cardinal “Headed for” Hell would be more appropriate.

Cardinal "yes there's a cover up" Pell

Cardinal “yes there’s a cover up” Pell

You are probably also aware of the upcoming Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of children by those within organised religions. This Royal Commission was initiated with overwhelming public support, and the begrudging approval of Tony Abbott as long as it didn’t turn into a Catholic witch-hunt, ironically something the Catholics were famous for once…

Australians supported this Royal Commission because most of us agree that a paedophile is the lowest of the low, and the perpetrators of these heinous crimes need to be sought out and severely punished. Instead they were being given a silly hat, a robe, a bible, and a map to another town where a new batch of altar-boys and school children were awaiting their guidance. The public has had enough.

Not only that, this is a chance for the victims of these crimes to start to feel empowered themselves, and a time for many of them to start the healing process. Many of these victims have waited almost their entire lives to see their attackers held to account.

Most Australians also believe that these victims should receive fair compensation. Compensation for a life of fractured emotions, compensation for breaking the ability to trust, compensation for the destruction of someone’s sex life at such an early age, compensation for decades in therapy and psychiatric facilities and care, compensation for the physical pain suffered as children and relived in flashbacks and nightmares all their adult life, compensation for mental scars that never heal, and compensation for being unfortunate enough to have been placed within reach of some of the most depraved and evil people the world has ever known, often referred to as the parish priest.

However it is not always the victims that need compensating, there are others also involved.

It is often the victim’s family that bears much of the brunt.

All too often a family discovers a history of abuse after a child’s suicide. A victim unable to deal with the anguish and pain finds it easier to end it all rather than carry on living.

Tragically the family then suffers the guilt of knowing they put their child in harm’s way. The knowledge that their misguided faith led their child into the hands of evil must be a hard thing to cope with. This also often leads to deep mental trauma that cannot be overstated.

Therefore it is often the victim’s family that should be compensated fairly. It is not only these things, there is often the added cost of the child’s funeral.


So what is fair compensation for a life in hell after a childhood of abuse? After the Victorian enquiry the consensus seemed to be that $70,000 wasn’t anywhere near close enough.

In NSW, the Liberal Party has come up with a more appropriate figure, $15,000.

That is right, it’s not a typo. Fifteen fucking thousand dollars, it won’t even pay for the child’s burial costs. These poor people may as well have the word victim tattooed on their foreheads, as that’s what the Coalition has made them yet again.

But wait, there’s more….

The Bill also changes the statute of limitations for people claiming compensation for violence both sexual and non-sexual this includes child abuse or child sexual assault. An application must be made within 10 years of the alleged act or, if the victim was a child when it occurred, within 10 years after turning 18.

According to a report in claims against the Anglican Church the average time before application or claim is made is 23 years. Reporting this type of offence is often like going through the ordeal yet again, many victims have repressed memories that don’t surface until psychological problems are addressed years later.

Opposition leader John Robertson called it for what it is stating

”This is clearly a deliberately timed piece of legislation designed by the government to prevent thousands of child sexual abuse victims from being able to apply for compensation”

This also comes after news of a secret society of Liberal MP’s that have been meeting to discuss policy and the “lawmaking business”.

These gatherings of the group hilariously titled the “Chartwell Society” as if it’s a Klan, Masons group, or wife swapping club, meet regularly with religious leaders, as well as business leaders.

The group is organised by Baulkham Hills MP David Elliot. Elliott showed his smarts when explaining the secrecy of the special MP’s club according to the linked Telegraph article.

Elliott stated “It’s no secret…” and then went on to say that whatever was discussed was “Chatham House Rules” and as such kept secret, and explained that the key to the group’s success was its secrecy. OK then…

It is interesting to know that one of those to address this group was Cardinal Pell. I wonder what part of the “lawmaking business” he was discussing with them.

Can someone tell me what that says?

Can someone tell me what that says?

The Catholic Church in particular looks to lose millions of dollars as a result of the enquiries into sexual abuse within religious organisations.

This Bill in NSW has ensured that the compensation payouts will be dramatically reduced. In fact the proposed laws would prevent a great deal of the victims coming forward for the Royal Commission from being to make a claim at all.

This is beyond shameful.

The only thing more evil than these paedophiles are those that seek to protect them. That is precisely what this Bill does, protect paedophiles from paying for the damage they have done.

Those who say there are positive aspects of this disgraceful bill are misguided. This is similar to someone claiming that Josef “Angel Of Death” Mengele’s “special treatment” of Jews during the holocaust was justified because he made a few new discoveries.

NSW Attorney General Greg Smith has a history when it comes to looking after victims, it’s only a few months back he took a leaf out of Tony Abbott’s book and spat in the face of asbestos victims and their families by stripping their compensation rights.

NSW Attorney General Greg Smith

NSW Attorney General Greg Smith

Greg Smith also has a history with paedophile priests, paying tribute to Father Finian Egan in his maiden parliamentary speech. When allegations emerged of his buddy sexually abusing children, Smith was quick to vouch for alleged paedophile and label the victims as greedy and only after money.

I cannot think of a bill that has a more evil motive, and a more catastrophic outcome than this bill put forward by the NSW Liberal Party. Why this has not caused a huge public outcry is beyond me.

Below is a list of those in the Upper and Lower Houses who supported the Bill to further violate the victims of predatory paedophiles.

The Shame File

The Shame File

These are MP’s who know of the broken and shattered hearts of victims and have chosen to reach in and rip the hearts out of these victims, and stomp them into the mud. The worst expletives don’t come close to describing the moral fibre of these MP’s who by supporting this bill seem more like creatures from a sub-human species.

As we all know, Tony Abbott is quite fond of the church. He has always been quick to come to the defense of the Catholic Church in particular saying that it should not be singled out for criticism. Despite statistics that show that the Catholic Church is to paedophile priests what McDonalds is to hamburgers, unrivalled leaders in the field.

Tony Abbott was even trained as a priest and earned himself the nickname of the “mad monk”.

Racial Discrimination Laws? Not for long...

Trust me with your childs safety…

If this is what the Liberal Party had planned in NSW, imagine what they have planned federally. They may not be able to stop the Royal Commission, but they will do their damnedest to save their church buddies a few bob. After all the Catholic Church is only one of the world’s richest organisations, it must be tough for them to pay compensation to those Greg Smith would probably refer to as just more greedy victims.

Slashing the rights of victims of crime won’t keep any child safe from harm, in fact it is likely to do just the opposite.

When you vote in September here is something that may be worth considering in light of what the Coalition have done in NSW.

Would you trust Tony Abbott to put your child’s best interests ahead of those of Cardinal George?

I sure as Pell wouldn’t…


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30 thoughts on “Safe From Harm

  1. Good grief, with a potential government led by a catholic fundy and a state government with no backbone, we really have no hope. Putting a statute of limitations on reporting sexual abuse and claiming compensation demonstrates just how out of touch the decision makers in this country are. PTSD often doesn’t happen overnight and certainly doesn’t get cured overnight. The victims need empowerment. Also the church can afford the compensation.

  2. great work Peter … with your comment “Catholic Church is to paedophile priests what McDonalds is to hamburgers, unrivalled leaders in the field” you have redefined the term Big Mac for me.

    somebody had to call it as it is – fortunately, you are so very good at that!

    two things:
    1) the parliamentary session in which this policy was passed seems to have gone well into the night … is there a reason for that? (as if from the playbook of Woodrow Wilson’s US Federal Reserve Act … late at night … sneak it through before the public know what’s going on).
    2) you must be glad the ALP is not the elected NSW state government right now … otherwise the pressure would have been on the ALP MP’s to pass such unscrupulous laws … which would have made this tale even more tawdry than it already is!

  3. The powerful appear determined as ever to to cover the tracks of pedophiles in the Catholic Church and other major institutions. Everyone who voted for this must stand condemned for their moral bankruptcy,

  4. yes being a victim ,I can believe the cover ups as bigots and criminals rule in the state government ,and the church

  5. Will this make the MSM??? I doubt it. What an absolute disgrace Pell is, and his right wing cohorts!

  6. Peter my sentiments exactly, expletives included! Great article thank you!

    Also, just to add to this disgraceful misuse of power, is O’Farrell’s gag on Legal Aid Offices and other advocacy groups. If you want your funding, don’t’ criticise the government, don’t protest, don’t lobby politicians, and don’t use social media basically, DON’T DO YOUR JOB!!!

    I feel deeply concerned about the future of the Royal Commission if Tony Abbott wins the election. We know that his driving force is to “serve” the rich and powerful, NOT the people, not justice, and not innocent children.

    And yes, if this is what the State Liberals have done, what the hell will Australia look like with an Abbott government.

  7. In my opinion all the Catholic Church’s funds should be divided up between the victims at the end of the enquiry and the Church would then be broke. Then it should disband. You don’t have to be Catholic to do good things. Those preists who were doing good things can still do so. Take off that stupid collar and stop wearing black.

  8. I agree with all the above comments and fear fot he Royal Commission. As a lapsed Catholic, I remember only too well, the influence of the “Sunday Boys Club” that spewed forth from the pulpit on Sunday mornings and the idolising of the right wing viewpoints put forward by the Church’s messengers like B A Santamaria, Archbishop Mannix and his successors and the total acceptance of the hypnotised parishioners who blindly thought that suppressing women and hiding the sexual abuse of innocent little children by paedophile priests, and, sometimes in the homes of these parishioners, would gain them entry into heaven. Thanks Wixxy for your article this morning about the NSW legislation capping payments to sexual abuse victims and their families. George Pell wields too much power and his influence over Abbott is frightening. Please don’t put this Catholic boys club of Abbott, Hockey, Pyne and the other raving lunatics, so called Christians, like Cory Bernardi, into power. We will pay dearly for men whose ideology is closely formed from religious fanaticism that belongs in the dark ages. Abbott will put a whole new connotation to the term “religious fanaticism” and the country will go backwards.

  9. The big problem is that Barry O’Farrell can tend to come across as avuncular & reasonably “kindly” so it is difficult for the public to believe he is really the type of person who could blithely destroy someone’s life for money.

    This happened with the emergency services & their workplace compensation. It is disgraceful what they have done to those injured or killed doing such vital work for the community. All to allow insurance companies to garner higher profits. Despicable.

  10. I never thought that checking whether people were catholics or not would be a key to the behind the scenes behaviour. That and who their parents were [mates with shows that it is not what you know but who you know that matters. There must be some good catholics around. Why should their reputations be sullied by the abominable behaviour of a very puritanical bigoted church that nurtures and protects such unholy behaviour in it’s structure?, Shows no appreciation of the enormous damage to kids who are in their care and predated upon by people who they should be able to trust and no repentance once the fact is uncovered. These “retrospective” laws should be illegal anyhow. the crimes were committed “before”… They scheme to get out of their responsibilities and preserve their money. If they had any shame they would close up the whole thing. Isn’t there something about anybody placing “stumbling blocks in front of little children ..have a millstone put about their head etc. I am truly revolted about this, and I hope others are too.

  11. Thanks for keeping us informed Wixxy.
    How can people vote for them?

  12. Well, we know the Cardinal carries no authority. He told us so.

    Thankfully due the strong, no holds barred enquiry set u by the PM, the church has no where to hide.

    I suspect we also have a Pope that is not in the business of hiding his head in the sand. On that, time will tell.

    There can be no statue of limitation on crimes of this type.

  13. But go your hardest . We (the clever,, Well CUNNING) have cut you off at the pass You may have your day in court but NO justice for you . There IS something really smell about this. Can you run these things at the UN or the ICC?

  14. I dare say there a few victims of clergy sexual abuse out there, but organisations like Broken Rites smell to me suspiciously cult-like.
    I learned recently that they helped organize an accusation of sexual abuse against Cardinal Pell himself – the accusation could not be disproved, not could it be proved, so it was not upheld. However, the testimony given was fairly unambiguous – either Cardinal Pell was a sexual predator of children or a group of people conspired to give false testimony – there really wasn’t any middle ground. And if they can do that to George Pell they can do that to anybody (they make the HSU look like amateurs in comparison.)

    If I had to pick between the cult of Broken Rites and the cult of the Catholic church, I would pick the Catholics. The Catholics do some vaguely useful things like schools, hospitals, nursing homes, charity shops, housing, employment and counseling services. All the anti-Catholic obsessives ever seem to offer is compensation cheques for themselves and fees for their lawyers.

  15. I have long held the belief that pious ness is an indicator of hidden guilt. This bill confirms it. The whole bloody lot should be opened up to let in the light.

  16. And where have our glorious Main Sleaze Media been on this? Nowhere to be seen or heard as normal because they don’t want any of their LNP buddies to be seen as the nasty,vile creeps that they are. The Main Sleaze Media love holding any Labor Government to account but never ever their Conservative buddies. Ordinary Australians should be shit scared if the Coalition get into power come September.

  17. Limiting you liability by getting your mates to change the laws is FRAUDULENT and CORRUPT. Judge the tree by the fruit it bears.. IF their GOD accepts the behaviour of some of the clergy in the Catholic Church, HE/SHE/ IT is not doing much of a job. Didn’t Christ say “You have made my father’s house a DEN OF THEIVES? ” What’s changed?

  18. I suspect the deviants have more affinity for the perversions of the OT than the words of Jesus. More in there seems to be about vulgar displays of Godly power than helping your fellow man. These people love abusing their positions of power.

    Tony Abbot is deeply attracted to and lusts after institutions and positions of power – the Catholic Church, the Monarchy, and the Office of the Prime Minister. Then there is the whole cosy thing going on with Gina.

    He is potentially one very dangerous man.

  19. So it’s all about the money….oh I was abused too I was abused too, can I have money?

  20. Clearly you were not abused Wayne. Though it is obvious you are a low life sack of shit. With such a cavalier attitude to the victims of these crimes, one is left to wonder if you are not a perpetrator yourself.

  21. Clarritee advocacy groups who have been prevented from “political advocacy or activism” with the threat of funding loss have taken the case to the UN. I am not sure what the current situation with this is though. Just hope something positive comes from the situation.

    It is outrageous to see such an abuse of power by the NSW government….it reminds me of the abuse of power of child abuse!

  22. Hear, hear, Matt. Wayne is a revolting POS with a total lack of compassion & empathy. In fact, the lack of those human attributes makes him a ideal member of the Liberal Party. A Lib poster boy.

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