There are some in the NSW Labor Party celebrating an incoming Party leader from the Left in Luke Foley. However the rank and file members with their ear to the ground are dismayed that we may only see a puppet of the Right due to the deals Foley is alleged to have made to become leader.

Foley has managed to gain the support of Labor’s Right, and with Michael Daley admitting defeat already and saying he will no longer contest the leadership position, Foley is the last man standing.

However there a growing number of rank and file members who are not happy with the way Foley has ended up in this position.

I have no doubt that Foley will make an excellent leader, however there are questions surrounding his apparent ascent to the Leadership due to be confirmed by caucus 5th January.

Senior Party sources have claimed that a deal has been done between Foley, NSW General Secretary Jamie Clements, and Wollongong MP Noreen Hay.

This deal could see members resigning from the Centre Unity Faction in droves, as what is the point of being in a faction whose leaders support a rival faction? If I were Michael Daley I would be seriously considering deserting the faction that betrayed me and would be looking to take my supporters along with me.

Sources claim that Noreen Hay who is the convener of the Centre Unity Faction, of which Clements is also a leading member, has used her position to secure the votes for Foley from members of her faction.

So why would Hay being a convener of the Right faction betray Daley, a member of her own faction, to rally numbers for a Left candidate?

Sources have claimed that the deal is being done with Foley so that Noreen Hay can secure the position of Party Whip. The vast majority of those in the Left could probably think of nobody worse to put in the position of Whip than Noreen Hay as Noreen comes with a lot of baggage, so if this claim is true it will do Foley’s leadership no end of harm should Noreen Hay end up in the whips position.

Noreen wants the whip... Image - Fairfax

Noreen wants the whip…
Image – Fairfax

So what is in this deal for Jamie Clements?

If Luke Foley is elected leader there will be a need to find him a lower house seat, which is something that strikes me as odd.

It strikes me as odd for two reasons. One is that I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary to be a Member of the Lower House to be Opposition Leader, to be Premier yes, but not Opposition Leader, although I could be wrong. The other is that given there was going to be a vote for the Labor Leader shortly after the March election, if Foley had ambitions for leader surely he would have put himself in the running for a lower house seat in the last rounds of pre-selections.

However Foley’s bid for a Lower House seat gives Clements what may be a convenient way of saving some face.

The Auburn pre-selection is an ongoing saga which has already seen the Party suffer as a result of what has been alleged as branch-stacking on a grand scale by Hicham Zraika, the candidate who has the support of Jamie Clements and Laurie Ferguson, who would appear to have worked together to secure one of Ferguson’s allies in other seats such as Seven Hills.

With the incumbent Barbara Perry going through the democratic Independent Appeals process regarding the as yet undecided pre-selection, the result of that process could make Clements position as Secretary untenable given he oversaw the pre-selection.

The Auburn pre-selection itself had some irregularities.

There was a last-minute change of venue which led to some confusion. I have also been made aware of claims of scores of Hicham supporters who seemed to have suddenly forgotten what branch they attended when asked by those giving out how to vote forms.

Also extremely irregular was the fact that after the election the uncounted votes were stored at the house of an employee of Sussex St for the weekend. This alone would throw the integrity of the entire process into doubt given it was not overseen by the AEC. How on earth can these be considered due diligence by Sussex St?

Early indications appear to show that this Independent report, due after the final hearing on 21st January will be absolutely damning, and members of the rank and file as well as some prominent insiders are assuming that Clements is hoping that parachuting Foley into the seat will mean the Independent Review is cancelled and its findings not made public.

Barbara Perry despite the pressure seems determined to ensure that the process continues.

Whether or not she knows it, Barbara may just be making the stand against the so-called faceless men and factional power-brokers that rank and file members have been screaming for year after year. One would certainly have to question the motives and vested interests of those who do not welcome the continuation of this democratically approved and vital Party process given it only promotes transparency and only enforces the Party rules.

Who would have thought that a woman, a mother of five, long-standing and loyal member, Shadow Minister and Former Minister could bring the power-brokers who are destroying the NSW Labor Party to their knees?

Barbara Perry - no strings attached

Barbara Perry – fighting the good fight


Foley has indicated that he wants to be pre-selected and does not wish to be “parachuted” into a seat.

However any move to pre-select Foley in the Auburn seat can only be seen as a “parachute” given that the voters who would elect him are currently the subject of an Independent Review. These being to votes of the members that are the alleged branch stacks of Hicham Zraika who is alleged to have been offered a safe upper-house seat in exchange.

There are other seats Foley could run for, Seven Hills would be good given it is set to be lost after the area has been held by Labor for over half a century. Lost due another poor candidate with alleged branch stacks and more than questionable views on domestic violence. Once again a candidate promoted by Laurie Ferguson who appears to have anything but the Party’s best interests at heart.

Also on the possibilities list was Blacktown, given the unfortunate position former leader John Robertson finds himself in.

However I have heard rumours that Foley, who wishes to lead both the Party and the State may be inconvenienced by the extra travel to such faraway places as the Western Suburbs, Labor heartland.

I have contacted Jamie Clements with some queries including the two important questions below;

Can you tell me where in the Party rules that it says that a democratic pre-selection process can be interrupted in the middle of an independent appeal?

Can members rely on you as their State Secretary to ensure that absolutely no deals are done until the democratic process as stated in our party rules regarding the Auburn pre-selection process is finalised?

 As of publication I have yet to receive a response from Jamie Clements.

No matter what happens it would appear Jamie Clements is not one to rely on for support. The last time Clements used his Twitter account to promote or retweet Former Leader John Robertson was all the way back on the 6/6/2014. I find it astounding that the General Secretary of the Party would not do all he could to promote the Party Leader. In fact to look at Jamie’s Twitter feed you would think he was running for Arch-Bishop not running a political party as the Pope gets plenty of support and retweets.

Luke Foley - all good things to those....

Luke Foley – It’s the wrong way to the top if you wanna….

Luke Foley has been in the press talking about the Party becoming more democratic under his leadership.

Given the allegations of a deal with Noreen Hay and given his apparent plans to make the Party more democratic, I also sent some questions to Luke Foley for a response, including these;

It has been alleged that a deal has been done to secure support for you involving Noreen Hay with her seeking the Party Whip position, can you confirm or deny this ?

With the talk from Sussex St being that you are going to bring more democracy to the Party, can you explain why on of your first actions will be to seek the denial of democratic process to Barbara Perry?

 Fairfax recently reported on the quest for the Auburn seat for Luke Foley and had this to say regarding Foley’s comments.

Mr Foley said he was “relaxed” about Ms Perry retaining her candidacy at this stage, but said the pair would speak if he is elected leader and “we’ll see what eventuates”.”

 In the article Foley also talks of the Party and State becoming a “social conscience” for the nation.

I’m sorry Mr Foley but the vast majority of members do not agree with your prehistoric, judgmental, and discriminatory views on marriage equality. Given you are there to represent those members perhaps an attitude adjustment may be in order, after all, this is not a Party of one.

I certainly don’t agree with the way you implicate that you will put pressure on Barbara Perry to sacrifice herself because you failed to make a legitimate run for the Lower House through the pre-selection process everybody else is deemed worthy of.

As a member I also question the ethics of the way it would appear you are gaining the support of the Right. A method some may describe as dealing with the devil.

Social conscience indeed…


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23 thoughts on “Running With The Devil? – Just who is backing Luke Foley for the NSW Labor Leader role?

  1. You have asked Clements and Foley exactly the right questions, Peter. Significantly, we will know the truthful answers if they do not reply! It appears that the NSW Right will never learn until those whose top priority is self-interest are removed.

  2. I have ask Jamie myself why is this the best way to proceed and his reply was that we do not have the time to involve the membership.
    As I myself was suspended for six months after being the campaign director for Charlestown.
    I am not happy with the way in which Luke is conducting himself just to become leader.
    It is time the party involved the membership.
    As I have always maintained that all MPs and Sussex street officials are only members like me.
    So what is this happening????

  3. We should be in a position of strength with the number of Liberals shamed by ICAC, including a sitting Premier, however the way the Party is being run in NSW has seen us not move forward (excuse the saying) but may see us go backwards.

    The Party is being run like a North Korean dictatorship, telling the people (the rank & file) they are getting what they want and doing exactly the opposite of what we need due to self interests.

    I would love to be dumping all over the LNP but we need to clean up shop in our own Party first.

    Foley won’t make through the next term, you watch the moves to install Chris Minns, and he hasn’t even been elected yet….

  4. I usually love your stuff Wixxy but I don’t understand the public bagging of your own mob. I have been told I don’t “get it” as I am “old school”, maybe that’s right. NSW election is soon and even though we are told constantly by those that don’t seem to really give a toss that the ALP don’t have a chance some of us are still hopeful, hopeful because that’s all we have. There are thousands and thousands of injured workers in NSW who have been thrown onto the scrapheap because of this filthy LNP govt and if we don’t get rid of them there will be thousands more.

    Ok rant over.

  5. I’ve voted Labor since 1960. I’m a trade unionist.
    I have never seen an organization so disjointed.
    The party seems to swing from one precarious branch to the next like an hallucinating chimp.
    I live in Wollongong. They couldn’t stop doing deals until they had the cards confiscated.
    Macquarie st was like a mad scramble to get their hands in the til.
    The only people who think they are a presentable challenge & capable administrators are probably terrified they are going down with the next bunch inner party “Players”.
    I honestly don’t think care any more about party pride or the working class ideal.

  6. sounds like this self-interested mob need another term in opposition to see if they can somehow stumble across either a copy of the history of the NSW Labor Party or a working code of conduct that they can abide by. There’s a reason you were decimated at the last election folks……..cut to Midnight Oil singing “Short Memories” please.

  7. In answer to the question of why any members of the Right would be supporting Foley there are two answers.

    The first is that choosing the best leader is in everyone’s interest. Choosing a leader from within the faction in this case would result in choosing a dud.

    The second is the myth of the unity of factions. The right has been divided between Trogs and Terrigals for over a decade and it was only by the Terrigals demanding factional unity that KKK rolled Nathan.

    As to the regrettable situation in Auburn. I know Perry complained of the stacks in 2010, but she seems to have done nothing since until it again threatened a pre-selection. Where was the public complaints over the last four years?

    Finally is it too hard to understand that Foley did not seek a lower house seat because he wasn’t seeking the leadership, as evidenced by how long it took him to decide to run. He is being drafted in the service of the party – I for one encouraged him to run. Let’s support him, fight the election in March and continue the process of party reform in the other nine months of 2015.

  8. The system is definitely imperfect but I am looking forward to contesting the seat where I live under the parliamentary leadership team of Luke Foley and Linda Burney. Personal ambitions and disappointments need to be set aside until after the election. There is a real point of difference in an alternative government under Labor to now offer to the people of NSW. I am contesting the seat of Manly which is held by Mike Baird.

  9. David,

    Choosing a dud? I’m a leftie, although not a financial member of the Left, and I can see that Daley, from the Right was a better choice and he had a Lower House seat.

    There are seats we need to win such as Newtown and Balmain where we will be fighting the Greens, Foley’s views on marriage equality will do huge damage in those already marginal seats.

    Perry complained regarding the stacks in 2010 yes, and what happened? Zip is what… However the sudden 300 new members in one branch were not there to complain about a couple of years ago, hence why she didn’t complain then.
    Complaints of branch stacking regarding Susai Benjamin in the Seven Hills seat have been going on regularly in motions from branches for years and have been completely ignored by both Dastyari and Clements.

    From my understanding of what will be exposed in the books of the Regents Park branch it will be a disgrace and bring shame on the Party. Anybody who endorsed or backed Hicham Zraika the branch Secretary knowing how he ran the branch is as guilty of misconduct as he is, I don’t care what position they hold in the Party or in Parliament they should be expelled if what comes out of this inquiry is in any way near as bad as what is being bantered about.

    I too would encourage Luke to run but after the election so he can find a lower house seat over the next couple of years although I will always support whatever leader we have in the election.

    Your Party reform comment is a cop-out David I’m sorry to say.

    The view you express is the shafting of a long standing and popular female member who has been on the front bench in Ministerial and Shadow Ministerial positions for years just because a bloke has had a sudden change of heart over wanting to be leader? Then do a deal so that an alleged branch stacker who may be yet found guilty of misconduct gets a seat in the upper house just because Clements and Ferguson have backed him and he will always vote how he is told? Then after all that and we lose the election anyway, then we can worry about fixing up the mess we have just created and continue with the illusion of a reform in progress?

    This method has never worked for us before, and is known as the NSW disease nationally, I don’t think it is a term of endearment.

    I say don’t put off till tomorrow can be done today.

    I think actually doing the right thing may win us some votes and a bit of respect

  10. Good luck Jennifer, I wish you all the best.

    Unfortunately Foleys personal ambition underwent a sudden and drastic change just last week or we’d have Daley as leader on Monday, and the drama’s of Auburn are only upon us know due to the utter failure of Sussex St to follow their own rules that were voted in by rank and file and preselect candidates at least 12 months out from an election. This is what has forced the Party into the ridiculous situation we have now, with the only other option being not to contest the Auburn seat, which I’m sure you will agree would not be wise.

  11. lets sum it all up. Jamie was mates with Obeid and lunched regularly. He stll owes Eddie and Ferguson so thats is why he has kept Hay. We donlt want Hay down our way. These are the ones who have moked the true Labor values I have stood for. It is not Jamie’s Party, it is not Fergs party. I pay my membership and I expect honesty, integrity and these elected ones to abide by the rules they throw at others. It doesnt matter who writes about it but it does matter that the truth comes out and it will. I have seen Wixxy support this party and I have seen him take a stand against the bullies in our party and hold the Libs to account. If as Jeniifer says we need to be ppsitive then how can we be when our own are setting us up t fail at the coming election then why the FK!! is Jamies Clements putting the party at risk??????????? Luke will be gret as a leader and lets not forget is was Noreen Hay that signed to have Nathan Rees removed as Premier. If our commerades at Sussex street wont take a stand againts these dodgy characters then we will as branch members remove them. Keep up the good work Wixxy you have our support. JD

  12. Wixxy I was just talking to my daughter and she said if Sussex street wanted to win the next election then why would they risk t with losing seats like Seven Hills and Auburn and Wollongong. Whys would they not put in the best candidates . I shake my head at this.

  13. I totally understand your point of view Red, however we a delusional if we think we are going to get over the line this time.

    The fact is we are still reeling as a Party from the corruption scandals brought about by Obeid, Tripodi, and McDonald. I don’t see how ignoring the issues we are currently facing does us any good as Party at all or how it will win us any votes. I think standing up and fighting and striving for real reform may win us respect and votes.
    Yes this should have been done long ago, but continuing to put it off will only harm us the at the next election.

    Have no fear, I will have plenty to say about the LNP in the lead up to the election

  14. Thanks Jack, I agree we have to take the Party back, sitting on our hands has achieved nothing

  15. Yeah. Noreen for Whip. Maybe she might have to do some work for a change!

  16. I left the alp in 2000 after I publicly came out against the corruption in the party by ferguson and his staff so I am not suprised by what I just read about Foley and Hay, Nothing has changed in 14 years since I left. Ferguson Foley and Hay were and probably still are the most hated people in the party and shouldn’t be running a chook raffle let alone ou state. I worked for ferguson and went through young labor with Foley and Hay’s kids and could tell stories that would rock the foundations. I know that while these character’s are in the party thing will not changed. I was asked to come back to labor today and I seriously considered it. But after reading this there is no way. I will vote labor in the lower house because I like and respect my local member but for the upper house anyone but the libs and labour

  17. Please don’t describe a female candidate as “Mother of N” unless you are prepared to quote the headcount of offspring for all the male candidates as well. It is not relevant to her candidature unless you are still living in the 1960s

  18. Peter, I agree with red on Jan. 2nd 2015. Why do you bag the ALP publicly ? All you are doing is giving our political enemies more ammunition. What you have pointed out re the factions (a real blight on the Party), should be discussed within the confines of the Party.
    Already on the IA site the knives are out for us. The Greens are laughing and cannot believe their luck when they see an article such as yours. I doubt that that was your intention.

    Apart from my rant re airing our dirty linen publicly I like your work.


  19. With allude respect, Perry is everything you have written without being competent. Living in her electorate, I raised the issue of corruption within the ALP in writing via a form letter she sent out and it was returned to my letter box torn up. On election day I was told to collect a how to vote card from an aggressive lobbyist who was in a gang of other unionist types. I would never vote ALP since I supported them in my teens .. I see how they operate. Robertson was no good. Foley is no good. Hay is no good. I pity ALP supporters.

  20. Thanks, I don’t like doing it, but it is a position that Party members are forced into as nothing is being done by the current leadership.

    As with the branch stacking allegations that have been going for years in the hope someone in Sussex St may actually give a shit, it is clear that they are happy for this gross misconduct to continue if it meets certain people agenda’s. The only time they do care and something is done is when someone is forced to leak it to Fairfax or News Ltd or it is highlighted during a campaign. It is clear the Party needs to be shamed into acting, and even then some of the decisions are questionable.

    The Greens are a protest Party who only have any power if their wishes for hung parliaments are granted, and when they do have a bit of power they use it in a questionable way at best. In NSW they voted to shut down the workers voice backing the Lib’s pushes on Political Donation reform to restrict unions ability to fund while backing big business and effectively doubling their donation limit by allowing them to donate to Libs & Nats separately, this was eventually overturned by the Courts.
    Frankly I don’t care what a Party that is happy to screw over workers thinks…

    Alas, Sometimes you have to sweep out when the broom is available

  21. Thanks for that Peter, I understand your frustrations with the hierarchy. I`ve been trying for years. Hopefully your method will pay dividends. It seems they can`t see the trees for the forest.

    On another topic, I hope all the good work and fantastic effort you have put into the Jacksonville saga doesn`t go to waste and Jackson and her cronies get what they deserve.


  22. Foley lied directly to my face when he didn’t even have to.
    When I told him that I knew that he was contradicting the truth and that someone had told me that he had been with Foley and the alleged branch stacker that Foley claimed he had never met. HE YELLED AT ME that it was none of my business.
    I am a female, watching him preach that women should be respected and that bullying is bad. Obviously they are lines that he hasn’t practiced in front of a mirror.

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