I have to admit, when I first heard of Reclaim Australia, judging by its name I thought it was worthy of support.

However that was short-lived.

I had mistakenly assumed that reclaiming Australia must be some sort of indigenous movement given the name. I mean who else has any sort of historically and factually based claim on this nations land?

Alas Reclaim Australia are a political party with supporters who have a mistaken belief that they once held a claim on this country and now seek to reclaim it from another group of people who are yet to lay any sort of claim on it whatsoever.

If you think that makes little sense you are clearly someone who benefited from an education that Reclaim Australia’s supporters lacked.

There to reclaim what has not been claimed Image - The Guardian

There to reclaim what has not been claimed
Image – The Guardian

Reclaim Australia are a party with zero credibility, a small supporter base of primarily bogans and racists, and policies based on positions of misguided fear. They are a party that is desperately seeking not just credibility, but particularly attention to improve their supporter numbers. The apparent aim is to have enough supporters so they can amass a combined IQ that hits triple figures.

The way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to not give them any oxygen at all.

That is why I was disappointed to see the ridiculous and utterly futile efforts by anti-racism protesters to hold their own protest at a Reclaim Australia protest in Richmond Victoria on the weekend.

Also there to spit out their childish bile and join the Reclaim Australia ridiculousness were members of the equally absurdly named United Patriots Front. A patriot is defined as;

“a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.”

Australia is a multicultural country, it has been since us white folk arrived, so despite the ironic choice of name, I’m guessing that by definition the United Patriots Front would fit into the enemy or detractor category, not the Patriots they aspire to fool people into thinking they are.

Those who went to attend the counter-protest a true patriots should be aware that protesting against stupidity is pointless. It is not unlike yelling at an empty room, or in this case empty heads.

The inevitable result of the protest  Image - ABC

The inevitable result of the protest
Image – ABC

Whilst I understand that making a stand against racism is crucial, I think we need to be a little smarter when choosing our battles.

What was achieved by choosing this battle was a couple of fat lips, black eyes and a few bruises on a few ego’s and bodies. However the biggest achievement was turning what would have been an unnoticed and inconsequential protest into a leading news story.

Reclaim Australia could not buy this sort of publicity, and it is no wonder they are planning more protests, no doubt hoping for more confrontation.

For those who are thinking of pitching up at the next Reclaim Australia protest, can I be so bold as to ask you to think again?

By showing up you will certainly not change any minds and your presence will only guarantee a few things

  • That there will be conflict
  • That there will be publicity via news footage
  • That Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front memberships will rise as a result

If this is what you are hoping to achieve, go for it. If not, you’ll achieve more staying in bed.

I know where I’ll be.


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8 thoughts on “Reclaim My Place – The counterproductive protest against racism and stupidity

  1. Hard to believe this blogger could be so stupid. Try doing some research next time you moron. Reclaim Australia is not a political party. Nor was the rally organized by Reclaim. If you were any thicker you’d make a nice log for the fire.

  2. Australia had over 500 tribes with different totems and dreaming stories, that is multicultural. Claiming it only became multicultural when white people arrived is ignorant and offensive.

  3. dont be embarrassed Peter … in a moment of similar temporary insanity, Russell Brand tried to convince his audience to vote for Labour in the recent UK election …. even knowing it makes no real difference.
    he has backed away from that crazy position now … so you could argue you had a “Russell Moment”.

  4. Peter, I feel a bit of pity for you having to put up with fascists putting comments on this story. You are absolutely right in saying that we need to rob oxygen from these small minded morons. The less we listen to these idiots, the smaller their cause will become. Don’t listen to the haters of the world!

  5. Marilyn you are awful quick to take offence.

    I don’t think I was being ignorant at all in assuming that these racist protesters were white folk, which is why I made the reference

    I don’t pretend to be an expert on indigenous history so thanks for filling in the blank for me

    I won’t take offence at your misunderstanding of my intent in relation to the comment I’ll just put it down to unintentional ignorance

  6. I always found racism a curious word conjured up by man. It means nothing. No matter what your ethnicity is, you are part of the human species. We don’t call gorillas a different race from the orangutan.

    It’s a worrying trend, a government hell bent on removing citizenship and rights from a portion of the population, another government of similar ilk allowing members of the same part of the population to settle in NSW but only in certain areas and bands of thugs holding rallies denigrating parts of our society.

    Less than 100 years ago Australians went to war with a nation that was displaying similar behavior towards people they considered “undesirables” and “untermenschen”. As a species, we are undesirable as inhabitants of a planet, we don’t seem to learn do we.

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