So, with three states in lockdown, one in pandemonieum and a nation crying out for the Pfizer vaccine, today we find out Morrison has a secret stash of doses.

Today came the welcome news that NSW would be receiving 50 thousand extra Pfizer doses courtesy of the Morrison government.

While this would appear to be great news for NSW, I wonder what this news means for the country and what it tells us about its so-called leadership?

Fortunately the extra doses are not being taken from other states allocations, they are coming from a “national stockpile”.

The existence of this stash prompts questions like;

  • How long have we had this national stockpile?
  • How many doses are in the national stockpile?
  • Why are these doses being held back?


  • What the actual fuck are they waiting for before releasing them?

Morrison received his first Pfizer jab all the way back in February. Have we had a secret stockpile for that long?

Handy to have a secret stash when you want a Pfizer jab in February…

If this stockpile is being saved for a rainy day, maybe the Morrison government haven’t noticed, but it’s pissing down accross the country. Cats and fucking dogs.

If we are to believe what we’re told by the Morrison government then there will be rivers of vaccine in September. There’s more Pfizer on its way and Moderna also finally becoming available, albeit an eternity after many other countries had access to it. So if we needed a stockpile of vaccine why not wait until then when we have enough to go around?

Premiers around the country have been crying out for more Pfizer, they must be fuming to learn that Morrison has been squirreling some away for his secret stash. One can only imagine what those currently suffering in ICU wards must be thinking.

If these doses were being held back in case of emergency, what exactly makes something an emergency in Morrisons eyes? Three states in lockdown doesn’t do it, Australians dying doesn’t do it, hundreds in hospital doesn’t get him there, and thousands of cases running rampant across his home state only gets him there after the Premier begs.

“If only the Morrsion government hadn’t withheld Pfizer doses from the public”

One wonders what emergency was required to break the glass shielding the key to the dungeon the stockpile was being held in, out of the sight of pesky citizens. An upcoming Hillsong conference perhaps? An emergency supply for the illegitimate children of Federal caucus maybe? Maybe they were going to be auctioned off on a dark web Liberal Party fundraiser?

Also interesting to note that the stockpile is Pfizer, not the Astra Zeneca. I wonder why that is given he’s trying to convince under 40’s to risk taking while we wait for Pfizer that’s coming and not hidden. Do as I say, not as health experts suggest, and as I do?

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has, a week after scoffing at the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, sent her Health Minister Brad Hazard out to attack him for not assisting NSW. Mr Andrews took the decision to instead look after those who live in Victoria who are currently fighting to keep the virus at bay after it travelled from NSW by truck. It boarded the removalist truck when Ms Berejiklian lost control of the virus in NSW, choosing a ‘lockdown lite’ that kicked off the day after everyone had left town on school holidays.

Ms Berejiklian wanted to ensure the safety of Australian’s by making sure that the Delta variant didn’t spread from NSW to other states. Very noble of her. She wanted to do this by stripping all of the Pfizer from those states and having them all shipped to NSW instead. Most thoughtful and with the best of intentions I’m sure.

The only thing the Berejiklian government has achieved thus far, aside from comprehensive failure, is that they have inadvertently shown us all that Morrison has been sitting on secret stockpile of vaccine while Australians cry out for more.

I hope the press give Morrison the grilling he deserves for holding back vaccine doses, but I fear they will give him yet another free pass.

If there’s one thing we are learning at a rapid rate it is this;

With ‘Fools Gold Gladys’ in charge in NSW, we’re gonna need a bigger stockpile.

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  1. Fuck scumo ,he has absolutely no right to withold any vaccine ,wtf !!!!!!!

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