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After writing an article on her experience, Australian Association Of Pet Dog Breeders President and Murray River Puppies owner Jodi Knox suggested I contact the RSPCA.  So I did. Here is what came out of that…


It would be great if we could believe everything that we see on the internet, however we all know this isn’t the case.

There are some sites that will make claims without any evidence to back it up which is why I believe in uploading documentation and providing links.

Buying a pet is much the same, particularly if you are buying from a pet store, over the internet or directly from a puppy farmer.

Many of you will have seen the adverts, puppies looking as pure as the driven snow and staring at the camera with longing eyes. They look almost the result of immaculate conception however where they were conceived is far from immaculate, it is more than likely an utter cesspit, something you won’t see in the ads.


However one puppy factory has allegedly gone further than just photoshop and selective information.

Murray River Puppies it seems decided to go one better and claim that they had the endorsement of the RSPCA without any sort of endorsement, blessing, permission or approval.

An official written statement from RSPCA Victoria after I contacted them states

“In October 2011, RSPCA Victoria’s legal advisors communicated (several times) with Murray River Puppies about the illegal and unauthorised use of the RSPCA logo and ‘Smart Puppy Buyers Guide’ and the breaches of the RSPCA’s intellectual property.”

It is shocking that a well respected organisation such as the RSPCA would need to go to the extent of seeking legal representation in order to have a company cease using the RSPCA logo to promote a business that is not endorsed in any way by the RSPCA. However what is even more shocking is that the legal representation had to communicate with Murray River Puppies “several times” in order for the intentionally misleading and highly deceptive use of the RSPCA’s logos and intellectual property were finally removed.

However it gets even worse. The response from RSPCA continues;

“This followed two prior formal demands to discontinue the use of and refrain from the use of the RSPCA logo and other materials for reference on the company website.

We also confirmed that there was never any formal consent from the RSPCA to reference the link for the ‘Smart Puppy Buyers Guide’ on the website and that the RSPCA in no way wished to be perceived as promoting or associated with the company.”

So before the lawyers were called in there were formal demands also, all of which Murray River Puppies had failed to act upon or comply with.

This type of behavior from Murray River Puppies shows not only contempt for the RSPCA, it also displays utter contempt and a complete lack of respect for both the law and their customers as well, after all they were the ones being intentionally misled and deceived.

As mentioned in earlier articles on Murray River Puppies and its owner operator Jodi Knox, Jodi is also the president of AAPDB (Australian Association Of Pet Dog Breeders) a pet industry and puppy factory lobby organisation.

What I find truly disturbing is that while Jodi Knox lobbies governments around the country under her AAPDB banner she is happy to force a heavily government funded organisation such as the RSPCA to waste resources and funds on making her remove their logo from her puppy factory website.


The money that the RSPCA had to spend on so many attempts to have Jodi Knox cease the unlawful use of RSPCA’s logo came straight out of the Minister’s and government’s that she lobbies budgets. Not only that it comes from the taxpayers hip pockets, pockets like yours and mine.

The AAPDB has shown itself time and time again to be an organisation that cannot be trusted. It’s former President was forced to stand down after public humiliation after animals suffering terrible neglect under her care hit the news reports, and now we have Jodi Knox with her questionable history, intentional deception and dubious business practices.

It has also come to light recently that the AAPDB is joining forces with another factory farming lobby group, Pet’s Australia.


Pet’s Australia some of you may remember were the lobby group that printed in their newsletter false reports of charges being laid and fines being issued to animal advocates in Perth. Unfortunately for Pets Australia, WA Police told the opposite story saying this in a written statement;

“no charges have been laid and WA Police do not fine people for this type of incident.”

This debacle occurred after a Pet Industry Association Of Australia (PIAA) member pet store was found to have been purchasing from a puppy factory in Northern NSW despite a PIAA guarantee that none of their stores sold puppies from puppy factories. PIAA has since stripped the store of its PIAA membership.

Also interesting is the fact that the PIAA and AAPDB’s websites are both registered under the same name Anne Saunders. With AAPDB linked to PIAA and partnering with Pets Australia, for Jo Sillince of Pets Australia it must feel like being back working at PIAA again after her earlier controversial parting of ways with the oganisation. Happy days for PIAA’s new CEO I guess.

Pet’s Australia’s submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry constantly refers to AAPDB as if it is a joint submission, I will be going over that submission for readers soon.

With all of these links between AAPDB, PIAA and Pets Australia they are looking less like independent lobby organisations and more like a nest of vipers.

I guess it’s like the old saying says.

Birds of a feather….

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21 thoughts on “Low – Is this the ultimate in deception? A lobbyist and puppy farmer shows her style.

  1. MRP followers have always attacked me stating the RSPCA approves of MRP.
    I have never believed this as on their site the definition of a puppy factory/ intense breeding facility is exactly what MRP is.

  2. What a pity this story isn’t picked up by the ABC (Four Corners or 7.30) – it would probably have the same impact as the mistreatment (torture) of exported cattle.

  3. The corruption within this vile “industry” is so horribly brazen! I’ll never understand wanting to crossbreed dogs on an industrial scale, how can you possibly give them good, let alone loving conditions? How can you possibly guess what kind of health and temperament the pups will have? I’m perhaps naive and biased, my Dad is a registered breeder of Viszlas, he does it for love of his dogs and love of the breed.

  4. I would also like to know about MRP rehoming program they mention on their website.
    My dog along with another of their ex breeding females were for sale for $495. each in a glass enclosure at Mad About Pets. Keeping in mind Mad About Pets buy all their puppies from MRP.
    How is selling them in a pet shop actually rehoming? Getting the last cent out of them!
    I know other notorious puppy farms get their dogs rehomed by rescue groups.
    No one seems to know where MRP ex breeding dogs go.

  5. Just disgusting. The whole organisation should be shut down. Bloody puppy farmer should be jailed

  6. I pray for the day to come when she will be charged with animal cruelty and be closed down completely. When is the Australian government going to to stop this? The RSPCA need full authority to intervene . Many people like me will always back the RSPCA, just goes to show you what low lives puppy farmers are, what lengths they will go to to insure they profit from the cruelty of back to back breeding. I too would like to see Australian television pick up on this and broadcast to the many people out there that still have no idea of what goes on. I still will try and educate the people I come across and ask me about my two rescues, most are shocked to hear what has happened and say they thought that only happens overseas. Not so.

  7. Laws are simply never harsh enough to protect those who are most vaulnerable; whether they be with two or four legs.. It is disgusting and disgraceful.


  8. This is just disgusting way of treating our animals, we should take care of them and not abuse them NO CAVALIERS PUPPY FARMS. Enough is enough.

  9. I am sickened by this article on so many levels. The use of the RSPCA’s name and logo… no doubt in a very deliberate bid to promote the ‘business’ in a positive light… is unscrupulous and unconscionable, but then of course so too is the ‘business’ of puppy farming. Anyone involved in this activity is so morally bankrupt that the unauthosised use of the RSPCA’s name should not come as a surprise. Puppy Farms have no place in our society and puppy farmers should be named, shamed and prosecuted. I feel physically ill at the thought of any dog knowing only life on a Puppy Farm and judging all human beings by the actions of their ‘jailers’ who clearly have no ‘humanity’ attached to their ‘being’ at all. I will hug my fur baby a little closer as I say:

  10. How ignorant are these people, do they believe they are above the law!!! They should be taken to court, made to pay back every cent the RSPCA has spent on this and then throw them in jail. This industry is a bloody disgrace! I cannot believe in this day and age we have heartless people motivated only by money in our society. How where they brought up, what kind of parents did they have………….money hungry humans, who’s karma is on the way.

  11. I am disgusted by Jodi Knox and Murry River Puppies. I HATE puppy factories immensely. How dare Jodi Knox use the RSPCA logo to promote her puppy factory. The money that the RSPCA had to use to pay legal fees to get Jodi Knox/Murry River Puppies to stop using the logo could have been spent on helping animals. I want Oscars Law!

  12. Please Australian government. Change the laws. Shut down puppy farms. Stop the torture and stop the breeding of puppies with multiple health issues from non screening and health testing. I want oscars law. I WANT NO CAVALIERS ON PUPPY FARMS that are crossed bred for designer breeds. I want no more puppy farms at all. ADOPT dont shop. RSPCA have my full support, its a disgrace that they had to pay to have there logo removed from her site. They should have every right to sue the beast.

  13. I can’t believe MRP website. It states ‘We support animal welfare.’ What does this exactly mean? Sounds misleading, some may read this as MRP actually donate to Animal Welfare Groups.
    ‘Our mums and dads only receive the best of everything.’ I can prove that is not true. I have one of MRP mums. I can assure you a dog at 6 years old with rotten teeth has NOT received the best of anything.
    The local paper, Conram Courier has done an article on Jodie Knox. She’s complaining how the Governments new Puppy Farming laws will effect her business.
    She says limiting her to 10 breeding dogs will force the cost of puppies to sky rocket.
    Seriously how much more expensive can a puppy get from MRP?
    A Gravoodle there costs $2350.00!
    At the end of the article there is an added note stating that the paper has a copy of the RSPCA inspection.
    Given that Jodie Knox has been found to use the RSPCA logo and Best Puppy buyers guide fraudulently, I wouldn’t believe this until actually proven by the RSPCA themselves.

  14. Isn’t it endorsement when Murray river puppies is rspca audited and approved as a breeding facility with no breaches and compliant with all state laws? Or have you suddenly changed that meaning?

  15. No, the RSPCA were far from impressed with the site I am told, but the state laws are changing, specifically because of places like Murray River Puppies

  16. MRP advertise on yellow where I see payment is Cash Only. It’s hard for the ATO to trace cash payments. We all have to pay our taxes. ATO should do an audit on MRP.

  17. That is a really good point Anne! The way they’ve used the RSPCA’s good name, it makes you wonder what else are these people getting away with?

  18. I’m on Facebook at the moment and Murray River are denying that the use of the RSPCA logo ever happened. They’re calling for ‘evidence.’ Are there any links to the RSPCA letters demanding removal the their logo etc?

  19. This is directly from an email to me from Vic RSPCA’s Media Advisor Sharon Mackenzie dated 7/8/2015 , I have the email as evidence, if you need mt to forward it to you, just let me know;

    Hi there, as discussed yesterday.

    In October 2011, RSPCA Victoria’s legal advisors communicated (several times) with Murray River Puppies about the illegal and unauthorised use of the RSPCA logo and ‘Smart Puppy Buyers Guide’ and the breaches of the RSPCA’s intellectual property.

    This followed two prior formal demands to discontinue the use of and refrain from the use of the RSPCA logo and other materials for reference on the company website.

    We also confirmed that there was never any formal consent from the RSPCA to reference the link for the ‘Smart Puppy Buyers Guide’ on the website and that the RSPCA in no way wished to be perceived as promoting or associated with the company.

    Hope this helps Hannah

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