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Some people don’t know when to hang their head in shame and slowly back away.

On the 18th March Michael Smith, a former long-term lodger at the home of Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler put up an article on his site entitled “Marco Bolano’s family responds to the Parliament’s failure to punish Thomson”. The piece was a response to my article on the Privileges Committee findings against Craig Thomson.

Once again it was full of inaccuracies and outright lies, something we have come to expect whenever one of Kathy Jackson’s accomplices are given some form of unsteady platform upon which to speak from.

At the start of the article is the photograph of myself and Craig Thomson enjoying a beer. Smith’s caption beneath that photo (which was not supplied to him by me) states “Peter Wicks consoling Craig Thomson after his “reprimand” from Parliament”.

That is not when the photo was taken at all, in fact the photo was taken on 3rd March, the day Michael Lawler resigned/got shoved from Fair Work Commission, as was mentioned in my articles and on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Alas I am not in possession of a time machine, a working crystal ball, and my tea leaf reading capabilities have been letting me down as of late, so I was unaware of what was to come from parliament a few weeks later in terms of the findings against Thomson.

The Smith post also included an email allegedly sent to the Parliament Privileges Committee by Kylee Brehaut, Marco Bolano’s partner.

Below is the email in full.

To the Members of the House of Representatives Standing Committee of Privileges and Members’ Interests,

Re: Inquiry whether the former Member for Dobell deliberately misled the House

I am the partner of former Health Services Union official Marco Bolano. I am writing to the Committee to formally communicate and register my deep concern and distress regarding the apparent leaking of the Report into this Inquiry. Further, I wish to convey to the Committee the enormous impact Mr Thomson’s deliberate and malicious misleading statement to Parliament on 21 May 2012 has had on my family.

Yesterday, 15th March 2016, a blogger had an article published on his own and the Independent Australia website titled: ‘Federal Parliament finally passes judgement on Craig Thomson’s speech’. In the article, it claimed the following is an excerpt from the report:

“The committee acknowledges and endorses the consistently held view that the privilege and contempt powers of the House should be exercised sparingly. In this case, the committee acknowledges Mr Thomson’s difficult personal situation in all the circumstances since the allegations about him first arose in the context of the HSU exit audit in 2007-8. These difficulties continued over a sustained period of pressure through various official investigations, reports and legal matters. In recommending punishment, the committee considers these difficulties to be a mitigating factor in what it now recommends. A finding of contempt by the House, and the condemnation that this would embody, in itself would be a very serious sanction. The committee considers that an appropriate penalty would be for the House to reprimand Mr Thomson for his conduct.”

In addition, the blogger continues to write false and slanderous comments about Marco, particularly in relation to his ongoing serious workplace injury. I would hope in this day and age, every member of this committee may be able to turn their minds to what our lives are like now, and how every aspect of our physical and psychological well-being continues to be affected. We have a young family, and have suffered enormous pain and suffering as a result of Craig Thomson’s lies. To add insult to injury, the article is accompanied by a photo of the blogger and Craig Thomson seemingly enjoying a beer and gloating about the apparent outcome of this committee’s inquiry.

I would like to refer you to my submission to the Trade Union Royal Commission in September 2014:

Apart from what Craig Thomson said about Marco in Parliament, there has never been any allegation of corruption or other criminal matters in relation to Marco. He has always fully cooperated with the relevant authorities, and provided any evidence or information he has, in relation to HSU matters. And yet, here we find ourselves. The little people. We have spent our working lives advocating for others in the disability and health sectors, and I know how well respected we are with those around us because of our work. Our family, friends and colleagues, both past and present, have watched this tragedy unfold for our family. That is the word people use to describe Marco’s very public destruction: tragedy.

I request three things of this committee:

That my communications today, the the matters I have raised, be discussed in the Committee’s meeting tonight – as advised by the Committee Secretariat during a phone call earlier today.
That there is an investigation into whether the report was leaked, and if it is found to be so, that the matter is viewed as contempt of the Parliament.
That Marco Bolano and his family have the opportunity to respond to the tabled report formally via Parliament, and that this is recorded on Hansard.
The speech Craig Thomson gave in our Parliament not only severely undermined the confidence the Australian people can have in this institution and its members, it had real and totally unjustified consequences for a completely innocent man and his family.

I implore the Committee to give serious consideration to my email, submission and requests. These parliamentary processes should not be abused and undermined.
Yours sincerely,

So where to start?

Let’s start with the “slanderous comments” regarding Bolano and his “ongoing serious workplace injury”. That being a reference to my claim of Bolano being under police investigation for worker’s compensation fraud.

If this is a slanderous or defamatory statement I would welcome, actually scrap that. I would relish the opportunity to explore this before a court, but Bolano’s team have taken the matter so seriously that I have not even received a legal letter in all the times I have spoken of it. In fact I am reliably informed that when Brehaut contacted The Australian on the same matter she about-faced mighty quick when she was informed the information regarding the investigation had originated from the police.

So what of the “ongoing serious workplace injury”? The injury in question is a stress related injury that came about when a Federal Court Judge removed Bolano from his position as union secretary. The blow from this apparently left him “completely incapacitated”. Blows to ones ego can do that sometimes.

An incapacitated Bolano waves to QBE Insurance with Brehaut at his side Image - News Ltd

A clearly incapacitated Bolano waves to QBE Insurance with Brehaut at his side
Image – News Ltd

Despite the “incapacitation” Bolano was still able to summon enough capacity to attempt to intimidate witnesses and members of the press at the Royal Commission into union behaviour he’d be all too familiar with. His attempts to intimidate myself failed, and his attempts to physically intimidate females present also failed, although these failures were not in any way related to any kind of incapacity, they were just failures.

Brehaut goes on to say

“Apart from what Craig Thomson said about Marco in Parliament there has never been any allegation of corruption or other criminal matters in relation to Marco”

Now I don’t seek to cast any aspersions on Brehaut’s mental capacity but if I could ask her to cast her mind all the way back to, well, let’s say her previous paragraph where she complains about one such allegation not made by Thomson.

She then put in a link to her submission to the Royal Commission where she complains about other such allegations. I don’t mean to make this sound comical but there is no other way to put it.

Doing it tough on hefty compo payments, Bolano and Behaut Image - News Ltd

Doing it tough on hefty compo payments, Bolano and Brehaut
Image – News Ltd

Her insinuation that Craig Thomson has somehow escaped punishment because parliament has only handed down a reprimand is utterly ridiculous. Anybody who thinks Thomson has not uncured any sort of punishment over the last five years must have been living under a rock.

Brehaut makes mention of the pain and suffering caused to her young family as a result of Craig Thomson’s lies.

It is tragic that a young family could be so seriously traumatised by the few words of one man all those years ago. Particularly when you consider that young family is tough enough to handle their fathers sacking by a Federal Court Judge, able to endure a factional war that saw their daddies intimidation tactics splashed all throughout the media, then held their chins up through an ongoing police investigation into allegations of their fathers alleged workers compensation fraud.

Despite all of this Thomson’s words “Marco Bolano threatened to set me up” alone are the cause of such pain and suffering.

I’m sure every criminal languishing in jail begrudges the pain and suffering caused to their families by investigation and evidence and I guess we’ll see if this is the case with Marco when the investigations are finished.

Brehaut finally makes three requests of the Parliamentary Committee, not that this is a display of arrogance, much. To ask that Bolano and his family have a chance to respond in parliament? I mean really?

Kylee, I will make this clear for you, I do not have any contempt for parliament. I do however, have copious amounts of contempt for corruption and criminality.

I hope that clears things up for you.



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10 thoughts on “Lose Your Delusion II – Kathy Jackson’s right-hand man getting desperate

  1. Oh Peter, you terrible terrible person for stating the truth once again!
    Keep up the good work as usual

  2. I would be looking to see the spurious statements made about Jane Singleton, in Federal Parliament, redacted before I would consider helping this lot out.

  3. First thought, Kylee, boo hoo.

    I’d like to comment properly, but I’m speechless. Will go out for a breath of fresh air, read it again, and see if words continue to fail me.

  4. “Marco Bolano threatened to set me up”. Is that it?! And Bolano’s partner wants the opportunity to address Federal Parliament for THAT?!

    And when I clicked on the link to Michael Smith’s website you provided, I found the following comments Smith made on his blog on Friday 21 March 2014 (comments that Smith saw fit to reproduce two years later on 18 March 2016):

    “I had the great privilege of being invited to visit Marco Bolano and his family in Melbourne on Tuesday. Marco and Kylie have two beautiful little girls and Marco’s mum and dad were there as well.

    This is a very personal message for every MP in the House of Representatives. Please listen to Mr and Mrs Bolano and to Marco and Kylie’s children. You’ll hear how much pain Craig Thomson MP caused this family when he abused parliamentary privilege to falsely accuse Marco of threatening to set him up with “hookers”.

    To Marco and Kylie, thank you for inviting me in, it was a privilege to meet your family. I know that Thomson has caused you immense pain. I hope our Parliamentarians are listening. Please ladies and gentlemen of the House, make this right for the Bolanos.”

    What sort of syrupy horse droppings are these? What was Smith smoking or snorting when he made these ridiculous comments? One has to wonder what is it with Michael Smith that he feels the need to ingratiate and align himself so closely with the spivs and crooks of this world. Living with Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler for more than a year. Going on holiday to Bali with his “valued and close friend” Kathy Jackson, and without Michael Lawler. Fighting with Michael Lawler like a common two-bit street brawler. Going in to bat with such “heartfelt emotion” for a union thug like Marco Bolano. In the early years Smith once proudly wrote on his website his mother had taught him that a person can be judged by the company he keeps. What, then, must we conclude about Michael Smith? The person who aligns himself so closely with Kathy Jackson, Michael Lawler and Marco Bolano. You can roll a turd in glitter, but at the end of the day it’s still a turd.

    The only reason I can think of why such outrage is being feigned over the words “Marco Bolano threatened to set me up” is that the people uttering or perpetuating these words are on the make, and will take any opportunity, no matter how tenuous, to try their luck and elicit sympathy. Utter disgrace!

  5. Your item covers this situation well .These type of people never learn from their actions. Too easy to blame some one else. Ruin others lives and then cry poor .I would love to have the money wasted on this By the Abbott led Liberals setting up unions for union bashing . What was Tony part in all of this, Did he know the truth from the start or was he some how involved we shall never know . Eventually the truth will come out and lengthy jail sentience given with composition paid to the Thompsons family and union funds returned. All of this i don’t recall o’s to ill mentally don’t wash with the average unionist or public

  6. I’m still laughing an hour after reading that. Wow!! Excellent response Peter and far more civil than that lot are entitled to. The day will come when good ole Marco will have all the time in the world to sit in his cell and ponder over where it all went wrong. Tosser.

  7. Well done Wixxy and what destroys me the most of all this is that the TURC could have done some real and good work in had it put half the effort into real prosecution of duty as a Royal Commision instead of a Labor witch hunt

  8. Congratulations on another great piece of journalism.

  9. Interesting that Michael Smith met Marco’s parents. Here I was thinking he was a surviving relic of evolution – very early evolution.

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