Yesterday I was blessed to have some free advertising from a most unlikely source, Ray Hadley.

Ray was talking about a defamation case that concluded in NSW against someone who published material online regarding a councillor. The court heard the publisher had put blog articles online that were allegedly “irrational allegations” and that were the cause of considerable stress to a local councillor, as well as emails that were sent to residents, media  and other councillors.

The publisher of the material, Allan Powell chose to represent himself and failed to file a final amended defence, which left him in the position of being ordered by the court to pay $80K to the councillor Richard Graham.

Ray Hadley used this as a reason to send out a warning to all online publishers or bloggers who may now face the wrath of those that claim to have been defamed by their publications.

However he only named one such publisher, and guess who the lucky beneficiary was?

Below is a recording of the section of Ray’s broadcast.

Apparently I should consider myself “on notice”.

Now I’m not in any way going to claim that Ray doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to defamation, after all he has been sued twice recently for defamation himself. Once by the Liberal Member for Hawkesbury Ray Williams, and another time by the owners of a Carlingford take-away shop.

So why single me out?

There may be a few reasons.

Hadley has claimed that I made defamatory comments about him and his family in the past.

I have previously published some articles on claims of an intoxicated child being assaulted at a party that seemingly turned nasty at the Hadley residence. Allegations were made against both Ray and his son Daniel, an off-duty probationary policeman who had returned home with some friends after what sources allege was a long session drinking at a local pub.

Proud as punch

Proud as punch

Although I approached Hadley for comment none was given, and as yet none of the allegations I raised have been disproved. It is also to be noted that there were many articles around the same time from Fairfax on the subject as well as mine.

All of my articles on the matter can be found through this link.

Ray told his listeners that I have made outrageous claims about him and about other people.

One of those people he may be referring to is Kathy Jackson whom he has had on his programme several times and piled praise on for being a whisteleblower. Several times he referred to what I assumed was me when discussing the HSU on air with Jackson, referring to me as the “blogosphere” or something of the sort, telling everyone that Jackson was being smeared and defamed online.

Suddenly those apparently outrageous claims of mine are now mainstream and Jackson finds herself trying to avoid questioning over $1.4 Million worth of allegedly misappropriated union members funds.

Another possibility would be Jackson’s right hand man, Marco Bolano someone else Ray has had praise for in the past. Bolano is currently receiving workers compensation payments of around $170K pa for stress after his union branch was put into administration by a Federal Court Judge.

I have in fact had several letters from lawyers regarding defamation, however none of them have amounted to anything as I ensure I have ample evidence to back up my claims.

In the past I have co-operated with some who have asked that I remove material they wished to remain private, and when necessary I have corrected the record quickly if an error is made, offering sincere public apologies if the need arises.

Ray was not amused when the ratings were released

Ray was not amused when the ratings were released

I have also seen fit to expose those on the left where I think it is necessary, such as my recent piece on the Labor candidate for Seven Hills Susai Benjamin and his at best sympathetic stance on domestic violence. Domestic violence is something all men need to take a stand against as it is only a coward that would take to his partner with his fists and only a lowlife that would defend them. In my piece I was critical of the Labor Party for endorsing him and critical of Laurie Ferguson for backing him.

On his programme Ray also made a point of saying he checked me out. Perhaps if I’d known Ray was checking me out I would have worn a nicer frock.

But as for Rays checking me out he claims that I was a former Labor Councillor in North West Sydney which is completely false. I have never been a councillor anywhere nor run for council at all. But we’ll put Ray’s fact checking ability to one side for today…

Ray claims to have checked me out with Labor operatives who don’t seem to have much time for me according to Ray.

I would question the loyalty or authenticity of any “Labor operative” whom would tell a right-wing shock-jock like Ray anything at all, and if they did, I wouldn’t have an abundance of time for them either.

Ray may be surprised to know that his defamation lawyers have been in touch with me some time ago.

They contacted me in regards to the Ray Williams defamation matter given that I had written several articles on Mr Williams and had run against him as a State candidate.

Despite our differences I know Ray Williams reasonably well and although I have criticised him for many of his decisions I have a good relationship with him and have a great deal of respect for the man. He is someone who will take a differing opinion into account and will take healthy criticism on the chin, rather than react by saying he’ll “put one on the chin” of his critics…

Ray says that I tend to fly under the radar and that is fine by me. Seeing the recent defamation cases against Ray as well as the out of court settlement with one of his own staff he was found to have bullied gives me an indication of how Ray appears to fly.

Straight into walls.


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20 thoughts on “Little Ray Of Sunshine – Ray Hadley puts me “on notice”

  1. er, Wikky, er what’s his name … er not Wikky, er … Wixxy


  2. And to think, the Liberals rely on regular propaganda from this blowhard…

  3. Unfortunately, like some of the other commercial radio shock-jocks, Hadley thinks he has a licence to impugn the reputations of people about whose actions he has very little authentic information. The ABC didn’t help the cause of justice and decency when it gave him a kind of legitimacy for his behaviour by featuring him on “Australian Story”. In total contrast, Peter, your work is always
    supported by solid evidence. In the cases of Jackson, Bolano and Lawler, that evidence is in the irrefutable form of facsimiles of documents.

  4. “a licence to impugn the reputations”; Is that code for; a loudmouth arrogant imbecilic moron with Julius Marlow syndrome(foot in mouth disease).

  5. Fantastic. A little proof-reading wouldn’t go amiss though. 😉

  6. In a sense Hadley libels you by accusing you of printing defamatory articles. You have already said you remove info sometimes when requested and Hadley should know by now with his experience at libel that correcting any misleading article is a defense for libel.
    He is correct to say web owners are ‘on notice’ but they always were.

  7. Onya Wixxy, stand up to the grub. Oops, did I say that?

  8. Fair dinkum. I dunno what happened to this bloke Hadley.
    I dropped off talk back radio a few years ago. Just before he made the switch.
    A while back a nephew was quoting him & I switched on to listen to him & he was like 10 degrees right of Genghis Khan, making all these radical right wing claims & accusations, I thought he had a break down or something. He’s turned into a complete & utter nark.

  9. I am from Brisbane and I critically think about things, I surround me life with intelligent people and nice things…who is Ray Hadley and why does he exist and by writing this do I give him Oxygen. And why do all the strange Radio people come from Sydney. life is strange.

  10. Hadley is full of hot air. He has little time for facts and is only interested in his own opinions… and if you disagree with his opinions and dare to produce facts, well, clearly you’re the idiot?. He’s an outdated dinosaur, a pontificating windbag who should be blown back to the 1950s where he belongs..

  11. Good on you Peter. Straight to the Heart. As I don’t live in Sydney or listen to commercial radio I have no idea who this Hadley Bloke is but his terrible reputation precedes him though he is not as good at his job of shocking people as is that other one down there, whats-his-name, you know, the one that said those terrible things about murdering Julia and her father “turning over in his grave” – oh, yes – The Khazi Kid.

  12. Hadley still hasn’t paid up to the Fish & Chip shop lady, many months after he lost the defamation case she brought against him. He has the money, so that’s not the problem. He’s just a sore loser who is stringing this woman out, by making noises about an appeal. There’s a couple of hundred thousand dollars at stake. Her business at Carlingford is ruined. She won in court fair and square. And he still won’t front with the money.

  13. Rogerthat, just think of the Courier Mail with a microphone. You’ve got Ray Hadley.

  14. Hadley is a skid mark on the bed sheet of humanity. How the sheeple continue to listen to him and pander to him is a mystery. Daily Telegraph readers the lot of them …

  15. What is it with Sydney and the shock jock genre?
    Do people actually listen to the radio these days, it’s so 1950’s.
    Like most, I had no idea who or what a Ray Hadley is and now no interest to find out.
    Thanks Pete.


  16. The late unlamented NSW Premier Robert Askin of “run over the bastards” fame used to play the same tricks with his critics – in those days his targets for threats of suits were either MSM journalists or contributors to Letters to the Editor.

    His criminality was well and truly exposed but we had to wait until after his death for it to be revealed in all its glory.

    Seems that Askin has some present-day followers. Perhaps someone should start some Askin Awards for the most venal (and idiotic) vexatious litigant?

  17. Did you really mean to imply that Labor are on the Left? They’ll sue you.

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